Clickfunnels vs Shopify 2018 – Shopify Sales Funnel

Today, I’m going to talk about just like the title says Clickfunnels vs Shopify for dropshipping. Now I’m going to start by saying this isn’t like a review, I’m not going to tell you once a scam, I’m not going to try to get you to quit my affiliate link.

Because I’ve been getting this question more and more recently.

More people asking about Clickfunnels which isn’t a bad thing.

So, whenever we get that question I can direct people here and you’re going to get my response today.

Clickfunnel free trial

Clickfunnels Vs Shopify Store Page Which One Is Better?

I think a good starting point is actually explaining the concepts of funnels. You can read my post that I talking about what is a sales funnel.

But today, I’m going to do this really quickly because honestly, it’s not that complicated, it’s something I’m sure you’re familiar with even if you don’t consciously know it.

I’m going to take an example of someone that does physical products, sells low ticket physical products.

Sales funnel process help you selling the physical product

Basically, the way it works is they’re paying for a click through running ads, where they’re usually doing cost-per-click or cost-per-lead or even cost per sale.

They’re sending that click to a product page.

So they’re trying to get someone to buy right away. This is a direct response marketing.

how to sell on shopify

So pretty much CPC from Facebook ads to a product page something very small. Again, low-ticket from there, this is where the concept of funnel starts.

If you want to make money selling or $10 item, a $20 item or giving it away.

Then this sale can’t end there by the time you fulfill your actual product cost.

Your cost of goods sold by the time you pay for shipping, by the time you pay for traffic, by the time you pay for web hosting, by the time, your time is valuable. You’re not making any money.

So the concept is a part of a funnel is – once they buy this thing you then take them to an upsell page and you sell them something else that’s related.


I would get into the concept of upsells.

Basically, the point with the funnel is you’re trying to take someone who bought something turn them into more money.

Now, if they don’t buy this thing then you can also use the concept of funnels to kind of put them somewhere else.

So let’s say they try to leave your product page that’s when maybe you’ll show them down sell or just another offer.

That’s related that they might be interested in.

Again, trying to make the most out of this click that you paid for basically, trying to make the most of the lead value.

And click funnels is the easiest tool.

There is to use for this.

Clickfunnels work well for?

I use Clickfunnels and I actually have two different accounts for two different businesses.

But here’s the thing this works really well.

Again with either free offers or low ticket offers.

You’re never going to have a situation where someone is coming like straight to a low ticket product page, and they’re buying.

It’s not that easy.

 it’s not that they just come and find you and then they take out their credit card without knowing who you are and they buy. Then you put them in the funnel.

Clickfunnels work well for ?

With low ticket e-commerce stuff which does work well though and it is better than Shopify for that.

So if you’re trying to go extremely low ticket extremely, low-value items then Clickfunnels is a great solution.

And the main reason, I want to hold tension to why it’s because with Clickfunnels you’re not sending people to an online store.

You’re sending them directly to basically a sales page for a singular product and the goal is not to have them go around your site, they’re not going to be clicking any links, they’re going to buy that product on that page or they’re going to leave okay.

So this is what click funnels work well for.

What a high ticket e-commerce model looks like

Now, I’m going to show you what a high ticket e-commerce model looks like.

It starts with reach, we’re buying these as well and we typically use Google PLA.

That’s where we spend our money on Google product listing ads.

Now just like what we would do with a low ticket item.

We send that traffic that clicks to a product page, But we use Shopify and I’m going to explain why right now.

Shopify product page based on what products they search for on Google product.

They’re coming to our Shopify store obviously not to our homepage but they’re coming to the product page that they searched for.

Different between Clickfunnels product page and Shopify store

Shopify product page

Now the difference here between a Clickfunnels products page is Shopify allows you to build a real online store. It’s an online store builder

So when the person comes to this page for a high-ticket item

Example to say whiteboards. I don’t know what it costs maybe 200 bucks. If I had this whiteboard and I had it on a Shopify product page.

Then the person that clicks this ad and gets to this they, have the experience of almost being in a whiteboard store.

will clickfunnels work with shopify?

Because I can link to all my different sections, I can show off more about the product. I could tell more of our brand story, our company story as a retailer.

So it allows me to basically turn it from a singular thing even though they’re still hitting the product page.

It allows me to turn it into more of an experience.

More of that store experience rather than something that looks like a sales page. So for the higher ticket things, it’s important to give the user that experience. You want them to

  • Be able to click your about Us page and see your story.
  • Have more information on who it is you actually are.

But you’re not asking them for a $10 order, you’re asking them for at least a $200 order.

It’s usually closer to $1,000 or more per sale and if they went straight to a simple sales pitch, chances are we’re not going to get that conversion.

It takes more time to sell.

Do I use sales funnel on Shopify?

Now, what about the concept of funnels? With our stores do we not use any funnels. I mean the answer is “NO”

Of course, not we definitely do. We just don’t use Clickfunnels for it, on our heat, on our high-ticket stores.

How we do it?

We’re paying for the click, they come to the Shopify product page.

Now, just like with click funnels, we do this on our Shopify stores. When someone goes to leave, they’re trying to exit the page.

They’re scrolling up to click the “X” button, we use an app called “Privy”.

We do what’s called an exit split and we have a little basically a pop-up. It’s not like one of those annoying pop-ups you have to click out of.

But it comes up over the screen as they’re going to leave and it says:

“Hey wait we see you’re trying to leave can you enter your email address and we’ll send you a discount code

What we’re trying to do here is capture that email address.

So we have a funnel behind it when you email when they try to leave, to follow up, to have them buy more from us.

Concept of funnels

Now, what about the concept of funnels.

If they do buy, how do we turn a thousand dollar order into more? That is something that I call lead value optimization.

We do lots of different things guys and I’m not going to keep listing them out. Some of the things that we do are:

  • Customize our email templates
  • Expedited shipping
  • Extended warranties

Extended warranty not going to fit but you get the point right?

We do a whole bunch different techniques to turn the thousand dollar customer into maybe a $1200 customer. And when someone’s going to leave, we still do again

email sales funnel - funnel secrets

Appreciate the concept of the funnel, appreciate the follow-up we capture that lead. We follow up via email.

And that’s basically

  • If you’re wondering
  • Or if your drop shipping like you probably should be
  • You thinking about if you’re reading this article and you’re going to go high ticket.

Which again is how I really believe you can actually make money with this business model, with drop shipping then I 100% do you recommend the Shopify for your store.

I recommend sending your traffic to your Shopify product pages, and I recommend using privy to capture that lead, doing the email follow-up and of course in that follow-up you’re going to be using our lead value optimization techniques.

Now, I want to say I love Clickfunnels, I love what they’re doing but here’s the thing guys.

If you’re not doing $3000 – $5000/month in sales, you don’t need them.

When we using Clickfunnels on Shopify?

Clickfunnels comes into play in this whole high ticket e-commerce equation.

If you’re using your product listing ads or going to your Shopify product pages, you’re doing what you can to relieve value optimization, you’re using the privy.

What happens when you get to a point where it seems like you can’t spend any more money and get more of a return, what happens when you reach the ceiling you’ve.

Done all your optimizations and you’re pretty much tapping out on PLA as well.

When it’s a good time to start looking to Facebook as a traffic source, for your dropshipping store. But here’s a problem.

Because we do the high ticket e-commerce.

It’s almost impossible to make this profitable, to send a Facebook cold lead at someone that doesn’t know you to a high ticket and have them buy from you.

They don’t know you.

We need the people that are searching for our products. So how do we tap into facebook traffic to make our high ticket store profitable?

The first way, that is retargeting. It’s the easiest way to make Facebook profitable or high pick you drop shipping.

But what if you want to tap into cold audiences.

This is where you would send Facebook to a Clickfunnels page.

Why would you use them simultaneously?

Because you maxed this out, you’re making tons of money, you’re super profitable.

Funnel strategy for high-ticket product with Clickfunnels

Now you want to get people who don’t know where you are instead of sending them to a product page.

You’re going to send them to an opt-in page.

That’s means when they come from Facebook, you’re not asking for that high ticket sale. You’re simply asking for their name and their email address.

Maybe phone number depending on what it does you sell in exchange for something for free. “No” I’m not talking about a physical product.

I’m talking about a PDF download. Something like that an e-book, maybe something to get their name and email.

So then once you have their contact you can then follow up with them via email to eventually get them to your Shopify product page, to buy from you.

Now, many people thinking:

“Well Clickfunnel starts at like $97/month, aren’t there cheaper ways to do that?”

The answer is “yes” there’s definitely cheaper page builders and ways to collect leads and build landing pages.

It’s a personal decision you can make.

I really like Clickfunnels.

We do use them. But again, for our high ticket dropship stores, we’re sending all traffic to Clickfunnels opt-in page and from there via email.

We’re funneling them to our Shopify product pages, to get them to buy, and then once they buy, we’re still utilizing revalue optimization.

We’re still using pretty when they try to leave.

So we could follow up and try to make them and all for it give them to buy and guys that’s pretty much the process.


If you’re just starting out with drop shipping you’re not doing at least 50,000 sales a month. You’re good with Shopify straight to your product pages.

Use privy once you make it there, you want to start tapping into cool traffic sources. I recommend signing up for click funnels.

I love them, use them. But funnel them back in the Shopify

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