What is Live Demo Funnel? – The definition Guide

Live demo funnel is one of top 22 funnels in Funnel hacker cookbook.

This funnel can help you build generate leads, sales your product. Not only that, Live demo funnel can help you show off your product.

You can answer the live question and demonstrate your product. 

Do this by hosting a periodic live show that others can also attend live. Remind viewers where they can get the product you’re showing and keep additional episodes below.

So if you want to learn more about live demo funnel and get all top 22 funnel recipes, you can get Funnel hacker cookbook for FREE. And today, we’re going to learn what is live demo funnel and how it works.

Now let get started!

What is live demo funnel? 

This is a live demo funnel.  Now the gold fly demo phone was for you to demonstrate your product, your service live on this page. So typically people use some kind of streaming services like Google Hangouts or something to stream those live demos.

live demo funnel - sales funnel template

And that all happens here on the live demo page.

Then after the demo is done the recording of that also stays on the page which is pretty cool. Now that’s basically what the page is you can have back archives of the show you can have links to other products and services.

If you want and you also have a place where people can get on a notification list. The lists for the next time you do next slide demo.

So you can have a button and they click on the button the clip pop comes up. Put the name of the email address in. Then you thank them for getting on your notification list for your next live demo.

How to Use the live demo funnel in Your Business

If I was selling as an author/speaker/ coach/consultant...I would create a live, weekly Q&A show built around the
product. I’d have a link to purchase the product below but also any other relatable info products.

If I was selling in e-commerce… I’d take my most popular and my most profitable products and do live demonstrations of me using the product.

If I was selling Business-to-Business… I’d record my live Q&A shows and post them on the Live Demo Funnel with links to upgrade their service and even buy additional ones.

If I was selling in the network or affiliate marketing...I’d create a fun and motivating show around my company’s product, which would first focus on selling the product. Yet, throughout the show, I’d let people know how they could join my team and make money doing what I was doing also.

If I was selling my professional services… I’d create a weekly show talking about the service I provide and then push those people to signup for my services.

If I was selling in a retail / Brick & Mortar Business… I’d take a mixture of my top selling products and show myself using them together. Then I’d have a link to buy the bundle below the live video.

If you want more information about how to use this inside of your business make sure you check out the funnel hacker cookbook

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