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FunnelFlix Review: Is It Worthy Of Your Investment?

FunnelFlix review - Funnel Secrets
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FunnelFlix was created for Clickfunnels users. It’s a training platform where Funnel Hackers can learn almost Clickfunnels’s course for free. The best part is FunnelFlix provides many different topics, from sales funnel basics to advance marketing strategy, documentary, and personal development.

With ever-growing competition in the global online marketing field, it takes a serious commitment to acknowledge new things every day. That is why this article about the FunnelFlix review is what you need.

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix allows users to join step-by-step coaching sessions with a massive collection of courses presented by famous marketing gurus, including the co-founder himself – Russell Brunson.

This platform helps you learn everything about marketing and business through virtual training with high-quality videos. You can save much time and effort studying in a single training at the comfort of your home.

What Is FunnelFlix?


FunnelFlix offers various premium online courses on marketing, sales, business strategy, mindset, peak performance, and sales funnels. Thus, it is the “Netflix For Entrepreneurs.”

The goal is to give you all the tools, strategies, and training you’ll ever need to succeed and grow your business–all in one place. 

This massive collection contains straightforward tutorials and helpful marketing materials with exclusive training by expert coaches. You could begin with baby steps toward more advanced lectures later.

FunnelFlix training inside clickfunnels member area

As you upgrade to a Platinum plan, a Platinum membership will grant you access to better resources of training content, all made available on ClickFunnels FunnelFlix by the mastermind of Russell Brunson.

On the upper right of its dashboard, there is an exclusive menu for FunnelFlix training. Double click on a specific category, and you will be able to watch, use, and participate in these high-quality lessons.

The History Of FunnelFlix

Clickfunnels birthday

On the 5th birthday of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson decided to feature a brand new development called FunnelFlix. He gave birth to ClickFunnels Platinum as Etison Suite and Actionetics sunsetted.

As a major part of the evolution, here are the complete changes to how the platform works, according to Russell Brunson’s announcement:

1. Concentrate On A Core Value (Become category King)

The platform would be shutting down other side fields such as Actionetics and Backpack and replacing them either by partnerships or acquisitions with reputable category leaders in those specific areas.

After that, ClickFunnels will have the sole purpose of becoming the best global platform specializing in sales funnel, rather than mastering them all.

2. Upgraded Support System

Russell Brunson had decided to launch a new AI aspect to support the first layer of the most commonly asked questions.

The second one is planned out to be the community expert program, and the third layer will be that of the official support representatives from ClickFunnels.

3. ClickFunnels Platinum & FunnelFlix

Clickfunnels platinum review

Since ClickFunnels is striving to become the #1 building platform for the sales funnel in the marketing industry, Brunson has granted all of its members access to an impressive number of marketing courses.

As a result, the Etison Suite plan turned into the Platinum package, but this platform charges you the same monthly fee of $297.

The Platinum plan offers more content related to its new branch FunnelFlix (more information can be found below), a daily virtual event called Hack-A-Thon, and Follow-up Funnels replacing Actionetics.

FunnelFlix Courses

Funnelflix premium course

An important part of the ClickFunnels review is introducing available courses for marketing education. Its video training library is huge, but certain categories and lessons are restricted to Platinum users only.

  • Funnel Building training
  • Success Paths training
  • Personal Development training
  • Copywriting/Sales training
  • Documentaries training
  • Traffic training
  • Business Strategy training

Who Is FunnelFlix For?

FunnelFlix is most suitable to promote your personal development and build different kinds of businesses from scratch. It provides information to help you understand the marketing systems better.

So far, both new entrepreneurs and senior online marketers with years of experience in the field can take advantage of FunnelFlix to benefit their careers since you will always find something there.

As mentioned earlier, the Standard basic plan will let you approach some of the available courses. At the same time, ClickFunnels Platinum users enjoy far more valuable lessons through easy access right in their accounts.

People who can make use of FunnelFlix to develop their businesses are the same ideal target audience to be ClickFunnels customers: 

  • Ecommerce business owners
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Coaches and consultants
  • B2B
  • Blogger and affiliate marketers
  • Agency owners
  • Marketing freelancers
  • Info product creators
  • Network marketers
  • Non-profit
  • Local small business owners

FunnelFlix Review: An In-Depth Look Inside

There is a wide range of educational topics on this platform, and each offers impressive business and marketing knowledge. FunnelFlix review reveals the top courses in its rich video training library:

1. Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon (FHAT) Event

Clickfunnels platinum dai ly virttual hackathon

The Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon Event offers you a great start to learning from industry experts. It contains a large number of straightforward live-recorded training that you can implement in real life immediately.

As you go through these lectures, you will learn to gain a huge movement of followers, build your own important Epiphany Bridge story, and deliver life-changing messages to the core audiences.

Also, the course will guide you most effectively to share a message you believe in – pitching your service or product, offering on webinars, Facebook Live to make money from sharing your passion.

2. Tony Robbins Private Collection

Tony Robbins Private Collection - Funnelflix

Tony Robbins is a notable business expert in the industry and a coach and personal friend to Russell Brunson. Undeniably, he is the number #1 strategist in life and business worldwide to follow.

For the last 2 years in ClickFunnels, Tony has been actively involved as the Keynote for another course named Funnel Hacking Live and transforming the lives of millions of people in the past 4 decades.

The Private Collection of Tony Robbins delivers simplified teachings and seminars. When you participate in them, you will attain empowerment to perform at the peak of your career and life.

It is not exaggerating to claim that Tony Robbins Private Collection will give you a remarkable boost to achieve positive changes in your finance, energy, relationship, and health.

3. One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Russell Brunson

You might be excited to run a business without any idea of starting or feeling stuck in a constrained career path. According to Russell Brunson, your business determines your marriage, your life, and even your happiness.

Have you ever thought a funnel can change your life for the better? You might be only one funnel away from achieving success.

Funnels are dynamic systems to attain leads, then turn them into your customers. It could change your life if done correctly, and One Funnel Away Challenge lessons will make this dream come true.

Rather than live sessions, the 30-day training includes recordings.

Read more about the One Funnel Away Challenge review here

4. Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate bootcamp funnel flix

If you ask me about a highlight virtual summit in the FunnelFlix video collection, it would be the transformative Affiliate Bootcamp. It suits most with affiliate marketers looking to raise commission earnings.

Brunson asked his top-earning affiliates this during the summit:

“If you HAD to feed your family with nothing but your Affiliate Commissions and you only had 100 days to turn this hobby into your FULL-TIME CAREER, what would you do each day for the next 100 days until you were full time?”

Through exclusive training sessions in Affiliate Bootcamp, you will find proven strategies conducted by industry influencers and experts to advertise new affiliate offers or boost sales in existing programs.

Read more about Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review.

5. Ad Skills

Ad Skill funnelflix

As a marketing agency that promotes advertisements for your company or clients, you should take the Ad Skills training to learn how not to waste hundreds to thousands of dollars in ad clicks.

Your main instructor, Justin Brooke, makes it easier to understand the successful strategies applied on many paid advertising platforms so you can land quality clients and generate outstanding results.

6. Funnel U

funnel university book cover for free

Funnel U is short for Funnel University, the first place to learn the science and art of building successful funnels. It offers monthly video lectures on ClickFunnels to help improve your funnels to a new level.

The process of building funnels becomes much easier now, thanks to Russell and his team’s guidance, converting potential visitors into premium leads and loyal customers of your business on FunnelFlix.

There is a lot to learn and implement from this course of Funnel U: how to convincingly pitch offers, split testing at its finest for better results, approach ClickFunnels custom code, etc.

Moreover, you can even get your hands on most of Brunson’s materials, including cheat sheets, swipe files, blueprints, and scripts.

7. The 10X Secrets

10x secrets Russell Brunson

The 10X Secrets Masterclass is a serious type of business training for assertive online entrepreneurs. This lecture plays an important preparation role you need for whatever lies ahead on your journey to master digital marketing.

Not only will you learn how Brunson offers irresistible content like the One Funnel Away Challenge, but also be given a sneak peek of closing like a pro and create outstanding sales from any live presentation.

Moreover, ClickFunnels FunnelFlix users participating in this course will receive 16 of Russell’s most successful webinars to start wiping and generating better effects on your overall business performance.

Read more about the 10x Secrets review.

8. Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets Russell Brunson

Traffic is an important factor for every online marketing channel and media site such as TheHuffPosts, Reddit, Mashable, etc. The Traffic Secrets will show you how to attract an insane traffic amount.

Online entrepreneurs always view traffic generating as a career obstacle because even people who have mastered high-converting funnel building may still fail if no visitors find their sites of funnels.

Do yourself a big favor and dive into this transformative course so that your funnel can begin to receive thousands of visitors. It is a mastery program of high-level traffic for businesses with existing products.

John Reese was the original creator of Traffic Secrets, but Russell Brunson has now purchased the complete rights to own the course. 

Also, he wrote a book with the same name and made it the third in the trilogy alongside DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

9. The Warrior’s Way Doctrine (Director’s Cut)

The Warrior’s Way Doctrine - funnelflix

Many people have a hard time making money, maintaining good health, building relationships, and finding happiness. Even if you do not, you can still find this training presented by Garrette J. White useful in many ways.

These 4 available pillars in the course allow you to deal with scarcity, belief systems, and behavior that hold you back from enjoying what life has to offer: marriage, body, being, and especially business.

  • The Stack
  • The Code
  • The Foundation
  • The Core

10. The 30 Days Summit

Clickfunnels 30 days summit funnelflix

Imagine suddenly losing everything you’ve spent years or decades to build: your money, products, customers, reputation. What would you do in such a scenario?

In the next 30 days with a ClickFunnel account, you cannot miss out on these actionable lessons in the 30 Days Summit of Getting Started to save yourself from this frustration and make money online again.

This treacherous opportunity allows you to follow the footsteps of ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Award winners and understand how they can transform their lives for the better from Day 1 to Day 30.

11. The 10X: A ClickFunnels Story

Clickfunnels 10x secrets documentaries funnelflix

In 2018, Russell Brunson set a world record for selling $3.2 million worth of products in 90 minutes. He set out to break the record by selling $12 million when presented at the 10X Conference in 2019.

Are you curious about what would happen? Did Brunson and Team ClickFunnels manage to succeed? The 10X: A ClickFunnels Story will reveal the whole process of how they pulled off the target on stage.

The best thing is their strategy not only applies to on-stage selling but is also effective for selling on other platforms. As you watch what the co-founder did, you would learn a ton from these training sessions.

12. Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad - FunnelFlix

Do you want to know how you can make a difference in the world and make it better? This breathtaking documentary uncovers a daring mission that accomplished what many others are afraid to do.

Operation Underground Railroad was a journey to save nearly 2 million people, including adults and minors from the risk of sex slavery.

After making a fortune out of your business, remember that the best you can do is return something to life, especially helping to fight underground sex-related crimes that have become an alarmingly rising industry.

13. Funnel Hacker TV

funnel hacker TV - funnelflix

When it comes to doing better online marketing, it is unnecessary to follow the crowd or beat the increasing competition. You can try shaping what your competition is already doing to perfection.

Besides, it would be great to have investors funding your work, but you will do fine without any, thanks to Funnel Hacker TV and its amazing proof of smart entrepreneurs building careers from zero.

Throughout the series, Funnel Hackers will share exceptional stories about the challenges they faced, short-term achievements and also failures, and how they mastered their respective industries in the end.

14. Funnel Builder Secrets

You can indeed escalate from a no sales system to reach an insanely successful pipeline in a short time, with the practical help of Funnel Builder Secrets, to create and launch high-converting funnels.

In this training, you will observe ClickFunnels’ secrets to gain over 100,000 active members and its total sales of $2.6 billion. It all comes down to acknowledging how to generate tempting funnels.

Read more about funnel builder secrets course review

15. Funnel Hack-A-Thon

Funnel hack a thon - funnelflix

As Funnel Hack-A-Thon walks you through live recorded lessons in 3 days, you will understand the exclusive approaches Brunson puts into work to form an incredible movement of loyal customers.

Learn to dominate your niche and package your message to deliver it to customers via this explicit course, to change their lives, so they feel like paying you in return is an obligated act.

16. Unlock The Secrets (Collective Plan Only)

Unlock The Secret - FunnelFlix

Serious funnel hackers will find Unlock The Secrets valuable because they never stop acquiring their ultimate lifestyle and financial goals.

It is high time to raise your business from good to great with high-performing funnels. Explore all available strategies, tools, and swipe files for diverse funnels to boost your online lifestyle business.

17. Agora Copywriting (Collective Plan Only)

Agora Copywriting - Funnelflix

Agora Publishing sells financial newsletters and makes more than $1 billion in annual sales so that you will study from the best in this field.

You can make a million-dollar worth of copy for your company when fully aware of the system, rather than reinventing the wheel. That is why Agora Financial Copywriting is ideal for studying effective writing.

18. Agora Media Buying (Collective Plan Only)

Agora Media Buying - funnelflix

In this practical training, get ready for Agora Publishing’s secrets on the best way to approach media buys, write research, reporting, campaigns, execution, and most importantly, high-converting ads.

It does not matter whether you run financial newsletters or not because these media buying secrets can apply to every niche.

19. Outsource Force (John Reese)

Outsource Force John Reese - Funnelflix

It has been proven that you can hardly grow, expand, or scale a business all on your own. This is why behind every successful owner are dedicated virtual assistants to help you with complicated works.

John Reese, the master in this field, will guide you to discover the right talents and invest wisely in them so that their abilities are fully maximized for your business growth – all inside the Outsource Force.

20. Product Secrets

FunnelFlix Product Secrets Funnelflix

Having a stellar idea to create a product is not enough; bringing it to reality is what counts. Product Secrets will offer clear instructions on how to turn your ideas into a program, service, or packaged product.

You will never need to waste so much time trying to present one product into the marketplace since it is time to go from idea to done.

Through this training, you can discover effective strategies to presell a course to the right customers even before you build it.

21. Jay Abraham: The Anthology

Jay Abraham The Anthology - Funnelflix

Let Jay Abraham, the master of innovation, performance, marketing, strategy, and management, help you discover innovative marketing ideas, as well as the profits and other hidden assets in your business.

That is why you should not miss out on Jay Abraham: The Anthology.

22. Money Mindset (John Reese)

Money mindset - funnelflix

A lot of aspects are at stake in your business. Consequently, it requires you to constantly push yourself forward to make money, growing and multiplying it to keep your company secure from risks.

There are money management secrets that not many people are aware of. Raise your confidence with an exclusive money mindset training instructed by John Reese to develop your business better.

Besides, it would be best if you got a regular update of when these brilliant online marketing and business courses come to life on FunnelFlix:

  • Course Secrets
  • Funnel Hacking Live Documentary
  • High Ticket Secrets
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets
  • OfferMind (Steve Larsen)
  • Funnel Agency Secrets

How Do You Get ClickFunnels FunnelFlix?

The best thing about ClickFunnels FunnelFlix is that it is not difficult to get. It only takes a bit of time and effort to join as a community member, so follow these steps to become future digital marketers.

Step 1: Visit Clickfunnels.com and sign-up for 14 days trial for free

Clickfunnels homepage

Step 2: FunnelFlix training is available on the right tab inside the membership area.

You can sign up for the Basic Package that costs $97 to get access to some of its courses, or you can upgrade to the Platinum plan of $297 per month for complete participation in all of its training content.

If you subscribed to the old Etison Suite plan, it would lead you to automatic access to ClickFunnels FunnelFlix. See how effortless it is? The sooner you get an account, the faster you can start learning.

FunnelFlix Pros And Cons

Besides the precious values that it brings to business entrepreneurs, this section also breaks down a few aspects of FunnelFlix that you may find insufficient as the platform still needs improvement.


  • Exclusive lessons from the industry masters in business and marketing – John Reese, Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson.
  • Affordability: Separate courses will cost you a fortune to obtain them all, but the whole collection on FunnelFlix is accessible for just $297.
  • Free access: Signing up for a ClickFunnels account will grant you free access to FunnelFlix with a Standard package for no extra cost.
  • Constant improvements: The platform takes in new lectures to quickly catch up with new trends and movements in the global system.
  • Dedicated coaches: These courses are not conducted by people seeking to make money from education. Your instructors are renowned coaches and marketers whose teaching concepts relate to real life.


  • You may have to spend months to complete certain courses.
  • Basic plan users cannot benefit much from the platform, with most of its training available to Platinum members.
  • There are only video lectures so far. Adding downloadable PDFs or worksheets would be better for users who prefer researching to implement faster.
  • ClickFunnels beginners of early-stage lifestyle entrepreneurs may find the $297 monthly fee high. However, one can try the free 14-day trial in advance to see if its training materials are beneficial.

FunnelFlix Pricing

The pricing on this platform is one of the most important parts of the ClickFunnels review for potential members to consider and decide which level of monthly subscription they would like to invest in:

  • Standard Package is priced at $97 per month.
  • Platinum Package is priced at $297 per month.

FunnelFlix accepts different types of customer payments, but the most popular is via credit card. Remember that the basic plan allows you to approach some of its training, while Platinum enables full access.

If you seek a further discount for Platinum users, there is an offer called Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle (not publicly displayed) for 6 months of Platinum membership plus other bonuses.

Here is what you will acquire after subscribing to this special deal:

  • A 6-month ClickFunnels Platinum account
  • FREE Access to FunnelFlix
  • FREE One Funnel Away 30 Day Challenge
  • FREE 10X Secrets Mastery Program
  • FREE Traffic Secrets and Ad Skills
  • FREE Virtual Funnel Hack-A-Thon DAILY

You can enjoy the Secrets Workshop Bundle for the cost of only $997 with 6 consecutive months of ClickFunnels Platinum and fantastic bonuses, while the real value of this package is a minimum of $15,770.

If you are anxious to join this informative platform, I would suggest you start with a free account for a trial period of 14 days right now!


So is FunnelFlix truly worthy of your time and money investment?

The answer is yes!

Any group of target audience above who loves to learn can benefit from this platform as one of the most excellent educational resources in the online business/marketing space now.

Learning from FunnelFlix will help you become a good entrepreneur, master funnels, drive a massive amount of traffic to your offers, and consume different sorts of content – all from one central dashboard.

Besides its main strength of online marketing education, you can also implement FunnelFlix’s available training courses to develop better business skills, strategy planning, and complete scaling much faster.

To acquire all of these advantages, the only thing left to do is sign up for a ClickFunnels account and start accessing FunnelFlix. Feel free to try the free 14-day trial and decide which plan to opt for later.

Thank you for reading the latest detailed FunnelFlix review

FunnelFlix FAQs

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