Affiliate marketing for beginner 2018: How to Make $3,000 FAST

Affiliate marketing for beginner 2018: How to Make $3,000 FAST
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Today we’re gonna talk about the fastest way to make a quick  $3000 – $5000/month online using affiliate marketing. So this is a question that I’m answering someone emailed me a couple of days ago.

I’m gonna talk about one of the fastest ways you can build an affiliate marketing business and make money online.

Now guys if you if you know me, I’ve explained that really when it comes to building an online business and making money from affiliate marketing.

The thing is you gotta spend some time to build the business.

It’s not gonna happen instantly but there are some ways to really speed up the process.

There are some ways to get their faster than usual.

So that’s what I’m gonna talk about in this post.

I mean this is something that some top affiliate marketers are using. something that I use a lot and it helps you a lot to eliminate a very very critical and annoying process in affiliate marketing.

So let’s talk about it.

But it really takes you there let me explain something.

if you are receiving masters you gotta remember or if you know workshop that you know one of the ways that you need to do when it comes to building an online business – build that website okay.

How to Make $3,000 FAST as Affiliate marketing

The website for Affiliate marketing

You know building that website firstly. It can get really confusing and also you know you gotta spend some time, maybe a couple of months to really put it to work.

Optimize and then all that stuff.

It what I’m gonna do in this Post is I’m going to talk about a cool strategy, cool thing that you can do to really eliminate that process and pretty much be done-for-you websites.

It’s really amazing is something that I do once in a while it’s pretty cool right.

So let’s get started let’s talk about this cool strategy and how you can use it to make a quick $3000 – $5000/month online as an affiliate marketer all right.

So let’s go start it.

The strategy help you make $3000 – $5000 as Affiliate marketing

The website I’m going to talk about is called and this is a  website where you can buy or sell websites.

I mean in this case particularly, we’re gonna talk about buying websites.

Because I don’t want to sell anything.

What are you going to do when you go to   you want to go to the website and you want to click on established websites.

Affiliate marketing for beginner 2018 How to Make $3,000 FAST

Affiliate marketing for beginner 2018 How to Make 3,000 FAST- 2


Something you can do when it comes to building a website is: if you bought your website here what’s happening is that you buy established a website.

A website is getting already traffic, a ton of traffic.

So you can use that.

Most of these people who are selling their websites here are not using the website – it’s you know a  maximum potential.

Example this person is selling the website for $500 and they’re making about $2,800 a month and it’s an E-commerce website.

This is one of the advantages of buying an already done for your website.

You don’t have to spend the time to go through that trial and trial and error process to just figure out what works, what doesn’t work and all that stuff.

It’s really really powerful.

Focus on traffic

Example let’s say I want to promote a weight loss product from Clickbank right.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to keyboard section and lightly write weight loss. I’m just trying to see what we can find here.


I’ve done a search for weight loss. So let’s see what we can find here so

How about this so let’s take a look at.

This one is selling for $265/month. Now we’re not interested in the net profit but what I’m interested in the traffic this website is getting.


So let’s take a look at it so this website is getting 17000-18000 people/month.

We used to get more but not right now. So it’s a WordPress site. It’s getting a ton of traffic and it’s pretty good actually.

I’m not sure it’s not showing the latest data but 18,000 that’s not bad.

What I would do is I would delete the website on the domain and build like it or I would take a look at let’s just click on.

Let’s see what’s the website about because some of them are landing pages, some of them are not.

So this looks like a blog.

Let’s take a look seems like a blog to me yeah.

There you go it’s a blog – I mean it needs some work obviously.

what can we do with the website as Affiliate marketing

For example, if I buy this I’m gonna change the template to make it look better all that stuff.

You can just start writing more content and start getting traffic and getting a ton of sells on ClickBank just using this website.

I mean you buy this website for like 250-260.

So you can obviously this wasn’t a bit so you have to like offer something or you can just buy it for $395.

But what another thing you can do is you can contact them if they don’t get back to you.

You can contact them and just and talk to them negotiate basically the price that’s something I do too.

So this is how you do it guys, this is how you buy websites.

What you do is again you buy the website on you start maybe changing the theme and they start publishing content, publishing videos may be on the blog or on the website about the product you’re selling.

As an affiliate and you start making commissions.

Again this is gonna help you to you know to avoid that trial and error process that you have to.

That time you have to spend to build the website.

You buy a website that is already getting traffic and it’s really really powerful.

This is a powerful strategy what was really really good.

That something you should definitely if you want to you know to avoid that painful process of building a business.

This is gonna get it helps you to get  there faster

So let me know if you have any questions guys and leave a comment.

Let me know if you have any questions and like this blog and share with your friends who need that.

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