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JOHN REESE Traffic Secrets Course Review: 100% Tested

traffic secrets course
Our Verdict
The Traffic Secrets Course by John Reese isn’t the best traffic course currently. But with 125 ways to increase traffic quickly and leads for websites and funnels. Plus, with the addition of Traffic Secrets Live recorded by Russell Brunson, you’ll have a master plan for getting unlimited traffic online despite constant platform and algorithm changes.

This post is talking about the Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets course review created by John Reese. Is it worth it or not?

I’m going to share with you everything you need to know before you buy it.

  • What exactly Traffic Secrets Course is?
  • Who is create the course? (not Russell Brunson)
  • Does Traffic Secrets course and Traffic Secrets Book is the same?
  • What you’ll get inside?
  • How to get the Traffic Secrets Course?
  • How to buy it at a cheap price?
  • and so much more

Let get started!

Traffic is the blood of online business. 90% of entrepreneurs, marketers and online business owners struggle to generate traffic online every day.

Most people don’t know how to drive traffic effectively( Paid & Free traffic). 

In a nutshell, no matter your offer is good enough, you have a sexy landing page or perfect story and sales message. Without traffic, you are actually not making any money.

If you’re just getting started online, you must focus on learning the skill to get high-quality traffic first.

I was familiar with the Traffic Secrets Course in 2018 when Russell Brunson talks at the 10X Growth Conference of Grant Cardone.

The presentation was so awesome, and it helped him make over 3 million dollars in 90 minutes. It’s talked about how the funnel saves his life, and the sales funnel strategy help Clickfunnels from ZERO to hundreds of million in sales.

Now, you can watch the video record here for free here

What Is Traffic Secrets Course?

Traffic Secrets is a membership training program that teaches people how to get more traffic to your website or sales funnels. Different other programs only focus on one method. The traffic secrets training teaches you the foundation and teaches you so many ways to drive traffic.

For example SEO, Social Media, Mobile Ads, podcasts, Google Ads, Keyword Science, Email marketing tactics,…

Let me ask you a question.

Is traffic essential for you or not?

If the answer is yes, you must get it now because the training has been created for you and me who stress every day with the expensive ad and competitive in our market.

Note: Traffic Secrets course is marketing training; it’s not a business opportunity or “get rich” program. That means you should watch, learn, use it in your business and testing. The program requires hard work, adding value, and serving people with excellence and constancy.

John Reese – The Original Author

Most people know traffic secrets through Russell Brunson (author of Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book). However, he is not the creator of the Traffic Secrets Program.

The father is John Reese’s.

John Reese - traffic secrets course creator

John Reese made over $1,000,000 million on the internet in less than 24 hours without spending One Peny On Advertising.

I heard his story from Russell Brunson at the 10x growth con event.

He’s the first person in his market to make a million dollars in a day, and he did through selling a course he calls Traffic Secrets.

He recently redid the entire membership site, redid all the training, and put in over 125 different traffic sources.

traffic secrets course review

This is a great product, so Russell wants to give it away to his customers who bought the Funnel Builder Secrets Offer. Russell Brunson sent the message to John was like:

“John, this is really, really good.

I know a lot about traffic, but this isn’t even. I didn’t even know there were this many, and I didn’t know it was even possible.

I have a question, can I give everyone who buys our funnel builder secrets program access to traffic secrets?”.

John: No, I sell this for a thousand bucks by itself.

Russell: I know, but they all need this

John: No, I can’t

Russell: Okay, what would it take for me to buy then an entire company from you so I can give this to everyone who invests, for free?

John: Russell, it’s going to cost at least a million bucks.

russell brunson bought traffic secrets

Russell Brunson bought traffic secrets.

So after that, he agreed, and he ended up wiring John over the next month or so, a whole bunch of payments that equaled up to almost a million dollars to buy traffic secrets from John.

Russell could give it to you guys for free when you buy the funnel builder secrets program.

Read Funnel Builder Secrets Review if you never heard it before.

What You’ll Get Inside Traffic Secrets Course

the value of traffic secrets course russell brunson

We all know money is the blood of companies. If you want to make more money, you should have more customers.

In fact, more traffic doesn’t mean making more sales. This is the most common issue most people have. Neil Patel talks about it in the video below.

Traffic – Intent – Conversion should stick together. So, it would help if you focused on all of them. But, no matter you do anything else. You should have traffic first.

More traffic does not mean making more sales. However, it’s tough to make more sales without more traffic.

Luckily, the Traffic Secrets course helps you do it as well. Traffic and conversion are the main topics throughout the program. Now, let go deep inside.

Module 1: The Foundation


Like others, the Traffic Secrets course starts with the foundation.

Go through the first module; you will learn how to set your goal, the right mindset, core theory, and all the stuff you should start.

Each module has the documents, “to do” list to help you know what you need to do step by step.

Now, we go dive into the lesson inside module 1. Here is the list of video lessons.

  • Setting Goal
  • Core Theory
  • Sacrifice Early Profits
  • Brand and Design
  • Domain name
  • Macro & Micro-Targeting
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixels tracking
  • Google tag manager
  • Setting up GTM with Analytics and Facebook Pixels
  • The Foundation 25 Item Checklist

Suppose you’re brand new or a beginner. The first module is so much more friendly for you. You may think Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM), or Facebook pixels tracking are so basic.

However, it is crucial for your website. Some people feel it is complicated for setting and use.

Read more: 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics

Don’t stress about it. Because John will teach you how to setup and integration “Click-by-click.”

traffic secrets course setting google tag manager

What if your business exists?

You could skip some lessons. But please watch all of the videos because you don’t want to miss something, right?

In my opinion, you should learn the list video below before going to the next module.

  • Setting Goal: What is the result you want? Increase 5K, 10K or 30% traffic?
  • Core Theory: The right mindset before you start.
  • Macro vs Micro Targeting: Pros and cons in each tactic.
  • 25-item checklist: Make sure you’re not missing something.

Module 2: Market Discovery

subscribe to competitor list traffic secrets

In Module 2, we go to market research, how to keep up with trends, upcoming keywords, what’s your audience interest and more.

What makes me like this module is John helps us “spy” and learn from our competitors. When we complete this Market Discovery module, we will know:

  • My dream customers care about
  • What make they buy
  • The hook, story and offer of your competitor.
  • Ad copy they’re respond to
  • And more…

It is very similar to my Funnel Hacking blueprint but more complete. My favorite lesson in this module is monitoring advertising, blogs, and subscribe to competitor’s email lists.

My competitors are the best teacher on earth…😝

If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded – Tony Robbins

I know that market research is difficult and boring. However, if you do it carefully, you will be surprised at the information you collect.

Then understand how to get the right targeted traffic to come to you.

Module 3: Copywriting Secrets

traffic secrets module 3 copywriting secrets

Copywriting is absolutely critical to your digital marketing success because it’s the WORDS that sell.

If you want to become a successful online marketer, you MUST be good at copywriting. Here are 10 lessons you’ll learn:

  1. Copywriting Is Critical
  2. Power Of Benefits
  3. Core Elements Of Copy
  4. 37 Power Words
  5. Headline Formulas
  6. Writing HTML Title Tags
  7. Bullet Formulas
  8. Video Sales Letter Flow
  9. Competitor Ad Copy
  10. Word Counting

After learning those lessons, you’ll know:

  • Where will you use a copy?
  • Tips for creating a compelling copy: Tell a story, use controversy or intrigue, AIDA, Who I am script, chain thoughts together, use SCARCITY when possible.

Even this is a useful module. However, the course is not created for copywriting. You can learn the idea and tips inside the Traffic Secrets course, but I think it’s not enough for you.

My recommendation: You should read Copywriting Secrets book by Jim Edwards or buy Funnel Scripts software. They will help you so much to generate your sales copy.

Module 4: Keyword Science

traffic secrets review module 4 keyword spy

In module 4, I learned from John that what people search for online makes up 90% of your digital marketing efforts.

Keyword research is an essential skill for SEO, Google Ads, and understanding your market.

When people search for something online, they are active prospects. When you target them in other ways, they are prospects. There is 3 important use for keywords:

  1. PPC – Pay Per Click (Google Ads, Bing Ads,…)
  2. SEO
  3. What the marketing is thinking?

So what will we learn in the keyword science module?

  1. Why keyword important?
  2. Building your list
  3. Conversion keywords
  4. Exact Match vs Broad Match
  5. Negative Keywords
  6. Google keyword planner
  7. KeywordSpy
  8. UberSuggest
  9. Amazon for keywords
  10. Anwser the public.

I don’t like google keyword planner too much. I usually use Ahref in my campaign. If you have a low budget, you can use Ubersuggest and Answer The Public.

Some video is outdated because most of the tool is updated. For example Ubersuggest 7.0 is more powerful right now! Read the article below to learn how to get the right keyword.Ubersuggest 7.0: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Module 5: Emal Marketing Tactics

traffic secrets module 5: email marketing

Have you ever heard someone said Money In The List? Look around; all “Gurus” have email lists. This is a secret!

However, most people do email marketing and fail. They are more like spamming than marketing. Look at your inbox; how many emails give no value and you must delete per day?

In short, having an email list is the #1 most important thing you can do for your online business. All businesses can find a way to build an email list.

Module 6: Borrowing Traffic

module 6 borrowing traffic

What? Borrow traffic…are you kidding me?

Yes, it’s true! In module 6, John will teach you how to borrow traffic online. Why is it best? No risk, no capital outlay for your online business.

There are 9 lessons in module 6:

  1. Borrowing Tons Of Traffic!
  2. Decisions You Need To Make
  3. Tips For Maximum Success
  4. Power Recruiting Secrets
  5. Product Launch Windfall Cash 
  6. Webinar Cash Flow 
  7. Recruit Snooping
  8. Grow With Simple Monitoring
  9. The “Geniuses Of” Strategy

Module 7: Shopping Engines & Amazon

traffic secrets module 7 shopping engines and amazon

This module was created for people who are selling eCommerce products. My favorite tip is that John talks about how to generate leads with Amazon Kindle.

Module 7 has 10 lessons share with you great advice in eCommerce:

Module 8: Traffic Formulas

traffic secrets module 8: traffic formula

Most marketers have common mistakes like Not doing calculations on individual traffic sources, not recognizing conversion outliers & data anomalies, Not focusing on the highest leverage points, and more.

John will share the mistake that most marketers made in the traffic formulas module and how traffic formulas can help you focus track them every month.

Let go through 6 lessons; you’ll learn:

  1. Traffic Formula & Methodology
  2. Common Marketer Mistakes
  3. Mining Campaign Traffic Gold
  4. Split-Testing Discipline
  5. Traffic Secrets Base Formula
  6. 10(5) Profit Growth Formula

Module 9: Buying Media & Sponsorships

traffic secrets module 9 Buying Media and Sponsorships​

In this module, John will share tips for media buying successfully, including the social you should buy.

Here are what you’ll learn:

  1. Buying Media Overview
  2. Tips For Media Buying Success
  3. Advertising Price Options
  4. Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  5. Conversion Hunting!
  6. List Of Media Networks
  7. Negotiating Media Buys
  8. Sponsorship Secrets
  9. Ad Creative Analysis
  10. Content Distribution Networks

Module 10: Google Ads

traffic secrets course module 10

This is the most extended module with more than 20 lessons on the largest CPC advertising network in the world – Google Ads.

You will learn techniques for increasing clickthrough rate (CTR), bidding, creating high conversion ads, and more. Let see the lesson below:

Module 11: Podcasts & Broadcasts

traffic secrets module 11: podcast and broadcast

Have you ever use the podcast to drive traffic? If not, this is the method most successful marketers did recently.

Podcast and broadcast is a great way to build your brand and generate your leads. Instead, live broadcasting is still in its infancy but has huge potential – LIVE is more powerful than recorded.

Check the list of the lesson below to learn more:

  1. Podcasts & Broadcasts Overview
  2. Recommended Equipment
  3. Driving New Leads & Customers
  4. Creating Your Own Podcast
  5. Use Interview Model For Traffic
  6. Hacking The iTunes Podcast
  7. Directory Other Podcast Directories
  8. Twitter Periscope
  9. Facebook Live
  10. YouTube Live

Module 12: Mobile App Marketing

traffic secrets course module 12 mobile app

As you know, people download apps every day. According to Google:

Mobile app marketing is an advertising medium that can complement a brand’s offline experience, drive e-commerce, or simply help connect a brand with its loyal customers.

– Think With Google –

In module 12, John will share how to use it to generate leads and increase website traffic. There are 9 lessons inside the module:

  1. Mobile App Marketing Overview
  2. Spying
  3. App Annie
  4. SensorTower 
  5. App Store Optimization (ASO)
  6. Boost Your Brand & Authority
  7. Building An Email List
  8. Develop From Scratch Or Use App Builder?
  9. Buying Mobile App Installs

Plus, he will teach you how to get your app’s rank at the top of the app store.

Module 13: Software & Widgets

traffic secrets module 13: software and widget

Most people think the mobile app is the only type of software that you can use to grow your email list and sales online.

But, I suppose you might be wrong.

Almost every market has opportunities for software tools and widgets. Not just traffic, you can use software to build a list and make more customers in your business.

How to do that? Let go through 8 lessons; John will share the type of software with you and teach you how to do it correctly to get more leads and sales.

  1. Software & Widgets Overview
  2. Give Away Software, Get Leads!
  3. Facebook Apps
  4. Browser Toolbars
  5. SAAS Tools
  6. Finding Software Ideas
  7. Mockups & Wireframes
  8. Secrets To Software Development

Module 14: Facebook Ads

traffic secrets module 14: facebook ads

Facebook Ads is more popular with us. However, creating a profitable campaign is a challenge when Facebook ad prices increase while reach decreases.

In fact, this is not a module that teaches you how to run Facebook Ads step by step.

John focuses on what you need attention to when running a Facebook Ads campaign and sharing useful tips for you. Let check the lesson below:

Module 15: Traffic Retargeting

traffic secrets module 15: traffic retargeting

People don’t buy the first time they visit your site unless they are your fans or your product is a special offer.

Retargeting(or Remarketing) help you solve this solution.

Make it simple; this is a personal ad’s target for people who are visiting your specific site. People who visit the “opt-in page” (and leave) will receive Ads different people who are visiting the “thank you page.” Here is the lesson you will learn in module 15:

  1. Traffic Retargeting Overview
  2. Retargeting Mistakes
  3. Don’t Be Creepy!
  4. Email Marketing Campaigns
  5. Content Campaigns
  6. Special Customer Offer
  7. Lead-Getting Campaigns
  8. Retargeting Ad Fatigue
  9. Retargeting With Facebook Ads
  10. Retargeting With Google Display Network

Module 16: International Opportunities

traffic secrets module 16: international opportunities

International is an opportunity to help you make more sales and get traffic cheaper than only focusing on the US or popular English countries. Here are lessons you will learn:

  1. International Opportunities Overview
  2. Grow Revenue With Licensing Deals
  3. Marketing In English To Other Countries
  4. Marketing In Other Languages
  5. The Fundamentals Are The Same
  6. Repurpose Your Content
  7. International Trend Watching
  8. Rev Transcription Services
  9. Google Translate
  10. ProZ Translators

Module 17: Social Media Strategy

traffic secrets module 17: social media strategy

Module 17 talks about social media strategy – the platform where people use to generate traffic and leads. However, How to unleash their power properly?

Go through the Traffic secrets course, you will discover:

  • What’s the purpose of social media?
  • Is social media traffic as valuable as other traffic?
  • What type of post you should use?
  • How to use the right hashtag?
  • Tips for some platform like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Buzzumo
  • And so much more…

Module 18: Traffic Recycling

traffic secrets module 18: traffic recycling

90% of traffic from the website and social media will never buy from you nor generate direct revenue in your business.

But, that traffic is not useless.

We can leverage the activity of these visitors to produce more traffic and then get more of 10% that will buy. Follow the lesson inside module 18 to learn it now:

  1. Traffic Recycling Overview
  2. Turning Non-Buyers Into Revenue
  3. When Will Others Send You Free Traffic?
  4. Traffic Asset Leverage Points
  5. Email Marketing Is The Core Engine
  6. Types Of Traffic Recycling Campaigns
  7. Run Powerful Contests!
  8. Rafflecopter Votigo ShortStack

Module 19: Google SEO

traffic secrets module 19: google seo

Google is the large 1st for search engine where you can target free your audience by answer the question they are looking for.

Through SEO, you can generate traffic, improve user experience, educate, and sales online. 

In my blog, I used SEO to make money by reviewing pages, driving traffic to the funnel, and building a relationship with my audience.

In module 19, you have learned tactics, tips that John uses for high-ranking through 21 lessons.

Module 20:Building A Content Factory

traffic secrets module 20: building a content factory

SEO is a great way to generate more traffic online, but it’s more like a “lottery game.”

If you want to win, you need content. In module 20, John will teach you how to create content that your audience love.

  1. Content Factory Overview
  2. WHAT To Create Content About?
  3. WHAT Content Format To Use?
  4. Create A Content Idea Vault
  5. WHO Will Create Your Content?
  6. WHERE To Post Your Content? 
  7. WHEN To Release Your Content?
  8. Results Create More Results!
  9. Your Content Factory Pipeline
  10. Upwork For Content Writers
  11. Fiverr For Content Writers

Module 21: Content Curation Methods

We know content is KING. But creating good content is not easy at all. There are several different ways to curate content. In this module, John will share the way (legal) to use other people’s content for creation. Let see the lesson below:

  1. Content Curation Overview
  2. Critical To Monitor Your Market!
  3. Get Traffic By Sharing Great Content
  4. Create An Opinion Piece
  5. Create Roundups & Summaries
  6. Case Studies Are Powerful
  7. Expert Collaboration
  8. Customer Collaboration

Module 22: Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the 2nt largest search engine. Promote your business on this platform is a great way to reach more of your audience.

However, how to optimize Youtube for high ranking is what people want to know. Here are the lessons in this module:

  1. YouTube Marketing Overview
  2. Google Trends for YouTube
  3. Finding Video Keywords
  4. Video Ranking Factors
  5. Canva – Easy Design Tool
  6. External Ranking Factors
  7. Channel Optimization
  8. Using Annotations Promotion For Higher Rankings
  9. VidIQ – Competitive Intelligence

Module 23: Expansion & Scalability

If you want to grow traffic or revenue, you must improve scalability. Most people have a winning ad or successful campaign, but they’re losing money when they increase the budget, and the ad got worse.

In module 23, John will teach you how to expand and scale your online business through 8 lessons:

Expansion & Scalability Overview

  1. Expand Your Market
  2. Expand Your Products
  3. Expand Your Traffic Sources
  4. Make Content Site Acquisitions
  5. Make Business Acquisitions
  6. You Must Reinvest To Grow!
  7. Max Results From Max Leverage

Module 24: The Master Plan

When you have done 24 modules, this time, we are going to the plan. What should we do first? What second, what next…

John will share with you the document master plan, and then you can follow it and act.

Traffic Secrets Course Pricing & How To Get It For FREE

In fact, you can’t buy the traffic secrets course alone. It’s only available on Russell Brunson funnels’ one-time offer page (OTO page) or has been given away as a bonus when you buy the Funnel Hacking Secrets package.

Whether way, it has pros and cons for you. Check out some ways below and choose what is suitable for you.

1. Funnel Builder Secrets Offer - $997

funnel builder secrets offer

Price: $997 or $1997

Clickfunnels Funnel Builder Secrets package gives you all marketing courses and resources to help you take your business to the next level. This offer isn’t for everyone; it’s perfect if you’re ready to put some serious time into building out what will hopefully be an empire!

Here is what you’ll get:

  • ClickFunnels Platinum: 6 months to get access for free (12 months for $1997 price)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets masterclass
  • One Funnel Away Challenge (+LIVE Coaching)
  • Traffic Secrets Course
  • DotComSecrets Copywriting Scripts
  • UNLIMITED Account + 2CC Live Virtual Tickets!

Pro tip: Before you decide, I highly recommend you watch the webinar first (free) so you can get more detailed and understand what you’ll invest.

2. Funnel Hacking Secrets Offer - $997

Funnel hacking secrets masterclass

Price: $997 or $1997

Similar to the Funnel Builder Secrets package, the Funnel Hacking Secrets is a one-stop shop for marketing courses and resources. This deal isn’t suitable if you’re just starting out; it’s best suited to those who want everything in order to take their business up another notch!

Here is what you’ll get:

  • ClickFunnels Platinum: 6 months to get access for free (12 months for $1997 price)
  • Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets Course
  • Unlimited Access to Virtual Hack-a-thons
  • ClickFunnels UNLIMITED BONUS!

Pro tip: Before you decide, I recommend watching the funnel hacking secrets webclass. It will give you all information about this offer and why it’s good for your business.

3. FunnelFlix - Free


Good news for Clickfunnels members; in September 2019, Russell Brunson release a new platform that calls Funnelflix.

The name looks like Netflix, but Funnelflix is about marketing, business development training instead of the TV show, entertainment, and movie.

In short, you can watch traffic secrets and other training for FREE

Not only Traffic Secrets course, but you also learn other training courses that cost you a hundred to thousand dollars when you buy it alone, for example, Funnel Builder secrets

  • Ads Skill
  • One Funnel Away Challenge
  • 10X Secrets
  • Jay Abraham – The Anthology
  • Tony Robbins – Private Collection
  • And so much more…

Follow these steps to get it for FREE:

Traffic Secrets book vs Traffic Secrets Course

traffic secrets review book vs traffic secrets course

Most people think this Russell Brunson brand new book is another version of the Traffic secrets course. The content inside is the same. It’s not true.

  • First: Traffic Secrets course created by John Reese, and it’s has been purchased by Russell. Meanwhile, this book was written by Russell himself based on his own experience.
  • Second: The course launched in 2006 and the new Traffic Secrets book launch in 2020. So the knowledge inside will be different

Although the Traffic Secrets book and course all help you get traffic.

However, in my personal opinion, I would prefer to get Traffic Secrets Book. Because the world changes, the market change. 

Although the content that John teaches in the Traffic Secrets course still works. However, I admit some of them are old and outdated.

So Russell Brunson wrote the book and updated new tactics, new traffic strategies, the BEST kind of traffic on the planet to help you receive the results faster. 

Notably, the cost to invest in Traffic Secrets Book is cheaper than the course.

Traffic Secrets Course Review Conclusion

Thanks for reading my Traffic Secrets course review. In short, it’s one of my favorite Russell Brunson’s course, where I could discover more way to get traffic online. You’ll have the right mindset to start, useful tips, and tactics.

My advice is don’t try to do all 125 traffic sources at once. Pick once, Implement it, Test it, Drive traffic into your funnel.  And when it’s working, then do the second one and the third.

Although the course is excellent, it’s all stop in overview, ideas, and tips. That means you should learn each method, how to use the platform (like SEO, Social Media,…) in another place to master it.

It’s more like a map with many ways to take you from point A to point B. The course is not helping too much when it stays alone.

It would be best if you bought it together with other kinds of stuff.

At this time, I highly recommend you should buy the Traffic Secrets book because it’s cheap to start.

Key logo funnel secrets

Key Nguyen

Key Nguyen is the founder of Funnel Secrets. He loves online marketing specializing in funnel building, direct response marketing, SEO, and Copywriting. He shares what he learned on this site to assist businesses in enhancing their online presence and achieving rapid growth.

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