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How To Create A High-Converting Quiz Lead Magnet?

quiz lead magnet
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We use lead magnets to attract new customers. Yet, to accomplish this goal, the magnets must be attractive at first. And quizzes appear to be the most appealing and interactive solutions in this case. 

A quiz lead magnet is actually a quiz, but it helps you draw in new customers. It may come in different forms. Hence, you have to plan your content and design well for a good outcome. 

This post will give you a comprehensive guide to the quiz lead magnet.

Let’s follow us to discover! 

What Is A Quiz Lead Magnet? 

As we know, a quiz lead magnet can offer your prospects the result in return for their email addresses. It interests your visitors and provides them with information relevant to their needs, making it more effective than many other types of lead magnets.

The quiz could be a scored test, an analysis, a problem-solving assessment, or even a psychological test. It often has no more than ten questions and a lead capture form, so visitors may enter their email addresses to get the quiz results.

Benefits Of Using A Quiz Lead Magnet 

Lead magnet quizzes have an average conversion rate of 40 to 50%. The quizzes have surpassed the good rate that a lead magnet can achieve, which is about 20 to 25%. So why do these lead magnet types have such a remarkable effect?

Lead generation 

Quiz lead magnets are popular for their high conversion rates because your web visitors have already engaged in your website once they start the quiz. 

Your prospects have already devoted their time. So, they will be more likely to proceed to the next step and submit their contacts to receive the quiz results.

Interactive experience 

For some lead magnet kinds to be accessed quickly, your audience must enter their email address. An online test, though, will encourage them to interact more with your business.

The interactive quiz may even be physically addictive. When visitors start taking the quiz, they actively use your page. And they’ll take the initiative and develop as a lead.

Audience segment

You can customize your email content based on the section each subscriber corresponds to instead of handling them similarly. 

Numerous factors will determine your audience segment. You can simplify and optimize your email marketing using the quiz lead magnet. 

Passive income  

You can earn more passive income with your lead magnets because your quizzes can suggest other sources and items based on the person’s test results.

You just need to set your lead magnet once and allow it to keep running while you are working on other business tasks.

The quizzes have many benefits
1. The quizzes have many benefits (Source) 

Types Of Quizzes For Lead Magnets 

The types of quizzes you can take depend significantly on your strategy for the lead magnet. Let’s explore the quiz types so that you may decide what to do based on your goal.  


These quizzes are undoubtedly the most popular. They match your prospects with a personality trait, which helps them understand themselves more. 

Because the tests are free and fun, people love to take them. Moreover, your visitors won’t mind submitting their emails since they don’t have clear signs of business promotion.

Personality quizzes are the most popular
2. Personality quizzes are the most popular (Source)


Your audience may want to test how well they know a subject. If this is your case, these assessment quizzes will be necessary. They can help your audience locate where they are and what they should do to reach where they aim. 

A questionnaire is a good example of this test. You can find out more about your prospects’ knowledge about your company, your products, or the essential characteristics of your services. 


These tests are similar to the assessment quizzes as they give your prospects discover their knowledge. Yet, scored quizzes show a score based on the number of correct answers they can get. 

If you use scoring quizzes, be careful to compose the results positively so that people who receive low marks don’t feel terrible about their achievement.

Your visitors want to test their knowledge
3. Your visitors want to test their knowledge (Source)

How To Create A Quiz Lead Magnet?

You now realize the benefits of designing a quiz for your firm. Let’s get to work creating your quiz lead magnet. We’ll outline the entire process for you here. 

Step 1: Choose the topic

Finding a quiz topic is one of the most challenging tasks of creating a quiz. Start with a question: What does your target audience want? The answer will give you a hint about what the quiz topic can be. 

For example, if you are a psychologist, your customers may want to know how to control their feelings and behaviors. So, consider making personality quizzes so your audience will know more about themselves. 

Another excellent idea is building a scored quiz out of your book or other content. Your prospects have a chance to explore what they feel and expand their knowledge in the psychology field. 

Create a list of suitable topics and select the best from it. Don’t hesitate to ask a group of people who match your target audience or some close friends what quiz they’d like to take.

Choose the topic first
4. Choose the topic first (Source)

Step 2: Determine the quiz results

The entire lead magnet quiz aims to figure out the results. Because they are significant to your visitors, they will willingly send you their contacts. The quiz results also enable you to classify your quiz takers into groups according to their demands.

It would be best to create quiz results first. Then you design questions that will generate those five responses.

For example, suppose that you are working with email marketing and you have a quiz named “What type of marketer are you, and what do you need to boost your sales?”. So, the quiz results can be:

  • Result 1: Email marketing software
  • Result 2: Opt-in form
  • Result 3: Email sequence
  • Result 4: Email templates
  • Result 5: Email updates

Each result refers to a solution that the quiz taker is looking for. Once you sort them into different categories, you can recommend the most appropriate resources for your prospects. 

For example, if the quiz taker gets result 1, you will send them a list of the best marketing software. And if they receive result 2, they will need a complete guide to creating a lead magnet.

Determine how the results will look
5. Determine how the results will look (Source)

Step 3: Formulate the questions

We have the answers, so let’s move to the questions. Since we are working backward, your questions should link to the five expected results. 

For example, your quiz questions can be as follows:

  • Question 1: Do you have email marketing software? 
  • Question 2: Do you use a lead magnet?
  • Question 3: How often do you use an email sequence?
  • Question 4: Are your emails working well?
  • Question 5: Do you have any problems with your email updates?

Above are some simple questions. They should be more interesting to attract your potential customers. 

For example, you can try: Rate the effectiveness of this lead magnet on a scale from 1 to 10; Which design software do you use most?; If you can change a detail of this landing page, what will it be?; etc. 

So how many questions should you include in your quiz? If your quiz has too many questions, you will notice that people start it but never finish it. Moreover, they can’t pay enough attention to all the questions.

On the other hand, if there are too few questions, you can’t get accurate feedback and results. Then, your leads will lose interest in your quiz and quit the subsequent steps. 

So, your advice is to balance between gaining valuable data and conveying value to your prospects. Try to make your quiz short, but it should still satisfy the needs of your audience. 

A list of ten quiz questions may be enough for you to achieve both targets. Yet, you can adjust depending on your objectives.

Use interesting questions
6. Use interesting questions (Source)

Step 4: Assign the answer

Creating an online quiz is a tricky task. Hence, many business owners decide to use quiz software to simplify the whole process. They don’t have to struggle with technical stuff then, saving them a lot of stress and time. 

There are tons of quiz software options to choose from. They can handle multiple types of quizzes. We will recommend some in the following section. 

After choosing the quiz results and questions, you need to match them using the result correlation tool in the quiz software. Each software works differently to match answers to the results.

Assign the answers
7. Assign the answers (Source)

Step 5: Email-gate the results 

The next step is to design an opt-in form, where you ask the web visitor for an email address so you can deliver the quiz results to that address.

Your potential subscriber may feel nurtured when you spend time informing them of their quiz results thanks to a customized email sequence. Moreover, they will be aware of the procedures required to accomplish their objective.

Your email sequence will assist you in maintaining their curiosity once the quiz has attracted it. When you sell your products and services, those customized emails become more significant since you need to build solid trust before you present a pitch. 

A landing page is also crucial for your quiz. Your quiz’s homepage must be appealing and straightforward to use to gather information about your visitors.

The quiz landing page will direct visitors to your lead magnet. You can quickly and effortlessly create unique landing pages for your quiz with eye-catching templates using tools like ScoreApp.

You will need to design your own landing page if you don’t use any software. You can handle this task using your webpage or third-party software like LeadPages and Unbounce.

Build an email sequence
8. Build an email sequence (Source)

Best Platforms To Create A Quiz Lead Magnet 

There are numerous online quiz creators. Unfortunately, not all of them have the features you’d need to make the quiz type you expect to create. Here are the three best tools you can try. 

Interact Quiz Maker

Interact Quiz Maker

Interact can help you create personality, scored, and assessment quizzes from more than 800 premade templates. You can customize the design elements to integrate with your business brand. 

The quiz platform allows you to build an email sequence to deliver the results to your quiz takers. Besides, the analytics show you how the users respond to your quizzes.

Another benefit of this platform is that it integrates with many marketing platforms, including Drop, ConvertKit, Mail Chimp, Kajabi, etc. 

This video will show you how to create a quiz using Interact:

YouTube video

There are three plans to register:

  • Lite: $17/month
  • Growth: $53/month
  • Pro: $125/month

Involve Me Quiz Maker

Involve Me Quiz Maker

There are many types of quizzes you can take from this platform, such as personality tests, link lists, survey calculators, payment forms, online forms, etc. There are more than 200 templates to assist you. 

You can gather information from 15 predefined fields using email, name, address, or social media links. You can handle email-gate quiz results with ease. 

Analytics is a big plus of the platform. You can track submissions, visits, average time, scores, and completion rates. The platform allows you to visualize conversion funnels and examine geographic distribution quickly. 

You also have three options for the pricing:

  • Starter: $19/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Business: $149/month

Outgrow Quiz Maker 

Outgrow Quiz Maker

Outgrow is an all-in-one marketing platform but centers quizzes as a lead generation strategy. With its collection of more than 1000 premade funnels and pieces, you can quickly create quizzes, polls, and recommendations. 

Besides, the platform works with over 1000 marketing tools, such as Google Sheets, Zapier, and GetResponse. The email-gate feature of Outgrow is also impressive as it allows you to execute on the results page and welcome screens effortlessly. 

You can monitor your lead magnet’s performance, such as the conversion rate at a particular quiz stage. There is detailed analytics for each quiz taker as well. 

Outgrow offers four pricing plans:

  • Freelancer Limited: $14/month
  • Freelancer: $25/month
  • Essentials: $95/month
  • Business: $600/month

Extra Tips For Making A Quiz Lead Magnet

Above is a complete guide to creating a good quiz. Some extra tips will make it perfect and yield an excellent result. 

Promote your quiz

You must reference your quiz and attach a link if you post blogs, videos, or podcasts. If you blog, remember to insert a picture to entice readers to access and take the quiz.

Be sure to share information about your quiz on social networks too. Try to employ different messages to publicize your quiz and encourage your audience to join.

Keep in mind that you need to advertise your quiz multiple times! So plan out a promotion schedule and ask your followers to take the quiz frequently.

Use branching logic

Depending on a user’s answer, branching logic—also known as jump logic or skip logic—generates a unique path through your test.

Only questions critical to the respondent will appear in a quiz that splits. The respondent moves to a new set of questions or can skip some questions entirely if they don’t fit.

The experience is specific to that user thanks to this quiz-making feature. To establish a unique path for each visitor, the prior response they supplied determines the subsequent inquiry they receive.

All three quiz-making platforms we mentioned earlier have the branching logic feature. Your visitors love this idea so much as they have something unique to their needs. 

Use image questions 

Using high-quality pictures is an excellent approach to keep your quiz takers interested and motivated. It will also be simpler to interpret images than text-based questions.

Adding images to the quiz can speed up the user’s journey when suitable. They only need to choose the image that relates to them rather than reading all the other answers.

Additionally, switching back and forth between graphics and text helps keep your audience focused. Their likelihood of finishing your fun quiz rises with their level of enthusiasm. Then, you can collect your data easily. 

Choose a catchy title.

The quiz title is in charge of evoking your audience’s curiosity. It should be clever, concise, and clear. For example, if you create a personality quiz, the title can be “What Kind Of […] You Are?” 

On the other hand, the most common and compelling title for an assessment quiz or scored quiz is “How Much Do You Know About […]?”  


Creating online quizzes is a terrific way to improve your lead generation. They help you build a more personal connection with your prospects, introduce your brand to them, and keep them engaged in your services or products. 

Building a quiz will challenge your skills. Yet, the outcome will be rewarding. We believe that once you have a good plan and choose the right tool, you will nail it. 

Have you come up with any quiz strategy? Start it today and see how it works. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help. Thank you for joining us today!

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