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Best 11 Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches To Attract New Clients

lead magnet ideas for coaches

Many businesses and individuals succeed in using lead magnets to generate qualified leads and boost their sales. Interestingly, coaches are among them. 

According to research, there are up to 1.5 million searches per month for coaches. However, coaching is a competitive industry, requiring you to use wise marketing strategies to promote yourself successfully. 

There are many lead magnet ideas for coaches to accomplish their objectives. If you intend to create some, let’s check the best options in this post first. 

We have gathered the highest-converting lead magnet examples for you! 

Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches 

Lead magnets refer to a free resource you offer your website visitors to get their contacts in exchange. You can create an effective lead magnet in multiple ways as a coach. Here are some best-proven methods to try. 

1. Free Consultation

Free consultations allow your prospects to try your service
1. Free consultations allow your prospects to try your service (Source)

Before buying something, people want to try it first. The service or product that a coach can offer their potential customers is their consultation. So why don’t you use it as a lead magnet? 

Giving away your actual service at no cost can assist you in drawing in new prospects who will eventually become paying customers. 

Although the lead magnet is free, give it with your heart. Your prospects are trying to test what you can do for them and if you are reliable. 

Thanks to these consultations, you can determine if the prospect will engage in your consultation in the future. They might also play an important role in a prospect’s decision to go with your service.

One of the difficulties with offering a free chat or discovery call is that prospective customers might not feel comfortable enough with you to make an appointment.

Moreover, you can only make so many discovery calls per week, and they take up a lot of your time too.

To solve this problem, make the discovery calls accessible to visitors. Besides, to maximize your time together and create sufficient value, make sure you have a brilliant discovery call outline to stick to.

2. Problem-solving Checklists

Check sheets are easy to follow
2. Check sheets are easy to follow (Source

A free checklist or a cheat sheet gives subscribers a detailed and easy-to-follow summary of how to tackle a specific problem. 

The checklist often includes a brief list of items or steps with checkboxes. Therefore, once they are done, people can check them off.

A cheat sheet can be twice as beneficial if you adopt a special coaching technique. There are only two steps to give your ideal coaching clients a valuable free offer:

  • First, summarize your method, then choose an aspect of your approach and publish a free cheat sheet to guide your subscribers through it. 
  • Next, suggest your coaching program to help them handle other aspects of the method that you haven’t included in the checklist. 

If they find your cheat sheet beneficial, they’ll be excited to move to other components. Finally, they can actually do something about the problem they’re encountering.

3. Free Assessments

Assessments help your subscribers learn about themselves
3. Assessments help your subscribers learn about themselves (Source

Everyone loves to learn about themselves, making self-assessments a great lead magnet idea. They have the same concept of online quizzes, which we will discuss later in the post. 

It would be best to offer personality assessments on your blog post or landing page. Your website visitors are eager to take the test and submit their emails to receive the results. 

To attract a new audience, your assessments must be quick and well-designed. Don’t forget to insert pictures among text-based questions to make the lead magnet more interesting. 

Free assessments can work like a free consultation. The results of the tests should be solutions for your audience’s problem, which includes your coaching programs.

4. Workbook

You can use workbooks to build relationships with your clients
4. You can use workbooks to build relationships with your clients (Source)

Workbooks give potential customers a feel of what it’s like to work with you, making them excellent lead magnets. After that, they can take steps to deal with the issue at hand.

As they progress through your workbook, they might also find topics that they would like to discuss with someone. And, of course, you will be their first choice. 

Because readers trust you to guide them through the journey, workbooks also boost your brand’s authority in the coaching business. They also value your helpful advice that will lead to real change.

5. Challenges or Courses

Challenges are good for capturing leads
5. Challenges are good for capturing leads (Source)

People want to accomplish things. For example, before starting our diets, we like to set some goals as challenges, such as dropping five pounds in a week or losing five inches of the waist in two weeks. 

You can use this lead magnet for your coaching programs. Let your subscribers see how you help them achieve a goal within a few days. 

Your target audience can get to know you much better and develop trust in your coaching service by engaging in a challenge you organize.

Throughout the challenge, you walk followers through a particular process with daily interactions that offer advice, suggestions, or tasks for them to finish. The daily win encourages them to complete the challenge. 

The challenge should be brief, between five and fourteen days. Give your potential customers a little win, and they will be delighted to enroll in your entire program.

While the challenge is taking place, you may use a social networking site like Facebook to build a community where participants can interact, exchange tips, and ask questions.

You might also employ live videos or video tutorials to boost engagement and give more information. Your subscribers can follow them and experience your service to overcome the challenge.

6. Private Group Access

Build a community for your clients
6. Build a community for your clients (Source)

Managing the community effectively is essential for developing brand awareness. It may work well for generating leads. With this idea, private group access has become a popular lead magnet idea that a life coach likes to use.  

Immediate access to a closed group, like a private Facebook group, could be a great lead magnet. But what can you do with this Facebook group? 

Building a network around your business might be an amazing method to gain the trust of prospective clients.

Moreover, it implies that you can better understand your audience and categorize them according to their requirements. Then, you can make highly-tailored solutions that address their particular problems.

7. Podcasts

Build a community for your clients
6. Build a community for your clients (Source)

Since the COVID epidemic, the popularity of podcasts has risen dramatically. Weekly podcast listeners now outnumber Netflix’s new members in the United States. 

Coaching is an excellent niche to be on podcasts as people listen to them as a way of reading books. They find podcasts an ideal place to consult them. 

There are two approaches to this type of lead magnet:

  • Establish your podcasts

If your fan base is huge and the podcasts are your products, it will be nice to establish your own program. Make sure the content is relevant to your service. 

  • Be a guest

If you just want to advertise your current program, we advise showing up as a guest on a podcast. Creating a podcast takes time, and you may want to focus on other projects. 

The topic of the podcast must be closely relevant to the issues your coaching program addresses. Otherwise, you won’t have qualified leads. 

For instance, if you’re starting a fitness program, you could talk about why people have trouble being persistent with their workouts. Then, add call-to-actions that will direct interested listeners to your program’s sign-up page.

8. eBooks

eBooks are excellent free resources
8. eBooks are excellent free resources (Source)

Since ebooks are easy to create and you can convert them into inline courses, these lead magnets always remain among the best solutions for coaches. 

Additionally, using an eBook is easy to get data from leads. For them to access the material or receive it as an email attachment, all you need is a form or page where they can submit their contacts. 

Your eBook should offer readers value for lead generation. To achieve this goal, the eBook must be:

  • Concise (no more than 5,000 words)
  • Research-driven
  • Eye-catching
  • Informative 

Without those values, your eBook won’t live up to the expectations of your target audience. They won’t find your offer interesting and will quit your page quickly.  

To ensure that your visitors can access your eBook wherever they are, they should be responsive and perform well on mobile devices.

Also, ensure that your materials are printer-friendly if someone wants to read them on paper. We advise using the lead magnet PDF format.

9. Webinars 

Your audience will be excited about the event
9. Your audience will be excited about the event (Source)

Because they allow for in-person interactions with your target audience, webinars are incredibly powerful lead-generation tools for coaches. You may then establish a more personal relationship with participants than other lead magnets. 

Those who register for your webinars believe that you can support them. Your mission now is to cement the trust by offering valuable information. 

You can use webinars to improve your coaching project’s performance. Here are some tips for building a good lead magnet:  

  • Analyze your target audience
  • Advertise the webinar far in advance
  • Use the solid platform to present your webinars

Webinars may come in various formats, including speaking directly to the camera, using a PowerPoint presentation with corresponding audio, or even both.

If you choose the slideshow, be sure it supports what you’re talking about and doesn’t distract your audience.

10. Online Quizzes

Quizzes will encourage engagement
10. Quizzes will encourage engagement (Source

Quizzes are entertaining and interesting. They provide your audience with customized solutions rather than general knowledge. 

Quizzes are also a superb lead magnet to learn more about them to make your lead nurturing materials more relevant to your audience’s particular needs. 

Moreover, people frequently request support to execute their new knowledge after discovering something about themselves. As a result, the conversion rate of this lead magnet idea is high. 

You have provided your prospects with insights about their potential. Hence, they tend to choose you to help with their issues over other providers. 

Here are some tips to get you there:

  • Keep your quizzes brief and straightforward
  • Create a captivating and unique title for the lead magnet
  • Add some color with pictures and gifs
  • Make your questions exciting and relatable

11. Videos

Videos can draw attention immediately
11. Videos can draw attention immediately (Source

Because they are thrilling, effectively convey a message, and build trust, videos increase conversion rates significantly. 88% of consumers claim that watching a product’s video encouraged them to purchase the product. 

Making videos doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash. You can make effective lead magnet videos using an editing app and your phone.

There are many options when it comes to video editing apps. This video will show you the best and easiest-to-use tools:

The decisive element of this lead magnet is that your video is concise, appealing, and relevant to your service. You can later invest in a more comprehensive video creation procedure.

You should offer a free lead magnet. It means that all visitors can view your videos for free, at least the first ones. Then, they will be more willing to access others. 

There are many topics to choose from, but you should focus on your audience’s needs and can respond to their problems immediately.


The coaching business is harsh. Good lead magnet ideas will help you stand out from competitors, bringing more potential clients. 

There are many lead magnets to try with your business. Make sure you have well-designed, attractive, and highly valuable lead magnets regardless of your chosen approach. 

Hopefully, this post has given you some lead magnet ideas for your next campaign. If you want more, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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