Stories Ads Instagram & Facebook For Newbies – Ultimate Guide

Did you create ” stories ads Instagram and Facebook “ campaign in your business? 

The feature of Stories on Facebook and Instagram is no stranger to both social users and online advertisers.

Instagram has long had Stories, Facebook has already had Stories.

Instagram Stories Ads have been exploited early and they brought lots of good results for many individuals/businesses. Now, Facebook has also officially launched Stories advertisements like Instagram.

Watch the video below to understand how to create Stories ads Instagram and FaceBook step – by – step

Campaign installation is done on Facebook Ads Manager quite easily. You can create an ad in the same campaign.

Today, I will provide you with some tips to create effective Stories ads Instagram & Facebook campaign.

Stories Ads Instagram & Facebook For Newbies - Ultimate Guide


How to create stories ads Instagram and Facebook for beginners

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Overview of Stories Ads Instagram

In the second quarter of 2018, Instagram reached 400 million active users who are using and interacting with Stories on mobile applications every day.

Despite Facebook Stories is later, it has now reached 150 million active users per day. Facebook & Instagram want to change the user habits, each time the application to click through Stories to “Swipe”.

Stories are displayed as follows:

Instagram stories ads

In recent years, it is obvious that Facebook Ads are overloaded. Advertisers grow fastly like “mushrooms after rain”, but the “real users” grow is negligible

And the place of advertising on Facebook is increasingly exhausted. Also, the costs are more expensive many times.

The frequency of ads appears in multiple locations more and more. Just one touch to swipe, you can see 2-3 Sponsored post on the newsfeed

The appearance of Stories Ads recently added one another ad position. And like many other ad formats, if you exploit well, you will always bring good effects to the campaign.

The ad set Stories has details in the video above, you take a look to follow.

Note to keep in mind when you create Stories Ads advertisement

Conditions to create Facebook Stories Ads

  • If you just create a Stories Ads Instagram campaign, at the Placements setting when you create your ad, please uncheck the other places and just select Instagram’s Stories place.
  • If you want to create Facebook Stories Ads, you are required to tick two ad positions simultaneously (Facebook Feeds and Facebook Stories) or (Instagram Stories & Facebook Stories).

how to create stories ads instagram and facebook

The duration of a Stories Ads ad display

Similar to post regular Stories, Stories ads have the following display duration, you need to know how to prepare the content suitably:

  • Video: Up to 15 seconds
  • Photos: 5 seconds
  • Carousel (roll of advertisement like an album): Up to 50 seconds, corresponding to a maximum of 10 images.

Therefore, the key to success in advertising Stories is to prepare the content (Photos/videos) well, eye-catching and attracted immediately from the first 3 seconds.

Otherwise, your ads will be skipped quickly with just a swipe :))

Additionally, your ad frame should be a vertical type, ie, the display matches the mobile screen because Stories feature is only available in mobile.

stories ads instagram
Instagram stories with vertical type

Examples of ad Stories and small tips accompany

No matter what platform that you choose to advertise. If you want to run as well, you must follow the fundamentals

In this article, I will use straightly some examples to point out the pros and cons & draw lessons for you to do better.

Invest in caption content

Besides the image, you need to invest in a brief caption, high-caption call-to-action

Let’s look at the first two examples:

Instagram ads stories example limit the length
Instagram ads stories example limit the length

You need to limit the length of the caption’s content of the Stories ad. Because if you write long, it will be displayed as a … and read more like the picture.

The message is interrupted. So it’s not delivered properly, and reduced to professionalism.

So, besides the image, please prepare the message and ask the copywriter or yourself, compile short content. Just 2-3 sentences and each sentence is one line enough. Enter the main idea of advertising, and call for the action you desire.

Take advantage of the swipe up to access the website

The final goal on ads is converting visitors to buyers.

But online advertising is no longer the story of running directly into the offer or sale page and having a sale easily. You need to warm up the traffic, lead customers to deepen in the buyer journey to stimulate them.

I often talk about the advantages of using the website, and not with the exception of advertising Stories. I recommend running website traffic, calling to access the website to lead customers into the hopper.

Then you can do whatever you want.

Daily when I surf Stories, I caught many good ads and they always use smartly to call the customer swipe up (swipe up) to access a landing page or content on the website.

And accidentally customers will fall into your hopper through advertising Stories at times or not

Run profile ads when there is a good brand building process

If you are confident with the Instagram profile including the post, which is the content (image, video …) invest carefully, refined for the brand’s images.

Then you can run Strait ads with the CTA swipe up to access Instagram personal page.

[su_note note_color=”#FAF8D7″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”2″]Note not to apply when running Stories on Facebook.[/su_note]

With images and contents call for on Stories ads well, users easily enter your personal page. Here, they will be impressed and attracted by the profile that you built before.


  • Number of followers & high interaction
  • Many posts & videos are professionally invested
  • Positive activities
  • Useful content: Focus on sharing

In general, look at your profile reputation, customers will actively see the products you sell and send messages to you.

I find a lot of men’s fashion shops, young women today do this thing very well. Investing in image content for extremely good profiles, and when advertising we just need to run the CTA to access the profile for more details, that’s enough.

instagram stories ads example - swipe up buton

Stories Ads – Where beauty to be honors

Keep in mind that, with bad images or videos, you never get high results when running Stories ads. Because :

  • Stories ads originate from Instagram, a social network of images & short videos. Where people enjoy the beauty of life around them.
  • Also, the trend does not change on Facebook. Most people are sending the most beautiful content to Stories.

And your ad has to fit well with that thing. If it’s an image, please hire a photographer with a beauty that puts at first.

advertist on Stories instagram and facebook

Right now, you can get your phone, surf Instagram & Facebook Stories to see how the advertisers run their ads.


So I’ve detailed step by step how to create Stories ads for Facebook and Instagram.

And after going through some examples maybe it can help you understand the ads Stories and know how several effects to come to customers behind it.

You should follow the instructions and practice creating the ad. During the run, you will draw lots of experiences to bring about good conversion.

Next time, if there are more good examples or easy to carry out, I will add to the article for you to refer.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me through leaving the comments below:

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