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Tips for landing page is probably the phrase that people interested in landing pages search for the most. Whether your landing page is beautiful or not, good content makes the real difference in increasing visitor conversion rates. 

To help you write more effective landing pages, here are seven landing page writing tips that not everyone knows. Let’s have a look together! 

1. Use The Landing Page Software

If you’re not good at design, starting from a blank page is always the hardest thing to do. In fact, every time you sit in front of your computer creating a landing page, you need to visualize in your head:

  • Which page layout you are going to use
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • CTA button

This wastes you unnecessarily too much time. Instead, it would be best to optimize sales messages, headings, and bullet points to increase conversion rates.

Therefore, using landing page template designs is extremely necessary.

Nowadays, with Clickfunnels or Leadpages, you can easily access the library of hundreds of landing page pre-design. Your job is to define the landing page goal, choose which design you like, and modify it.

Clickfunnels landing page templates
Leadpages template
Leadpages template

Both software above offer 14 days free trial for you (included video tutorials) to make sure it works for your business or not. In addition, you can also refer to other software in the article Top 9 landing page software tools here.

2. Remove all Distraction

When people use landing pages compared to regular web pages, the difference is to focus on a specific goal. Web pages have too many distracting elements, too many links on menu bars, buttons, sidebars, etc., leading to different pages.

funnel secrets web page
Website with more distraction elements and links

This will cause noise and make it difficult to convince customers to take the actions you want.

Instead, try to remove anything that distracts or leads potential customers to another page that doesn’t match your goals. Also, make sure all buttons are drive people to one place.

tips for landing page - remove distraction
Lead generation page: Remove navigation bar, focus on collect email address

3. Turn Features Into Benefits

Most novices, when writing landing pages, confuse features and benefits. Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit? 

A feature is part of your product or service. In contrast, a benefit is its positive impact on the customer.

To turn the features into benefits, you just need to ask how this feature helps customers. So you will have a list of services to convince customers.

4. Write Clearly And Concisely

No customer has enough time to read a 3000-word article to introduce a product in the hustle and bustle of life. 

Focus on the most refined content with the most concise explanations that are easy to understand.

5. Leverage Customer Feedback

Because landing pages are customer-focused, of course, customer feedback will be constructive in improving landing pages. 

Ask the sales team or account to know more in-depth what the customers need. Also, you will understand whether it is necessary for more extra information on the landing page. 

 6. Limit Jargon

Use words that your customers will understand quickly.

For example, instead of saying that “SEO services help increase traffic,” you ought to say, “SEO services help attract customers to your website.” 

Simplify the terms so that customers understand what you are trying to say and suggest that you give it and benefit them to make decisions faster.

 7. Indicate Specific Numbers And Examples

Suppose we have two fan page management services. The first one promises to help you increase thousands of likes. The second one shows you that their service allows you to increase 5000 likes in just one month. Which one will be more impressive to you? We believe you know the answer.

Landing page tips 1
Landing page use specific numbers – Source: Backyardrevolution.org

Note that you should choose numbers close to reality instead of gossip; customers will recognize it. Moreover, if customers do not have the same effect as you, they will be very disappointed or dissatisfied.

8. Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices. Therefore, mobile-friendly is critically important – easy to navigate, fast-loading, and ultra clickable.

Website traffic report
Source Image: Statista.com

A website designed to be mobile-friendly improves user experience, increases conversion rates, and supports SEO (Search Engine Optimization) better.

landing page tips mobile friendly

9. Reduce Form Fields

A common mistake marketers make is asking for too much unnecessary information on the form fill. Remember, people who visit your website don’t have much time and don’t want to provide personal information.

Therefore, except for special cases (creating application funnels, consulting services), you should remove unnecessary fields.

Tips for landing page reduce form fields

If you want customers to leave information to receive ebooks or free information, you just need to ask for Name and Email address (or sometimes just Email Address is enough). Asking for additional information like address, age, phone number, etc., will make them easily give up, and the conversion rate will be terrible.

Again, depending on your landing page goal, then design the form fields so that it makes sense.

10. Show Social Proof

Social proof is typically testimonials or case studies.

The more, the better.

Backlinko Social proof
Image Source: Backlinko

A simple way to use social proof is to just integrate testimonials on your websites, such as loved by A, B, and C. But it doesn’t really boost conversions because it’s just splattered all over your website.

You need to use the right social proof at the right place on your website and landing pages.

If you have a consulting page and try to get more people to fill out the information, you can start showing testimonials and case studies on that page from other people.

Tips for landing page: social proof
Image Source: Authority Builders

If you’re having testimonials on your landing page and integrate them within copy when selling people on your products and services, they’re much more likely to buy.

11. Invest in Images

Rich images on website

A landing page is a crucial touchpoint of the business with customers. Hence, the image on the landing page is significant no matter what type of landing page (pitch, lead generation, or squeeze). 

Blurry photos, broken sharpness and messy sizes will make customers lose a good experience immediately. Please choose images that are related to the content you want to convey and match the concept! 

Illustrations also need to be chosen purposefully.

12. Add video

Using video on landing pages is really powerful. High converting landing pages often have video in the first frame. This is a general video that conveys the sales message with more visuals and is more entertaining.

Udemy landing page
Udemy Landing Page

Not every visitor wants to read a 2000 – 3000 word text. Therefore, using sales videos properly will help increase conversion rates significantly.

In addition, on the landing page, you can also add video testimonials to increase authenticity and build customer trust.

Then, you shouldn’t sell your products or services.

Your customers should be doing the selling for you.

13. Display Trust Symbols

Good landing pages use a lot of trust symbols. Not all businesses can do this. However, try to show as many trust symbols, articles about your business, medals, or awards as possible.

This is very useful if you are selling supplements, consultants, authors, or business coaches.

Organifi trust symbol
Image Source: Organifi

This is just a small tip, but it works really effectively. Your potential customers will trust your company, your product, your service, or yourself. Once they have trust, it will be much easier to fulfill your request on the page (leave an email, buy a product, leave a consultation, etc.)

14. Use Language Like Talking To The Reader

You cannot meet to convince customers, but the landing page is where you will communicate with them. So the more natural the communication, the closer it feels, the higher the trust. That’s also why you shouldn’t use jargon and choose the right tone of voice.


Above are our 15 tips for landing page. Unlike a blog, a landing page is like a store that determines conversions more directly, so writing and presentation will be more demanding than blogging. 

It would help if you considered choosing words and choosing images and colors, but everything has its price. Practice frequently, and you will see the results of your efforts. Good luck! 

Key Nc

Key is the guy behind Funnel Secrets blog, where he shares his passion for sales funnel, lead generation, digital marketing, and what he learned to help people avoid mistakes he made to save money.

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