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How To Create Survey Funnel In 120 Minutes & Best Examples

How to Create a Survey Funnel - Funnel Secrets
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In this post, I will show you how to create a survey funnel step-by-step and the best examples for you.

In fact, survey funnel helps me generate more leads and high conversion rates (over 43%) than other lead generation tactics.

Plus: I also share with you a gift at the end of the post.

Now, keep reading our post to understand exactly how I build it.

Let get started!

What Is Survey Funnel?

Survey Funnel is one of the Lead Funnel, through a quick survey, you can separate your visitors into a different group. So you can speak a directly specific message and offer to them based on who they are.


Survey Funnel may include many pages that depend on your goal and strategy. However, they usually have three stages:

  1. Survey Page: Where you put your question and separate your visitors into different group depend on their answer.
  2. Squeeze Page: Visitors put their email address to receive the results
  3. Results Page: Show the results and offer that suitable for them

Why Survey Funnel Important?

I like the survey funnel because it is simple but powerful.

Unlike lead magnet funnel, you should invest time, money, knowledge for the lead magnet, or spend time to connect with other influence/leader in summit funnel.

Survey funnel very simple but more effective.

Don’t misunderstand that survey funnel great than lead funnel or other lead generation strategy. Each of them will bring different effects based on your goal.

Survey-funnel benefits

Here is some benefits survey funnel can help your business:

  • Generate Leads Online for free and create the Funnel faster.
  • Separate your visitors, so you can send a specific message and optimize it to the right people.
  • Based on the quiz, you can understand your audience, so you can create content suitable for them and service your audience better.

Now, let me show you how to create your first survey funnel step-by-step.

Step #1: Identify Who is Your Target Audience.

Survey funnel different from another quiz you see on the internet.

The goal is to generate lead or make sales online.

So, if you want to do that, the first thing you should do is identify who is your target audience.

When you visit, you can see my survey funnel here.

Funnel Secrets home page
Funnel Secrets Survey Funnel

There are three questions that I asked myself when I create it:

Q1: Who is my target audience?

A: My audience includes three groups of people who are:

  1. A beginner (Group 1)
  2. Have a business, but it does not work as well. (Group 2)
  3. Already make money and archive results. However, they have no idea to scales it. (Group 3)

Q2: Which issue that they face and hold them behind?

  • Group 1: Don’t have money and how to start an online business
  • Group 2: The cost of Facebook and Google ads increasing every day because of the platform change algorithm or more competitors in their niche.
  • Group 3: They always Lose Money When scaling their Ads, or they just have no ideas on how to scales their business online.

So, they’re my target audience.

After I determined who are they, I was going to ask myself the last question.

Q3: What is the unique result that I can create for them, and what offer I can provide to help them achieve it?

I know this may seem like a silly exercise, but you must do anyway. It will determine what you will do in the next step, what questions you will ask them, the products or offers you need to provide, and the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Please, spend time thinking about who you want to target and work with, then write it down!

When you’re complete, let’s go to step 2; I’ll show you how to create the question.

Step #2: Create Your Survey Question and Draw Survey Funnel

If you have done well step 1, step 2 will become a lot simpler.

There are so many Survey funnels out there on the internet. However, the majority of the quizzes followed this general multiple-choice format:

  1. Self-identifying questions (Gender, age,…)
  2. Self-identifying question based on the subject (have you ever tried to lose weight in the past?)
  3. Level of skill (How much knowledge do you have on [topic]?)
  4. The challenge they issues (I struggle to get traffic to my website)
  5. Education and clarity
  6. Surprise/ random curiosity based-question

Sources: Dotcom Secrets Book

Keep in mind; you don’t need to put all six types of questions in your Funnel. I usually use from 4–6 questions in my Funnel.

Comeback to my Funnel, I will show you what questions that I put inside.

Q1: What Would You Describe As Your Current Level Of Experience With An Online Business And Marketing?

A1: A Newbie, I Know Absolutely Nothing.

A2: I Already Have a Business! However, It Doesn’t Make More Profit (Some Time It’s Operating At A Loss)

A3: I’ve Already Made Money and Achieved Great Results. But I Don’t Know How To Scale!

I separate them into three groups.

survey funnel formula sumary

Q2.1: How Much Money Are You Realistically Prepared To Invest To Start Your Online Business?

Q2.2: What Would You Need To Start Your First Online Business?

A1.2: A Business Model To Make Money For People Who Haven’t More Budget!

A2.2: A Step-By-Step Course Training

A3.3: I Don’t Know, I Just Want To Learn More About Online Marketing

Note: In this case, the first and last question is the critical question that you will assign different “results” pages to based on which answer they gave you.

survey funnel formula

Here are three products I provided in the results page:

  1. Dotcom Secrets Book
  2. Traffic Secrets Book
  3. Affiliate Bootcamp
  4. Clickbank University
  5. One Funnel Away Challenge

Similar to groups 2 and 3. Let’s see our map in the image below.

Funnel Secrets survey funnel mapping

You can see my full image here

This is one of my Affiliate Funnel. So, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you can model it for your products.

Step #3: How To Build a Survey Funnel Step-by-step (less than 4 hours)

The hard part of creating a survey funnel is the software that allows you to build the quiz. Many tools can help you do that.

For example, Clickfunnels, Wufoo, Thrive Quiz Builder, Wordpress plugin, etc.

YouTube video

In this case, I highly recommend you use Clickfunnels because:

  • They allow you to separate visitors to different groups based on their answers.
  • Easy to build the landing page, quiz, tracking
  • Save your time, and you can download the Funnel from others in just one click (through share funnel function)

Remember, you are creating a survey funnel, not a survey. Therefore, create a results page for each type of person with a message tailored specifically for them is really important.

Click here to create Clickfunnels account and get 14 days trial for FREE.

Now let get started!

The Survey Page

Inside Clickfunnels membership area, click on ClickFunnel and choose Funnel.


Click on “Add New” to create a new funnel -> Choose a goal, type, and build the Funnel.

Clickfunnels has different landing page templates you can choose.


Pick the landing page design you like and click on the “EDIT PAGE.

Clickfunnels opt-in page

Delete elements you don’t need

Survey page design

Setting your section, convert from “small” to “wide.”

Clickfunnels section setting

Drag and drop text, headline, image,… to your landing page

Clickfunnels Adding Image

You can upload your image or use the free resource like,, and

Also, you can download awesome photos, illustrations, and vector graphics from different free stock photo websites.

learn more at 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos


Now, this time to add your survey into the page.

Inside the Element tab > drag and drop Survey element.

Add survey in clickfunnels
Add a survey in clickfunnels

Click on Survey element > Setting to edit your questions & answers.

edit survey questions and answers

There are three tabs you should be interested in:

  1. Manage questions: Edit your questions and answers.
  2. Add new questions: Create a new Q&A in your survey.
  3. Add Group questions: Group questions based on your target audience.
Clickfunnels survey element setting
Clickfunnels survey element setting
Editing question and answers
Setting action after answer the question
Setting action after answer the question

There are three options you can choose:

  • Redirect to next question
  • Redirect to specific question inside the group
  • End survey: When people click on “End Survey,” you can drive them to the squeeze page or create a pop-up to get the email address.

Now, you should create some question groups to help your survey more powerful, so you can separate your visitors and send specific messages.

See the image below to see the difference between “Add new question” and “ Add group question” features.

Group questions in survey funnel

Finally, we’re complete the survey.

add group questions

Here is the result.


Squeeze Page

Once visitors complete the quiz, they’re directed to squeeze page, or you can use pop-up instead.

The goal of the squeeze page very simple — Get their email address to build a list.


Prospects are also added to a specific list and follow-up email sequence that talks more about their business industry and how funnels will work uniquely for them.

Results Page

After they give us their email address, they are taken to the results page, where we show them the story, case study or results and make them an offer.

The results may be delivered through long text, video, pdf,… and has been optimized for them.

Based on the answers you provided in the quiz. You [Want More Traffic To Website!] So, The Strategy Inside [Traffic Secrets Book] Is The Best for You


The more you customize each results page for each of your audience, the higher your conversions will likely be.

Step #4: Promote Your Survey Funnel

There are so many ways to promote your survey funnel and drive traffic to them. You can use Facebook Ad, Google Ad, SEO, Pop-up website, from social media…

If you have no ideas to get traffic to your Funnel, you can read the Traffic Secrets Book to discover different ways to increase traffic online.

In my case, I promote the survey funnel through the Home page and Facebook Ad Retargeting.

I haven’t good at Ads skill, but SEO is my strength.

Most people come to Funnel Secrets through Bing or Google. So I actually get traffic for FREE.

If you search “Funnel Secrets” on Google, you can see my website here (I hope it’s still there when you read my post).

Funnel Secrets research google

When people click, here is where I put my Funnel.


I don’t want to use the top bar, pop-up, or sidebar widget to promote my Funnel. Because of:

  • It’s not my core funnel.
  • More CSS code may slow my website, causing bad user experiences and maybe bring negative effects on SEO.

But, it does not bring enough traffic to my Funnel. I don’t want people to visit and leave my website and didn’t do anything.

That is a reason why I re-targeting people who visit my website within 30 days on Facebook.


I didn’t promote them like others.

I said with my visitors that I need their help. So, they’re not uncomfortable and happy to help me complete the quiz.

There are many ways that you can use to promote your Funnel. If you struggle to get traffic to your website and Funnel, you can read the Traffic Secrets book to discover 20+ virtually UNKNOWN secrets.

Click here to read Traffic Secrets book review by Russell Brunson

Best Survey Funnel Examples

I’m not only one use survey funnel to generate lead online. Let see four best survey funnel examples from top marketers

1. Project Life Mastery


  • Niche: Internet Marketing
  • Page of Funnel: 3
  • The number of questions: 6

Survey page

Question #1
Question #2
Question #3
Question #4
Question #5
Question #6

Squeeze page


Results page


2. Your Keto Diet Funnel


  • Niche: Weight loss and Diet
  • Page of Funnel: 4
  • The number of questions: 7

Page 1


Page 2: Explain what is Keto Diet


Page 3: Question page from 1–7

Question #1
Question #2
Question #3
Question #4
Question #5
Question #6
Question #7: Fill out the form

Result Page

Result based on what I was filling above

Offer Page


3. Simply Piano

Simply Piano is an app that helps people learn piano at home through the lesson designed from basic to advance, include over 500 sheets. you can download it from Google Play (Android) or App Store (IOS)

Once you open the app, a quick quiz appear, then you can trial the app and start paying for them if you like.

Now let me show you how it works.

Page #1
Page #2

Survey page: Question from 1 – 5

Question #1
Question #2
Question #3
Question #4
Question #5

Opt-in form


My Secrets Bonus (Free)

Now, I have a gift for you.

If you love my funnel and want to model or re-brand, then use it for your website. You can download my survey funnel template pre design here for free (no email require)


This is one of my affiliate marketing funnel and the guide to help you understand how to create your survey funnel.

Now, I want to hear from you.

If you have any questions or I was missing something.

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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