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How to get free traffic to your website fast with Reddit marketing

How to get free traffic to your website fast with Reddit marketing? Do you remember Digg? Well, no one’s on Digg these days, but it used to be popular. The new version of Digg is Reddit. Everyone’s on Reddit it’s one of the top 100 websites on the web. If you’re not on Reddit and you’re not trying to get traffic from it and you’re missing out or you’re doing something wrong. Today I’m going to teach you how to get traffic fast from Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Now if you don’t know anything about Reddit, it already it’s basically the world’s biggest online discussion board and it’s chopped up in and divided.

I should say into different subreddits and this sub-Reddit is basically subforums that are specifically addressing different topics.

Anything from dog grooming, traveling to weight loss to really anything under the sun.

Reddit definition from Wikipedia:

is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

Posts are organized by subject into user-created boards called “subreddits”, which cover a variety of topics including news, science, movies, video games, music, books, fitness, food, and image-sharing.

Submissions with more up-votes appear towards the top of their subreddit and, if they receive enough votes, ultimately on the site’s front page.

Despite strict rules prohibiting harassment, Reddit’s administrators spend considerable resources on moderating the site

So let’s dive in. Keep reading to learn it.

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5 Simple Step to drive traffic to website Free from Reddit

In this video below, Neil Patel from will show you 5 steps ways to general traffic with Reddit marketing.

1.Participate in the community

The first thing you want to do when it comes to Reddit traffic generation is you’ve got to participate in the community.

If you’re not participating how would you know how to really leverage it?

So by participating, you’ll realize what people like, what they don’t like. You’ll realize what content works and what content doesn’t.

2. Join subreddits

The second thing you want to do is join subreddits.

What subreddits are?

Subreddits are sections of Reddit. Reddit talks about everything out there, but you know what they’re subsections on fashion, marketing, even weed.

There’s sections on everything out there on Reddit.

If you’re into Bitcoin and Ethereum you’ll also find subreddits on those topics. Now that you’re participating in subreddits and you’ve joined them.

how to drive traffic to website free with reddit marketing

Again you want to participate in the community see what they like in those subreddits and what they don’t.

3. Be transparent

The next thing you want to do is be transparent. Redditers can smell marketers from a mile away and that’s why most people struggle on monetizing and getting traffic from Reddit.

If you’re not transparent, people are going to sniff you out and none of your contents going to do well.

4. Replicate the content

The fourth thing you want to do is replicate the content that’s already doing well on Reddit. So if you see some stuff that’s doing well, create better versions of it.

Brian Dean has this thing that he calls the skyscraper technique and he’s blogged about it many times on his site in which he discusses how if someone talks about ten ways to launch Bitcoin version or Ethereum version or (mumbles) or whatever you want to call it.

backlinko - get free traffic to website

Then you want to create something called 101 ways. In other words, you’re getting more detailed and detailed.

Just like you’re seeing with all these skyscrapers out there you see these big tall buildings in the U.S.

And then BOOM!!

Someone’s like:”hmm I’m going to pop up a building that’s a mile high”.

It’s never-ending.

That’s a skyscraper technique in which when someone already has amazing content out there. You’re going to make your content ten times more amazing.

So that they’re going to be like I don’t want to copy this, it’s going to be too much work.

Now that you’ve created your own content.

5. Submitting

The last step is submitting.

When you submit and you’ve:

  • Participated
  • Community
  • Following on Reddit

You’ll find that they’ll start voting up your stuff.

It’ll start generating you traffic and over time you’ll get more visitors to your site, but there’s one caveat.

When you’re trying to get a lot of traffic from Reddit, you’ll struggle if you do what I do.

And if you’re using Hello Bar to collect all of your emails, put in there within the settings. You can say don’t show it to people coming from Reddit and by doing that.

The Redditers won’t be ticked off when they come to your site.

But if your site, in general, is very aggressive, what’ll happen is no one will want to share your content, they’re going to all download it and you’re going to get no traffic from Reddit.

The process following the AAPI Framework

Let’s see how the process works through following the AAPI framework.

So first, you’re going to find the relevant spread or niche forms.

Basically, you’re going to find out what your target customers are hanging out online and you want to go there.

The second thing you want to do is you want to find out the popular type of content that’s posted in subReddit or niche forums.

  • So they might be ”how to”
  • News
  • Case studies on the subject

You’re going to them post content that adds value to the group and it’s going to address the problems that the target customers are experiencing.

And by doing so you get to position yourself as the problem solver in the eyes of your target customers.

Then you want to open yourself up for questions.

After that, the client inquiries typically come through the comments section or through the inbox and there is a messaging system for this specific platform that you’re using and you get to follow them up with e-mails.

Case study/ example of Reddit marketing

Entrepreneur subreddit Copywriting service.

Case study number one this is for the entrepreneurs spread it. This is one of the services that I provided before as a copywriting service.

So number #1: finding the relevant sublets or niche forms

In this case, we’re on the entrepreneur’s subreddit. So all you have to do is search up entrepreneurs.

OK, the subreddit that popped up, entrepreneurs Reddit.

reddit marketing - reddit ads

So you can see where a lot of people subscribe to that.

This is basically where all my target customers are paying their attention. So you can see 408,427 subscribers quite a bit of people. Now, we have:

  • The service, in this case, is the copywriting service for Web sites and Web based-businesses.
  • The relevance of Reddit: Entrepreneurs Subreddit

Step #2: Learn about the popular types of content that are posted in the Subreddit.

Let’s take a look. When you sort the posts by top you get to see all the previous popular posts.

So in this case, looking at the highlighted area you can see that all these posts are talking about successful case studies and sometimes they are. How do you guys for achieving success?

social media strategy - reddit advertising

Step #3: Post content that adds value to address problems of the target customers, positions you as a problem solver.

Now, you may create the post that called:

“The 3 new beat online copywriting mistakes that killed the sale

Step #4: Open yourself up for questions.

After creating the post, someone will ask you about advice for the sales copy for their physical product (for example).

They are really in need of help and this is someone who is ideally a customer for me to take on.

Step #5: Client inquiries come from comments or inbox and I would follow them up by email.

Let’s break this down now.

So through the AAPI Framework

  1. Added value to target customers with a guide to improving their copywriting
  2. Draw their attention to the problems that they’re experiencing.

I basically identify the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they’re writing their copy which results in poor sales numbers.

  1. Position as the problem solver by showing teardowns of the process. Teardown/Before V.s After results.
  2. Invited pursuit: I welcome questions and I answer questions that people had about writing copy.

Here’s the key.

You want to provide legitimate value and actually help people. You want to solve existing problems people have and show your expertise.

  • This is the key to motivate people into contacting you. And this is the trust-building process very important for you to add value up front.

Case study 2: Flipping / Beermoney – Kindle Publishing / Writing Coaching.

 moving on to case study number two. This is for a writing coaching service and coaching service teaching people how to publish on Kindle.

Step #1: Find relevant subjects for niche forms.

In this case, I worked with flipping and beer money.

Because these are Subreddit where people go to learn how to do things online, specifically earning money online.

So in this case:

  • The service: Writing and publishing coaching
  • And the relevant: Beermoney/ flipping and also an entrepreneur

Step #2: Learn about the popular type of content.

Now going into the subreddit and sorting by top, you can see in the highlighted area that these posts are mainly talking about how to tutorials and case studies.

reddit social media marketing - reddit marketing strategy

Step #3: Post content that adds value address this problem of Target customers and positions you as the problem solver.

So I basically wrote up the post that calls

“kindle publishing business – the complete guide to starting a Kindle publishing business.”

And I also actually created a complementary video over this.

All right, so this post itself is the post that positions me as the expert and also the problem solver for people that are looking to get on to Kindle.

As a side note, I actually posted this and cross-posted this on the entrepreneur’s Subreddit because there’s just a higher volume in that subreddit.

Step #4: Open yourself up for questions.

This is the end of the post. Leave a comment if you like or hate it. It’s all good. Feel free to ask questions if there’s anything confusing about this course. Thanks.

Step #5 Client Inquiries come through the comments or box and I follow up them with emails.

Important notes to keep in Mind

Here some important notes to keep in mind.

  • You want to watch out for moderators and you want to read through the rules and you want to abide by the platform rules.

For example: on Reddit, you are not encouraged to post bare links which is just that you are out to a website and typically people don’t like self-promotion.

Now you want to make the distinction between blunt self-promotion vs value-adding posts.

What we’ve just described or what I’ve just described so far is an example of value-adding posts.

You want to do that instead of just jumping on to these platforms and saying:

“Hey check it out. I did X Y Z. Come to my page or contact me for this and that.

So you don’t want to do blunt self-promotion with no value at it.

  • Focus on providing value to the community and the best way to do this is through answering popular questions.
  • If the post doesn’t gain “traction”.

Meaning if you post it and nobody comments and nobody asks you any questions or nobody gives you any boat. Then you might want to remove it and post it into a different spread at a different time.

  • Concept applicable to all the online bulletin boards. (Niche forums,

So, in this case, we just talked about this Reddit platform. But you get to carry this app concept over to any bulletin board and use it on these different bulletin boards.

They all work the same way.

So you can use it on niche forms and which is another Web site that’s similar to Reddit.

What the process look like?

Let’s take a more visual look at what the process looks like.

So first of all the Target customers sees that you have helpful content that’s addressing their problems.

They gain the value and recognizes you as the problem solver the person who has the solution to their problems.

After that, they contact you for help and they sign up for your service.

What to do now.

  1. Head on over to the Web site. Grab your copy of the cheat sheet or presentation slides. So you can refer to them and you don’t have to come back to this video to watch it all over again.
  2. Make sure to subscribe playlists/ favorite/ comment. If you haven’t done so already and feel free to ask questions of course.
  3. After that identify the top 3-5 subReddit is where your customers are paying their attention.

Remember these are the places where your customers are hanging out and that these are the places where you get to gain their attention.

  1. Once you’ve done that you want to brainstorm one post topic for each one of these platforms.
  2. Begin getting your customers attention and then proceed to the Facebook summit which is the next lesson.

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