Types Of Funnels


In the past lesson, we talked about how prices change depending on where someone stands in their Value Ladder. So now you know that when people ascend to a higher rung of this structure, things will become more expensive, and different funnels are needed for each tier accordingly.

value ladder and sales funnel

In this section, we’ll discuss the types of funnels. Depending on the price and goal then we’ve separated it into three main categories:

  • Lead Generation Funnel: The funnel helps you generate a list fast by giving away a free offer to exchange potential customers’ email addresses.
  • Buyer Funnel or Cart Funnel: The funnel help you sell your core products or services from $1 to less than $297
  • High-ticket Funnel: Use this funnel to sell your high coaching program or any kind of product over $300

Lead Generation Funnel

What Is a Bridge funnel? Best Way To Convert Cold Traffic.

A Bridge Funnel connects two different pages or funnels, but related ideas. It’s usually used in affiliate marketing; through the bridge page, you can explain the core concept or things that potential customers should know before they go to the next page (or funnel stage)

how to create lead generation funnel

Lead Generation Funnel Guide: How To Create A Lead Funnel For Beginners?

Lead generate funnel is the fastest way to generate leads online by giving your prospects what they want in exchange for their contact information

How to Create a Survey Funnel - Funnel Secrets

How To Create Survey Funnel In 120 Minutes & Best Examples

In this post, I will show you how to create a survey funnel step-by-step and the best examples for you. In fact, survey funnel helps me generate more leads and high conversion rates (over 43%) than other lead generation tactics.

Homepage Funnel Lead Generation Strategies Without Spend Money

Homepage Funnel: Lead Generation Strategies Without Spend Money

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Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel: All You Need To Know

Have you ever heard of a reverse squeeze page? You’ve probably heard of a squeeze page before, but not too many people know about a …

How to build squeeze page funnel in clickfunnels

What is a squeeze page funnel? The best guide for beginner

Do you want to learn how to create a squeeze page funnel easier and faster? Keep reading our post to discover how I build it within 5 minutes.

Buyer Funnel / Cart Funnel

Daily deal funnel guilde - Funnel Secrets

Daily Deal Funnel: Boost eCommerce sales online

Daily Deal Funnel is one of the best tactics to promote products every day. Most eCommerce business owners use daily deals to grow their revenue by offering discounts on products and services.

Tripwire Funnel Definitive Guide

Tripwire Funnel Definitive Guide: Everything You Should Know

In this post, you will learn: What is a tripwire? Why it can help you get more quality leads online. How to use it in your sales funnel (Tripwire funnel).

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High Ticket Funnel

Webinar Funnel: The secret weapon of entrepreneurs

Top entrepreneurs have a secret weapon that helps them make more money and build their brand. Webinar Funnel can be used for anyone to grow their business

How To Build An Application Funnel

How to build an Application Funnel (Step-by-step)

Application Funnel is a type of high-ticket sales funnel which helps you easily convert leads to customers. The funnel usually uses for high price products

High-ticket funnel guide

[ Masterfully ] High-Ticket Funnel Definitive Guide

A high-ticket funnel helps you sell your high-priced products or services. As people move up the value ladder

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