Clickfunnels 2.0 Review: Everything You Should Know

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clickfunnels 2.0 review

At the Funnel Hacking Live event 2021, Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson (Founder of Clickfunnels company) announced the launch of Clickfunnels 2.0 – the brand new funnel builder platform for entrepreneurs.

In this post, I will share with you everything you should know about the tool.

  • The new features of the tool
  • When will Clickfunnels 2.0 be released
  • What about their price
  • How it beneficial for your online business

Anyway, let’s get drive-in!

What is Clickfunnels 2.0?

Clickfunnels 2.0 is a brand-new platform that rebuilds anything from scratch. So in the new version, you will see it’s completely different from the 1.0.

  • Interface
  • Features
  • How the tool works

It’s simply a different tool but the same name Clickfunnels.

The platform is a game-changer.

The biggest thing about Clickfunnels 2.0 is that it is an easy way to launch your business online. Now, Clickfunnels is not your funnel builder only, it’s an entire platform for running your online business.

In short, Clickfunnels 2.0 is an all-in-one marketing solution optimized for sales and marketing to get the highest ROI for you.

Clickfunnels 2.0 Release Date

clickfunnels 2.0 release date
Clickfunnels 2.0 Release Date

Clickfunnels 2.0 is finally here! After months of anticipation, the wait is over, and you can now get your 14-day trial for free

The Different Between Clickfunnels 2.0 and Clickfunnels 1.0

Since the beginning, Todd Dickerson wanted Clickfunnels 2.0 to be a separate platform. So, they can accomplish everything they want in a reasonable timeline while keeping Clickfunnels 1.0 work smooth without getting any errors.

This means they will be available at the same time.

Compared to Clickfunnels 1.0, the new version has more features, a better interface, SEO performance, and page speed loads faster.

The company truly understands what their industry and customers need, the major issue that blocks people from being successful in business, and the drawback of the old version.

Then they resolve it in Clickfunnels 2.0! This is why so many people are excited to see the 2.0 launch!

What Happens With Clickfunnels 1.0?

If you’re already a Clickfunnels user and create a lot of sales funnels inside that – don’t worry.

Clickfunnels 1.0 isn’t going anywhere.

The company claim that it’s still around forever. They have no plans to depreciate or get rid of the 1.0 version. According to Todd Dickerson:

Once you actually move over and sign-up for 2.0, you will be able to put your 1.0 account on a maintenance plan.

Todd Dickerson – Co-Founder of Clickfunnels

If you’re already existing Clickfunnels users, your funnels still work to help you generate leads and sell products, while you can use 2.0 to build new stuff.

However, they didn’t discuss whether we have any tools to migrate our data and the fee to keep your funnels still live in the 1.0. I don’t think they will charge that because nobody wants to pay for these reasons, which is absurd. Finally, those platforms are entirely different from the interface and how it works.

So, I think you should be prepared to rebuild your funnels manually. Anyway, that’s just my guess. We should wait for the following updates to be sure.

What’s New in Clickfunnels 2.0?

This is the most awaited part.

Clickfunnels 2.0 has many powerful features that help you build and launch your online business more accessible and faster. If you have no time or don’t want to read the entire article, you can watch the video below.

This is a Funnel Hacking Live 2021 – keynote presentation, where Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson show you everything about Clickfunnels 2.0.

Funnel Hub

Funnel Hub is a modern website-and-funnel building headquarters that structure helps you get started super easy to build, track and manage your entire web presence. On the left-hand side is the main menu included:

  • Sites
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Contacts
  • Analytics
  • Marketings
  • Sales
  • Setting
  • Or add a new app
clickfunnels 2.0 funnel hub
Clickfunnels 2.0: Funnel Hub

Each different section is designed for different tasks.

The cool thing is that Clickfunnels 2.0 allows you to tailor the experience for your team members. You can add them to your account and assign them specific roles, so they only have access to the information that you want them to see.

For example, you can give your sales team access to customer data, but they won’t be able to see your funnel. Or if you hire freelancers to design a funnel for you, you can restrict their access so they can’t see how much money you’re making.

If you click on the sites, Clickfunnels lays up everything else for you.

clickfunnels 2.0 sites

In Clickfunnels 1.0, you have a bunch of brand funnels.

But in the 2.0 version, each account will have one core site that we call funnel hub, and inside that will have a blog, store pages, customer center, affiliate center, funnels, courses, etc. And you can add different domains for your courses, funnels, and store.

Summary: Clickfunnels 2.0 Funnel Hub structure helps people easy to create, manage and run their entire online business. You can style everything, translate your home page to an e-commerce store, or a blog or customize it as you want. It’s done in one place.

Universal Section

The biggest drawback of the previous version is if you want to reuse the same section design such as the header, footer, or anything else on different pages; you must duplicate your funnel or re-design it again manually.

It wastes a lot of time, right?

Universal Section work is similar to Global Section or Global Templates in Elementors, Leadpages, or other landing page builders.

clickfunnels 2.0 universal section
With Funnel Universal Elements you easily use the same header across different pages in your sales funnel

It allows you to take any section into entire your site, store, funnels, or anywhere. The best part is when you update the Univeral Section on one page, it’ll auto-update across all the pages that are using them.

Blog Builder

I’ve recommended people don’t use Clickfunnels to build and publish blog posts in the past because it’s really hard to build, wastes your time, it’s hard to manage, and isn’t practical.

Now, the game changed!

Clickfunnels 2.0 has a new blog feature. It’s a good bit of excitement for bloggers.

clickfunnels 2.0 blog feature
The new version of Clickfunnels will have the blog builder

Again, the blog is vital for any online business.

It’s a great way to build content, create value for your target audience and drive organic traffic for your website or funnels. With Clickfunnels blog builder, you’ll have a great editing experience and more security from their infrastructure.

You don’t have to pay and constantly update a lot of plugins to keep your website online.

Finally, they claim that their blog builder is SEO optimized. It also benefits from the page speed or performance of the new editor.

Page Speed More Faster

Clickfunnels 2.0 is built on a new platform that includes optimizations for speed and performance. As a result, pages built with Clickfunnels 2.0 load significantly faster than those built with the older 1.0.

Plus, it beats other software that Clickfunnels competitors.

clickfunnels 2.0 page speed

The new platform has been well-optimized for rendering your page and the CDN that they partner with has 40 different edge servers around the world.

Your image has been optimized in real-time.

It means when you upload them, they will resize for the resolution of the browser that someone’s using, compress them, do everything in external tools, and deliver them in real-time.

If that is true, this can be a major advantage when you’re trying to improve your website’s conversion rate or simply want to provide a better user experience for your visitors.

New Pages Builder


In Clickfunnels 2.0, your page will be grouped separately from your funnels. This allows you to build the page templates, so you can use various environments.

You also create an individual page separate from your funnels, such as the 404 page, or anything else that is super easy and more flexible.

Global Products

The great thing about Clickfunnels Global Products feature is that you can create a product once and then use it in many funnels through your account. You can sell the same product in multiple different ways, using upsells, downsells, cart add-ons, or cart discounts.

Customer Center

In the new version, you can create a customer center where your customers can access all of their paid content. Everything will be managed in one place:

  • Lead magnets
  • Courses
  • Invoice history
  • Billing profile
  • Card details
  • If you sell physical products, your customers can see their order tracking information
  • etc
clickfunnels 2.0 customer center

The customer center is not only making a better experience for your customers, helping them easy to manage everything and access what they purchased in one place. But also make them buy more from you.

For example, in Clickfunnels 1.0, you may have different funnels that sell various products. Now, in Clickfunnels 2.0 you can create global products and put them inside the customer center.

When people purchase something from one of your sales funnel, they’ll be directed to the customer center where they can easily buy additional products with just a single click. This one-click upsell feature is an incredible way to boost your sales and make it easy for your customers to buy more from you.

Team Collaboration

clickfunnels 2.0 team collaboration

If you have a team or you’re an agency, the team collaboration feature is essential.

Clickfunnels 2.0 makes it easy to add people to different workspaces or sites. You can set the role for your team member, so they only see the information that you want. So you can control who has access to what.

This makes it easy to keep your team organized and efficient. If you’ve used Clickfunnels 1.0, you may be familiar with the share funnel feature. However, in Clickfunnels 2.0, you can share your workspace or entire site/business with someone.

For example, if you’re a marketing agency, you may build a site that includes funnels, pages, stores, or blog posts for your clients. But exporting and importing entire content may be a nightmare.

In Clickfunnels 2.0, you just click a button, then the content will go from your Clickfunnels account to them and they now have everything. This saves so much time for everyone involved. And it’s one of the reasons we’re so excited about this release!

Visual Automation Builder

As a visual person, I love the new visual automation builder in Clickfunnels 2.0.

It is an amazing smart funnel builder which allows you to seamlessly customize the flow of a funnel and individual pages of that funnel.

This makes it super easy to build complex funnels that are exactly what your customers need, without any wasted time or effort.

clickfunnels 2.0 visual automation funnel buider

In Clickfunnels 1.0, you can just obviously do a basic split testing but in Clickfunnels 2.0 we can do branch split testing based on conditions of known buyers and conditionally update the funnels in real-time.

Plus, you can add your team to help you for building sales funnels, split test, or manage it.

cf 2.0 funnel builder team setting

Sales Funnel Stats

Funnel stats are now available in every single node in your funnel builder. You’ll be able to see the conversion of all your pages based on different conditions.

clickfunnels 2.0 sales funnel stats

It’s really helpful when you split testing, Clickfunnels 2.0 makes it easier than ever to track your results and optimize your pages for maximum conversions.

With this update, you’ll have all the data you need to make informed decisions about what’s working and what isn’t.

Simultaneous Page Editing (Page Editor 2.0)

The Clickfunnels page editor 2.0 is built for speed and a collab work experience.

It’s similar to how Google Docs work. With this new update, multiple people can work on the same page at the same time, making it easier to get work done together.

clickfunnels page builder 2.0
Simultaneous Page Editing works very much like Google Docs

It’s one of the amazing features that Clickfunnels software can do. It allows us to stream those updates to everyone that’s connected, whether it’s two, three, or five different people editing a page.

You’ll see precisely what element they’re working on, so you don’t touch that and do other things. It’s really helpful when all of your copywriters, designers, funnel building team, etc can work together at the same time.

Followup funnels – Advanced Email Marketing

clickfunnels 2.0 email workflow

In Clickfunnels 2.0, you can create follow-up funnels, email sequences, and anything that you can build in 1.0 but with far more advanced logic and split-testing rules.

If you’ve used Getresponse or Active Campaign, you know that email marketing workflow is really powerful. It can be easy to create and test email marketing sequences, follow-ups, and SMS campaigns.

Clickfunnels 2.0 allows you easy to create email workflows that are more sophisticated, effective, and engaging. With the ability to add tags, create conditions, and provide advanced features, you can send timely, relevant, and customized emails for your audience.

As a result, your email marketing campaign will be more successful in achieving its objectives.

Shopping Cart Builder

clickfunnels 2.0 shopping cart funnel builder

Clickfunnels 2.0 has an eCommerce site builder, allowing you to build a full-fledged eCommerce store. You can build upsell flow and full-blown funnels with a new funnel builder.

With a shopping cart builder, you can easily create shopping cart funnels for individual products on your site. You’ll be able to build an upsell flow that is setup with conditions of what the person checked out in your store. Then we can show them different order bumps or upsell products.

Email Builder

clickfunnels 2.0 email builder

The email editor has been optimized for a better experience. You can now easily add images, videos, buttons, and text to your email with just a few clicks. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly build, preview, and send an email easier.

Online Course Builder and Membership Sites

Clickfunnels 2.0 is the way to go if you’re selling online courses. The new course builder is a modern version of what they have. It’s better, cleaner, and easier to organize your content. As a result, you can easily create beautiful membership sites that are perfect for delivering your courses.

clickfunnels 2.0 membership sites
Clickfunnels 2.0 – Membership site

When people buy your course, they are directed to the customer center to create an account. From there they’ll be able to access the course securely in real-time.

One of the powerful membership site features in Clickfunnels 2.0 is that they can host and optimize your video content. They’ll be caching and securing them. (Only the IP address of the user that’s logged in can use that video files)

Finally, inside the editor experience, you can use the power of Clickfunnels landing page builder to build your lesson pages, course pages, etc. The company also revealed that new elements would be powerful and improve your editing experience.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

clickfunnels 2.0 real time analytics

Even though Clickfunnels 2.0 has the funnel stats feature with a high-level view. However, they still step up their analytics to the next level.

This is not your funnel analytics, but everything.

The new Clickfunnels 2.0 real-time analytics is the most powerful way to get exactly the data you want to see and how you want to see it.

You can build custom reports in just a few clicks, and get exactly the information you need to make informed decisions about your pages, sales funnels, or your business.

New Custom CRM Funnels

clickfunnels 2.0 crm funnels
Clickfunnels 2.0: CRM Funnels

Now, you can use CRM funnels to manage contacts, payment processing, course access, enrollments, and everything you can expect inside ClickFunnels.

With this new feature, you can build internal workflows for converting prospects into customers. Another helpful new addition is the ability to see deals and pipelines in one place.

This makes it easier to track opportunities and manage your sales process. You can trigger follow-up funnels and workflows based on different levels inside your pipeline.

Clickfunnels 2.0 Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

clickfunnels 2.0 pricing

Clickfunnels 2.0 has three price plans:

  • Basic: $147/month
  • Pro: $197/month
  • Funnel Hack: $297/month

The best part is you can get the lowest price.

In fact, he just announced ONE of the BIGGEST OFFERS in the Online Business Industry…

So after watching the “Your First Funnel” Challenge…along with over 200,000 registrants who’ve signed up…

He just announced Funnel Builder Secrets, which blew me off my feet. So if you haven’t been living under a rock…

Here’s the offer: 

  1. ClickFunnels 2.0 ‘Funnel Hacker Annual Plan’ ($5,954 Value)
  2. Keep ClickFunnels Classic for 12 Months!  ($3,564 Value)
  3. Funnel Builder Secrets Course ($1,997 Value)
  4. Funnel Scripts Software! ($2,997 Value)
  5. Geru Pro Account (LIFETIME ACCESS) ($1,997 Value)

Total Value: $16,509

But after seeing the offer… I decided I wanted to make this a no-brainer… To get EVERYTHING, all you pay just $1,997

So if you are someone who is either ALREADY using ClickFunnels or you’re looking to get ClickFunnels 2.0, either for yourself or to build funnels for someone else…

This is YOUR chance to get in now!

*Note: I’m sorry to say that the offer has expired. However, you can still get Clickfunnels 2.0 annual plan at a lower price, or you can get their 14 days-trial for free


I hope you enjoy our post about Clickfunnels 2.0 review.

In short, it is a completely reimagined platform for building sales funnels. When I heard that 2.0 was coming out, I was excited to see what the update would bring.

I can’t wait to see the new features for myself and how they can help me grow my business. Make sure you bookmark this post so you can return and get all the latest details on clickfunnels 2.0 once it’s released.

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the Your First Funnel Challenge so you can access the tool 30 Day trial for free.

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