Writing Content For A Website: 5 Types Of Content

This guide is for those who want writing content for A website and planning to make money by developing a “niche site”. But not how to shape the development of content.

The development of a site that earns money in a certain area based on the source of free traffic is almost the same, are keyword research, content development & SEO.

Once you’ve got the right keyword set in hand.

What you need to do next is to implement what kind of content will be needed to make a profit on your site.

If you just hire a writer and then throw keywords and let them write in general, you will only be expensive without bringing about conversions or value from those articles.

Right below, I will suggest you 5 types of content you need to build. Then you can be writing content for a website

writing content for a website

Top list

The first is a form of high (click through rate) CTR  from users on the Google search page and a good conversion rate.

Top list content is highly customizable for many keywords. Do not misunderstand that only the keywords top X best product” to write in this form.

Top list content is articles that we have statistics, top * numbers * products/ services/tips /… Anything that you find useful based on keywords, and would recommend to the customer.

Here I will be divided into two types of top content list :

The first is a commercial top list:

  • Like the articles, we will introduce, statistics to the reader the best product based on a characteristic or attribute.
  • The purpose of these articles is to make money through it, which is intended to lead the reader deeper into the buying process, motivating them to rely on the best product list.

Example: Top 5 Best Sales Funnel Software 2018″, 20 best new cookbooks of 2018″ ” “Best Smartphones 2018 – Here Are the 10 Best Phones Available”

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build 1

The rest are top list content that shares information useful.

  • Approximately 60% of keywords in your keyword set can be written in the top list. It does not have to be commercial.
  • You choose the appropriate keywords, grafting into the title is going to be a top list quite genuine. For example: “5 tips on teeth whitening at home simple, effective”, “6 top secrets to remove wrinkles in the eye area you do not know” …
  • These will provide valuable information, training, sharing for the reader. At the same time, you can be skillful, navigating the reader to the content of the product introduction/evaluation to make money.
  • You will be very easy to rank the article top list information and bring back the original traffic to your site. This is always good for SEO.

Example: Top 5 Best Sales Funnel Software 2018″, “The 40-point SEO checklist for startups”, “45 tips to grow traffic”…

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build - top list

Review the product

20% of the products you sell will carry 80% of your sales.

Similar to affiliate, 20% of all running campaigns will carry 80% of profit to continue scale.

Initially developing content for your site, select the top 20% of the best-selling products, and write reviews for those products.

When an individual performs a Google search for certain product keywords, it is good, and so on. They are already in deep purchasing. (buyer journey)

Often people review the review is satisfied, they make a purchase decision always. They just go back and look for other content when the review is not convincing enough.

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build 2

With this review, you’ll be a little more lightweight than the other two. Required lengths range from 1500 to 3000 depending on the level of your investment.

The content format for this article type is not complicated:

  • Introduction open post
  • Product features.
  • Why choose this product, not another product? Each product that the vendor launches to the market they always have the characteristics “superiority” to create competitive advantage.
  • Pros and cons of the product. Of course, it is always better to take advantage of the land, but you have to remember that there are a few downsides to the product so that the reader can see that you do not cut the wind.
  • Get an overview from you.

In addition, to make it easy for readers to get an overview of the product reviews and comments, you can use the review plug-ins to make overviews based on the features:

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build 3

 Tutorials, tips, guide

Regardless of the niche, you need to build articles that focus on providing value to your readers & generate useful website signals in Google’s eyes.

Tutorial content is not highly commercial, it only serves as an auxiliary & traffic navigation. But if you want your site to have a high level of trust, you can not ignore it.

These are the articles you post on the site to guide how to do, manipulate, or share tips, tips, useful information related to your niche.

These can be problems that you often encounter, need to see instructions to use the product better.

It is easy to recognize these types of posts, often with familiar phrases like: “How to …”, “Tutorial …”.

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build 4
Funnel hacking 101

As you develop content for these forms, you need to base on the keyword information you have searched for in keyword research to know what content is usually searched for. the field you do.

Case Study (Customer Success Story)

If your success story is difficult to apply to all niches or big brands. The success story of the customer will be an effective choice with equally positive effects.

These are articles intended to share the experience and journey of an individual who is using the product from the person who has the problem until the problem is resolved.

Major brands often use This type of content:

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build 5

With the power of persuasion and the unique nature of the case study, this content is of great interest to the reader.

However, to write this type of content is not easy.

Writers, apart from spending enough time to understand the information, features, highlights of the product, also have to imagine themselves put in the position of users, who have problems to solve with the calculation of the product.

Also, if you are a salesman or an affiliate marketer for your product, you can collect customer feedback, screenshots, and add testimonials to increase your trust.

Comparison – Comparative content

In a niche product you do, there will be many product lines, many brands are selling the same item.

Therefore, the articles Comparison will bring objective information to help readers choose the right product they are really needed.

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build 6

As a result, the conversion rate will improve quite well once you have these types of content and are well invested.

Content will focus on comparing the main features, the advantages this product has that other product does not. The disadvantages of this product are that the product can be overcome. 

Or compare the brand and other characteristics depending on the different areas.

Using the comparison chart, you can see how Toptenreviews are doing.

This is a super-professional site that has a great revenue stream from affiliate marketing.

Writing Content For A Website - 5 Types Of Content You Need To Build 7

The point of comparison is that you can easily navigate the reader, creating trust in the products that compare.

This prompts the customer to make faster decisions, on the other hand, the value of SEO helps the keyword ranking will be.

The comparison is also highly commercial content, bringing directly to your revenue from affiliate or business.


You have just gone through 5 types of content to build to develop a niche website. These types of content contribute to generating revenue for you.

If you do, then you need to deploy these types of content. So, if you do not have any other way than to refer more, read more to gradually feel the content better.

If you do not have written content, it is best to hire & ask the writer specifically and check the content delivered from the writer to meet the requirements. Need to test through many writers to find a good writer.

With good content, you can use paid traffic to make immediate profits or to learn about SEO without much budget.

There are questions or difficulties when making content for the website leave comments below you will support.

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