Top 8 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

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Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Has it ever occurred to you that real estate lead generation companies are that very missing piece in your plan to scale your housing business?

Against many beliefs, real estate is not a chance for easy money. That field is a “dog-eat-dog” world in every sense. Not only long-established agencies and their massive client database but also younger yet competent businesses try to run each other over for attention.

When pitching yourself against such a crowd, even when you have repeatedly been closing plenty of deals lately, it is never unwise to find a reliable real estate lead generation company just in case. For this post, we will be looking at today’s market’s top-of-the-line recommendations, narrowed down from the various choices available by our experts.

Why Should You Work With Estate Lead Generation Companies?

With as many as millions of choices to settle down with, clients these days have got a little bit too fastidious. If you trust your own lead generation method to do an excellent job winning them over, it is a positive sign.

But we think you have already realized that weeks, if not months, will have to go by until you finally prove your service to them. The situation repeats every time you find new clients, and to top it off, there is no guarantee that they will stay.

Paying a little extra for a lead generation program can be your way out of all that uncertainty. The people you will be working with are experts in attracting prospects, backed by their vast experience cultivated throughout many years. 

While their service is on the home sellers and buyers hunting duty, you can focus on building effective plans that appeal to all.

That is not the only reason to invest in paid real estate leads. When leaving the job in the hands of professionals, you can expect a consistent stream of customers even when they are new to the game. Influencing the field or not, revenue is always within reach as long as you demonstrate that your offers are of some value to them.

As a real estate agent, in the end, whether you seal the deal or not depends on you for the most parts. But knowing that the leads you acquire and their providers put the process at no risk plays a rather major role. Only go for any option letting you have a safe and qualified source of leads, like the following list, for instance.

The Most Reputable Real Estate Lead Generation Companies So Far

Not all lead generation solutions that appear professional give you the upper hand like they claim they will. 

Some only use lip services to trick you into handing over the big cash before hightailing, leaving you alone with a poor-functioning platform. Some seem fine at first, but their quality is not consistent and goes downhill with time.

Below is a list of what you can have faith in amid the vast marketplace, with the highest ratings from multiple real estate review pages.

1. Market Leader

market leader logo

Market Leader can possibly be the leading real estate lead provider among the long list of services available. 

Its story began in 1999, in the City of Bellevue, USA. The company soon had its name known across the national realtor community thanks to its innovative lead detecting techniques from that little starting point.

Their prospect-hunting website,, is what builds the business reputation in lead generation. From the reports gathered from home sellers via their free-of-charge comparative market analysis, Market Leader’s experts analyze what their website users are looking for, and deliver any potential lead straight to your account.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies & software Market Leader
Market Leader: Lead generation & CRM

Realtors can also connect with potential home seekers as the company can extract housing information using another tool of theirs, Lead Directs. Simply put, this is the place those in need of a new home go to, and the website saves the important details they leave behind.

Market Leader stays true to their own name and offers clients more than just the above. Alongside the abundant source of leads, the steady amount of real estate information per month and no repeated contact probably tops the list. 

Perhaps that is the reason why up to 250000 realtors from both the US and Canada are so willing to sign up for its program.

For something that measures up to many’s expectations, the company has offered quite a comfortable pricing plan. Starting at the fixed payment of $99 per month, which covers all the features and access to the program’s exclusive CRM, it then costs you no more than $30 for each lead. 

But let’s be honest, no tool is perfect, and this is just the same. It only covers the basics up to this point, so the real estate experts running it should consider some more advanced features, such as enabling the SMS or dialing function.

2. Zurple

zurple logo

Our runner-up for this list is Zurple, a modern lead generation company founded in 2009, allowing users to engage potential leads in timely conversation via their automated platform. This intelligent technology took it straight to the top 33 fastest-growing housing businesses only four years after its establishment, marking its first step toward today’s repute.

When becoming Zurple clients, you can send your leads appealing offers about certain properties they are most likely to choose without actually getting involved in the process. Even the recommendations on which places and locations your next conversation should center upon will repeatedly hit your inbox. 

zurple is a real estate lead generation companies

Another feature that impresses us is how the company captures and sends leads according to your target area.

Zurple selects home seekers who leave contact information on its particular housing website, then tracks their behavior to properly analyze their preference and location, including suburban areas. The lead source will, therefore, only contain your target audience, keeping your work much simpler.

This company provides all the important resources to get your agency up from scratch. But because of that, the price can be quite extreme to some. $399 marks the starting point for the first month; afterward, the fee varies from $199 to $499. 

The good news is that there is nothing else to complain about Zurple’s service.

3. Offrs

offrs real estate lead generation companies

Offrs is a California-based real estate lead generation service that has provided millions of reliable home analyses and made thousands of agencies nationwide happy. 

With top-quality evaluation tools, the place is trusted by home buyers and sellers high and low, earning it a massive lead database that all clients can make profits from.

Offrs team sought their leads from For-Sale-By-Owner properties that just hit the market and new expired listing leads. All realtors know that these are the most profitable targets since they have housing-related demands, yet neither existing contract nor agents in mind. 

You can locate them all by the zip code, making it easier to find local leads likely to close a deal with you.

This real estate lead provider scores some extra major points for the built-in predictive analytics from which its insightful data comes. Based on the past’s real estate trends, it combines a range of techniques and algorithms to figure out which properties would soon be on sale. That is how it can tell who makes the best client and offers highly converting leads.

Offrs aims to create the most satisfying customer experience and goes out of its way to grant that. Before actually taking your money, the company provides the option of receiving a 30-minute instruction that explains how its program works and the cost it charges. 

Plus, if you have no intention to pay $200 for the big Agency Plan, you can always purchase one lead at a time with a minimal fee of only $0.1 per property.

That being said, do not expect the tool to be the exact definition of perfection. All lead generation platforms receive complaints related to inaccuracy at some point, but this one’s rate is reported to be somewhat higher than the rest.

4. Real Geeks

Real Geeks is another professional digital lead locating platform that realtors should consider. High-functioning with a highly optimized website offers an all-in-one real estate solution for anyone wanting profits in a brief time, especially realtors working as a whole team.

You probably have some questions as to why, so allow us to elaborate more on the subject. 

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Real geeks
Real Geeks: Lead Generation & Marketing solution

Real Geeks throws in its available package as many features as one small business can have so that you can take the wheel and steer your lead generation campaign where you want. From the quality IDX website to CRM, pay-per-lead ads, and Facebook tools, you can find them all here.

What Real Geeks provide can also put a stop to your sleepless nights trying to grab leads. It has powerful strategies to keep an eye on your prospects’ behaviors, all the while handing out valuable property information to grab that contact information you need so much.

The ads you run receive similar treatments. How they perform will be evaluated and optimized.

Although there is nothing wrong with individual usage, we believe that these will deliver the best results for group members. The fee it charges fits them the most anyway. For up to two members, a fixed cost of $245 is applied to all. Extra members require an additional amount of $25 each.

We cannot say we are happy with how Real Geeks limits customization options, though. As qualified as they are, their IDX websites stay the way they are delivered. If you plan to add certain features or at least personalize their main look, the price that comes up is yours to handle.

5. SmartZip

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Smartzip
Smartzip: Real estate lead generation company solution

SmartZips is another functional predictive real estate lead generation solution aiming to become the top all-in-one tool around. And the tested-and-proven strategy serving as its backbone proves that it stands quite a high chance.

With the predictive analytics extracted from the real estate community and your local listing information, SmartZips delivers a profitable plan that focuses on the properties about to hit the market. Smart and quick-working, the tool makes the right choice for moving past the crowd, having your target firmly placed on the most potential prospects.

This full real estate marketing suite has our recommendation also for its thoughtful side. The staff knows full well that sometimes, users want to be in charge of everything by themselves and have designed two packages to choose between. 

Whether be your own boss or sit back and let the tool’s automated marketing tools take over, the decision is all yours.

SmartZips’ method has been approved by new and experienced realtors alike. But in return, there is quite a steep price to make use of this highly effective generator. The pricing plan varies from $500 to $1000, depending on how much work it has to put in during the process.

On the bright side, that is the only noticeable drawback we find so far.


RedX is a growing real estate lead finding software with over a decade of experience based in Utah. It follows a different approach to what we have on the list up to this point, a rather old school one going by the name of a cold call.

We are well aware of the fact that the method itself is not widely appreciated by realtors. The risk of getting rejected is high, while deal seizing opportunities are low and whatnot. 

RedX can turn all of that around. By filtering recently expired lists, this real estate business always has its hands full of suitable and convertible FSBO leads, FRBO leads or even leads categorized as Pre-foreclosure. 

Redx - Real Estate Lead Generation Companies
REDx: Connecting agents to sellers

Each comes with a full package, including prospects’ contact information and some details about their preference (obtained by looking into their property history).

After noting down all of that, and their geographic location via another specific tool of the company called GeoLeads, you can begin finding the next clients. Do not think that you are on your own in this. RedX has prepared a mighty auto-dialer that can boost each calling session’s converting rate by over 300%, letting you close twice as many sales as usual.

It is safe to say that this business is the most fitting choice for budget-oriented users on our list today. The cost hardly goes over $99 per month, and there are several types of leads with different price tags so that users can easily settle down with what best suits them.

Unfortunately, the lead generation program does not provide integration to many third-party apps. For the most part, if you want to import any data, doing so manually is the only way.

7. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent makes a great choice for lead generation, no matter if you are running a business independently or alongside a team. Coming into operation in 2006, the service soon expanded its reputation and influence, eventually becoming one of the dominant marketplaces for realtors we have today.

Agents do not entrust their client locating process to the whole platform for no reason.

Using their strong expertise and experience, Zillow has developed a broad network of million home shoppers wanting a new and nice place to settle down. Tapping into it is certainly your way to a consistent and qualified source of profitable leads.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Zillow Premier Agent
Zillow Premier Agent: Agents, Team and Brokers solutions

On top of that, all the tools and resources necessary to understand the demands of your soon-to-be prospects will be ready upon your enrollment. Zillow even goes out of their way and makes sure you never miss any client via their behavior tracking and instant notification features.

As long as you are confident in your offers, scheduling a showing and closing a deal is only a matter of time.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Zillow’s real estate program, the initial cost for lucrative outcomes will be around $250. Any additional charge is determined by your ZIP code and how competitive that area’s housing market can get.

Be it as it may, Zillow has quite a fatal flaw that might put off anyone in need of truly caring customer service. 

They do not neglect or pay little attention to your problem. But while proposing the solution, they seem to put a little too much effort in convincing you to pour in more money, stating it is for better profits. Not exactly what one would expect in a top company if you ask us.

8. Ylopo

You may find Ylopo unfamiliar to the ear compared to the big names above, but it is worthy of every bit of your trust in them thanks to both the quality and expertise. Being a part of its lead generation program allows you to access exclusive tools necessary to maintain your agency’s growth.

Starting with the highly-converting branded website integrated with IPX home search, it takes your business higher step by step via exclusive ad programs on both Facebook and Google. One gives your lead a chance to see what you have to offer, and the other flood them with properties matching their needs using your own MLS data.

What the video below to learn more about them

For boosting the efficiency of every advertising campaign, Ylopo has made a rather bold move: Invite your strategic mind to the system under the hood.

How your digital marketing plan has been doing and what it has managed to harvest over time will all be displayed in a user-intuitive dashboard called Mission Control. Monitoring and checking aside, if you believe you have enough experience to take over your business, it is totally possible to make some adjustments to the campaign they design.

But we will be clear to you first. Ylopo is created with aiding already stable businesses in mind, so its pricing plans can be quite out of reach for those having just started lately. The cheapest choice stays at a fixed fee of around $275 and gives you practically nothing that valuable except the IDX website.

Unless you believe you are good enough that only the help from that simplest tool can scale your business, we would suggest going with the most expensive one, $795. It provides all the features, both basic and advanced, and is what we believe to be the best approach to lead generation it can give.

Basically, that price is also the biggest flaw we find in this lead-nurturing solution. 

You may have come across some complaints that it does not give users any built-in CRM. But that will not get in your way since the tool is integrated with lots of leading CRMs that promise a better lead conversion rate.

How To Choose Your Real Estate Lead Generation Companies?

Now that you have got a list of prestigious services to invest your hard-earned money in, we will jump to another just as important part, the criteria for singling them out from the crowd.

Quality Over Quantity

While so many tempting options can sway your mind, never let them get to you and only rely on companies that actually put quality on top.

We get it that a lot of time, certain places may blow you away with their monstrous lead generation machine that draws in hundreds of prospects per month. But do not fall for them. The leads can be unusable, outdated, or not even what you intend to target, to begin with.

Know your marketplace. Know your providers. Do your research first before letting anyone have your cash.


Even if they cannot show other clients’ records directly to you, a professional service with enough background knows what they are doing. 

When on the line with their team members, showering them with lots of questions about their system functions. Ask the specific details of how they cultivate you a lead army and how they pluck out the bad ones from the crowd. 

Start splitting hair if necessary. A company with a strong track record will not have much problem answering since they have all been through the situation. But if you catch the signs of unclear explanation or beating around the bush, that is not a place you would want to give your money to.


Do not forget to mention your budget and see if they charge any additional fees. Plenty of lead generation companies charge extra for ad campaigns, new adjustments in your plans, and many things that you might not expect. 

Tell them what you can and cannot afford at first can help avoid any unwanted situations when using their services.


Including the most reputable real estate lead generation companies in your marketing campaign is, indeed, the simplest way to give yourself a head start in this cut-throat real estate world. 

Still, never forget that in the end, it is your skills and experience that actually count. Even having the right strategy and system in place will not do you much if you are clueless about what to do in the first place. Keep in touch with the clients, maintain a strong relationship with them; that is how you know your hard work pays off.

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