Sales Funnel Strategy

Understand the funnel process, the types of sales funnels, and how to apply it within your business to achieve specific goals.


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What Is Sales Funnel Strategy?

Sales funnel strategy is the process of designing and building customer journeys at different stages from which there are corresponding marketing tactics to achieve specific goals.

Why Sales Funnel Strategy Important?

People who visit your site are not equal. They have different knowledge, ideas, and goals. Most marketers have the biggest mistake using the same sales message, offer, and funnel structure for all people, hoping it works effectively.

In fact, when prospects come with your brand, products, or services will go through the following processes:

Unaware => Problem Aware => Solution Aware => Product Aware => Most Aware

This is the reason why your sales funnel has different stages that look like this!


But, it’s just a surfer of the iceberg. Your profitable does not come from the front- end funnel, so this is the reason why you should create the value ladder. Then, we have the whole picture.

marketing funnel vs sales funnel
The whole picture describe the sales funnel and value ladder inside the marketing funnel

Because each step of the value ladder has different goals, you will use different types of funnels and scripts to achieve each step’s goal.

Type of sales funnel

There are lots of different types of sales funnel that you can create. 

But depending on the goal that we want to achieve, I separate it into four types. Each type has multiple sales funnel, and they have a similar goal, but they do it through different processes.

lead generation funnel icon

Lead Generation Funnel

This is a front-end funnel. The goal is to help you build a list, collect potential customer information, start nurturing leads, and build relationships.

buyer funnel icon

Buyer Funnel

The middle funnel helps you convince potential customers to buy your product and start making profits online.

high-ticket funnel icon

High-Ticket Funnel

The back-end funnel help you sell higher-price products and services. High-ticket funnel is the best solution when your price between 100 – $1000.

other funnels icon

Others Funnel

The funnel work well even you use it to generate lead or sell product online. Also funnels do not belong to any of the categories above.

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