Social Media Marketing Tips 2018 Help You Get Traffic To Website FREE

Social Media Marketing Tips 2018 Help You Get Traffic To Website FREE
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This is the advanced social media marketing tips that can help you get traffic to website FREE and picking up clients online. Well by the end of this post you’re going to get the step by step for picking up clients with social media. And in this case, we’re going to be talking about Reddit which is niche forums, Facebook groups, and YouTube.

You also learn the AAPI framework for picking up clients online. So by putting this framework into use, you’re going to be able to sell without being pushy. In other words, you’re going to be able to imbibe pursuit from your clients.

you’re going to get the step by step roadmap for picking up clients with social media without the overwhelm or these complex procedures like buying Facebook ads and all this other complex stuff.

You can produce results really quickly with these procedures.

However, I will say that this process is challenging to implement. It requires you to actually provide legitimate value to your clients instead of just doing these tactics. Like installing a plugin and pressing this social button to get results.

OK so let’s talk about this now!

Become success with social media with this social media marketing mindset

These social media marketing tips do not work for all of you

social media marketing tips work for

This work for:

  • Coach or consultant who’s just getting started and you are looking for clients online. Then this is going to work for you.
  • The freelancer who’s using social media strategies to land you projects.
  • Startup or handling the market side of a startup and you’re looking to sell your services online.

So this is not for business opportunity seekers. It’s not for spammers. And if you’re a part of MLM, I mean it might work for you but probably not directly related to your field.

So the advice that we’re not going to talk about things like:

  • Post a lot of Schedules your post at 10:30 a.m. on Mondays or doing all these Facebook 101 basics.
  • How to get more likes on your Facebook page because frankly you can’t really take likes and cash it in at the bank for money.
  • Widgets
  • Apps
  • Tools
  • The authentic
  • join in the conversation

This is what I call a fairy tale advice. It sounds nice and it’s fun to implement but they don’t really work that well.

The biggest mistake and problem that makes people fail with social media

The popular advice: we get is post content and use these cool apps and be social on the discussion boards and you’ll get clients.”

But if you think about it, if you post content that’s going to lead to who knows? And that’s supposedly going to lead to clients?

So you can see there’s a missing gap right in the middle there.

get free traffic for website with social media

Lastly, the bad advice that we get.

  • Just be yourself and join in the conversation.
  • Start a blog and post often, share your stuff on Facebook with all of your friends
  • Just buy some Facebook ads.
  • Start an email list (How? What do I email out?)

Remember, the shotgun throw stuff up and see what happens approach. It does not work in getting your clients.

what do you want to do instead?

Well, let me paint a picture for you and use this metaphor.

Now we’re going to compare:

 Novice real estate agents V.S successful real estate agents.

And basically, we’re going to draw the parallel between:

The ineffective way to pick up clients V.S the effective way to pick up the client.

What do Novice real estate agents do?

  • Hand out flyers:”Professional, reliable, honest”
  • Put up bus-stop ads:”Professional, reliable, honest”
  • Cold call:”Hey, I’m a realtor, are you selling? No? Know of anyone? Can you refer me?”

Here’s the underlining approach: LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT M, PLEASE HELP ME!

Let’s contrast that with the successful real estate agent.

  • They provide answers to real estate related questions like (how to market a home how to evaluate pricing how to hire the stager and some paperwork help).
  • They also point out potential problems that the sellers may run into.

For example, buyers may fail to approve to get approved for financing and potential plumbing problems or potential legal problems.

  • Also, they make themselves available for hire.

This is also known as common when you realize when you cannot do all these things on your own.

The underlying approach is here are all the answers to your questions. Now that you have a good idea of what you’re going up against Let me stop your problems and be the one to give you the benefits that you want.


Let’s now draw the parallel for novice freelancers and struggling coaches and startups.

  • They may do something like this post of irrelevant content: “Top ten reasons why you should wake up before 6:30 a.m” – That’s post-Idol.
  • Or they may talk about themselves:”Hey, everyone I’m so excited about my new blog. Click here to find out more. Let me know what you think”

The underlining approach in this case: “Look at me look at me. Please, somebody, pay attention to me”

Contrast that with the strategic effect of the marketer.

  • They provide answers to questions. Target customers are asking for (so how to solve x y z problems)
  • And they also point out hidden challenges that the target customer is facing.

So basically the real reason why you’re running into these problems is because of ABC things the underlying approach that they take is this.

Underlining approach: “Here are the answers to your questions. Now there you have an idea of what you’re up against. Let me solve the problems and be the one to get you the benefits that you want.”

Which approach is more effective.

“Look at me look at me. Somebody please pay attention to me or hear the answers to your questions.”


“Now that you have an idea of what you’re up against. Let me solve the problems and get you the benefits that you want.”

How to implement this concept?

With that said let’s now take a look at the AAPI framework for picking up clients online.

So the first thing you want to do is you want to Add value.

The second thing you want to draw your target customers Attention to the problem that they’re experiencing

Then you want to Position yourself as the problem solver and then you want to Invite proceed.

Walkthrough / Implementation.

Let’s move on to the walkthrough and implementation. So the platforms were going to be working on our platforms like:

  • Reddit or niche forums.
  • We’re going to be working with Facebook groups
  • And we’re also going to be working with YouTube.

So we’re going to be using these three online platforms for picking up clients online.

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