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How To Create A Supplement Sales Funnel?

supplement sales funnel guide
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Through this funnel, any business or company that has a website can turn potential customers into loyal customers online. However, most companies are pretty vague about increasing traffic and conversion rates on the web.

How to improve when your traffic doesn’t convert into a purchase? It is probably a common question asked by many people. The time has come, and the Supplement Sales Funnel will be a great helper to increase sales for your business.

If you are looking for a Supplement sales funnel and related issues, this article is for you. Let’s give it a read!

What Is A Supplement Funnel?

what is a supplement sales funnel

The Supplement Sales Funnel (or Supplement Funnel) is simply a type of sales funnel that is broken down into many steps, turning a potential customer into an actual buyer and eventually a loyal customer.

With your business, an entire Sales Funnel will include basic steps such as building a link between the person in need and the company’s product.

Next, you will offer your potential customers your Supplement. And finally, sell more of the same thing or more premium products as customers become long-term users.

Why Should We Use Sales Funnel For Health Supplements?

Increasing sales is why you should use the sales funnel to the online health space.

Let’s make a hypothesis: you own a weight-loss food health supplement companies that sell products online.

With the above product, you have identified target customers: young people, people who have worked and spent a lot of time on social networks.

From there, you choose to run ads on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram to attract traffic to the homepage.

Here you provide some product-related tips and offer your customers to use their email to sign up for the latest news alerts on online space.

From this step on, you have a real lead. You can send your customers other helpful tips in the near future. In addition, sending some stationery samples to customers to help diversify their choices is also a good suggestion for essentially selling speed.

It can be said that the process of a Sales Funnel above closely follows the customer’s buying process: from raising awareness to bringing exciting and engaging information and finally leading consumers to make a decision.

And your results are new customers, loyal customers, and impressive sales.

Besides, the marketing funnel also allows you to predict your business results. Plus, you can scale your business with less effort using automation features.

And the above process and results are why you need a Sale Funnel for your business.

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Supplement?

It would be best if you watch the entire video below, where Jim Edward and Russell Brunson build a complete funnel within 30 minutes.

YouTube video

The 3 Types Of Supplement Funnels That Should Use

Let’s talk about the funnel strategy.

As mentioned above, the sales funnel is the secret to the success of online supplement businesses. How can the Funnel achieve such a dramatic effect? The three types of sales funnel, and the intimate relationship below is the answers:

1. The Content Funnel

content marketing funnel
Content Funnel Model

Content is at the top, commonly known as the conversion sales funnel. The origin of the name above is quite simple: This Funnel focuses on getting options by starting with the traffic source (catalyst).

Some of the most popular types of catalysts today can include existing content on advertising through social networking sites, by mail, or any other means, as long as it is enough to attract the target audience. client.

Content Funnel’s Mission

Putting aside the matter of starting the Content Funnel, let’s take a closer look at the jobs this Funnel is responsible for:

The first and most important job of the Content Funnel is framing sales. In addition, announcements and action instructions are also one of the contents that this Funnel undertakes.

The second is to use advertising to attract.

In addition, another task that is not required but no less critical: sometimes Content Funnel is also the job of receiving email subscriptions from potential customers. Finally, you will use that email address to provide more possibly the bump offer and content related to the customer’s interest.

Stages and content building sales funnels for each one


At this stage, potential customers are not informed or interested in your products. Therefore, it does not make much sense to encourage product purchases during this period.

Instead, you need to take steps to help customers increase product awareness.

Some practical measures to raise awareness of your available food brand include advertising on television, using media videos.

Middle stage

After having a particular interest in the product but not yet deciding, the sales funnel ​will increase the user’s motivation to buy

If you find that the problem is that many people’s perception of dietary natural health supplements direct is ambiguous, prepare a free ebook, an introductory video, and some external links.

These measures can be pretty time-consuming but do not require too much expense and still have a positive impact.

Final phase

These late-stage users are the customers with the highest probability of buying.

Therefore, the essential thing in this moment is to promote the final decision.

In this phase, a video that captures a real-life use case of the product and has apparent effects is sure to be more impressive than any other content.

2. Video Sales Letter or Sales Letter Funnel

One of the most classic sales approaches is to combine both Content and Sales Funnel into a single one.

However, you need to distinguish between these two types of Funnel clearly. Because of the values ​​​​that Video Sales Letter or Sales Letter Funnel have many distinct differences:

Video Sales Letter

video sales letter funnel

You can optimize your customer acquisition and sales by using web videos to engage customers. And that multimedia content is a form of a Video Sales Letter.

As a person with knowledge in sales, especially online sales, surely you understand the significant impact of video: not only visually attractive, the video also impresses the hearing and feeling of customers.

For these reasons, Video Sales Letters (VSLs) can effectively motivate customers to take action, sometimes even surpassing text-based promotions. Therefore, thanks to VSL, you can increase the sales rate, contract rate of every product and service you have.

Sales Letter Funnel

sales letter funnel

However, affirming the outstanding effectiveness of marketing with new content does not mean denying the significance of the Sales Letter Funnel.

The primary purpose of this sales funnel is to convince potential customers to decide to become official customers by purchasing products and using services.

At the same time, not only have the task of bringing in potential customers, but Sale Letter Funnel also plays a relatively important role in conveying messages and increasing brand recognition.

Tactic to sell more

Upsell can improve customer satisfaction by recommending the best products, even at high prices.

Mainly in case you successfully introduce high-priced products, of course, you have increased sales efficiency as well as increased revenue.

In addition, upsell also plays a significant role in improving and reinforcing long-term customer value and profit structure.

When it comes to upselling with Video Sales Letter or Sales Letter Funnel, you can refer to three up sell strategies below:

Upsell based on the value

Different from the down-sell strategy, to encourage customers to buy more than one product as intended, you need some tricks to make the additional product more attractive than ever for average order value.

You will need value-based upselling techniques, including discount service (general discount, first customer discount), bundle service (buy one get one free), buy one get a free trial version).

Upsell based on speed and ease of deployment

The problem you focus on improving in this funnel strategy is not the price or quantity of the product but the time and experience with the purchase service.

For example, you can sell them with screen protectors, leather cases, and other related accessories when selling phones.

Going back to the supplement business, you might consider selling alongside other complementary products if you offer a beauty product. Some examples include sunscreen pills that come with skin lightening pills or some foods that can bring a noticeable and quick effect.

Upsell based on the future

As the name suggests, this strategy will deploy to present possible future problems to the buyer.

3. Follow-up Funnel

There are two types of Follow-up funnel for two different audiences: one for buyers and one for people interested but have no intention of buying.

For Buyers

Follow-up Funnel exclusively for purchasers focuses on helping customers get used to the appearance of the Supplement and be able to use the product regularly.

Besides, Funnel also introduces new products to build good relationships with existing customers, improving Life Time Value.

Loyal customers buy many products again and again and tend to choose high-end products, related products and recommend the brand to friends.

And the above effect is all you aim for when building a Follow-up Funnel exclusively for the audience that has purchased.

For potential customers

Since the target audience is people interested in the product but have no intention or hesitate to make a decision, this type of supplement funnel will aim to encourage customer action.

In case you have an email address or other methods of communication, everything becomes simple.

As mentioned above, you will provide interested people with information and tips about the product. Especially through email and other means, you will suggest more products or more advanced to expand the range of choices for customers.

If you do not have communication methods, you can still rely on push notifications, advertisements, or other forms.

Clickfunnels Supplement Funnel Example

After grabbing some fundamental theories, it’s time for you to start building a supplement funnel specifically for your supplement business.

1. Supplement Sales Page

russell brunson supplement funnel sales page
Russell Brunson supplement funnel

The sales page is where you can describe the prices and information related to the dietary supplements you sell.

It can be that a Sales Page is an essential factor in deciding whether or not customers will buy a product. Therefore, you need to focus on building a page that can fully convey the product’s appeal and the company’s message.

To create an eye-catching website, you need to pay attention to the harmonious combination of words, expressions, and images on the page.

In addition, to write attractive descriptions in terms of form, you need to have specific skills such as defining goals, creating an easy-to-read layout.

In terms of expertise, especially for the functional food business, you need to show the product’s characteristics clearly. It will give accurate explanations and describe the product’s side effects and contraindications (if any).

2. Checkout Page

supplement sales funnel checkout page

When customers love the message you bring and decide to buy, the Checkout Page is the place for them to go. Here, customers make the expected purchase and have some other suggestions.

Many people have neglected to recommend some similar products on the Checkout Page. Sadly, if you are one of those many, you have passed up an opportunity to increase sales that you will surely regret.

Therefore, build a Checkout page and another place for customers to buy more of your products.

3. Upsell Page (or One Time Offer Page)

supplement sales funnel checkout step 2
Clickfunnels supplement funnel – Internet Marketing oto’s

Products on the one-time offer list always have a unique attraction for buyers. And building your own Upsell Page will be the way for you to maximize that attraction, bringing outstanding revenue.

But first, you need to understand some basic concepts:

What is Upsell?

Upselling is a sales technique that can make customers consider choosing a product or service more advanced than exactly what was initially intended.

With upsells, you can reap higher profits without increasing the number of new customers. In addition, another notable advantage of this sales technique is its ability to improve the customer’s LTV (lifetime value).

In the past, when selling, you would often focus on increasing new customers, thereby increasing profits. However, with the development of e-commerce, customers have more choices in modern times.

Therefore, when doing the health supplement business, especially in functional foods, you need to pay more attention to improving LTV and creating deeper relationships with customers.

How to build an upsell page?

Two important factors can influence the success of the One Time Offer Page: timing and purchase threshold.

In addition, an interesting psychological phenomenon affects the decision to buy Upsell products that you need to note: The closing rate will decrease significantly if in the One Time Offer Page you still ask customers to re-enter the information in a one-time offer.

Because with Upsell sales tactics, the long time and complexity can significantly affect sales effectiveness.

Supplement Funnel Thank You Page

supplement funnel thank you page

Eye-catching is the minimum requirement of the Successful Order Confirmation Page. Yet, besides the impressive and clear, accurate display of the order confirmation, you should focus on the option that allows customers to buy more.

Because at this time, customers are still quite interested in continuing to shop, in some cases, they are still waiting to have better suggestions.

Therefore, adding special offers on this last page will bring you more benefits than you could ever imagine.

Besides, building an impressive Thank You Page is also a way for you to encourage positive post-purchase actions.

Because if new customers experience a perfect shopping process, ending with a professional Thank You Page, they can undoubtedly confirm that their choice is the right one.

And when customers are satisfied and confident about their decision, as a matter of course, they will recommend and recommend the product to those around them.

Whereas if you let a new customer down immediately after making a purchase, you will most likely face refund requests and receive many negative reviews back. Your product will also not accept recommendations from these buyers.

If you like Russell Brunson’s supplement funnels template, you can download the funnel here for free

Supplement Sales Funnel Best Practice

After having an overview of what to do with Sales Funnel, don’t forget to jot down some valuable experiences below:

1. The first Upsell is critical (The Buying Frenzy)

As has been mentioned many times, there are two ways of implementing an Upsell strategy: using a one-time offer or upselling.

With this strategy, you need to focus on the first sale in the supplement funnel. Because any satisfying, even wonderful experience can create psychological comfort. That can lead to the decision to buy many functional foods in particular and goods in general in a short time.

In order to bring a comfortable experience and stimulate the buying spirit of interested people, you can convey information related to low discounts, reasonable prices, or some other incentives when buying the product.

2. Use a Pattern Interrupt Message

sales story secrets masterclass
Copywriting Secrets book up-sell offer page – Image Source

A special announcement is sure to capture attention and potentially persuade a more significant purchase. And one of the ways to bring about the above impression is to use Pattern Interrupt Message.

In addition, there are some issues to keep in mind when creating content and messages with Sale Funnel, such as:

3. Make headlines stand out

supplement funnel example 1
The Exipure Supplement – Image Source

If customers don’t find the messages they’re looking for in the first place, they’ll leave immediately. Therefore, when building notes in particular and creating content in general, the most important thing you need to give is the information users are most interested in.

In particular, you need to pay attention to emphasize the keywords that lead users to your website.

4. Layout

Like headlines, your potential customers may immediately leave when your content is presented confusingly. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the message’s layout to be easy to read.

supplement sales funnel layout
A good layout will grab potential customers attention, and easy to read your message – Image Source

In particular, pay attention to the proper insertion of line breaks, not excessive sentence lengthening. Of course, brevity should go hand in hand with the usefulness of the content.

In particular, you need to highlight the keywords that need to be emphasized. Prominence can come from color, font size, position, and overall layout.

5. Add more comments and reviews

When wondering which product to buy, customers tend to choose the product that receives the highest reviews.

Indeed you already have experience with the above situations and know how to apply this rule by highlighting the customer’s reviews who have tried the product. 

Specifically, on your sales page, focus on the company’s most popular functional product.

However, the above does not mean that you need to obliterate all bad reviews. In fact, you should use these reviews to improve the product and demonstrate to customers the brand’s effort.

6. Offer the highest amount of the front end offer

dentitox supplement funnel
The Dentitox Pro supplement funnel – Image Source

The highest amount of the front-end offer offers products at a higher price point and includes products and add-ons to enhance the product’s functionality.

The main goal of this sales method is to increase sales while giving customers a variety of options to meet all needs.

This selling method has a few differences compared to cross-selling: Upsell focuses on upgrading or improving customers’ products. Meanwhile, cross-selling suggests that customers buy products and experience related services.

And like any other sales method, there are always some tips you can refer to successfully offer the highest amount of the front-end offer as the same thing.

In which listening to the needs and goals of the customer is the key. In addition, you also need to clarify the salient features of the upgrade option so that customers can determine the value that the product brings.


In recent years, there has been some opinion that the supplement funnel is no longer relevant to modern buying behavior.

However, in reality, the idea of ​​building an optimal process from branding, impressing, and customer interest to comparing, checking, and finally buying that supplement funnel offers still has value.

And especially in the case, you don’t know what to do with your health supplement business and marketing, relying on the Supplement Funnel will be one of the right directions to bring high efficiency. It’s a great way of selling health products.

If you have any other related questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below for us to answer specifically.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this article with your friends who might be very passionate about online marketing and business.

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