Marketing In Your Car Podcast Review | FREE Pre-Loaded mp3 player

Marketing In Your Car Podcast Review _ FREE Pre-Loaded mp3 player

Today, I will introduce to you Marketing In Your Car Podcasts by Russell Brunson – CEO of Clickfunnels, author of 2 best-selling books called “Dotcom Secrets” and “Expert Secrets book.”

No matter you’re an internet entrepreneur, author, sales, affiliate or network marketing…etc., If you’re don’t know how to sell your products, the method right in your market, how to boost your business,…

So these podcasts were created for you. Before we dive into the Marketing in Your Car mp3 podcast, you can watch the video introduction and unbox from Tim Castleman below.

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite podcasts for two reasons…

#1: If you’ve ever been in marketing or sales or if you’re an entrepreneur or want to do a startup of your own, I’d love for you to subscribe to the podcast of Russell Brunson.

Russell was seen on this season’s show “The Profit.”

He helps startups and businesses to grow.

Every day he does a podcast for about 6 minutes during his commute to his office, talking about what they’re doing in their company (which BTW went from startup to over 29,000 ACTIVE paying members in about 2 1/2 years – crazy…).

BUT… #2 The other cool thing is that he actually pre-loaded the first 257 episodes of his podcast on an mp3 player that you can get for free.

Now, let me show you all about marketing in your car podcast

Marketing In Your Car Podcast overview

marketing in your car mp3 player
  • Product name: Marketing In Your Car Pre-load mp3 player podcasts
  • Created by: Russell Brunson
  • Sales page: Click here to visit the sales page
  • Episodes: 257
  • Time duration: 3-5 mins each podcast
  • Price: The FREE MP3 player with the first 257 episodes + Shipping cost less than $10

What is Marketing In Your Car?

Marketing In Your Car or MIYC is a podcast talks about the big ups, the big success they had, and the big huge crashes, and not many people talked about that side of it.

But Russell Brunson does it to help inspire entrepreneurs and show the struggles.

He started his podcast when he was through his company to collapsed and crashed when they’re starting to build from scratch.

And in that 3 years period of time, they took a new company from an idea they’ve launched it and have over 27,000 active customers (Now Clickfunnels has over 40,000 members)

They’ve been documenting that whole journey:

  • What they did, what worked, what didn’t work.
  • The ups, the downs
  • He talks about family life, stress as an entrepreneur.
  • And more

The Benefit of MIYC

This is some benefit I discovered after listening Marketing In Your Car Podcast.

  • Discover marketing strategy: What worked, what didn’t work
  • Each podcast normally 3 – 5 mins.
  • Increase your traffic to the website, conversion rate.
  • Pay more than your competitor through a sales funnel
  • Keep your business to survive and grow up
  • Everything you need to sell your products and services online
  • And more…

Any upsell in this product?

As a marketer, you might think:” well, there are so many benefits in this podcast. So the question is, why he gives away for FREE? – Is it a trap, scam, gimmicks, or something like that?”

If you follow Russell Brunson, everyone knows he is a sales funnel expert.

So he always uses the sales funnel in all of their products and services. He always gives his knowledge, strategy, experience for FREE. Then drive them to the next funnel (it’s fair).

Here are the upsell after you get this mp3 player podcast:

1. The Transcripts

Step two of the order form gives people the option to buy the transcripts of all the podcasts for $17.

There is a transcript of 257 episodes (pdf and kindle version). So you can print it out or put it on your kindle and reading.

2. Funnel University

On the next page, they offer Funnel University monthly to you. But you do not need to pay any money right now.

Because we have 14-day for trial and understand how it works.

funnel university review

Funnel University is a program that teaches you:

  • Behind the scenes of the successful funnel.
  • Advance code for Clickfunnels software
  • Analyze the funnel that they’re hacking
  • Marketing secrets strategy
  • The 3 cores funnel
  • Bonus 108 proven split test winner book
  • And more tips, tutorial, testing in Dotcom secrets Lab
funnel university book cover for free


Now the Funnel University has been closed.

So you can not buy it.

If you interesting in Funnel University and love what they do, What you can do right now is visit and sign-up to join their waiting list.

They’ll let you know when their next enrollment period approaches

Funnel university login

3. Funnel Immersion

Funnel Immersion is the training course with over 80 hours designed for Russell Top clients who “love” Funnel, deep into the funnel and immerse themselves with the experience.

The content of this course include:

  • Dotcom Secrets training and workshop
  • Funnel Catcher
  • Past videos from Funnel Hacking Live
  • The Invisible Funnel
  • Perfect Webinar training, template, and workshop

After buying the course, you will join the membership site that covers all those topics. The funnel immersion has a $2,997 value. But if you buy it on the OTO page, it’s only $297.

Updated: Now, I’m not sure does it is available when you get the Marketing In Your Car mp3 player or not. So if you are interested in it, you can Checkout the funnel hacker cookbook first, fill in the information, and they will drive you to the funnel immersion offer page.


The podcast actually FREE. You pay $9,95 for shipping costs. The question is, where should they ship it for you?

Final Verdict of Marketing In Your Car podcast

Name: Marketing in your car mp3 player podcast

Visit the website:

Owner: Russell Brunson

Price: FREE + $9.95 for shipping

Refund: 30 days money-back guarantee

Highly recommend for the marketer, entrepreneurs who want to market themselves, your product then increase traffic, conversion rate and sell products or services online.


Marketing in your car podcast is useful for me.

I can learn, listening everywhere, anytime I want. If you want to increase your conversion rate, upgrade your business to the next level, check it out through the link below.

In my opinion, to help you get the best result, you need to read the “dotcom secrets book” and “expert secrets book” today! Of course, he gives away for FREE.

So, if you haven’t timed, hate reading, go travel, on the way to work,… no matter what is it. Remember, bring Marketing In Your Car mp3 Player podcast.

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