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6 Stage To Build A Sales Funnel For Physical Product

sales funnel for physical product
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Many businesses grapple with constructing a well-defined sales funnel for physical products tailored to customers’ specific needs. It’s a roadmap to guide potential customers from just looking to actually buying.

In this article, I’ll break down the process into six simple stages in building your physical product sales funnel, from attracting attention to fostering advocacy. 

Keep reading for details!

What Is A Sales Funnel For Physical Products?

sales funnel graphic
Stage Of A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel for physical products is one of the marketing funnels that outlines the stages a customer goes through before buying physical products. 

Those sales funnels can guide prospects from awareness to conversion and foster a systematic approach to sales. To help you better visualize this sales funnel, here are its six stages:

  • Awareness: At the top of sales funnels, potential customers become aware of the product through advertising, social media, or other marketing channels.
  • Interest: Once aware, customers show interest by exploring more about the product, possibly visiting the website, reading reviews, or engaging with content.
  • Consideration: In this stage, prospects actively consider the product, comparing features, prices, and benefits against alternatives.
  • Intent: At this point, the prospect intends to purchase and may seek additional information or reassurance.
  • Purchase: The conversion stage, where the prospect becomes a customer by buying.
  • Post-purchase: After selling physical products, the focus shifts to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and encouraging repeat business.

Throughout the sales funnel, you must use targeted messaging, content, and incentives to move potential customers smoothly through each stage.

Why Should You Use A Sales Funnel For Physical Products?

Focus On The Right Customers
Focus On The Right Customers

A physical product sales funnel helps you focus on the right customers, know what works in selling physical products, and ensure a continuous flow of buyers.

First, it helps you target your marketing to people who are likely to actually buy. Sales funnels guide potential customers through its stages. As a result, you’ll have more effective marketing.

Another advantage is that it lets you track each sale from the beginning to the end. In other words, you can know which sales and marketing methods work best in your campaign. It’s a roadmap for knowing what clicks with customers.

Moreover, having sales funnels ensures a steady customer flow. This consistency is crucial because it helps you avoid it when there are few paying customers around. 

With these benefits, you can seek to optimize your marketing and sales processes. It’s a more organized and effective way to sell physical products online and grow your business.

How To Build A Sales Funnel For Physical Products?

How To Build Physical Product Funnels?
How To Build Physical Product Funnels?

Below is an optimal sales funnel for physical products that you can refer to. You can adjust these stages to suit your products and campaigns.

Stage 1: Attract Attention (Create Lead Magnet)

The first stage is all about getting attention. The main goal is to make people notice and picture themselves using your product. 

  • Through ads

To achieve this, you can create eye-catching ads that showcase what makes your product special. These ads should be visually appealing and use words that grab people’s attention. 

Depending on your target market, you can use your ads for your website, YouTube, social media platforms, etc.

Use Ads
Use Ads
  • Don’t forget social media platforms!

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are fantastic for this. You can share pictures or videos of your product, reaching many people. 

If you want to go further, you can use paid ads on these platforms to ensure the right audience sees your product.

On your social network platforms, you can create content that interestingly talks about your product; this could be blog posts, articles, or videos that explain how your product can make a difference in people’s lives. 

This stage helps increase traffic to your sales pages. You just need to include your page’s link in posts and ads and a CTA for them to click.

Once you’ve got their attention, you can guide them through the rest of the sales funnel, leading them towards making a purchase.

Stage 2: Capture Leads

build a relationship with your new leads

In the first stage, you caught the attention of many visitors to your sales page. Now in stage 2, the goal is to turn those curious visitors into potential buyers by capturing their contact details. 

To do this, you can offer something valuable on your landing page, like a discount, a free trial, or exclusive content. It’s like a gift to encourage people to share their details with you.

Ensure your sales page has a simple form where visitors can enter their name and email. Keep the form short and sweet. The goal is to make them feel comfortable and willing to take that small step of sharing their details.

Place it visibly on your landing page, maybe after a short introduction about your product. Explain why it’s worth it for visitors to share their info. I mean, what’s the benefit for them?

Trust is crucial here. Be clear about your privacy policy, assuring visitors that their information is safe and will only be used for relevant communication. You can also show trust badges or share customer testimonials to build credibility.

Once someone fills out the form, congratulations! You’ve got a lead! You now have a way to connect with them directly. 

Stage 3: Turn Attention To Interest

Turn Attention To Interest
Turn Attention To Interest

Now that you have a list of potential buyers from stage 2, it’s time to nurture those connections. 

Via emails

  • Send emails that talk about the cool features and benefits of your product. 
  • Share stories from happy customers, buyers trust reviews, or testimonials to show that your product is worth considering. 
  • Throw in special offers or limited-time deals to create a sense of urgency.

Remember to make these emails personal. Use the person’s name, tailor the content based on their liking, and make them feel important. The idea is to make them see that your product is a good fit for what they need.

Via phone calls

A phone call is just the thing for some products, especially the pricier or more complex ones. You can chat directly, answer questions, provide extra info, and underline why your product is the right choice. 

Throughout this stage, listening is vital. You must understand what your potential customers say, address their concerns, and respond quickly. 

Remember, the goal isn’t just to sell physical products but to build a lasting relationship. Trust and credibility now will lead to happy customers who might return for more.

Stage 4: Sell Physical Product

Make Leads Become Your Customers
Make Leads Become Your Customers

You sell physical products in stage 4 of your physical product sales funnel. Let’s break down how you can make this happen:

Step 1: Guiding leads to your online store

If you have a website where people can buy your product, make sure it’s easy to use. Create clear buttons like “Shop Now” in your emails that lead them to your online store.

Your online store should be like a friendly guide, providing all the info they need and making it easy for them to buy. 

Step 2: Making ordering a breeze

Keep the buying process simple. Consider letting your customer purchase without creating an account if they don’t want to.

You should also offer various payment methods so they can choose what suits them best, whether credit cards, digital wallets, or others. The more options, the better.

  • Allowing phone orders:

Some people like to order via phone calls. If they prefer, let them call in their order. Ensure your phone number is easy to find and your team is ready to help them.

Allowing Phone Orders
Allowing Phone Orders

Step 3: Sweetening the deal

To give them that extra nudge, consider throwing in special deals. Maybe a discount for their first purchase or a package deal for buying more than one item. You can also apply the Tripwire sales funnel in this step.

Step 4: Saying thanks

Once they’ve made a purchase, show appreciation. Send a quick email saying thank you and confirming their order. Also, include all the details they need, like when to expect their product. 

Stage 5: Secure Commitment

Secure Commitment
Secure Commitment

Stage 5 ensures customers stick around and feel good about their choices. To do this, respond quickly and helpfully to any questions or concerns your customers have (whether it’s through email, phone calls, or live chat). 

You can also provide extra value after they’ve bought your product by sharing helpful tips or guides related to what they purchased. For example, if your product is a gadget, send them ideas on how to get the most out of it.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback on their experience with your product and how you can improve things. You can use surveys, reviews, or simple feedback forms to gather their thoughts and use that info to improve.

Also, consider creating special offers or loyalty programs for returning customers. Give them discounts, early access to new stuff, or points they can use for future purchases.

Stage 6: Turn Happy Customers Into Advocates

Turn Happy Customers Into Advocates
Turn Happy Customers Into Advocates

After you’ve made customers happy and they’re committed to your brand, the next step is turning them into advocates. In other words, you not only keep them satisfied but get them excited enough to recommend your products to others. 

How can you do this? 

  • Referral programs

You can set up programs that reward customers for bringing in new business. If a customer gets a friend to buy from you, both get something special, like a discount on their next purchase.

Make it easy for them to share the good news, maybe through a referral link or a simple way to let you know they’ve referred someone.

  • Reviews and testimonials

Ask customers to share their thoughts about your products on your website or social media to convince others to try them.

Remember to talk with your advocates! Respond to their reviews or social media posts. Give them a shout-out to show you appreciate their support.

Also, keep asking for your advocates’ thoughts. What do they like, and what could be better? Make them feel heard and valued.

When you complete this step, what you need to achieve is the foundation for sustained organic growth and long-term customer loyalty.

Tips For An Effective Sales Funnel For Physical Products

Tips To Create A Sales Funnel
Tips To Create A Sales Funnel

In these stages, you must be flexible in each case and campaign. Here are some tips for you to optimize your sales funnel:

Focus On Image And Video Elements

Potential customers decide to hit that Buy button based on what they see. It’s even more critical for physical products because buyers can’t physically touch or feel the item before purchasing. 

So, I recommend investing in a decent camera or hiring a photographer who can capture the essence of your product. If you can, create short videos demonstrating how your product works or how it can be helpful.

Attractive Headline

Crafting a good headline is paramount because, as research suggests, 80% of readers read the headline alone, with only 20% delving into the content. So, create compelling headlines to capture user attention with these focuses:

  • Clarity: Ensure your headline clearly communicates the main idea. Ambiguity can lead to confusion.
  • Conciseness matters: Keep it short to be read and remembered.
  • Invoke curiosity: Spark curiosity or pose questions to encourage further reading.
  • Highlight benefits: If possible, emphasize the key benefits of your product to engage your audience immediately.

Have A Great UX (User Experience)

have a great UX
Have A Great UX

If people have a hard time on your site, they might not buy anything. So, focus on:

  • Easy navigation: Make sure it’s simple for visitors to find what they’re looking for.
  • Phone-friendly: Many people use phones to browse, so ensure your site works well on mobiles.
  • Fast loading: Nobody likes waiting, so make your site load quickly by reducing unnecessary things.
  • Clear buttons: Guide users with clear buttons telling them what to do next.
  • Be transparent: Tell customers about shipping and return policies to build trust.

Highlight Benefits 

Sure, your product has good features, but why should anyone care? Because it’ll make their life better, that’s why! 

Use simple words to explain your product’s uniqueness and focus on how it can help them. I mean, what problems does it solve? I recommend making a list of the best about your product. Remember, keep it short and easy to read.

Optimize Customer Service

optimize customer service

Customer service is a big deal, especially when some customers aren’t happy. My tip when customers have a problem is to reply fast. 

Then, try your best to solve the issue and ensure the customer is happy with the solution. Learn from them and make your products or services even more awesome.

Add Upsell In A Tripwire Funnel.

Think about it like this: You’re at a burger joint, and they ask if you want to make it a meal deal. Upselling in a Tripwire funnel is the online version of that. After someone decides to buy, suggest something else they might dig (an add-on or an upgrade). 

Make the upsell a great deal so customers feel they’re getting something best. Also, tell customers why the extra thing is a smart add-on in this Tripwire funnel. Make it clear why they should get it.

A/B Test

No one nailed their products on the first try. It takes some trial and error, right? A/B testing is like figuring out the perfect recipe for your online store. 

To utilize this testing, create two versions of your sales funnel page (with slight differences in the sales funnel tactics). Let both versions run and see which gets better results; this could be more clicks, purchases, or whatever you aim for.


How Can I Market Physical Products?

To effectively promote physical products, prioritize establishing a robust online presence by leveraging social media platforms, influencer marketing, optimizing product listings, and encouraging customer reviews. These strategies are essential for driving sales funnel success for your physical products.

Is A Physical Product Sales Funnel A Marketing Strategy?

Yes, a physical product sales funnel is a marketing strategy designed to guide potential customers through a series of steps, from awareness to purchase. 

Is A Sales Funnel For Physical Products A CRM?

No, a sales funnel for physical products is not a CRM.

Does A Sales Funnel For Physical Products Generate Leads?

Yes, a sales funnel for physical products can generate leads.


Mastering the steps of constructing a sales funnel for physical products is paramount in the competitive market. Just implement the six stages outlined in this guide. Then, you can transform potential leads into loyal customers. 

Remember that a well-crafted physical product funnel generates sales and builds lasting relationships. All set the stage for sustained success and growth in selling physical products.

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