What is Sales Funnel ? – Increase conversions with marketing Funnel

What is sales funnel?

You can see many people, companies use the Internet to do business. And we can make a lot of money from that. But now it is really very competitive.

Costs are high when many people advertise.

This is a simple way that many marketers around the world use to grow their business, increase conversions and optimize traffic to help them save a lot of money.

It’s a Sales Funnel

Sales funnel definition – All you need to know

What is Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel  Very simply this is a system then through that you can educate your customers, bring more value to them. So they will be happy and easy to buy the product. Sales Funnels Include many steps have been Connect together and become a system.

This is an ideal sequence of events, someone, goes through to go from traffic to repeat customer

  • Cold traffic >> Warm Traffic
  • Warm traffic >> Lead
  • Lead >> Prospect
  • Prospect >> Customer
  • Customer >> Repeat customer

Sales funnel is a system that adds and removes barriers for someone to become a customer or repeat customer when it’s appropriate.

A Sales funnel can really be of any shape or size. That’s meaning you may just already have warm traffic coming in and you just need to turn them into a lead and from a  lead, you don’t really have many qualifications. You just turn them into a  customer.

So you could have a sales funnel that’s really short or you could have one that’s really really complex.

It could be made up of one or two landing pages or it could be as complex:

  • +10 Landing pages
  • +30 Email
  • +4 Advertising campaigns
  • +3 Content Pieces
  • And more

Why use a sales funnel?

Increases the likelihood of people doing what you want as they’re on a path to becoming a customer or make a second purchase.

A focused approach to pushing people through the chain of understanding:

  • Understanding the service.
  • Your Offer
  • Understanding why you’re the best fit
  • Making a purchase

Sales Funnel Stages

Sales Funnel Stages - what is sales funnel

Visitor ( or traffic): The people coming into your landing pages, website or other stages your funnel as cold or warm traffic, who are looking for something.

Leads: Converted from cold or warm traffic and have opted into something that you’ve offered them (Lead magnet, contact form, call booking, etc)

Prospect: A lead who has been qualified through some means that you’ve defined. Usually, it means you now have more information about the lead(had a call, seen a demo, replied to an email, etc).

Opportunity or Qualified prospect: A prospect who has been qualified for the specific product or service you have to offer them, they’ve made some commitment or gotten past some barrier that qualifies them to become a customer.

Customer: Someone who has spent money with you, there are segments of customers but at a high level a customer is anyone who has spent with you.

Common Leaks in the Funnel

Lead and prospect stage are the most common leaky points of a funnel

Not everyone will be a fit for working with you or buying products from you, those that don’t often become lost leads and never get touched again.

Since you’ve already paid money for those leads, you should retain them until they are ready to buy.

Implementing nurturing campaigns is crucial to preventing lead waste and throwing money down the drain.

What is inside the Sales Funnel?

Depending on the purpose of use there will be different types of Sales Funnel. But it will have 3 main parts Front – End, Middle and Back -End

Front – End funnels

Inside Front – End Funnels, They often use lead magnets (ebook, worksheet, free trial, review, case study, ..) and if they want to get more value from you. Visitors should provide you their information. It can be a Name, Email, Phone, …

And when you have their information, you can easily build a good relationship. If you have a lot of potential customers, it’s easy to advertise your product with $0. It sounds great?

That is the reason why so many marketers always said “Money in the leads.

The lead magnets no need always free. It can be free, free trial, free + shipping cost, low price, …

Here is an example of Best Funnel with Free + Shipping cost. That is Expert Secrets book. The book very cool

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Middle Funnel

Inside Middle Funnel: They usually offer average priced products on the value ladder. In this step, remember you not only focus on sales, sales, and sales.

You need to share with them value, good information to help your subscribers solve their problems. It makes your brand, you look like an expert.

(People just buy a product that can help them solve the problem quickly and cheaply. They want to buy it from an expert who can help them deal it. )

sales funnel meaning


Back – End Funnel

Now we offer a good product to the customer.

The products with more priced, more profit, more value. But if you want them to buy it, you need to build a good relationship in the Front-end, and Middle Funnel.

When your subscriber becomes your raving fan.

They easily pay too much to get your product if they can. It didn’t stop here. They can introduce you to their friends and you can have many new customers for free. And I say it’s referral marketing.

Sales Funnel Hacks

1 Map out your sales funnel on a whiteboard or using sticky notes and keep track of conversion rates, traffic and other key metrics at each stage.

This will allow you to spot leaks in your funnel or areas of improvement.

2. If you aren’t converting leads, focus on improving your conversion rate on the landing page instead of just throwing more against the wall.

Expanding into content marketing, Youtube videos and all will only help when you have a sales funnel that converts.

3. Nurture for the long term, write a sequence that will last +6 months with ample opportunity for leads being nurtured to return back into the sales funnel and become the customer.

4. Follow the 80/20 rules, only 20% of your email or content should be direct sales or promotion. Keep the 80% all about delivering value, knowledge, and teaching to ensure you’re list keeps active and you convert at the highest possible rate.


I hope this article helps you understand what is sales funnel.

In my opinion, you need to create the sales funnel today for your business. My website designed to help people like you do that. We shared the concept, strategy, template, software,...whatever you need.

So, if you have any question or request something about sales funnel topic, comment it below for free.

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