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Sell like crazy review sabri suby

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Welcome to my Sell Like Crazy review.

Recently, I’ve seen many ads for Sabri Suby’s book, which is claiming to be the #1 Amazon bestseller.

Although I didn’t know about him before, his ad was impressive and cool.

sell like crazy ad

When I checked the sales page, I noticed it’s a Book Funnel (or Free & Shipping funnel), a funnel strategy I learned from the Dotcom Secrets book.

I decided to buy the book for two reasons:

First, the book has over 3000 ratings, with an overall rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon, so I believe there’s something valuable to learn from him.

sell like crazy book reviews on amazon

I’m not concerned if the strategies or tactics he discusses in the book are things I already know, as I’m not as successful as he is and want to learn from those who are.

Second, I want to “Funnel Hack” his funnel.

Purchasing this book allows me to access every page, which means I can see his offers, page design, sales copy, and even join his email list to observe what happens.

This will help me enhance my skills.

The book highlights leveraging the power of the internet to attract and manage as many clients as possible, which is crucial for scaling businesses and driving sales through effective digital marketing.

You can buy the book on Amazon or from the official page to receive his bonus. (no affiliate links)

I don’t want to take up more of your time.

Let’s get started!

About Sabri Suby

Sabri Suby is King Kong’s founder – an Australia-based digital marketing business with a wide network of clients worldwide.

Sabri Suby ceo of King Kong

He is the son of a lone-parent family.

His mother had to make a living with three jobs to give her children a better life. The perseverance of his mother significantly inspired him, get this:

When he was eight, he tried various creative methods to augment his family’s income.

Notably, he started to apply for the first sales position at the age of 16.

He and two other applicants beat the others to be accepted for the job.

However, he was in the bottom ranking of his sales team of 13 members at that time.

His boss told him he would sack him in seven days if he did not improve his performance.

This situation forced him to find ways to change his game right away.

And he really did it.

Instead of being beaten by his callers’ objections, Suby started to take the fight to these callers and challenge them to purchase.

Surprisingly, his figures skyrocketed, and he even broke the record of his agency’s sales team.

Rapidly Suby dominated the spot of the top sales reps at the age of 17, earning around $2,000 per week.

This achievement led him to the journey to run his own business.

After several years working as a salesperson, he founded his digital marketing business named King Kong.

He quickly developed his business and employed dozens within several years.

Sabri Suby Foundr

So the question is, “What has he been up to date?”

In addition to helping you raise your marketing company by ten times, he has become one of the public figures and has been featured in various famous magazines like Foundr.

Sabri Suby’s journey to a successful business is a testament to his ability to manage his time and focus on money-making activities effectively.

A Brief Of Sell Like Crazy

I will give a summary of the Sell Like Crazy review in this section.

sell like crazy book review

The book provides marketers with strategies to transform their approach and leverage email in a social and mobile world, giving them a competitive advantage.

1. Think Like Billionaires

The first chapter is about Sabri’s mindset.

Developing the right mindset is key to being an entrepreneur.

Have you thought about this before? Sabri doesn’t beat around the bush.

He gets straight to the point and asks what billionaires do. Unlike most articles, he doesn’t discuss the lifestyles of famous people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

He says billionaires invest in assets that give them high returns.

He explains the concept of “Highly-Leveraged Activities” as the 20% that gives 80% of the returns based on the Pareto principle.

Sabri says that 4% of activities will give 64% of a company’s revenue.

This means that as a business owner, you should focus on a very small number of tasks to get big returns. Sabri’s point is that you should focus on ultra-highly leveraged activities.

In short, he says, “Do Less, More Often.” Throughout the rest of the chapters, he details the tasks to focus on and how to sort through your list to identify the most important ones.

Being busy and being productive are two different things.

Distractions are everywhere, and staying focused is hard when you have many small tasks and competing demands.

Sabri Suby

Being busy is not the same as productive. Our lives are full of distractions, and it’s hard to stay focused when your world consists of hundreds of tiny tasks and millions of voices screaming for your attention. – Sabri Suby

He also emphasizes the importance of identifying your dream buyer.

It is crucial to understand the needs and preferences of the 97 percent of potential customers who are not ready to buy immediately.

A key strategy is offering high-value content to attract and nurture these potential customers until they are ready to purchase.

2. The Way To Sell Like Crazy

Suby, in this part, presents a compelling case that as a business owner, your primary role (remember the 4% from earlier) is selling.

His unique perspective challenges the common misconception that business owners have.

He points out that many business owners need to deeply get the business they run.

At this point, you might question Suby’s authority: “How does Suby know? He’s just a young entrepreneur, perhaps another millennial with a big mouth.”

But remember, Suby’s insights are not just theoretical. They are born from his personal journey and experiences in the business world.

His response to this thought is probably something like that. “Guys, you have interrupted my point of view again. What I want to make clear is that….”

Suby’s approach is refreshingly straightforward: Selling is not the same as doing a job. He simplifies the concept, making it more accessible to business owners.

He gives examples to illustrate his point, such as a baker who believes he is only in the baking business when, in fact, he is also in the business of selling his baked goods.

Suby encourages business founders to shift their mindset from focusing solely on perfecting their craft to prioritizing marketing and understanding their target audience.

He shares his own story of how he mastered sales and transformed the lives of his mother and siblings.

One of my favorite quotes is:

Sabri Suby

Selling is not something you do on the side. It’s not something you can outsource or completely delegate. It’s the single most important job of any business and consequently any founder and owner. – Sabri Suby

3. The 500,000 Learning Curve

Sabri Suby

…Looking back, I realized that most of the money was spent on useless, ineffective gimmicks, peddled by so-called “Gurus” and “Specialists.” – Sabri Suby

I want you to consider the following:

Where did Suby get this title from? It’s from his own $500,000 Sales Education Tuition.

You may think paying $150,000 for college is just throwing away money. 

However, Suby spends three times on books, seminars, courses, and more. 

You probably don’t think Suby is naive, even though he’s young.

Still, let me point out something.

When we reflect on our college experience, we may realize that those years were enjoyable but not very valuable in teaching us the skills and mindset needed to succeed in life.

You might say, “So he spends all that money trying to give himself a full education, and now he gets nothing?”

The answer is a resounding Yes.

Suby realized that most of his money was spent on ineffective and useless gimmicks peddled by so-called “specialists” and “gurus.”

So, his actual education started next.

He scoped out and sought people who impacted thousands, even millions, of people through their sales and marketing skills, learning their lives, interacting with other people, and copywriting.

Still, he focuses on what an individual did that started his domino-like influence (aka timeless tactics & strategies).

Yet, take this point from someone else. On page 51, Sabri Suby writes that he decided to dedicate all his time to learning from those who had actual successes.

Sabri Suby

It was after burning through all that cash I decided to dedicate my time to studying people who had real successes… — Sabri Suby

He also names some people who dropped out of college and succeeded.

  • Robert Collier – one of the 20th century’s famous writers
  • Eugene Schwartz – the author of the iconic book “Breakthrough Advertising.”
  • David Ogilvy – a tycoon in British Advertising in the 1990s.
  • Gary Halbert – a successful copywriter famous for lots of campaigns in various niches)
  • Gary Bencivenga – a copywriter at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

Suby encourages you to prioritize long-term, effective strategies over quick tricks and gimmicks.

He compares short-term fixes to the straw house of the three little pigs and suggests that by following the renowned Godfather Strategy, which he will discuss in Phase 4, you can create more compelling and sustainable offers.

Before diving into the next step, take a look at Suby’s quote below:

Sabri Suby

I’ve noticed that not even 1% of businesses put together advertising that builds any kind of a case for a prospect to want to buy their products & services — Sabri Suby

4. Make The Wisest Investments 

Though Suby is not a financial consultant, he compares the ROI of traditional investments to that of using Facebook and Google paid ads, along with an appealing offer.

To bluntly put it, there is no differentiation between return-on investments. (I will not reveal which is better for you. Let’s try to guess!)

If you tend to run your own business, the quickest way to make the most profit is to develop a hell of a proposition, as Suby says, and then run well-targeted and scoped-in advertisements to it.

Yet, it will require you to actively close purchasers, schedule calls with you, or offer fulfillment on your orders coming through at least.

If you want to ask what I choose, I like passive profits.

I know it sounds quite gimmicky.

However, I prefer to spend several months developing assets that can bring me profits in later years without involvement.

It is passive income.

Now, let’s study the Eight Phases of Sell Like Crazy.

The 8-Phase Selling System

This section will give you a detailed 8-phase selling system to help you sell like crazy.

Phase 1: To Catch Your Dream Client

Suby draws a line between which various marketing gurus claim to sell hacks effectively and copywriting’s history with its tried and true by drawing a comparison.

The Larger Market Formula
The Larger Market Formula pyramid

The lasting strategies that boosted King Kong’s skyrocketing growth:

His best move is to “fertilize your opinion” of cold users on the Internet. This means:

Cultivating awareness of the demand for your products and services among your dream customers.

He also states that:

  • Only a tiny proportion of the population actively seeks to buy at any given time.
  • A much larger population is aware of a problem but not yet researching solutions.
  • An even wider portion is open to learning more about their needs if the information is valuable.

Most marketing agencies focus on the near-microscopic fraction of people ready to buy right now.

He says these agencies are regularly short-sighted since they do not invest in education and nurture the companies. Once granted valuable news and information, they easily become potential prospects.

So, how can you figure out which info is valuable?

It’s time to know about the Halo Engage Operation.

He calls his strategy to attract clients as Halo – a First-person shooter (FPS) game. 

halo strategy

If you want to win a game, you need to know your opponents well.

In the same way, the best marketing agencies that aim to really connect with customers are like the staircase to reach the top customers.

You can find this phase’s protein in the detailed instructions of Suby on understanding your dream clients very well, even better than them.

However, this is just a short overview, so I can’t cover all the details.

Suby’s final note is that to make your message stand out and win over customers, you need to go much deeper.

You should discover the most basic and deepest desires of your customers. Creating marketing messages that directly address the passions and challenges of your ideal customers is crucial.

This strategy will help build loyal and enthusiastic fans by solving problems one step at a time.

Sabri Suby

For your message to stand out from the crowd and really win customers, you must go deeper, much deeper…You need to uncover your customer’s deepest and most primal desires. — Sabri Suby

Phase 2: To Make A Perfect Bait

So, you have known how to seek intimate information about your dream clients. 

Now he talks about fishing, particularly how to prepare a lure that helps land him many big-ticket customers.

Again, he initiates by comparing what most companies do and using this comparison to demonstrate everything an HVCO (High-Valued Content Offer) has.

Here is the key to the HVCO:

Sabri Suby

The goal is to wow people with this experience. If done right, this HVCO will prompt a conversation to take place in their mind: “If this is what they’re giving away for free, imagine what their paid products/services are like! — Sabri Suby

So, what goes into delivering an HVCO?

To help you out in this issue, Suby has listed what an HVCO has to have:

  • Write an appealing headline to lure attention
  • Ensure every point to touch a burning problem
  • Make it simple

A headline is quite critical to content marketing. 

That’s why Suby mostly spends this part going over the best headlines over the past 70 years.

Several examples include:

  • Glamour
glamour magazine
  • The National Enquirer
National Enquirer magazine
  • Men’s Health
Men's Health magazine

Which features do you realize about every cover?

Suby shows various things like their big branding, looks/tips, background, and generally diverse methods people use to change their looks.

Below is a short list of the headline essentials:

  • Ability to grab readers and practically force them to keep reading
  • Numbers (e.g., 10 Tips You Should Know…)
  • Deliver irresistible intrigue
  • Demonstrate to them what’s for them

To end this section, he also offers a list of various HVCO types you can collect to get your creative juices flowing.

A unique part of this section is the action points series, which further jumpstarts your efforts, particularly if you get some detail that overwhelms you after going through phase 2.

He states that your marketing message’s temperature has to match your traffic’s temperature.

#Phase 3: To Capture Leads And To Get Contact Details

If you have thought about learning digital marketing, you have probably asked yourself how to reach an ideal customer.

In the beginning, Suby offers the analogy as follows:

You have consumers in a similar method. You have a partner; you had to do a bit of wining & dining before proposing.

I have to say this phase is a version of Suby’s way of winning and dining a consumer. 

His procedure starts from an opt-in landing page, saving you from the awkwardness when asking them about the first date.

The high-converting landing page now has several parts. Here are the five pieces Suby goes through in phase 3.

  • The appealing headline to grab readers.
  • The subheadline summarizes your offer details.
  • Compelling bullet points.
  • Visual materials or infographics of what they’re getting.
  • A form for readers to fill in their names and email.

For me, a digital marketing average book will gloss over several examples of the best opt-in landing pages.

Suby’s book digs deeper than the average.

Excelling at advertising archaeology, he exposes some skeletal formulas for how predecessors built the most profitable headlines.

Here is an example of his formulas:

(Issue)? Get My (Solution) & (Result)

This practical formula has helped many copywriters to come up with the best headlines they have ever written.

Sabri Suby

People browsing online are basically sleepwalking zombies… your copy must be like a thundering bolt of lightning that shoots through their bodies and shocks them awake from their slumber. — Sabri Suby

Phase 4: Godfather Strategy

Suby incorporates a quotation from the famous Godfather movie, telling the game plan is to have an irresistible offer.

the godfather

This offer can melt every objection and obliterate friction between the sales and you, not to mention force any prospect to purchase.

So, break down the place we’re in the journey of your clients so far.

You have allured a schedule to email them to exchange for an HVCO. They have submitted their information and are tempted to get a higher level of partnership with you and more sales.

He, in this part, goes through what the irresistible offer looks like.

He starts by pointing out the common fact many people know: “Sell what persons want to purchase.”

You are probably like, “So, what should I sell?”

Well, if Suby is near you, he might reply like:

“Duh, I have seen many persons put their time and efforts into making and developing products nobody is after. In other words, there is no demand.”

Many people want to go on the road with the least resistance and do easy things instead of researching what today’s market solemnly desires.

I call this study “due diligence.” In other words, it is where we will poke our market with tools and several paid ads.

I used to join a coaching program, and it instructed me to carry on this.

Thus, I can attempt my best to find low-hanging fruits, enabling me to raise my earnings to $7,000 per month within less than one year. 

It is enough constant dough to say the two words “See you” to the boring 9-to-5 job I hate.

For every business, you will have a worksheet of “due diligence” to let you write down research and effortlessly decide if it is needed to carry on.

Suby also describes his “due diligence” worksheet on page 57. 

He advises you to have 2 columns. 

The first column should be titled “Features,” where you state the complete list of characteristics of your product. 

The remaining should mention “Benefits,” where you can convert every feature into the corresponding advantages.

Sabri Suby

On this sheet, you should have two columns, column one should be title “features”, and this is where you list the full list of the features of what you are selling. the second column should be titled — Sabri Suby

However, for the sake of your time, you had better have your product coming at a reasonable number of people who want it.

The problem is how you make this product different from a host of competitors’ products.

And it is time for you to conduct the Godfather Strategy.

Take a look below to dive deeply into this iconic master plan.

A Godfather Offer’s 7 Parts To Make An Irresistible Offer.

  • Rationale: It should be concise, credible, and clear about why you’re making a generous offer.
  • Value Building: Building your offer’s value clearly shows you’re giving away more info, tactics, training, or strategies than you’re charging for.
  • Payment Options: For higher-ticket clients, it is advisable to offer to spread the payment over 3-4 months or more, as the payment terms can eliminate perceived price points in the mind of your ideal client.
  • Pricing: Instead of focusing on a certain figure to utilize, the strategy incorporates various offers, starts with an affordable item, and follows with some upsells (more certain info and longer training, to name a few) to boost your investment return.
  • Premiums are gifts clients receive in addition to the products they buy. Consider differentiating yourself from competitors by offering a related service or item when another item is purchased.
  • Power Guarantee: While we are familiar with a 12-month guarantee, it is better to offer a specific guarantee related to the product. It could be something like, “When you subscribe to our special system and do not lose 25 lbs in the first six months, contact us, and we will give you a 100% money return.”
  • Scarcity: Some scarcity sprinkles throughout are aimed to stimulate more people to purchase the product.

So, what is scarcity? Here are some examples:

  • Countdown clocks
  • Provide expiration dates
  • Only (the figure) left!

Once you digest these four courses, let’s get the show on its path and boost more traffic to your marketing tool.

In the following section, Suby will offer some acronyms and numbers related to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

He says that once you understand what the market craves, you can craft your products and services into a captivating pitch.

Sabri Suby

Once you know what your market is starving for, then you take your product or service and craft it into a compelling pitch. — Sabri Suby

Phase 5: Boost Traffic

Here is phase 5’s layout. Suby covers many main acronyms to track the profitability of your business since you boost your advertising.

He next shows how to install high-converting pay-per-click ads on Google and Facebook. 

He shares many high-quality, profitable ads a kangaroo could not leap over them.

Accordingly, the most crucial acronym to focus on is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

The metric is the number of bucks you spend on getting a new customer.

How much do you spend on all paid ads?

Suby advises by getting how much you earn from your client. You will calculate the amount you spent on getting him.

The question is, “Why does he demonstrate how to conduct paid ads on various platforms?” Why does he not stick to one?” might strike your mind.

He also shares a model of a company’s investment in a platform to change its ad algorithm, making the income of this business dry up quicker than a water pond in the harsh Sahara desert.

Rather than focusing on a platform, he encourages entrepreneurs to split their time between three platforms. 

This practice will diversify risks and scale the total number of potential customers when reaching more people.

This chapter is quite helpful for me. It covers enough information to start a new business to pay per click.

Besides, Suby also avoids dragging readers through unnecessary things about ads on the biggest platforms today.

It would be best to remember that whereas many companies regularly think they need better traffic, you will need a real offer that can profitably traffic.

Phase 6: Magic Lantern Technique

Now, you have more traffic on your page, yet just 3% of people buy your item instantly.

So, how can you punish your readers who opt-in to your HVCO yet do not invest in your item or your upsells?

You need to use the Magic Lantern.

So what is it?

The magic lantern technique
The Magic Lantern Technique

The Magic Lantern Technique

Imagine it is like a blue light used to attract insects.

It can keep these prospects surrounded by constantly alluring them to you.

It is a list of emails related to video training, ideal for the cold clients who opt-in to your landing page without paying for any product.

While putting together this series takes some tasks, Suby shares his own experience with the Magic Lantern. He says it might be complicated, yet the video sequence’s result is that you can turn a great chunk of the disinterested 97% into eager and real buyers.

So, the problem is how to gather your Magic Lantern Technique.

Suby offers an example of how he makes one for his client, demonstrating a series of helpful illustrations showing the state of transition of their potential clients.

As trust increases, skepticism decreases with each step.

Suby refers to this technique as guidance for your prospect down the metaphorical path to the desired end state. Accordingly, you offer a host of values and all goodwill.

Phase 7: Process Of Sales

As you build trust with those who are through your series of Magic Lantern Techniques, you will realize an improvement in the scheduled appointments that people book on your own calendar to register for your items and services.

How should you take full advantage of an appointment?

You will find the answer in this phase.

Before walking through his sales journey, he explains what 9/10 salesmen do to mess up the sales.

He states that he found that 90% of salespeople get the process wrong.

They only vomit all the benefits and features of their products and services during the presentation in the hope that their prospects will purchase them.

Sabri Suby

I’ve found that 90% of sales people get it wrong. They basically vomit every feature and benefit of their service during their sales presentation in there hoping that something hits a nerve that will make the prospect buy — Sabri Suby

You can consider Suby’s process below:

  • Step 1: You need to consider any superficial and programmed replies while getting down to the true motivation of your person for scheduling a call.
  • Step 2: It is advisable to learn about your prospect’s why and learn about what they are tempted to reach or which situation they want to be in.
  • Step 3: You might have to listen to the offer. You will know where they would like to turn out. It is time to figure out which effort they make to reach there, and the obstacles and frustrations that keep them from achieving their goals alone.
  • Step 4: Once you listen to your prospects, you had better accompany them to formulate a strategy to reach their goals. This is also the value you promise regarding the Godfather offer.

Suby claims it plays a vital role in a call and is where sales pitches fall short. You have to prove to the prospects that they will actually receive the best support from you through practical actions.

  • Step 5: When you help them, let them engage with it. You probably consider, “Does it seem to be the kind of help you seek?”

Think about the help you’re giving as the appetizers when and what they need is the entire meal (aka the big admission).

  • Step 6. They already show their commitment, so spending several minutes discussing your service and product details is best. Don’t forget to link your clarification to the desires and pains they named before.

Yet you cannot only talk about your products and services. Suby provides some specific criteria for providing your potential clients with their prescriptions.

  • To write it out.
  • To read it aloud.
  • To make sure it will roll off your tongue.
  • To practice saying it many times to get perfect delivery.
  • Do not give the overview in more than two minutes.

Here is what he says:

Sabri Suby

Write it out, read it aloud, and ensure it rolls off the tongue; and then practice saying it over and over again to get the delivery perfect… This overview should be no more than 2 minutes long — Sabri Suby

  • Step 7: You will have to close your deal with a great bead on how hot the consumer is (if they are lukewarm, hot, or cold).

The temptation of your prospect will decide what type of close you should utilize on the calls.

If you have John in the line, and it seems to be a 5/10, you probably need to be slightly more confrontative since he is still slightly reluctant and wishy-washy to commit.

Suby shares that it’s not for everyone. 

It takes commitment and time from ourselves and demands you to do the real work. That said, he raises a question on why you are serious about solving (your issues) right now.

Phase 8: Automation & Multiplication

Finally, once you develop a strong business, you will want to relish the results by spending time on your hobbies or traveling.

You deserve!

That said, you have put the difficult work into creating the well-oiled income machine. 

It would be a pity if you left and ignored everything falling apart, as the income could drop off quicker than you can imagine.

While the ultimate phases include many details about email marketing, I want to clarify Suby’s advice on automating and hiring.

Suby has managed dozens of employees and hundreds of accounts. 

It would be great to learn partly about his process, such as making many copies of the techniques he applies to keep everything updated.

He shares that in terms of marketing and sales, he looks to generate a robotic-like or automatic selling system for you to fill in your email, write a page of sales, shoot a video, and record a webinar to make a profit from it from time to time on autopilot.


sell like crazy book Sabri Suby

That’s all about my Sell Like Crazy review. 

I have to say this book has helped me a lot in my journey to become financially independent. 

It provides a comprehensive look at sales and teaches me how to raise my passive income quickly and effectively.

It’s time for you to start your own journey.

I hope you will soon become a successful salesman and be happy daily.

If possible, you can share your story with me. 

It’s my pleasure to hear it.

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