How To Build Effective Sales Funnel For B2B Business

You probably have heard of sales funnels, but do you understand its importance in a B2B business? Read this article to build a strong sales funnel for b2b now.

As an owner of an average-scale B2B business, I am confident to say that a sales funnel offers you more than just profits. More importantly, it helps you picture the journey of your customers from the moment they are aware of your goods until they make an order. Then you can optimize the funnels for the best sales process.

Now you know its significance in business, I will break down five stages in a typical sales funnel for you to gain a better understanding. Before we go, you can watch video of Jason Whaling here. This is the best video talks about B2B sales funnel template.

Basic B2B sales funnel

sales funnel can improvise depending on the business. I mean, you probably come across a wide array of revised funnels. In fact, every sales funnel follows the same core principle.

Understanding the basic allows you to build a suitable funnel at your disposal without making any mistakes.

classic sales funnel

Phase 1 – Awareness

As its name suggests, you are making people aware of your business by using different marketing methods, for example, telemarketing and advertising on social networking sites.

So the question is, how to optimize the result of this stage?

I would say, “branding.” You should highlight the uniqueness of your brands, or what sets your business from the crowd. If you sell a surprisingly low-priced product, let’s try your best at marketing the price. This act will make it easier for customers to recognize your brands among thousands of similar goods.

Phase 2 – Consideration

The prospective buyer will evaluate your business against those of your competitors before jumping to the conclusion. The potential factors to consider include price, quality, service, and so on.

So the question is, how to optimize the result of this stage?

I would say, “branding.” You should highlight the uniqueness of your brands, or what sets your business from the crowd. If you sell a surprisingly low-priced product, let’s try your best at marketing the price. This act will make it easier for customers to recognize your brands among thousands of similar goods.

Phase 3 – Preference

This stage occurs when the potential customer thinks your business performs better than others, and they decide to open their wallets. They will spend time investigating the terms and conditions to ensure a successful transaction.

Phase 4 – Purchase

Congratulations, now your business begins to flourish as the number of clients gradually increases. This is the best stage, especially for a newly-established business. 

You should focus on improving customer service, which is the factor deciding whether a random client turns into a loyal one or not.

Phase 5 – Loyalty

As I said above, your customers will come back again and again if they think you provide excellent service. On top of that, they are likely to recommend your business to other people with the same interests. That’s when the new customer goes back to the first stage of the funnel.

Critical Steps In A B2B Sales Funnel

I have just introduced to you the basic B2B sales funnel, now how to improvise on it properly? Well, while every business possesses different characteristics, an efficient funnel cannot miss these crucial steps:

Who are your dream customers?

Think about this. You may find that your product is suitable for many different types of customers, but for you to create a successful sales funnel you should focus on one customer – the person you want to serve and bring you the most profitable.

This point is the basics of a sales funnel: 

  • Who is your customer? 
  • What problems are they having? 
  • What can you do to help them?

That’s what you will show up in your sales funnel, and this is what helps you attract potential customers on the internet.

what’s your hook?

Watch The Webinar To Discover How Jim Create Hook Less Than 2 Minutes

After you have identified the target audience, what to do next is how to attract them?

What makes them stop to see your ad? I call it HOOK.

Imagine you’re surfing the news feed on Facebook and you see a nice photo and you stop watching – that’s HOOK.

You are watching the information on the internet suddenly a news with a headline template makes you pay attention and stop watching – That’s HOOK itself.

So the HOOK is very simple, whatever you do to get attention:

  • Title
  • Image
  • Irresistible offer

Lead Generation

Now, this is first stage, you have nothing but strangers. They have no idea about your brand or what you are selling. The goal of this step is to attract as many potential customers as possible while setting up your authority at the same time.

Highlight the word “potential” for me. Potential customers refer to those who have a genuine interest in your business. There is no point in filling your sales funnel with random customers that are not likely to spend money on your service.

The key to generating high-quality leads is understanding the interests of your ideal customers. Then you start applying the business strategies specifically designed for them. For example, publish and promote useful content for your customers, including blog posts, quizzes, articles, etc.

Lead Nurturing And Qualifications

b2b sales funnel template

Do not skip this step unless you want your B2B business to fail!

In this stage, you focus on identifying the “not-ready” leads and further educating them into “ready” ones. The art of timing is essential here. Too early and too late is both detrimental to the sale process.

How long will it take the customers to get ready?

There is no fixed answer to this question as it mainly depends on your sales process. On average, it takes 84 days for a lead to go through this process in a B2B sales funnel.

There is a wide array of lead nurturing methods. First off, I want to talk about establishing a campaign. According to a study, a successful lead nurture campaign can generate 50% more sales-ready leads. On top of that, you can segment prospect leads and cut the cost for qualified ones.

Alternatively, you can take a drip marketing approach, in which you keep providing prospect leads with at least five valuable content via email. Why the number five? According to Forrester, an ordinary B2B customer will consult five or more pieces of content before making an order.

But then are you wondering, how can someone be considered a qualified lead?

A sales-ready lead will meet four qualifications as follow. First off, they have a genuine interest in the product or service you are providing. Second, they need your product to a certain extent. Then, they should have the budget and power to purchase your product.

This is theoretically an ideal customer. But if the prospect ticks to boxes, you can further educate them into a sales-ready client.

The First Meeting

sales funnel for b2b - meeting

Now that your prospect just needs a little more convincing before officially becoming a customer, this is when the first meeting should take place.

There are many ways to organize the meeting, including making a call, holding a demonstration, or doing both. Any way you choose, make sure you establish the mutual trust between you – the service provider, and the customer. This stage is critical in determining the prospect will move onto the next phase of the funnel or drop out.

In my previous business, I assigned the salesperson to make discovery calls. After receiving the report and results, I gained some experience with this method.

First advice, you should focus on tackling three or four problems of your prospects. Do not attempt to approach five or more, as the potential customers may find their issues trivial. Second, you should outline a clear structure for your calls. This will save you much time and effort in talking about many topics, as well as give your customers a feeling of order.

Closing The Sale

This is the final stage of the sales funnel. Congratulations! Now your customer is only one step away from making an order, and your job is to encourage them to finish the last step.

How to change the mind of indecisive customers? The ASK process is recommended at this time.

Align priorities: This means demonstrating the prospective buyers that you understand their problems, and you have a straightforward solution.

Secure commitment: This phase involves reminding the customers of what you can do to tackle their issues. If the prospects have any further questions, make sure to answer them thoroughly.

Keep the relationship alive: If the prospects say “yes,” waste no second and move them into the final stage of your sales funnel. But what to do if they say “no”?

The answer is right there: keep the relationship alive. Maybe they will become a customer in the future, or they can feedback and recommend the business with others. Either way, you can further refine your B2B sales funnel to the optimal one.

Retention And Referrals

The sale is over does not mean your relationship between you and your customer comes to an end. You can generate more leads through a customer as they refer your service to their friends or family members. Remember, leads produced from referrals are more likely to move onto the next stage than leads from any other methods.

why Referral Marketing

Therefore, it is advisable that you continue to provide value for your customers even after they have signed the deal. This will encourage the buyers to recommend your service platform for someones, thereby filling the sales funnel with more high-quality leads.

Four Tools To Upgrade Your B2B Sales Funnel

These are the tools that I have tried and found useful to optimize the B2B sales funnel and boost sales.


As mentioned above, at the top of the funnel, you should publish and promote content that your prospects find valuable. The content can come in many forms, including blog posts, guest posts, etc.

However, the content marketing strategy is slow to produce the results you need. That is when Cloudlead steps in.

What exactly will this tool do?

To put it simply, Cloudlead will find qualified leads to fill in your funnels by applying machine learning principles.  As soon as you provide the tool with a detailed description of your products and potential buyers, Cloudlead will run the designed program and output the contact information of the prospects.

Amazing, isn’t it? You will save much time and effort with Cloudlead compared to using regular content marketing strategies.


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Stripe Checkout

strip checkout

This tool is intended for the closing stage of your sales funnel by optimizing the checkout process for customers. If you apply Stripe Checkout, your prospective buyers can make the payment methods from major credit cards.

Moreover, customers can make the tool “remember” their payment details so that their future checkout process can be done quickly and accurately.

With the maximum convenience, Stripe Checkout makes sure your customers will not back down at the last step of making a purchase.


Delighting current customers is as critical as attracting new ones, as the current buyers can generate more healthy leads by retention and referrals. There are several ways to delight your customers, from delivering personalized content to offering rewards.

Everything will be a whole lot easier with Drip, as it allows you to send automated emails to all of your customers.

With the maximum convenience, Stripe Checkout makes sure your customers will not back down at the last step of making a purchase.

B2B Sales Funnel Examples

Let’s discover some successful B2B sales funnel examples to start building one for your business now.

Webinar Funnels

This is a common marketing tool to build trust in your customers, especially those who sell high-ticket products. The conversion rate of a webinar funnel is significantly higher than that of a regular sales page.

Some examples of a webinar funnel include:

If you intend to develop a webinar funnel, there is a couple of aspects that you need to pay attention to.

First off, keep your hook engaging and concise at the same time to maintain the attention of the visitors until the end. Second, make sure the closing part is straightforward and natural. Do not beg for the contact and make yourself look desperate.

Opt-in Page Funnel

This funnel gives away free reports, guide, or cheat sheets to capture emails of the prospects.

Here are some examples of opt-in page funnel:

Marketing Secrets Black Book

Product Launch Funnels

Many service providers are applying product launch funnels to market their products and service to attract the attention of the prospects before officially launching the items.

is a prominent example in this case.


It is essential to understand that the success of your business partly depends on your sales funnel. Therefore, you should focus on developing a well-structured funnel to have the best results. Follow my advice and start implementing one right now.

If you find this article useful, do not hesitate to like and share with others. Good luck on your journey!

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