How to Make Money Online With Product Launch Affiliate?

How to Make Money Online With Product Launch Affiliate 2018

This is a trend from 2011 – 2012, Product launch generates substantial income for the marketer. So many people made a thousand dollars per month as an affiliate for product lunch. 

What is Product Launch Affiliate? How to do & how competitive?

Is this fit for a newbie? Will this 2020 Product Launch expire, a newbie should do this? The following article will give you the most accurate aspects of this MMO form at the moment!

How to Make Money Online With Product Launch Affiliate 2018

1. What is Product Launch Affiliate?

Affiliate Product Launch is a method of making money online with affiliate marketing.

Product Launch is the product that you create and launch it to the market. But in this case, it is not.

When we talk about Product Launch, you will understand that you will make affiliate products ready to launch, which means you will promote those products, prepare everything for when the product launches.

If someone buys the product through your affiliate link => You will receive a commission.

2. Two types of products?

There are two types of products: Digital Product and Physical Product

I really like “the digital product” than “physical product”. So I only promote it. But you can find out in any niche any products are prepared for launch.

In terms of digital products, we can get the high commission.

Now, You can go to Muncheye to find the products to be released. (Specify the time, founder name, price, commission, … )

The example below has the following information:

affiliate product launch - funnel secrets

  • Product Name: Chatterbot
  • Seller: Paul Counts et al
  • Date & Time: As in the picture
  • Price: $ 37
  • Commission: 50%
  • JV page: More information about the launch.
  • Niche: Software

Specifically, there are many different digital products. Most of them are Course, software, WordPress theme/plugin, tool, ebook, …

And when you choose what products to do, you need to prepare a plan to promote it. So, you will be able to promote that product to people who interested and they will purchase through your affiliate link.

3. Why some of the digital product has 100% commission?

As you know, they never sell just only one a product. After they have the customer that you bring, they will sell a lot of hidden products by creating a sales funnel.

And when researching for any PL product, you should visit the Jv page to see their sales funnel, such as this:

product launch funnel

  • Front End: The first product of the funnel, usually they will give you a very high commission in this product, as the picture is 100%
  • OTO 1,2,3 (One Time Offer): The products accompany, complement or related to the first product, usually you will be 50% if the customer continues to buy, or in the marketing call here  is Cross-Sale or Upsell (sale of upgrades)
  • Downsell: If customers refuse Cross-Sale or Upsell, sellers continue to give them a cheaper option (like a trial or a version missing something), and you still get a commission if the customer Continue to buy.

Now, you understand why so many people give you commissions up to 100% on Front End products. They need a client to sell the funnel behind, and more importantly, they build their list.

After that, they will have other products, they will promote to the previous customers and make a lot of money.

Also, in addition to selling their own products, they also do affiliate marketing like you. they will promote quality products to the customer that you bring.

It bringing them a lot of profits.

That’s the reason why the commission of digital product is high, up to 100%, sometimes 200%.

4. What is the Product Launch Network?

Affiliate marketing must-have network.

The third party to provide affiliate operating system to ensure the benefits, provide sales tools, minimize the risk of occurring between two parties: the creator of the product (Vendor / Advertiser) and Promoter (Affiliate / Publisher).

With the Affiliate Product Launch, here are some networks you can choose to start:

  • Jvzoo: I usually work on this network.
  • Warrior Plus: The very famous Network created by the Warrior Forum, but the product quality is lower
  • Clickbank: the popular digital product network

Newbies should start with Jvzoo because Warrior + products will be harder to sell. Or Clickbank is more competitive. The products that Muncheye put up are usually products sold through these three networks.

For example on Jvzoo products are sold up to 106,500 copies, each price from $ 27 – $ 47. You can multiply, how terrible it sells, and the profit divided into the affiliate as we are great.

5. How to promote when the product launch?

Product Launch is a product that will launch in a short time, then depending on the vendor (creator of the product ) will decide whether to continue selling or stop if the sale will certainly be more expensive than Price during launch (Wait for 5 to 10 days)

A lot of people have succeeded and made more than $10,000 per month. So to sell the products during the launch?

a. Select the right product to promote!

This is the first thing you have to do, if the product is made from an unnamed person who is unlikely to sell, then you will not be able to sell or sell very little.

The trick here is to go to the network, find the vendor name (creator of the product) see their sales history is good? If the previous product they sell 250 sales or more can do.

Also do not promote high-priced products, under $ 50 is okay.

b. Create a Website, content writing, SEO.

During product launch or before (Prelaunch).

Product creators and their partners, big partners promote products through a variety of channels, especially email and Facebook.

Customers usually find a review or additional information about that product on Google. Based on this feature, you can write (mainly hire others to write) about your product PL.

then post on the website (Mainly by WordPress)

SEO is a form that you have to do so that when customers find a product name or product review on Google. After that, they will come to your website.

c. Email marketing.

During the development of the PL website.

You will make many different websites for many products or if you are stiff about SEO, you can choose to do just one website and review many products.

At this point, you can use the On-page Marketing for better sales.

Email marketing is a popular way, easy to deploy.

When customers come to your website, give the customer something that is free of charge in relation to the product being sold. Then send an email to them to send gifts, and also marketing the product they are selling (You can say they buy the product will be added some other valuable value from you)

Also, during PL, you will get a large amount of email from people who have received your bonus, you can email them about the HOT products that are launching, and you will be sold. so many, so much.

6. Do product launch is difficult?

This is a question that newbies always ask when it comes to Product Launch and the answer depends on the person, depending on the ability of the person.

Product Launch involves the development of websites and that cause quite a bit of difficulty.

So the information technology is a little difficult obstacle for the newbie. But can be easily overcome, the reason is:

For the website, the instructions on Youtube can help you easily complete a site without programming, or you do not know anything about the website before.

Another way is to use Clickfunnels to build blogs without the knowledge of computer science

>> Read the full review about Clickfunnels and sign-up for FREE 

Here is an example of building a blog with Clickfunnels:


The problem more important is SEO.

You should learn Google SEO because when you do the forms of website development, you must learn about SEO.

Generally, Product Launch is a slightly difficult form, not difficult as it is a kind of simple MMO in the field of affiliate marketing, requires less skill, you go into deep will meet the Other methods are much more difficult such as niche site, authority site, …

7. Advantages of Product Launch now

When you do PL, there will be many affiliates competing to do the product for you. But this form still has many important practical benefits for beginners, I will help you realize this:

It does not require much capital.

You can get started with Product Launch for $ 0 if you understand the product. Also, you can create a blog for FREE with free WordPress or Google Blogspot.

But I do not recommend using free blogs.

You should have hosting and domain for a professional website, higher marketing support such as WordPress to increase the ability to compete with the opponent.

The cost to make a website using WordPress is not expensive, only $ 3.5 / month like StableHost.

And when doing the first PL products, you should hire the knowledgeable person to write reviews rather than you write yourself. Well, let’s get $ 50 to make PL, which is pretty cheap compared to other MMOs.

For example, Niche site ($ 200), Authority Site ($ 500).

You will have a very good affiliate platform

Product Launch is a form of affiliate marketing. If you do the product launch, you can later delve into other forms as you mentioned above.

Product Launch will help you with the most basic skills such as:

  • Select promotional products
  • Create a blog/website
  • Use hosting and domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Basic SEO
  • …..

In general, if you do a complete PL promotion, you will have many basic skills to do things that are more important in your MMO career.

less boring

For example, if you make a permanent website like Authority Site, you need to spend at least 6 months to make a profit.

When you do a long time, your SEO does not properly make your website is punished by Google keywords, even your website no longer appear on google you will be very discouraged.

Authority Site is a potential MMO, but I’m sure over 90% of people give up because dejected or do not have enough money to build the site.

For Product Launch, if you are a beginner, you should make a single product with a website.

If you do something that causes your website to be penalized by Google, then you can always do another site immediately. It does not take much time.

Learn more about online marketing

You do Product Launch with Jvzoo, Warrior Plus or even Clickbank, you will be familiar with a lot of products on Internet Marketing, especially Affiliate Marketing.

When you do a product you will know the benefits of that product.

You make more products will be more open mind. Before you do PL, there are many ways to promote products that you do not know but when doing Product Launch you will know, even learn & follow very well.

Can be developed on Authority Site PL

Once you have established a “one product site”, you can begin to work as a “multi-product website”.

This is called Authority Site Product Launch.

Authority Site PL is much more profitable than a single site. Because if you build a strong website, then your new TOP keyword is very easy to index.

Make your work easier!

And you just create a website instead of creating more websites, save more budget.

No need to spend a lot of time to do it

If you only make 1-3 products at the same time.

=> The time you spend on Product launch is not much, and new people should only do little, focus on quality promotion.

If you do large amounts at the same time.

=> Invest more time, make more and raise your level up and the opportunity is $ also higher.

8. New people should make money with PL in 2020?

Based on the information you have analyzed above, you can answer the question: “Should the product launch at the present time or not?”

The answer is :

If you have little capital or you have too little skill in the affiliate want to step into this path. You should do and experience through the Product Launch form. Then go to the Authority Site or Niche Site.

In addition to the money earned, the product launch also gives you many benefits to the affiliate market as mentioned above. Product Launch brings together the many basic skills you need to experience before you step up to the harder levels.

The trend of the product launch is gone.

But that does not mean the product launch is not going to benefit you. You failed with the first 1-2 products that did not say anything.

You can not do large numbers at one time can start with 1-2 products.

9. Tips for newbie make money online with  Product Launch

If you are new to learn about affiliate marketing in general and product launch.

In particular, should prepare yourself a spirit of working and learning well. Affiliate marketing is always a sustainable way of promoting reputable MMO you should choose.

Product Launch is never out of date.

Every day there are many new products launched and you can promote. I’m referring only to digital products. But that does not mean you do not care about physical products.

It is important that you choose good products. The product maker must have:

  • Prestige.
  • The history of sales in the past.
  • high commission to promote.

You shouldn’t promote the unnamed, have not done anything.

You should not be too hasty, something fast, it is easy to break.

Especially on SEO, you should go to learn more about SEO. If you have the condition then you should study SEO in prestigious places.

I often learn through blogs as well as videos on youtube by Neil or

Your academic and work attitude determines your great success. If you are a newbie cannot do many arrays at a time, please focus on one thing.

Always practice computer skills and copywriting. These two things are very important when you make money online.

Case study makes money online with Affiliate marketing: If you feel make money online as Affiliate marketing is hard. So you can read the case study to discover how they do.

If you have any question, just comment it below. I will help you as I can.

Key Nc

Key is the guy behind Funnel Secrets blog, where he shares his passion for sales funnel, lead generation, digital marketing, and what he learned to help people avoid mistakes he made to save money.

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