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The Sales funnel explained. Include all concepts you should know, from detailing what is a sales funnel to the strategy, types of sales funnel, and so much more.

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The sales funnel definition is a library where you can find concepts related to your marketing funnel. After reading, you will understand what a sales funnel is and what kind of funnel you should use in your business to achieve specific goals.

This page is your home base for Sales Funnel concepts resources designed for people of all skill levels.

What Is Sales Funnel ic

What Is A Sales Funnel?

By now, most companies using sales funnel in their business to improve conversion and sales online. But what is a sales funnel? The difference between the traditional funnel and online sales funnel.

AIDA formular how to use Aida In Marketing ic

AIDA In Marketing

Most concepts of the sales funnel these days are based on the AIDA formula. Learn the AIDA and how to use it in marketing.


The Value Ladder

The value ladder is a crucial step in making a sales funnel and standing by that in your process. This is a secret to help you increase your revenue and maximize customer average cart value.

the sales funnel stages for beginner icon

Sales Funnel Stages

Describe every stage in the traditional sales funnel, and online sales funnel. Learn very detailed the goal and what we should have in each stage.

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Sales Funnel Strategy

Depend on your goal (collect leads, make sales, or sell high-ticket products), there are different types of sales funnel out there. Discover which funnel you should you in each specific goal and all framework and science behind.

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