Digital Marketing Funnel Stages : 4 Steps Double Your Sales

What is digital marketing funnel,  marketing funnel stages are one of the hottest topics in the world of business and marketing right now. For good reason what exactly is a marketing funnel and more importantly how can you harness the power of this incredible tool in your business to generate more leads and sales.

Now you’re watching the modern marketing show, where we take different marketing tactics tools, tips, and strategies and break them down into the bite-sized actionable post that you can use to immediately take your business to the next level.

So what exactly is a marketing funnel? Sales funnel identify and Marketing Funnel Stages? You will know that after reading this post.

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Understand Digital Marketing Funnel Stages – 4 Step Double Your Sales

What is marketing funnel?

Well, a marketing funnel sometimes called a sales funnel, conversion funnel or just plain funnel. That is a system allows you to track the customer journey from having no idea who you are, right through to becoming a lifelong loyal customer.

Every step in between the beauty of the funnel is provides a graphical representation of what can often be a hard subject to visualize.

The fact that a marketing funnel is also often shaped like a funnel helps to. As it makes it easy to visualize the process that your customers go through on their journey with your brand and business.

The elevation marketing process

The way to create your own marketing funnel can be as simple. As taking a look at your business and how you acquire customers.

What are the stages of prospective customer takes, and the journey they go through that moves them from having no idea that your business existed to becoming a loyal customer.

My suggestion is to use something along the lines of the elevation marketing process which goes traffic, conversion, ascension, elevation.


Step one is: “identify where your prospective customers

Let’s call them leads are coming from. Are they finding you through social media, a search engine, or a paid ads you’re running.

marketing sales funnel

Once you’ve identified your traffic sources you can start to compare and pit them against one another and may the strongest traffic source win.

As a side note, these leads who have never heard about you or your business before are called cold.

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Once your lead has arrived at your website storefront or landing page. The next step is to get them to make a micro-commitment and take some form of action.

marketing funnel stages - conversion

If you’re selling a low priced item like a pack of gum. After that, action could be a sale for selling a higher priced item like a car.

Then that micro commitment could be a smaller action like going for a test drive. The point here is that you want to encourage them to take the next logical step in the relationship.

Whether it’s exchanging their contact information like their name, email, phone number or even agreeing to a follow-up meeting.

At this stage, your lead is now warm.


All right at this point in the funnel, you’re going to be working with fewer leads than you started with.

But that’s okay because those that are still with you are a higher quality lead and are more interested in what you have to offer.

We’ve also taken some form of action, or micro commitment and are a lot more open to what you have to offer next.

It’s at this stage that you want to begin the follow-up process and really bring the value.

Continue to nurture your leads by providing more valuable and helpful information. But at the same time don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.

If you’ve done a good job at guiding them along their journey up until this point the next logical step should be your core offer product or service.

When you’re warmly buy and exchanges their money for your product or service they become hot.


It’s now time to really bring on the value and elevate your relationship with your customers.

Following up with your recent buyers is one of the fastest ways to solidify your position as a business that truly cares.

Buyer’s remorse is very real and is alive and well in all markets and industries.

So the first 24 to 48 hours after making a purchase is a critical time to calm any anxieties and affirm your new customer’s decision to do business with your company.

It’s also unexpected which makes it an even nicer surprise. And part of the system to elevate your customers into brand evangelists who tell their friends, family, co-workers and sometimes even strangers about just how great your business is.

The power of Funnel

The beauty of this funnel is that when you lay everything out stuff gets real fast.

There’s no hiding a flawed strategy or justifying a bad campaign.

marketing funnel template

Just is what it is and that’s the power of the funnel to quickly and visually illustrate your customer’s journey in order to eliminate any choke points or areas of friction.

So you can create a system that allows you to generate leads convert them into customers and then turn those customers into lifelong and loyal brand evangelists powerful stuff.

Marketing Funnel Stages

Now we are going to cover the marketing funnel stages. Whether you’re just getting started online with your online business, internet marketing or whether you’ve been around the block and you’ve been doing this for a while.

Understanding these stages and these components within your marketing funnel are going to help you really be able to focus your efforts on the 4 pieces.

sales funnel stages

Because there’s really only 4 pieces that make all of the difference.

They say there’s the 80/20 rule right? Where 20% of what we do creates 80% of our results.

And now we going to cover very quickly and very clearly what the 20% you need to be focusing your time on to be sure you’re creating a successful online business that generates leads and sales and really kind of maximizes your efforts to do that as easily as possible.

The Required Steps In Your Marketing Funnels


Now the top level of the funnel is the awareness step right. So this is people don’t actually know who you are yet. And the goal is obviously for them to encounter your content in some way shape or form.

Now you probably know that I love Facebook pay-per-click advertising. I’ve covered how to create ads and run ads it’s a form of interruption marketing.

Awareness Marketing Funnels

What you can do is you can take people who you have, who loving your content. You can display your advertisement to them. Which is your content and effectively making them aware of who you are through paid advertising?

Now that’s not the only way to go about this right? You can also be running a content marketing strategy, where you’re writing awesome long-form blog posts.

That answer people’s questions. So when they take to Google and they’re typing out their questions.

You know how do I fix this problem in my life and then they go to Google and they bring Google returns your content as a search result.

At that moment the person the individual searching for a problem that you can solve. They become aware of you. Pinterest marketing is another way right?

If you have a physical product, or if you’re in the health and wellness kind of niche. Someone’s searching through Pinterest for a new meal plan and they find your pin.

That talks about the awesome meal plan that does XYZ in 14 days and they pin that to their board, or they click through that pin and they go to your website to read the post.

At that moment they’ve been they’ve become aware of you. So the top of the funnel is awareness.

How to build awareness

The quickest way to build awareness is through paid traffic but we can do it through earned traffic and through organic traffic.


The next step is once they’re aware of you, you need to build the interest. Now this interest building component comes from your opt-in page right.

This is your squeeze page or this is the lead magnet side of things. So of all the people who have seen you and become aware of you.

interesting step in sales funnel

You need to filter those who are interested in what you offer and we do this through a squeeze page by offering, report, tutorial, case study, offering… Something of value in exchange for their email address.

At this point what you’re doing is you’re saying: okay all of these people who are aware of me now based on their the pins, or the ads that I’m putting up.

I know let’s use the personal development niche, I know these people are interested in personal development. Because I’m only showing my Facebook ads to people who like Tony Robbins.

So I know that they’re interested in this then they become aware of me from my ad, and my ad offers them a free video that reveals the secret to personal development in seven days.

Now there’s some of these people who have seen my ad who are very interested in what I’m talking about, interested in my 7 – day solution those people will enter their name and their email address on my squeeze page and that’s the entrance into my funnel.

That’s how they express interest, and then what do I do? I build desire.

Desire – Evaluation phase

So in the video, I’m telling them all about this 7 process that I’ve got. I give it, I just lay it all out, I give really really good valuable information at this step in the funnel, to really help them see that  I’m an expert.

They can trust me and it helps them like me as well and at that point, you’ve got the desire build they’re like: “wow I really like what this person’s talking about, I really like what they’re getting at, I really like that end result that they’re talking about. I want that end result.”

At this point, you’ve got desire going and you can build this desire on this first video. This video can give a lot of value and transition to sell a product of yours or the video can give a lot of value and then offer an affiliate product it can be just a link to an affiliate product.

So you can quickly go from the interest step, to the desire step. I call this an oto (or a one-time offer) a percentage of those people interested they already desire that which you have.

evaluation on marketing funnel stages

So giving them the opportunity to purchase quickly. A quick way to kind of recoup your advertising cost allowing you to put more money at the awareness level and bring more and more people down into your funnel quickly.

So that’s kind of how it works on the quick end. But the other option is if you go from the interest level to the desired level that’s where your email follow-up sequence.

It’s a huge help. In your email follow-up sequence after they opt-in for the interesting item. You give them more content, you give give give and then you offer the sale that’s what the blablabla… right hook stands for.

In your follow-up sequence, in your automated emails, you give give give valuable content to help them know, like and trust you and then you ask for the sale.

That allows you to build the desire through a series of emails and you’re also kind of building credibility and you’re building the relationship, you’re nurturing a relationship with them.

And that builds the desire to have more of what you want and some people will purchase at that point.

Honestly, with the email marketing, you just keep going and going and going with the give give give offer kind of methodology.

We mail our lists just about every single day we send millions of emails to our list of about 90,000 people every month.

The reason is the timing is not always perfect for everyone. We want to say top of mind, we want to continue to give of ourselves to show our expertise when I’m saying our.

If you weren’t aware of that and it’s through that process of continually giving staying top of mind.

That when the timing is right for them. We’re right there in their inbox and they’re ready to purchase. Because we’ve at some point in that relationship building process we’ve built enough desire.

Action – purchase phase

So the last step is action.

At some point you need to call them to action, you need to display a Buy Now button.

You need to explain what your product is? what the solution that your product will give them is?

You need to explain how much it is, you got to make sure they know about your 30-day money-back guarantee.

Give them the testimonials that you have from your excited and happy clients and really compel them to take action.

If you’re kind of going for the affiliate marketing model. You’re building an affiliate marketing funnel then the action is actually clicking on your affiliate link to go to the vendor’s page right.

You’re not selling if you’re an affiliate, you’re pre-selling the content and when they click that is the action.

That you’re taking forward and at that point, it’s up to the vendor whoever your affiliate for to actually sell the product.

If it’s your products that you’re selling your information products, your own membership program.

Or if this is a membership funnel the action is purchasing your product.

It’s clicking on a Buy Now button. It is entering their information in the checkout process. That’s it really these is the four stages of the funnel.

There are ways to look at a marketing funnel on the stages in more complexity. But this is the most simple way on the awareness.

They don’t know who you are, and you need to make sure they know who you are.

Once they know who you are. They need to become interested in your story, your successes, what you can help them with. And then they need to get the desire built up within them to have that which you can offer.

Or to have that which you have and then you need to offer them a mechanism to obtain this from you, or from a partner vendor through an affiliate link.

It really is that simple and I like breaking things down in this simple way. Because so many people online make this marketing funnel stuff.

So complicated and it’s just these four simple steps. If you’re just getting started lay out your roadmap and lay out what the those steps are going to be just rough it out with pencil and you can always change it.

We’re going to test to see what works the best. if you’re currently marketing and you have a product, you have some of these pieces in play figure out. Which one you don’t have in play yet, or figure out which one isn’t working the best for you.

Get to work and get testing get that piece of the funnel added. Make sure that your visitors and people who want and need what you have been able to go through all of these steps on for consistent steps in a very short period of time.

What you’ll find is you’ll be in a situation, where you can put money into advertising. The ads turn into leads, turn into customers.

You then take that money, you pump it right back into more ads and you have a business. That’s a successful online business and you don’t take the money out of the business.

You keep pumping it into more ads you grow a bigger list and a bigger list. That’s where the backend sales come and that’s really where you’re able to create a lifestyle business online. If you interesting about marketing funnel you can checkout dotcom secrets Book (Free). It’s really awesome.

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