[Top 3] Sales Funnel Course That Will Change Your Business

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Best Sales Funnel Course - Funnel Secrets

If you are looking for a sales funnel course that helps you building a sales funnel step-by-step from scratch. A profit sales funnel that enables you to grow or scale your business online and has a reasonable price.

You’re in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to list the best of funnel building course:

  • From basic to advance and step-by-step practice
  • Suitable for newbies, even if you are not good at code or design skills.
  • More people learned and had real results to ensure quality.
  • Have a community, enthusiastic support group
  • Good price

Now, let get started!

This post created for and not for

If you are looking for a cheap and quality sales funnel course, this post is not for you. Because it is difficult to find something “cheap” but “high quality.”

I have received a lot of stories related to this issue recently. Two of my favorite stories are from Glenda and Neil.

Story 1:

Glenda sells cosmetics to help women more beautiful. She has three years of experience in this business, besides the organic traffic of customers coming to her shop. The majority of her revenue comes from the Internet through Facebook and Instagram.

Everything was fine until recently, the cost of advertising skyrocketed. She doesn’t understand why sometimes her Facebook ad account flagged while Glenda is still using the ads which are running very well before.

Even though her current business is fine and profitable. But she realized that, with the rapid change of the internet, along with constant algorithm updates coming from Facebook, reduces the organic reach of the fan page. At some point, maybe she wouldn’t keep up with this change.

Before and after the Facebook algorithm change

Recently, she heard people talk about sales funnels, which can help her pay more to acquire customers and be able to compete with competitors through Upsell, Downsell, Cross-sell. , …

One day, she saw an advertisement on Facebook and took a sales funnel course for $ 25.

Glenda learned very quickly and began to build a first sales funnel. She suddenly realized that she could understand the foundation and how to apply the software build to landing pages.

  • However, she has no ideas to create content.
  • Which scripts she should use inside each landing page

Thankfully, with her personal marketing experience and research on Google about content marketing, she also completed it.

Glenda was excited and started testing. Unfortunately, it is not effective, with no profits. She believes that she has tried A / B testing a lot, but the results are still not positive. Now, she thinks the sales funnel is not real. It’s like a scam created to sell to people like her.

Story 2

Neil is a beginner with affiliate marketing. Because he doesn’t have a lot of money to run ads, he creates blog posts and tries SEO so that customers can find his website on Google. After spending time researching his competitors, he discovered that they often gave away something to exchange an email address.

Neil went deep inside to learn more closely.

He realized that most of his competitors own at least one email list, and they can promote their products whenever they want via email marketing for free. Like most of the gurus say, “Money in the list.”

Affiliate Marketing for beginners - sales funnel course

At the moment, he knows this is a type of sales funnel.

Neil decided he would learn more about it and build his email list. Because he was just a beginner, he wanted to find something cheap but effective. He went to the course platform website and found a funnel building course for $12.99.

After attending the course, he suddenly realized that each video only had about 3-5 minutes (they tried to list out many videos with catchy titles to Neil feel more knowledgeable). Most of the content inside easily found on Google and Youtube. The ultimate goal is to introduce Neil to the software or tool they affiliate with or another course they own.

But because he had bought it, he tried to see if he could learn anything useful from them. Like Glenda, Neil sees that building a sales funnel is not just about making landing pages and integration with other systems like email marketing, payment gateway… as you thought.

The strategy and sales process inside is the main problem.

  • What gift you should give away for the target market
  • The bonus
  • Once the customer receives it, what will happen?
  • How to write an email, how many do we send a day to email subscribers, and how long?
  • Assuming the first email follow up is five days, so what happens next after those five days?

I know that Glenda and Neil are not isolated cases; these are common problems that people are facing. Therefore, in this post, I will share the three best sales funnel courses I’ve ever learned.

1. One Funnel Away Challenge – Russell Brunson

One Funnel Away Challenge is one of the best sales funnel training program.

After purchase, you will have lifetime access and learn all the essentials you need to build your first (or next) sales funnel in the next 30 days. This is one of my favorite programs because it not only includes videos recorded in membership, also has live coaching calls in private members group.

Steve J Larsen go live one funnel away challenge
Steve J Larsen go live in Facebook Group

It means that the knowledge you learn always updated with current trends.

The course lasts four weeks. Each week will include a topic; each topic will have the theory videos, best practices, and specific exercises you need to do during the week.

Of course, the exercises will go from easy to difficult.

One Funnel Away member area

Sometimes it will make you depressed. So they give you live coaching calls to help you answer the questions, inspired and motivated to help you complete your homework better.

After completing the course, it’s a good time for you to complete your sales funnel. You will understand all the strategies and techniques behind effective sale funnels.

  • How to identify your potential customers
  • Create irresistible offer
  • How to create a story that converts visitors to leads and become a customer.
  • How to attract your target audience with a hook, make them pay attention, start read your story, and get your offer.
  • Also, you’ll learn how to create the landing page for funnel without code or design requirements. (Even you’re beginners)
  • Integrate with email marketing software and payment gateway.
  • All scripts for ads, opt-in page, sales page, OTO (one-time-offer) page, email follow-up, headline and more
  • What should you do when your sales funnel audibles? How to fix and increase conversion rate?
  • And so much more

This course is not only for business owners, but it’s also suitable for beginners. Besides, if you are an affiliate marketer who doesn’t control the card, they also provide videos for you.

Don’t misunderstand: Many people hear the name One Funnel Away and think that it takes only one funnel to succeed. 80% of your sales funnels will not work well for the first time (even you’re an expert). You have to go testing different things like design, offer, hook, and so on until your funnel makes profits. That is the ultimate purpose of the course brought.


One Funnel Away challenge cost you $100 for the digital version (Plus $19.95 shipping for physical version).

They have the same value. You get lifetime access to watch videos in the membership area and live coaching calls in groups. But there is a small difference with the physical version you will have the 30 days book, workbook, mp3 player, etc. you can get more detail in the One Funnel Away challenge review here.

One Funnel Away challenge mp3 player

Now, you can click on the link below to join the course

Remember if you think the OFA challenge does not bring any value for you, so you can refund within 30 days with no question.

Is it fair enough?

2. Funnel Builder Secrets – Clickfunnels Training

funnel builder secrets masterclass - sales funnel course

Funnel Builder Secrets course like a miniature version of One Funnel Away Challenge. However, it will focus more deeply on the technique of building the sales funnel with Clickfunnels.

If you don’t have a Clickfunnels account yet, you can sign-up and trial 14 days for FREE.

So why did I put it on this list? Is Funnel Builder Secrets and One Funnel Away Challenge the same? Otherwise, which one is better?

In fact, this is a course for Clickfunnels members. It also includes the basic knowledge of building a sales funnel. But compared to OFA, it’s not as comprehensive. Therefore I highly recommend One Funnel Away challenge more.

Let’s take a look at the content of the course.


Content You Will Learn Inside:

1. The Death Of The Website

2. Hook, Story, Offer

3. Funnel hacking 101

Your First Funnel – From Zero To Launch

  • Module 1 – Funnel Overview
  • Module 2 – Creating Your Offer
  • Module 3 – Pick Your Funnel Strategy
  • Module 4 – Copywriting
  • Module 5 – Power Editor Basics
  • Module 6 – Funnel Design
  • Module 7 – Mobile Friendly Funnels
  • Module 8 – Integrations
  • Module 9 – Launching Your Funnel
  • Module 10 – Intro to Traffic Secrets

What makes the Funnel Maker Secret different from the course itself. It was from an intriguing offer.

Clickfunnels does not sell this course individually, there are two ways you can get it:

1. Funnel Builder Secrets Offer

What you will get with $1997

  • Funnel Builder Secrets course
  • Funnel Hack class
  • Traffic Secrets course
  • 6 months Clickfunnels platinum for FREE ( $297*6 = $1782 value)
  • 1-year use Funnel Scripts for FREE ($797 value)

Because this offer is quite expensive, so if you want to learn more and buy it, make sure to watch the full video below before making a decision.

Get Free inside FunnelFlix

The good news for Clickfunnels members, you will get it for free inside FunnelFlix.


Underline: When you become a Clickfunnels member, you not only get funnel builder secrets but also take other courses developed by Clickfunnels for free.

There are two options in FunnelFlix:

$97/ month include Click Funnels standard features PLUS:

  • Funnel Builder Secrets course
  • 30 Days: What if you suddenly lose everything, how to save yourself in 30 days. The idea of 30 success marketers include action plan from day 1 to 30
  • Affiliate Bootcamp: Created for Affiliate marketers
  • Brick & Mortar: How to use sales funnel for Brick & Mortar business
  • 10X Secrets Documentary
  • Funnel Hacking Live Documentary
  • Two Comma Club Documentary
  • Ads Skill
  • Product Secrets
  • Money Mindset
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection

$297/ month include Clickfunnels Plantium features and all course above, PLUS

  • List Building Secrets Course
  • Frank Kern: Book Funnel Blueprint
  • Funnel University
  • One Funnel Away challenge
  • Unlock The Secrets
  • 10x Secrets Masterclass
  • Agora Copywriting
  • Dan Kennedy: How To Create Personality In Copy / Influential Writing
  • Frank Kern: Mass Control & Mass Conversion
  • Frank Kern: Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

  • Frank Kern: Video Black Box
  • Funnel Hackathon
  • High Ticket Secrets
  • Subscriber Reviver Challenge
  • The Machine
  • Agora Media Buying
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Dan Kennedy’s Collection
  • Frank Kern: Unplugged
  • The Warrior’s Way Doctrine Director’s Cut

3. Affiliate Secrets 2.0 – Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham is the founder of Buildapreneur.com, owns a Youtube channel with more than 20k followers (at the time I write this post)). He is one of the top affiliates, Clickfunnels Dream car winner, and member of the two comma club.


Above all, he helped a lot of people create income with affiliate marketing through Affiliate Secrets 2.0


This is a course to teach you how to use a sales funnel to make money with affiliate marketing.

With $897 you have lifetime access to Affiliate Secrets 2.0 and get:

  • The “Big Picture” Of Affiliate Marketing and the right mindset
  • How to find people who ready to buy from you? (hot buyer)
  • The strategy to get traffic into your funnel (email marketing, solo ads, social media, SEO, etc)
  • Step-by-step to build an email list
  • How to pay less, get more
  • Automated templates
  • Find a good product easy to sell
  • Build a team so your business runs autopilot.
  • And so much more benefits no one else is offering

Of course, don’t listen to what I say. Watch his webinar training (FREE) before you make a decision.

I’m a beginner, and I don’t have money. What would I Do?

Most people who are just starting a business have a low budget or no money.

As I said, valuable knowledge is usually not cheap at all. If you do not have enough money, you can work and save and then come back to study later. Besides, you can research and learn from Google, Youtube, forums, Facebook groups, etc

At least it’s better than the cheap courses you can found online.

In case you are ready to invest in changing your business, three sales funnel courses I listed above are one of the options worth considering.

Don’t forget all have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


I hope you enjoyed my list of sales funnels course.

Now, I want to hear from you

If you have any questions related to the courses above or I missing any sales funnel course that valuable. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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