What is Survey Funnel? Double Your Leads With Survey Funnel

Welcome to instant survey Funnel. I’m so excited to have you guys here and I’m actually just building a survey with you. So you can see how powerful, how simple it is and also you can understand the whole strategy behind. How to use this tool inside of your business now.

Before I start creating my survey funnel. I want to talk to you about the strategy behind it. And when you understand the strategy this tool becomes such a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Now let get started.

What is Survey Funnel?

A survey funnel has two main purposes. The first is to help your visitors engage with you more because they are required to answer questions and make micro commitments. The second is it allows you to figure out who your visitors are, and then you can show them a different sales message based on who they are.

survey funnel map - funnel secrets

So in the survey, I may ask questions like, “Are you a man, or women.” If they choose a man, I would then direct them to a version of my funnel that is set up to sell to a man, but if they tell me that they are a woman, I may have a different sales video or webinar to show them.

How to use the survey funnel in your business

Author / speaker /coach / consultant… I’d use this funnel to figure out who the visitor is, or what they are interested in, and then direct them to the funnel that sells that thing.

E-commerce… I’d use this funnel to figure out who the visitor is, or what they are interested in, and then direct them to the funnel that sells that thing.

B2B (Business to business): I’d use this funnel to figure out who the visitor is, or what they are interested in, and then direct them to the funnel that sells that thing.

Network or affiliate marketing… I’d use this funnel to figure out who the visitor is, or what they are interested in, and then direct them to the funnel that sells that thing.

Professional services… I’d use this funnel to figure out who the visitor is, or what they are

interested in, and then direct them to the funnel that sells that thing.

Retail / Brick & Mortar Business… I’d use this funnel to figure out who the visitor is, or what they are interested in, and then direct them to the funnel that sells that thing.

Survey Funnel strategy

So I’m going to come over here and whiteboard out the overall strategy about how to use a survey funnel. Now in my business, there’s a lot of people that’ll buy my products right, and if my strategy the same sales message down everybody’s through it just hard to make money.

So this is what most people do.

You got a landing page and you drive traffic to this landing page from a whole bunch of different sources

driving traffic to squeeze page

People come here and we sometimes we call these things squeeze pages or landing pages. we basically ask somebody for their email. They post their email in here and then they’re taken over here to a sales page.

sales funnel strategy

On the sales page, you ask them for some money right. That how a typical internet marketing sales funnel works. The problem is that you’re driving traffic from a whole bunch of and traffic sources a whole bunch different people, a whole bunch of demographics.

Because you don’t know who these people are. You’re basically jamming the same sales message down everybody’s through hoping to sell as many people as possible okay.

That’s kind of how internet marking has been done up to this point. We’re trying to make this process easier and better and make it.

So that you can convert more people from every single person you send your website. Because you know you’re spending good hard money, you’re over here on Facebook spending money, you’re over here on Google, you’re over here on a whole bunch of places driving ads in here.

sales funnel graphic

So you wanna make sure we convert as many people as possible. Because of that why we’ve changed how most of our sales funnels work and I want to help you guys explain that.

Because I understand that then it’ll make it really easy for you to start using instant survey generator okay.

Now in my business, we can identify we’ve got four core types of people who purchase our product okay. So, for example, one type of person is someone that I like to call an author. Maybe an author, maybe speakers consultants.

I’m just called authors for right now and so I like to set up a separate squeeze page for offers for authors. They opt in and then I have a sales page that is structured to sell specifically to authors. Because I know the authors there are probably different reasons why they buy versus anybody else off of the street.

So I have a sales video or sales messages focusing on authors all right.

Now the same thing with my second demographic. We sell a lot of people who have offline businesses. So let’s say have an offline business and they give me their email address and then I take them to a sales page.

That speaks their language, that talks about what they care about and I sell them in their own way.

I’m exactly the same thing with service-based businesses and actually a thing with network marketers.

Now we’ve got more target marks on that than we target but just for this example, I’m going to break it down into four okay.

So I have service-based businesses, and then I’m going to have network marketing let’s put MLM for short they opt in here.

create a survey online

And like I said we’ve got a different sales message to sell each people the way that they need to be sold.

Because the person is coming to buy my product for network marketing programs way different than an author, and so the way I sell them is different. Do you agree?

So that’s kind of how it works.Typically I pay a whole bunch of landing pages and funnels and I’m driving traffic this one and this one. I still don’t really know if the traffic I’m driving. If it’s the right people if it’s converting and a whole bunch of things I just don’t know and so that’s why we started creating these really cool survey funnels.

This is where a survey funnel let’s step between the pages down here. So it’s a little page. What we do is we give away quick 30-second quizzes. So I’m gonna say 30, or second quiz or survey and all right now.

survey funnel formula

On the survey, I’m asked a bunch of different questions and my goal from all these questions to figure out all of the different traffic sources. I’m driving into this funnel, I want to know who is my authors, who are my offline business owners, who are my service-based businesses and who are my network marketers okay.

Now everything you see right here. Typically we build all this inside of Clickfunnels I’ll build the landing page for my quiz. I build all these other little mini funnels for each then type the different businesses we’re targeting.

But here in the middle this is where the instant survey generator comes and we plug in a little survey right here and the goal the surveys identify which of these core markets these people are. And then it takes them that spot then the person comes here they can put their email address in, and then we sell them based on who they are okay.

We can also have a whole email marketing sequence in place that focuses back to that sales message and it’s just pretty powerful.

So that’s the goal of these survey funnels.

How to create Survey funnel

Clickfunnel free trial

As you can see all right now what I want to do it before I jump and create this survey right here in the middle, I’m gonna jump into Clickfunnels and kind of show you how I structure things on that site okay.

So here’s I Clickfunnels, you can see I set up four little mini funnels. One is for all my author speakers consultants, ones for my network marketers, ones for my local offline businesses and ones for my service based businesses.

Create sales funnel with clickfunnels

Okay, I’m gonna log in here to my offer once and see what it looks like. It’s very simple, it’s basically a two-page funnel step.

Number one is saying it kinda identified that they are an author and says the last step what email address should I send your results to them.

Put their email address and then the next page I’ve had a video sales letter that structure to sell authors.

So it’s a very simple

Two-step funnel very similar to kind of how it what I showed you.

wordpress survey plugin

Now, I’ve created those for my four different market segments. Now the last step here is I need one page where my quiz is going to go.

survey funnels

So, I created that page over here as well. I’ll click on that, so you can see it. You see it’s just a very basic very simple page. When I open it up you’ll see basically just says a little information by the quiz free 30-second quiz your website losing money.

how to complete a survey funnel

And I had this little button it says custom Java HTML. This is just one of the buttons here inside of the element picker. So it’s custom Java HTML.

When I click on that it’s going to ask me to paste some code I’m gonna paste some code in here.

survey funnel plugin

What code my pasting well it’s the code from instant survey generator okay. So now you understand kind of the overarching concept of how this the strategy behind this process.

How we get these pages inside Clickfunnels.

The last thing wants to show you is how simple this actually build out the survey here inside an instant survey generator.

So I’m going to first off click here on the add new survey button I do that and it’s going to say what is the name of your survey. I’m gonna call it’s won the death of a website.

I can put a group tag here, so I’m going to call this demo and then I click on add survey now in 1 seconds creates a survey it’s very simple very easy okay.

survey funnel software

Now when you come over here on the side you’ll notice there’s a survey name there’s my group tab and here are the questions.

I can choose how many questions I want to ask them. Now if I want a really basic survey, I want to come here and they come to this page and the only question asked on the surveys are you an author, you’re an offline business owner, or service or an MLM.

survey response scales

I can do that if you do that way all you use you to make a one question quiz. We call the bucket question.

What is the bucket question?

The bucket question is basically asking which bucket does my traffic fall into.

And so if you want just to be a once a one-question survey you do bucket question. Or you can make it more complex and your two questions.

Now for this example, I’m going to do three questions.

When I add a couple questions. So I have three questions here and I’m going to click on question number one. Now I can come here, I can start filling out the questions, I want for this survey.

survey response scales

The first question I’m going to ask my people here is doing you currently have a website question. You can put sub-headline or text. If you want you just click on it disappears though and it doesn’t show up now.

As I’m doing this I want to see what’s this look like. I can click on the preview button and you’ll see exactly what looks like.

marketing funnel

And then down here I can say the answer.

Then go to question number two question number two and number three.

sales funnel template


sales funnel stages

Save all question.

After that, I’m going to come back here and I’m going to go to my author opt-in. And I’m going to make that the redirect URL.

So I copy this right here.

purchase funnel


I come back here, I make that redirect URL

Leads funnel- marketing funnel stages

So that way if somebody picks an author that we take into this squeeze page. They opt-in and now I have an old email sequence focusing on authors.

They then go to the video sales letter, where I’m selling to authors, and now I know exactly who they are.

Now I’ll do the same thing and I’m just going to copy the same one. But what I do is I would get my squeeze page URL for my local owners there. Then get my squeeze page where for my network marketers there, I then get for my businesses there, I put all those in there. And then I save it.

 I can preview it if I want to go look what looks like again.

Now, when I preview, you can see it, adds some of it makes it look a little better. And I get some of this the subtext there.

Click funnels - lead generation software

I click Next guess. What’s going to do it’s going to redirect me generate the report and there you go opt-in page.

survey funnel - conversion funnel

they opt-in they start getting emails from the author opt-in page. I’ll put my old email address here. If you click send results submits it and then boom!!!

lead generation marketing

Takes me now to the video sales letter to sell the authors, and that you guys is how simple and how easy it is to use the survey funnel software.

The last thing I want to do is after I save it, I’m going to publish it.

If I publish it, it gives me the embed codes. All I got to do is we got to copy this embed code. I copy it now.

creating a sales funnel

I come back here to my click funnels page where I have my actual quiz page. Click on custom Java HTML and then post that code paste that code right here.

marketing strategy - survey funnel code


I save it and then as I preview this page guess you’re gonna see boom!!!


marketing funnel examples

There it the quiz software right?

This is how simple it is to create a survey funnel inside an instant survey generator. Start building your funnel survey to day now.

Clickfunnel free trial

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