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Welcome to the sales funnel guide for beginners. We’re converted a lot of ground in this guide; through this, you will learn powerful and valuable information that will change your business and bring it to the next level. As you know, the sales funnel concept is not new. It’s existed for nearly a hundred years, and it still exists in your business even if you never think about it.

Over the years, entrepreneurs are still using it. Many experts teach it under various fancy strategic names. No matter what you call it about, this activity converts and optimizes the customer journey to build relationships and generate maximum profits.

The world of digital marketing is complex and always changing, but understand the basics of sales funnel knowledge is the first step to make a big difference.

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Chapter 1

Sales Funnel Definition

What is a sales funnel? Why it important?
For true beginners. Learn all concepts about sales funnel from the traditional sales funnel, AIDA, online sales funnel, and all the need-to-know basics to start.

Sales funnel definition

3 - 5 min read!
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Chapter 2

Sales funnel stages

The sales funnel is connected with the customer journey. Learn sales funnels stages help you understand phases inside the funnel deeply - what is it and how does it work.

Sales funnel stages

2 min read!
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Chapter 3

The Value Ladder

Map out the value ladder gives you a vision of how you plan to serve your customers, the main goal or result you're trying to help them achieve. So you can create a "mini funnel" on each stage to satisfy it.

The Value ladder

3 min read!
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Chapter 4

Sales funnel creation

A step-by-step guide helps beginners understand how to build a sales funnel that converts and powerful really quickly.

Sales funnel Creation

10 min Read!
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Chapter 5

Sales Funnel Template

Implementing sales funnel structure and design template helps you save time, energy and avoid effort. So you can focus on building sales copy that converts.

Sales Funnel Template

3 min read!
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Chapter 6

Sales Funnel Examples

Would you want to look at real Sales Funnel examples that top marketers are using for their businesses? From there, you will have more ideas and understand better how the sales funnel works, the value, and the benefit it brings.

Sales Funnel Examples

6 min read!
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Chapter 7

Sales Funnel Software

The sales funnel builder software will help you build sales funnel faster and easier even you have no technical experience.

Sales funnel software

5 min read!
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Chapter 8

Sales funnel Optimization

What would you do if your funnel flop? What should you do to change inside your sales funnels to make them better? Understand important rules and use these easy tips will help you save thousand of money!
Coming soon!

Sales funnel Optimization

4 min read!
Comming soon!


Sales Funnel Course

Suppose you want faster results or want to upgrade your skills to a higher level. Buying a funnel course from an expert is a great option. Inside are the extremely quality courses that I recommend for you.

Sales funnel course

2 min read!
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