How to grow a small business success - Business mindset

How to grow a small business success – Business mindset

How to grow a small business success – Business mindset
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How to grow a small business success? Today I have a single goal. Just one! I want to send you the mindset of an entrepreneur. I will show you how to think, act and process your business like an entrepreneur. So we start with the mindset of an entrepreneur. It’s different, it’s more interesting and more passionate. The ability to orientation more than a normal employee.

Businessman thinking starts with burning desire to create something, to create something a value (maybe a product, service, job,…).

  • Whatever that is, it’s the ability to look at an industry and see the gaped and see the holes.
  • See a weakness it’s can fix by you. More efficient and more beneficial.
  • It’s your the ability to see the opportunity that no one has grasped. 
  • It’s the ability to help someone in another field. more successful, more effective and less risky.

=> It is the ability to understand the creation of values.

In life most of us are awarded directly proportional to the problems we help others. by number, circumstance or level of problem. Or the opportunity to create for others.

Many customers, companies, businesses are dependent on other businesses. Don’t think that they have many choices, abilities, opportunities so they are successful, happiness than other.

How to grow a small business success - Business mindset

As an entrepreneur, you need to create value to the areas you will join.

Remember as an entrepreneur, you have to make some decisions. Because you always have choices. Many people are still choosing to work in an uncomfortable environment. But that’s not you. Entrepreneurs that you want to become are full of energy, passion and enthusiasm.

People who work with you are young or old, professionals or amateurs. Your commitment is to constantly grow them. Because when you do that:  passionate, commitment, enthusiasm will bring success for you.

So you would become a person who creates value and wants to develop others. You need to grow other, you would create value by solving problem. Or create opportunities for people through product, service and your job.

As business success: You would also become a multiplier.

As business success: You would also become a multiplier.

Very important. So what’s multiplier?

The “multiplier” is the person through which their product or service makes everything better, delivers higher quality with the goods and the field they participate in,

  • They receive respect from staff, customers.
  • And they develop the business by improving the quality, service.
  • They start every single day with a passion and focus provide value for people in many ways they can.
  • The multiplier tries to multiply the impact of goods and services on the market. 
  • They never considered it simply commodity.

Take the negative in every situation

Take the negative in every situation

Whatever the weakness, what is the burden? Instead, it is a burden. You will look at it as an opportunity and learn from it. Of course, that’s not immediately but a whole process. All you need is to understand yourself and use your skills then people will come and support you.

  1. The first thing you can do is start the business from zero: No money, but we can create from skills you have. The skills that you can provide to those who do not, though more or less. Although you are good at yoga, education, IT, gymnastics, you can do business with that skill.
  2. You can make a company with only 1 base in one field, you can collaborate to build another facility or buy the license for use in other cities.
  3. You can partner with the media: online, offline, social media, website, newspaper,…to create product and service.
  4. You can create a company without many employees or supplies and joint ventures with companies have employees and supplies but do not make the most of their resources, and you will sell that service under your company name.


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