Perfect Webinar Script – Download PDF Version and How To Write It

Perfect Webinar Script – Download PDF Version and How To Write It
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The Perfect webinar script is a new concept I learned from Expert Secrets book of Russell Brunson to help you sell your high ticket products.

I talked about it in the webinar funnel.

And today I want to go deep into the scripts to help you have a “good presentation”. Then use it to sell your products or services.

Again, the perfect webinar script does not create by me. I learn it from Russell.

So you can click here to get more detail.

And I’m staying here to explain it, share with you the idea and how to use it in your business online.

Perfect Webinar Script - The Ultimate Guide To Sell High-Ticket Products

The Perfect Webinar script or Perfect webinar Formula


The perfect webinar is not only worked for webinar only. You can use it for video sales letters, teleseminars, webinars, stage presentations, email sequences, and more.

It should probably be titled the “perfect presentation”.

In this article, I will show you the script process. Then we’ll walk through it (It’s hard but I will try to help you understand)

Perfect webinar script - dotcom secrets book

The idea is to get them to believe One Thing, to have a single point of belief that your message is built around and is emphasized over and over again from a variety of different angles.

Remember, if you ask someone to believe in more than one thing, your sales will suffer.

The Perfect Webinar Script Pdf

To help you have the best experience, you can download the perfect webinar script pdf. Keep it on your computer and watch again when you create your webinar.

Click here to download now

The Introduction

The first thing, you need to welcome people to the presentation, build rapport, pique their curiosity, and get them excited.

Also, this is where you start actually persuading people.

After that, you’ll try to pique their curiosity and tell your first Epiphany Bridge story.

You’re giving people the same epiphany you had when you discovered the opportunity. And Russell said this is your first attempt to knock down The Big Domino (You can learn The big Domino concept in Expert Secrets book)

This section takes about 5 to 10 minutes

And the title slide is the first thing people will see when they log in to the webinar or watch the replay.

It’s got The webinar headline you wrote earlier:

How to … without…

 The goal here is to encourage curiosity and get people to stick around.

This is an example:

Funnel scripts webinar demo

There are 5 things you need in the Introduction:

  1. The Ruler: Share with them the goal. They need to believe that your specific vehicle is the ONLY way to get what they desire most.
  2. Hook to end
  3. Commend attention
  4. Qualify yourself: Introduce your self and let people know why they should listen to you. You need to make sure you have postured your self in a way that they see you as an expert and authority. This shows them you have already achieved what they desire 
  5. Future pace

The 3 Secrets

In this section, we going to introduce what we’re going to teach during the webinar. This is where you will start breaking and rebuilding their false belief patterns

The 3 secrets are designed to counteract or negate the three false beliefs you just mentioned.

You already created the titles of these 3 secrets. So you can plug them is here and introduce them to everyone.

For example,

Funnel Hack webinars

Funnel Hacks Webinar slide

Funnel Scripts Webinar slide

Funnel Scripts Webinar slide

Closes Stack

This section takes about 10 – 20 minutes or more depending on the product that you sell.

Most people feel the difficult part of the Webinar is close.

They’re worried, unconfident and stuttering. I think the best way now is you talk to them:

“Can I ask you a question…” and immediately mention the benefit of your product through the one point. Once you go deep into the sales process.

You need to use the skill that I call “Close Stack

Stack slide #1: Reveal the first stack slide with the 6-week master class on it. Be sure to include the value of the item on the slide.

perfect webinar scripts close stack 1 funnel hacks

Stack #1 funnel hacks

Introduce Element #2: The tools

It’s time to introduce the tools you created on your stack slide. You need to tell them that when they invest today, they will also receive this extra cool thing.

And quickly review the tools they’re going to get.

For example: If you sign up today, you also get 6-month use clickfunnels Full suite (the entire Etison suite) for FREE.

After that I want them to realize that investing in this thing shouldn’t cost them any money, it should only save them money.

So you can do this by the slide:” You’ll be able to…/ You’ll be Able to Get Rid Of…”

perfect webinar Slide you will be able to

Slide you will be able to

slide you will be abe to get rid of

Stack slide #2

This is where the magic happens. Show the stack slide again on top and the tool on the second line. Then upload the total value price at the bottom.

slide stack 2 create awesome webinars

Show the stack slide again

Funnel hack masterclass bonus another tool

Funnel hack masterclass bonus another tool

Keep do it until the last stack slide that entire contents of your offer.

Including the value of each piece. It should look something like this.

free webinar tools big stack

Big stack slide

If / All Statements

Now that we’ve given them the big value price, we need to convince them that this offer is actually worth that much and get them to admit it to themselves.

perfect webinar scripts if all this did was

Closing – Call to action

This time to end the presentation. And it stays up during the entire question and answers session.

There are a few key components to this slide

  • Recap of the offer
  • The countdown clock for 30 minutes
  • Price
  • Call to action

how do i create a webinar the closing

Great Webinar Examples

Now, you feeling it’s so hard to understand. And I know that.

I think you need to have great webinar examples. So, I going to share with you the webinar of Russell Brunson.

Watch it and try to use it in your business, your product or services.

  • The first is the Funnel Hack webinar: My Weird Niche Funnel That’s Currently Making Me $17,947 PER DAY!
  • The second is Funnel Scripts webinar demo: How To Get All Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinars Slides Written (In Under 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!
  • And the last is Software secrets webinar: How To Create And Launch Your Own Software Or App In The Next 90 Days…

Perfect Webinar Script and training

Now, You need to have this scripts and put it on your desk when you design your first “perfect webinar”.

Russell is giving away the script he uses to promote anything.

I thought it would help you in your business. I have it and use it in my business. You can get it for free he just asks you pay the shipping.

It’s less than $5.

The perfect webinar scripts russell brunson

Ship Me A FREE Scripts Of The 
Perfect Webinar And Training

One thing about the Perfect Webinar script is it’s WAY easier than waxing a dozen cars or painting a bunch of fences…

I have a lot of fun with it… and you should as well… knowing that every slide you create is one step closer to your future 🙂

Through this link, you also have the way to get the training course that teaches you how to create a great webinar step-by-step


The perfect webinar script is really powerful. It made Russell become millionaires.

Get it on your hand and start your first webinar as soon as you can.

The only time I’ve seen it not work is when people don’t follow the script the right way… Some things might not make much sense at first… but trust me, they work!

I hope this article helpful for you


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