Video Sales Letter Funnel? Ultimate guide

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Video sales letter funnel is a popular funnel that many marketers using to sell their product and services. Today, I will introduce video sales letter funnel to you. What is VSL funnel? and how it works. If you want to learn more about this funnel and get all recipes of top 22 funnels. You can get Funnel hacker cookbook.

Video sales letter funnel is a buyer funnel type. This funnel has 4 page: VSL + Order form, OTO, Downsell and Offer Wall. Now, we will go inside that.

Let get started!

What is video sales letter funnel

video sales letter funnel - funnel hacker

This is a video sales letter funnel and I use this funnel when you want to sell your product or your service by using videos. The first page here is that video sales letter order form. So they watch the video and then the order form opens up with it putting their credit card information. Afterward, you take them to an upsell page or an OTO ( a one-time offer page).

We can upsell them some of the product or service, they can do one-click upsell where they click a button and it builds their credit card. If they say no to that, you can offer them a down sell.

So let’s say maybe you offer a payment plan for a down sale. Or if you want to maybe you’re selling a physical product here you can offer a digital version. And then from there, you take them to an offer wall which is basically a thank-you page.

We thank them for their purchase and then you give them links to the other products and services that you sell.

How to Use the video sale letter funnel in Your Business

If I was selling as an author/speaker/ coach/consultant…I’d take my sales copy and turn it into a Video Sales Letter pitching people on my main offer. Then I’d upsell a more expensive info product and down sell a payment plan. My offer wall would include more free or low-ticket products.

If I was selling in e-commerce… I’d use this funnel to sell e-commerce products that were more expensive. My upsell would be an offer to get more of the same thing. My down sell may include a payment plan.

If I was selling Business-to-Business… I’d find my competitor’s customers and ask why they didn’t buy from me. Then, I’d take that feedback and create a VSL to sell my main product. My upsell would sell a seat to my next corporate event, about my product. My down sell would sell cheaper seats, further back.

If I was selling in network or affiliate marketing...I’d take my MLM’s sales message and turn it into a VSL to sell the opportunity. The upsell would offer the product, and the downsell would offer a payment plan.

If I was selling my professional services..I would create a VSL offering either a discount for my services or a bundle of my service with other training or info products I had created. My upsell would be offering continuity and my downsell would offer a payment plan if they agree to schedule a follow-up session.

If I was selling in a retail / Brick & Mortar Business... I’d create a VSL selling a bundle of my products or services. Then my upsell would ask them to buy a higher priced item with a coupon for a second in the future. My downsell would offer a 2-pay option.

That is what a video sales letter funnel is and how it works. If you want more information on this strategy about how

you can use this inside of your company make sure to check out the funnel hacker cookbook.

funnel hacker cookbook review - video sales letter funnel

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