Russell Brunson: The Secrets to Selling $3.000.000 in 90 minutes

It’s not a rumor or a form of disguised PR.

Unbelievably, Russell earned $ 3 million in cash after just having a 90-minute presentation at the 10X Grant Cardone event.

10X GrowthCon tickets

Cash is not $ 3 million in the contract, or in the expected revenue. But we are talking about real cash that Russell hold in his hands.

The presentation took place on Friday morning, but on Thursday – the work, which involved in the sale, has been completed yet.

There is still more than $ 500,000 in lots of order-form which was faulty because credit cards were declined.

Sales exceed $ 3 million.

But more importantly, there are a lot of things we need to learn. We have to dig and take advantage of the record on the 10X stage. I believe that all entrepreneurs, marketers, and salesclerks also want to know …

Watch full-length video, Russell Brunson – $3.000.000 presentation here:


Discover How Russell Create Perfect Presentation
at 10X Growth Con?

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The secrets behind that help Russell create the perfect presentation

Russell brunson storytelling secrets at 10x growth con

Conspicuously – on Facebook’s Newsfeed, the dizzying share, with thousands of congratulations to Russell on his post.


Generally, he becomes very famous and common.

And here’s what Russell did (reported, analyzed more questions for Russell and his answer).

Russell Brunson_ Secrets Selling $3.000.000 in 90 mins

1. How long did Russell prepare for his presentation?

According to Russell: He only spent three days completing his content to new content, especially for the audiences at 10X.

But in fact, all the stories and social evidence, which he uses is the result of Russell’s work for many years.

It took 10 years to complete the Perfect Webinar scripts. Russell used it and done it thousands of times.

Russell also spent a year writing Expert Secrets – the book that analyzing each script to the possible smallest details.

The slides that Russell used at the 10X event were modified to fit the desires of the audiences. 

They’re entrepreneurs, salesclerks – who wanted to learn how to sell something.

2. How did Russell Brunson sell on stage?

If you are hard-working to find, this 10x event is not Russell Brunson’s first event.

Last year, Russell also had the opportunity to talk here – the event had about 2800 attendees and he sold nearly $ 1 million for the product “ClickFunnels”.

Interestingly, according to Russell’s sharing- the first year, Grant Cardone did not really know about Russell. When Russell required his support team to handle orders at the end of the presentation, they do not even provide his team with a table and chairs to sit.

After that, Grant said to Russell:  “As you know, you just say the price of the offer (combo) you bring to the event. That’s the way it will work with the crowd.

We also have had the Internet Speakers in the past, they also sold on the stage, but usual marketing tactics do not bring effectively”.

So the meaning of his saying is:” You have to sell in new ways. The old ways, which many previous speakers use, are inefficient.

However, in my mind, with the events I held, I resolutely negotiated to my guest speakers: “Please don’t sell on stage, you just should try to share the value – the real world experiences of you “.

Russell told: “At that time, I nodded in agreement  (Since I did not want to be the one that Grant would remind me before), I just KNOW it would not follow this way because I spent many years learning how to sell on stage.

And in the 90 minutes, Russell offered a package for the audiences. Everyone got up, left his seat and ran to the back to order.

Russell’s two members Circle – Alex and Leile Hormozi – were there and helped Russell handle orders along with his sales team, Dave Woodard. They all stood in the exit, offered registration forms; they had no tables to sit on.

Surprisingly, it has turned into a day of nearly 1 million dollars.

After beholding what happened, Grant and his team were shocked. They had never seen the scene before and in the next month, Grant told Russell: “I want you to show me how you do it.”

Russell talk at 10x growth con - Russell brunson secrets

According to Russell’s narration, about a month later, Grant asked Russell to speak at this year’s event – 2018.

Russell knew that most of the participants who would have attended, were his customers last year.

Not only that, Grant was impressed by Russell’s first lecture.

He took advantage of that video in the next 12 months on social media and he sold millions of dollars in ClickFunnels revenue to his audience.

You know, nearly half a million people have seen Russell’s presentation and his video in 2017.

Russell brunson secrets presentation on the stage

Avowedly, in the next year, If Russell wants to succeed in selling, he needs to offer different and new things, while still selling ClickFunnels.

Here are somethings Russell did when presenting at the 10X event in 2018.

1. He sells combo for all of the training programs needed to succeed including:

Literally, you do not have to buy anything.

A very good offer for his customers – including those who have been using ClickFunnels.

2. He showed them the value of the training programs that he added.

It is hard to see the value of something, especially as a training course.

However, for example, the Traffic Secrets bonus, Russell paid John Reese nearly $ 1 million to buy his copyrights, contents, and courses. Russell shows his transfer screenshots, and now he’s giving away for free – a course Russell has paid for a million dollars.

3. The power of FREE.

Everybody wants free software.

Therefore, according to this mentality, Russell has donated 12 months free for using of ClickFunnels (the highest package) to customers who bought the combo he has introduced.

Before going to the 10X event and presentation, what did Russell do?

Actually, everyone is scared, tremulous and worried about any event that has their presence, even a small event. Russell too. He is not a hallow and he is also afraid.

According to Russell’s sharing, after the event ended last year, Grant had said and continued ordering Russell’s software in 2018.  With his affirmation, there would be 9,000 attendees. In 2017 it had only 2800 people, but he claimed strongly that it will have 9000 people in the next year. Russell did not believe it, and nobody believed it.

9000 people … a lot of people.

However, about a month ago, there was a meeting between Grant, BTC and the Speakers at the event, Grant said that he had sold 8500 tickets.

That sounds too impressed.

This made Russell more anxious, but it’s not a problem. He not only did not lack his confidence but also brought about his own success.

There is no magic formula, Russell just did the usual things:

  • Trying to get enough sleep
  • Eating well
  • Coming to the stage before one day to get the habit and see what it looks like
  • Praying – He prayed God for his saying. He hoped that it can really inspire everybody to change their lives

4. How did Russell Brunson and his team/company prepare for this event?

According to Russell: Whoever does business, especially when they speak at an event, the biggest challenge is finding a way to sell on the stage without breaking the rules of the organizer.

He’s been thinking about this for a long time and …

This is the problem:

Almost every speaker will speak and give participants a way to make their purchase before starting their presentation.

What happens?

People will start focusing on orders rather than focusing on presentations.

It has 9000 people and the question needs to be answered:” How long will it take to order? At least three to four hours with a group of about 15 people.

But Russell’s team did that thing, they hide orders on the seats of the audience until the time was right for them to know.

And what kind of hiding?

Russell had packaged a “gift” bag and pen that had an envelope with a large label: “Don’t open it until the end of Russell’s presentation,” in the envelope is the order form.

Oh! He is very very smart.

He used gifts to cover up the curiosity of the audiences (of course, there will be some people who are curious to open it first, but a few  because they are almost businessmen. Moreover, they always respect the proposal of others, especially the speaker)

Russell’s Clickfunnels team only had about 10 attendees in the event.

They spent hours putting out gift bags on audience chairs, standing at the table all day, collecting order forms and giving presents. They handle all thing by hand and after a few days, they still have to continue processing.

Russell’s Social Media team stayed behind to collect ideas, take photos of people, post to their groups.

Russell also has a Billing and Support team, who are ready to support and handle new customers there.

Besides Russell also hired temporary staff, but surprisingly, they did very well.

According to Russell: His whole company put all energy into preparing for this event.

5. Russell’s advice for someone who wants to sell on stage or through a Webinar?

Russell talked a lot about the Webinar, so you should watch a Webinar over 100 times and practice it 1000 times.

In conclusion, Russell’s key is to read Expert Secrets

You need to check out all his Webinars and study all. At any costs, you have to get his model of energy, voice, pace, and stories.

Also, you can get his 10X secrets course that teaches you all behind the sense of $3.000.000 presentation. (it’s only avaialable from 8th – 18th November, 2018)

So I hope YOU ARE IN

10x secrets masterclass Russell Brunson - storytelling secrets

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6. Why does Russell not use digital technology, but he obligates everyone to order by hand?

According to Russell, there are two simple reasons:

  • He wants to have social proof.
  • The stadium is too large, it has too many people and wifi cannot load for 9000 people
  • What motivates them to wait?

During this event, those who have a Golden Ticket will receive a copy of the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, the Secret Audio version of Dotcom secrets, and Expert Secret for them listening to it when they are on the plane to go home.

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Russell Brunson: The Secrets to Selling $3.000.000 in 90 minutes
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Russell Brunson: The Secrets to Selling $3.000.000 in 90 minutes
Unbelievably, Russell earned $ 3 million in cash after just having a 90-minute presentation at the 10X Grant Cardone event.
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