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What is Tripwire Funnel? Secrets to Converting cold traffic

Today, we going to be through tripwire funnel – one of most popular funnel many marketing used to convert cold traffic. This is a low ticket front end product that is so irresistible people have to purchase it.

After they put in their credit card, you can then upsell them your more expensive products through Order Form and One Click Upsells or down sales.

So, to understand what is tripwire?

Why it so important and how it works to help you very useful?

I know this post may be too long, and it’s hard to understand if you are a beginner or you never build the funnel before.

So make sure bookmark this page to read again. When you understand and use this funnel for your business, you’ll get an amazing result because it’s work very very well.

And now we going to tripwire funnel.

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How to Create Tripwire Funnel that converts and sales funnel example

What is tripwire funnel?

Tripwire (or tripwire funnel) is basically a low ticket product offering that solves a specific problem in your prospects live. And you put it at such a low price and you add such high value to it that it becomes an irresistible offer.

What it’s meant to do is just take people that are prospects.

That has just opt-in on your email list and haven’t bought anything and turn them into buyers as quickly as possible.

Because once somebody’s opened up their wallet and bought from you then you have a much higher chance of selling them other things on the back end.

So that’s why you’ll see a lot of funnel start with like a $7-$27 product and then they move people up the chain to higher products.

tripwire marketing product
tripwire marketing product

Because once they’ve bought it from you they’ve gotten to experience the value that you can provide to them with very low resistance.

Then they’ll develop that trust with you and they’re willing to buy some of your higher-end products from you down the road.

How to Tripwire funnel work?

The very first thing you’re going to see is you typically have an opt-in page.

It’s maybe a free plus shipping offer, give away free samples of your product or create an amazing white paper report on your industry and give it away for free,…

After that, you maybe have an order form.

This is one of my favorite pages after they purchased and you can also create an order form bump on this page.

And if they purchased that you take them to an OTO page or a one-time offer page. We also have the one-time down sale.

tripwire funnel map- marketing funnel

This is basically an upsell.

You ask them, you can offer them a special offer. They can do a one-click upsell it automatically builds their credit card by clicking one button.

If they say no that you can offer a down sell, or maybe you offer a payment plan or maybe if you’re selling a physical product.

Here you can sell digital version there if you want.

And then familiar taken to an offer wall page, where you thank them for their purchase, you can push them, give them links to the other funnels and other products or services that you offer

There’s one more I information about strategy beyond one of these how a two-step tripwire order form works.

How to use tripwire funnel in your business?

Author/ speaker/coach/consultant: I’d use this funnel to run a ‘Free + Shipping’ offer to sell my book, reports or case studies. My OTOs would be additional info products that complement the Free + Shipping offer.

E-commerce: I’d figure out which of my products was the best Tripwire offer and sell it on the Two Step Sales Page. I would then look at my OTOs as my “cart” – what would be the next logical thing that these customers would want to purchase? I would make those all one click upsells.

Business-to-Business: I’d create an amazing white paper report on my industry and give it away for free when they pay to ship. I could then easily upsell my core product.

Network or affiliate marketing: I’d use this funnel to give away free samples of my product when they pay the costs of the shipping. My upsells would be about getting on a subscription of the product at a discount or about joining my opportunity.

Professional services: I’d create an ‘in-home kit’ version of my services on a Free + shipping model. My OTOs would include a purchase to my regular service and a complimentary info product as my second OTO.

Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: I’d take my most popular, lower-ticket product and offer it on a Free + Shipping model to those in my community. I’d be sure to offer a walk-in coupon on my Order Confirmation page too.

How to create a tripwire?

Example of Tripwire – Behind Of Dotcom Secrets Book Funnel

I want to introduce to you the tripwire funnel of Russell Brunson – (CEO of Clickfunnels and author of dotcom secrets book and Expert secrets book). Tripwire funnel help them build that product

If you don’t have dotcom secrets book, you can get it for FREE (you just pay for shipping only).

You can also funnel hack all this (Go inside their funnel and see what they do) and utilize this in your business.

dotcom secrets landing page - funnel secrets

So for those of you are seeing this landing page. They have a 2-step order form. Now it was kind of crazy.

Because you will get higher opt-in rates on 2-step order form than you typically even do on some normal opt-in pages.

I’ll go through the mechanics of a two-step order form now.

And I want to make sure that you guys are aware of being utilized in your business and tracking.

2 metrics you have to measure in any funnel

first thing is gonna be what’s your Cost to Acquire Customer (CAC). You got to know how much does it cost you to actually get someone in as a customer.

The customer we’re talking about here is a buyer. I want to make sure we know what’s cost for a customer.

In addition to that is: what is your average cart value?

Because if you can take a look at your average cart value and if your average cart value exceeds your cost to acquire a customer you’ve got a home run there.

Now basically, all your marketing is paid for through your average cart value.

Come back the example, here is their two-step order form and on the two-step order form, you have your information as far as where they’re gonna ship this to and then the billing information.

When people click on get the free book now and it then takes you to your billing information.

so when we click that button, they already now have the majority the information.(name, email, address, phone,…)

Then go to the second, where they didn’t fill in all of their credit card information and realize this again. It’s a free plus shipping offer.

Basically, retails for $19.95, but we bought it for you! We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it (just $7.95 US, $14.95 international).

That was the offer, that’s on the opt-in page. I think they have amazing conversion rate for opt-in and buy when people come in the first time.

Other forms in tripwire offer

Not stop to that. Once people got to the second part of that order form is they had an order form bump.

You can see a pop-up box on the order form. Itself, that’s where your order form and it says yes I Russell Upgrade My Oder Now with a red arrow pointing to the little thing where they were gonna check.

sales funnel example - tripwire offer

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They have that one-time offer only $37 in red and it sticks out real key there.

Come back to you know the whole idea as far as McDonald’s. “Do you want fries with that…” That is the idea behind this order form bump.

And so, what we ended up doing here is for $37 and they actually put that in there in red and they want to make sure people understood knew what they’re buying.

Two different things you can always do:

You can try to hide it get higher conversions but you get a higher refund rate.

They wanted to be real open real clear about this.

What happens after they buy the product?

Of course, people will get OTO (One time offer) up sales and down sales. So they will make too much money from this funnel.

Again, this is tripwire offer (low ticket product). This is the first step on their value ladder. If you can use that in your business, it’s so amazing, right?

And in the future, you can sell the high-ticket product for them with webinar funnel and high ticket funnel. But what I want to you know here is this is just the first funnel. This is just a first step on your customer lifetime value. But you can make really really more money if you do as well.


Tripwire funnel is one of three core funnel (tripwire funnel, webinar funnel, and high ticket funnel) to help you convert step by step your traffic from cold to warm and to hot traffic.

They work together and help you sell product from low ticket to high-ticket, from low product to expensive product.

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