LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide: The best platform for B2b

LinkedIn Lead Generation The Best Platform for B2B

Seeking a paper about the LinkedIn lead generation to obtain more in-depth insights towards this great platform? Kick in this post, and you will be clear.

LinkedIn is a social platform whose design makes it suitable for use by professionals. It is the perfect platform suitable for B2B marketers to connect, promote business, and build the brand.

Our post about LinkedIn lead generation is now available for you to read. Through this post, I going to share with you details:

  • The benefits of LinkedIn to your marketing strategy
  • How to generate leads on Linkedin
  • Free & paid lead generation strategies
  • Creating a LinkedIn Lead Gen form
  • and so much more

Scroll our paper till the end to grab some other tips for LinkedIn lead gen. We believe that your business will flourish in the future if you know how to use this platform wisely. So why do you hesitate? 

Linkedin lead generation – The Fortuitous Benefits

The benefit of linkedin lead generation

#1. Gather Professionals With Purchasing Power

The percentage of LinkedIn users, who are representatives of their companies proactively investing in related decisions, makes up more than 20%. This percentage is proportional to over 39 million decision-makers and 60 million senior-level influencers that your business might be networking. 

Understandably, LinkedIn lead gen is the most popular digital platform among Fortune 500 companies. So you may have a good chance of reaching your targeted audiences on the site.

#2. Engage In Extremely Active Users

Most digital marketers overlook LinkedIn and favor other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They have some misconceptions.

  1. LinkedIn is only used to search for a job
  2. Not a big platform like other social media channel
  3. Only connect with people you already know, which means it’s not valuable for lead generation.

Take a look few key numbers.


LinkedIn has over 700 million users in 200 countries and regions worldwide, and half of them are these extremely active users who work on the LinkedIn platform every month.

Over 40% of 260 million users activate their accounts daily, meaning an abundance of potential leads to connect with regularly. They also have 50M+ companies listed on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn users cut across various professions, jobs, businesses, and industries. It is merely a network to give and tap into expertise, talents, and skills in multiple industries.

#3. Grant Effectiveness

According to the statistics collected by the site’s content marketer, 80% of B2B lead generation developing via social media come from LinkedIn. Likewise, LinkedIn has helped appeal 70% of form fills for Simplus, a Salesforce partner. NetBrain Technologies Inc. even attained 94% of quality leads thanks to their doubled click-through rate associated with LinkedIn.

#4. Convert More Lead For Less

You might have many options to perform LinkedIn lead gen for free. However, if you have purchased one lead generation strategy, you still can convert more leads for less budget when executing a similar advertising campaign on different digital platforms. 

While HubSpot ran ads sponsored by LinkedIn Content that spent a higher cost per click than Google Ads, the company generated a double conversion rate. 

You can create 11 conversions with each cost of $90 on LinkedIn, while Google Ads bring you only eight conversions for $125 each with the same advertising budget of $1,000.

#5. Provide B2B Lead Generation With Tailored Audiences

B2b linkedin lead generation numbers

Marketers even can take advantage of LinkedIn Ads to approach the extremely granular information related to their target audiences. Finders can base on some major targeting options to look for the leads, such as company name, size, industry or seniority, function, and job title. 

Although Facebook Ads allow those finders to connect with users via job title and employer, the channel does not emphasize workplace networking. This limit leads to a lack of specification in some users’ employment information, making Facebook Ads a less ideal platform for targeting their potential audiences. 

#6. Become A Go-to Choice For B2B Marketers

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn said that over 90% of B2B marketers ( 94%, to be exact) take advantage of LinkedIn to create and disseminate content. 

The data come up with two theories. The first theory is that B2B marketers choose the wrong platform, while the second one is getting into profitable investments. In either theory, you might be neglectful of what 94% of your B2B marketers are already utilizing.

Another essential thing to note is in a B2B professionals survey: 41% of the 1,000+ respondents chosen LinkedIn.

Linkedin b2b lead generation

This is why using LinkedIn can help you generate more leads for B2B by connecting with people with the same business mind like you who can help you succeed.

Including LinkedIn in your social media marketing strategy can help you bring about a successful enterprise. If you can run your LinkedIn account with skill and proficiency, you can make the platform work in achieving your need.

Above are basic pieces of information about LinkedIn. Before we go deep into lead generation strategies, make sure you complete these vital steps first.

Start With the Right Mindset before go dive into the guide

linkedin lead generation mindset

The prime step you take to find leads on LinkedIn is to start with the right mindset. Do not let any misconceptions block your pathway of connecting and nurturing potential leads. Scroll down and check on three common misconceptions.

First and foremost, marketers often make a similar mistake of distributing as many invites to hook up as possible and get sales talks somewhere they interact with promising leads.

The messages sent exclusively to persuade recipients to purchase service will surely obstruct all of your efforts, making the customers unfollow your business, and overlook your connection messages, emails at once.

Secondly, users misunderstand that LinkedIn is a sales conversion tool, but in essence, it is a connection tool.

The true purpose of LinkedIn is to network and create connections whereby sales clerks and marketers exchange their contacts for cultivating and cementing their relationships. People expecting to get deals on LinkedIn will fail to achieve the desired results.

Lastly, sales professionals will certainly suffer unwanted results if they are remiss in doing thorough research about their audiences.

People tend to engage and collaborate with a business that takes the time to reach out to them personally, understanding their specific difficulties and producing an applicable, detailed solution to their current issue. Avoid general outreach; otherwise, you will lose personal touch with the potential leads.

FREE Strategy for Linkedin Lead Generation

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

How to optimize linkedin profile

You may feel it like a piece of cake to complete one profile, but in reality, many marketers and sellers do not know how to optimize their LinkedIn profile correctly. So what you need to do is keep reading the following specific instructions.

  • State a compressed, captivating tagline that shows who you assist, how you assist them, and the means whereby you use to assist them. 
  • Remember to specify your niche market alongside specific solutions to specific problems, supporting specific audiences. Generally speaking, create a specific, concrete, catchy tagline for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Scatter intended SEO keywords wisely across the tagline and also over your profile.
  • Ensure you avoid getting your profile stuffed solely with information about yourself and writing a resume-like profile because people usually ignore your business achievements.
  • Rather, focus on a profile based on the customers’ needs and show them you have authority so that they can trust and do business with you.

2. Do Wise Outreach

After identifying your unique business proposition and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you can start doing outreach but be wise.

You can take advantage of many incorporated sales and marketing tools from LinkedIn, like InMail, LinkedIn Pulse, or Sales Navigator. When you send out messages, avoid being too self-promotional. Instead, simplify your communication and get the lead to appoint a face-to-face meeting or direct phone call.

3. Publish Articles

It would be best if you published articles to prove that you are a professional in your industry. Via articles, you anticipate and clarify your clients’ uncertainties. Doing so helps instill trust in those clients that you are the right one to address their problems.

Distributing articles on LinkedIn brings you some benefits that you can not look for if you blog solely on your site.

Firstly, LinkedIn has your content shared amongst your connections in their news feeds. Sometimes, your followers receive notifications. 

Next, those who hesitate to connect with you can follow you via these articles. Then, your later published piece will be automatically floating in their feed. 

About the last benefit granted by LinkedIn, making your profile invisible helps users easily search for your articles -both online and offline.

Overall, publishing articles is an ideal option requiring no payment to establish your authority to take the initiative on your site.

4. Post Daily Updates

post article on linkedin

Showcase Page or LinkedIn Page are two free platforms whereby you can post daily updates to keep your business front of mind among your connections. 

However, you do not need to update unique pieces of content every day. Below are a few tips telling you how to keep this strategy easy and quick:

  • Have your content repurposed and delivered to your other digital accounts
  • Associate with current posts on your site
  • Guide audiences to your most latest source
  • Raise your outlook on news via your business

This step aims to utilize your content cleverly and get your page updated as often as possible.

5. Join Groups

Users from the same industry can gather in LinkedIn Groups to share their interests, take on news, and ask questions.

These groups create a large network amongst marketers and potential leads to exchange employment information. You can use joining LinkedIn Groups to demonstrate your expertise by helping solve their problems, clarifying their uncertainties, and suggesting reliable resources relevant to the discussion.

However, you should not join a group and boost your service or product at once. Doing so is like taking away the potential leads in place of attracting them. Therefore, it is essential to consolidate the relationship with your clients first before making any pitch.

6. Engage with a targeted list of users

You should establish a set of criteria from which your business can constitute the ideal clients. Then, search for the users fitting your criteria. After that, make a list of your leads and start networking.

It is quite common that LinkedIn users accept any requests for connections from those who are already familiar with or have interacted with before.

In case you can not find another way to interact with the lead, choose the “connect” button. Commonly, marketers like or comment on the target customer’s articles.

After you get your connections accepted, move to the next step that regularly engages with those leads. You can endorse them for their accomplishments or send congratulations to them when they issue a business-related proclamation.

This approach will gradually heat your rapport with the leads. They will keep in mind who you are and then respond to your messages related to your service or product.

7. Engage with current clients

Do not disregard your relationships with the current clients because referrals from those people are extremely convenient to attain more new leads. So, remember to nurture an authentic relationship with existing clients and ask them for referrals so that you can pass up on sending emails.

Paid Strategy For Linkedin Lead Generation

1. Sponsored Content

Like Facebook and Twitter, you can promote your content on Linkedin with robust targeting functionality. Which means:

  • Allow you to target your best article, landing page, video presentation, pdf, etc… to the right people at the right time.
  • Optimize ads for different devices like desktop, smartphone, table.
Sponsored content linkedin

Use Direct Sponsored Content if you want to sponsor your content to the target audience without publishing it on your Linkedin page. So, you could create variations of ads for the A-B test, then figure out what works and what doesn’t.

2. Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail linkedin lead generation

Using sponsored InMail, you can reach your potential customers on Linkedin via message chat box to boosting conversions with target product, drive people to sales funnel so you can collect leads, or personalizing invitations to events and conferences.

By delivering personalized messages could convert visitors to subscriber up to 60%.

Sponsored message ads linkedin lead generation

3. Dynamic Ads

Via Evergage 99% of marketer agree that personalization impact on advancing customer relationships.

impact of Personalization in marketing

The relevance of the message is critical for successfully connecting with your prospects and motivates the desired action.


Linkedin Dynamic Ads makes it possible to:

  • Target the audiences that matter. Select the audiences you want to reach based on a wide range of professional targeting options, including company, work experience, groups, and interests.
  • Creative, customize, and personalize your message. Craft your ad copy, choose your call to action, and leverage dynamically generated images from each member’s own LinkedIn profile data, company name, job title, and more.

4. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms make it easy to collect leads from the more than 700 million professionals, influencers, and business decision-makers who use LinkedIn.

Watch the video below to understand how to setup complete Lead Gen Form Ads

Choose the “Advertise” button to enter your dashboard of the LinkedIn ads. If you do not find that icon, choose “Work” and choose “Marketing Solutions,” listing all of the accounts.

Create Linkedin Lead Gen

Then, select a group to set up your campaign you prefer and click on “Create Campaign”. Choose “Lead Generation” as an objective of your campaign on LinkedIn. 


Linkedin lead generation by using Lead Gen Form best resources:

Other tips for LinkedIn Lead generation

#1. Create Your Sales Funnel

You can answer the clients’ questions and satisfy their needs by creating a well-established sales funnel, leading to conversion. On LinkedIn, you should make use of a three-layer funnel, including Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. This funnel allows you to personalize your service.

Visit our sales funnel learning center to read more useful guide

#2. Create and Publish Relevant and Engaging Content

You may run the risk of weakening the clients’ interests in your business if you tend to be self-promotional. Rather, create and distribute relevant and engaging content to attract more audiences. Because relevant, attention-getting content contains knowledge and insights familiar to them, they will come back regularly with no doubt. Also, make sure you diversify your content to make your new feed more fascinating. 

#3. Make Use of Linkedin Lead Generation Forms

You can use the LinkedIn “call-to-action” in your lead gen form to create the ads that come with a signup form. Doing so automatically populates your business with the leads’ contact information. The clients type their email address and click “submit.” 

#4. Leverage Conversation Ads

InMail platform allows LinkedIn users to send their messages to each other.

The ads based on Conversion Ads will facilitate the ads’ delivery from one user to another more quickly. There is not much difference in the InMail ads, while Conversation Ads tend to be more conversational. 

We suggest you establish a Bayesian flow that is replying and then following up. This platform is available solely on desktop devices. However, Conversation Ads bring your business higher conversion rates but a lower cost per lead.

#5. Connect to Your CRM

Associating LinkedIn with your CRM can help customize and purify your selling funnel. Commonly, CRMs provide a two-way connection, meaning that they can either offer LinkedIn data or collect data from LinkedIn. For instance, LinkedIn receives data by collecting contact information in the CRM, meaning that you do not regularly upload new CSVs. 

#6. Explore Matched Audiences

The Matched Audiences is one of many tools allowing B2B marketers to re-identify previous audiences who were visiting your blog, target specific accounts, or refine your list of contacts already uploaded by you. 

#7. Employ Micro-Segmentation

You have to address your clients’ existing questions, concerns, or unsatisfied needs to leverage each lead’s level from the first funnel layer to the next. To do so, you need to personalize your approach and go for a micro-segmentation process that allows you to winnow your lead group down to smaller subsets exhibiting common properties.

#8. Deepen Into Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator helps reinforce the marketers’ ability to find and connect with their leads. Besides, it also facilitates the identification of decision-makers and supports you in learning more about your current leads.


Hopefully, our post has provided you with some useful information when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation. If you have not started thinking of ways you can incorporate Linkedin in your marketing strategy, I am sure you already understand the kind of opportunities you are letting slip by.

LinkedIn has proven that even though it does not have the same amount of users you will find on other social media platforms. It remains an excellent platform for generating leads and converting these leads into buyers.

Other Resources

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