6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Software For Realtors

Real Estate Lead Generation software for realtors

“What is the best real estate lead generation software for realtors?” You’ve landed at the right place if you need an answer to this question!

To work effectively and manage the leads better, useful tools are indispensable to realtors. Obviously, these items will boost your process as well as enhance the outcome quality with modern technologies.

As much software is available on the market now, that will confuse you a lot. So we have picked out the top 6 best items and ensure they are worth your consideration!

What Is Real Estate Lead Generation Software?

For any individual or business that provides any service or product, the customer approach is one of the most important issues. And the real estate sector isn’t an exception.

The real estate lead generation helps realtors find potential customers, thereby close deals. This software is beneficial for sellers with buyers looking for one or several real estate types in a certain area.

It can also assist you in determining which is the best place or platform to advertise. The realtors can utilize it in many aspects with high-tech features by paying a monthly or yearly fee.

Get More Detail Inside Each Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Each company has its own advantages and drawbacks. That’s why you should consider carefully to find out the best for yourself.

1. BoldLeads

Real Estate Lead Generation software BoldLeads
BoldLeads: exclusive real estate leads

You’re looking for an all-in-one platform that can lead to high-efficiency final results? Keep reading and discover more about BoldLeads!

This software allows you to manage your leads better by CRM integration. The automated follow-up feature won’t leave out any of your potential customers. You can also assign your special lead to request the tool to focus more on them.

We appreciate its autoresponder system. When you are inconvenienced to reply to the customer’s question or solve the issues, it will automatically send text messages or SMS. Or, if you want to connect your leads directly, you’re allowed to send the voicemail.

BoldLeads Follow up conversation
BoldLeads follow up conversation

Moreover, it assists you in making an effective Facebook advertising campaign. The tool drives traffic from your Facebook platform to the website by collecting user’s information legally.

Even if you’re a beginner, using this one isn’t an issue. It provides users with software coaching by video training to teach them what to do.

Compared to the average range, this product cost is higher than other ones. However, this price is worth paying as it brings you all the remarkable benefits.

3rd Review

What Do I Like?

  • Automated and customizable follow-up settings
  • Autoresponder and direct connection for realtors
  • Boost the traffic
  • Software using guide and coaching

What I Don’t Like

  • A bit pricey

2. Market Leader

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Market Leader
Market Leader: Lead generation & CRM

The products on the market aren’t all at high-quality that can bring you the expected outcome. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this Market Leader platform!

Instead of paying the fixed fee and receiving a different number of leads, this software offers you another choice. For example, you want to get 50 leads monthly, so you need to pay for it first, then they guarantee you will have enough leads you need within the month.

market leader CRM real estate Lead generation software
Market Leader CRM

You may worry about the competitive effectiveness if one customer information is sold to many realtors. But you can rest assured now as this agent pledges that the customer information is unique and won’t sell it twice.

It also includes CRM technology that allows you to keep track of your list well, based on potential level. You can rank your leads as well as customize the tool features to meet your needs.

One small disadvantage of this tool is the lack of automated SMS messages. So you have to do this step manually or choose to send an email instead.

3rd Review

What Do I Like?

  • Guaranteed leads monthly
  • Quality and unique information
  • Support follow-up
  • Customizable IDX (Internet Data Exchange) page

What I Don’t Like

  • Lack of automated SMS sending

3. Real Geeks

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Real geeks
Real Geeks: Lead Generation & Marketing solution

If you’re a beginner, choosing easy-to-use software is the smartest choice. In case you haven’t had any idea yet, we suggest Real Geeks.

You’ll be surprised by the attractive and intuitive interface of this tool. Unlike others, when you need to spend several hours learning how to use them, it takes only about thirty minutes to understand the mechanism and operating principles.

A seamless IDX page is provided to help you control and manage the process effectively. Whether you’re using your computer or smartphone, tablet, etc., it supports an ergonomic interface for all the devices.

Customer support is a competitive advantage of Real Geeks. Instead of letting users wait for a long time, it provides the home valuation as soon as they finish filling in their information. This fast-action will keep the lead’s curiosity and desire to come to the next steps.

When you have to download or search for data, it may take more time than others to operate. It isn’t too long, but someone doesn’t like to wait.

3rd Review

What Do I Like?

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless IDX is available for all devices
  • Fast customer support
  • Allows Facebook and Google Ads accesses

What I Don’t Like

  • Sometimes works slowly


REDx: Connecting agents to sellers

If you don’t have a big budget for a tool or want to pay a small amount to try first, REDX will be your savior!

There is no need to worry about “the cheapest is the dearest.” From our experience, we can make sure this software is totally worth your consideration!

It provides realtors with potential leads each month through 

  • Email 
  • SMS messages
  • or push notifications. 

And the sources are proving to be quality and usable as the customer information is real.

Based on how much you want to pay monthly, they offer many service packs from basic to advanced real estate customers. It also allows you to choose automated sending emails or messages to numerous leads in a short time.

REDx Vortex Real Estate lead generation software
REDx Vortex ( All in one solution)

Moreover, if you’re a user of REDX, you can register for Vortex free. That means you still can utilize all the benefits and save money at the same time. 

However, this one works on one platform only. So it can lead to some limitations of accessibility, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

3rd Review

What Do I Like?

  • Bargain price
  • Can choose sources of leads
  • Easy to use 
  • Many types of real estate leads

What I Don’t Like

  • Works on one platform only

5. SmartZip

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Smartzip
Smartzip: Real estate lead generation company solution

A customizable tool is worth your more consideration as it will be flexible for different purposes. So, you should take a closer look at SmartZip.

This real estate lead generation software allows realtors to customize landing pages and sort data based on their needs. If you have the current website, integrating is easy to do. Other factors, such as sending the email, messages, notifications, etc., are also adjustable.

SmartZip can analyze the available information to find out the summary and key factors of potential customers. This feature is useful for prediction and next-step preparation.

Smartzip Smart data
Smartzip Smart Data

It also has large amounts of data compiled from the Internet and the companies it is affiliated with. Then, this software uses algorithms to identify and select potential customers in the area you search for.

Moreover, it’s outstanding with the multi-channel marketing feature so you can set up or connect the platform with others easily, such as Facebook Ads.

You have to commit to using this product for at least one year. Though this is the way to maintain the relationship, some users feel it’s risky to invest in a 1-year pack.

3rd Review

What Do I Like?

  • Customizable landing pages
  • Easy to control and manage
  • Analyze information and predict the trend
  • Multi-channel marketing

What I Don’t Like

  • Need to purchase 1-year pack

6. Zillow Premier Agent

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Zillow Premier Agent
Zillow Premier Agent: Agents, Team and Brokers solutions

Are you looking for the source of numerous and high-quality customers? Zillow Premier Agent is what you need!

This is a product of Zillow – one of the biggest real estate agents in the USA. For that reason, the lead source of this software is extensive with high-quality information.

You can easily categorize the potential customers according to your requirements like areas, genders, budget, etc. The tool will operate and show you the list of information ranked by potential level.

zillow CRM lead generation real estate software
Zillow CRM

Moreover, the intuitive CRM supports you to manage and keep track of your leads better. There are some settings you can choose to have a better experience, such as follow-up reminders, auto-sending emails, and SMS, or analysis information monthly.

Last but not least, the affordable price is one more benefit that convinces you to try this. It cost only half or one-third of the other lead software.

This platform needs more time when downloading or uploading a lot of data. So you will have to wait for a bit before finishing.

3rd Review

What Do I Like?

  • Wide sources of customers
  • Easy to use and control
  • Effective CRM system
  • Reasonable price

What I Don’t Like

  • Needs time to operate

5 Things To Help Realtors Choose A Right Lead Generation Company For Real Estate

It isn’t easy to find out the best one for each user. Thus, you need to take a look at the buying guide below.

1. Consider The Main Features

real estate lead generation software real geeks features
Real Geeks Features & Solution

Each product has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the factors that makes them more competitive is the number of features they provide to the users.

The more features a product has, the more attention you should pay to it. It’s obvious that a multi-function one can support you more and save your budget as you don’t need to buy other tools.

Some features you can look for:

  • CRM feature
  • Autoresponder 
  • Customizable landing page
  • Customized advertising
  • Access to other channels (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use Interface

2. How Much Does It Cost?

Certainly, you shouldn’t buy an over-budget item. When choosing other product types, you may try to purchase them as you have to pay once only, but with lead generation software, you have to pay continuously from time to time.

Their prices are diverse, ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred or even thousands of dollars per month. This depends on the features that each product offers to customers.

3. Test The Accessibility

You have to evaluate which one has better accessibility as this factor affects your using process. Is it possible to connect to your Google Ads or catalog or some other related websites and platforms?

Besides, is it easy to use? As there are many indexes and factors you have to keep track of, a complex interface can confuse you, so you can’t work effectively.

4. Customer Support

real estate Lead generation software customer support

How long will it take to solve the issues? For example, you want to find who is looking for a Texas house, how about the result?

This factor is based on your expectation and needs. As usual, some tools that have the remarkable ability and provide results quickly will cost more than conventional ones.

5. Free Trial, Cancellation, or Refund Policy

There is the fact that some users recognize the product or service they bought isn’t suitable. After a period of trying, you may find that it doesn’t allow you to access your other platforms or doesn’t have auto-response features as you want. 

That’s why free trial, cancellation, or refund policies are important. Some companies provide and another doesn’t.

The most popular is will ask you to pay for a small amount to try it first, and then if you don’t want to use it, you can cancel anytime. After that period, you can make a final decision: purchase or not?


In general, we’ve provided you with all the necessary information about 6 real estate lead generation companies for realtors. We hope you’ll find it supportive to help you to make the final decision.

I do not recommend any company here. Because we have a piece of different knowledge, skills, experience, and budget. So, If you still can’t make the final decision now, you can re-check the buying guide above to ensure that it will benefit you!

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