Lead Magnet Guide:

How To Create A Lead Magnet

In this post, I will show you EXACTLY how to create a lead magnet.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover:

  • How to quickly avoid the #1 mistake marketers make that causes them to take one or a couple of months to create a lead magnet… So you can finish in just a few days.
  • Define your target market, so you can avoid wasting time and money, but nobody cares about your lead magnets.
  • The step-by-step explanation guide on how to write a lead magnet in less than 5 days! Even if you’re a beginner who is not good at writing and designing.
  • Create lead magnets will help you generate lead. But the goal behind them is not equal, so promote lead magnet too.
  • What if your lead magnets are not working. How to fix it?

Is it sound cool? Now, let get started!

How to Create a lead magnet

Chapter 1:

Identify your target audience

Lead magnet target audience

Why Identify Your Target Audience Important?

It sounds boring, right!

Not only for the lead magnet. In marketing, when you send your message in the market, you always define your target audience.No matter what you’re doing: create an Ad, write a blog post, create a post on social media, release a new video on Youtube, etc.

If you don’t define who you want to serve, you will be wasting your time and money.

There is a mistake most people make.

Watch the video below to see Tai Lopez – One of the top marketers, share it in his video The First Rule of Marketing Online

Most people don’t take the time to learn how to sell things by identifying what people ACTUALLY want.

When you create a lead magnet, you create a lead magnet for specific people with a particular problem. More specifically, more people love and increase conversion rates.

Now, we will talk about how to define your target audience’s avatar in 3 steps:

  1. Define your niche
  2. Define sub-niche
  3. Research their problem, pick one and share your solution. 

Don’t be confuse! I not only share the theory but also the tool and ABC step to help you do it online.

Step 1: Define Your Niche

This is a pretty simple question to answer. You’re not stressed too much to define them. For examples: Ketosis, Diet, Real estate, SEO, Comestic, Finance, etc 

A niche is vast. So, you should move on the sub-niche

define target audience for lead magnet

Step 2: Define Sub-Niche

Most people in the Real Esten niche make this mistake. They don’t focus; they try to sell as much as possible, even to investors or individuals. Even though, your company can sell for both of them, you can support and consult for any people who have an issue in the real estate, anyone wants to buy a house for family or invest.

It’s awesome!

BUT you just focus on one group of people in a marketing campaign.

For example, a sub-niche would be a real estate investor. Within sub-niche, there are different types of real estate investors:

  • Flipper
  • Buy and hold
  • Hard money lender

You can pick one for your campaign and create lead magnets for them.

Step 3: Research Problem and Solution

Once you define who is your target audience, we going to research their problems right now! Most people say that you should give away FREE stuff but high value for your potential customer and exchange email address.

The question is: What is value? How do I know my lead magnet helpful and bring high value for them?

As an entrepreneur, we solve market problems. You don’t want to do what you think; you should be doing what people want.

Thankful for the internet, you can find it fast and easy. 

In this post, I will show you some tips to find the question that your target audience asked.

1. Amazon

In this case, when I search “buy and hold real estate investing” on Amazon. 

There are so many e-books, and print books create for them.

How to create a lead magnet for real estate amazon

I click on it and see what they shared in the description to convince people to buy the book.

how to create a lead magnet buy and hold real estate investing 2

Look at “inside you will learn”

how to create a lead magnet buy and hold real estate investing

It’s not only a description but also a sales message include problems, questions, and roadblock that investors make to convince the potential customer to buy their book.

You can read their review or buy the kindle version. It takes a few bucks, but you can discover what they shared inside ( problems and questions and results people are looking for )

2. Google Search

Research your keywords plus the word FAQ, mistakes, questions. You will get a ton of information that can help.

lead magnet for real estate google search question
lead magnet for real estate mistake

3. Quora

Quora.com is a great place to look for questions people ask.

lead magnet for real estate question quora

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a tool that helps you find the right keywords for SEO. You can use it to find the question.

Step 1: In the dashboard, click on keyword ideas.

ubersuggest keyword research

Step 2: Type your keyword and search.

Step 3: Click on the “Questions” tab.

ubersuggest questions real estate investing

5. Survey

 love to do surveys because you get up-to-the-minute thoughts and answers about people’s problems. These are especially helpful if your niche is continually changing.

For example, I have used Clickfunnels to create a survey to ask my visitor. I already talk about it in my guide on how to create a lead funnel.

Funnel secrets survey funnel

I quickly check the answer and direct people to a special offer that suitable for them.

Clickfunnels result lead magnet guide

Chapter 2:

Lead Magnet Ideas

I spent four years learning and testing; I discover 11 types of lead magnet that popular and easy to create for small businesses, solo-entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers.

You can read it on 11 Lead Magnet Ideas and Real Examples.

However, I understand your business model may be different than me, and the examples I show you in the post above.

So, I’m going to list 63 lead magnet ideas to help you get more options to create a lead magnet that suitable in your business.

63 lead magnet ideas

63 Lead Magnet Ideas

  • Checklist
  • Cheatsheet
  • Template
  • Swipe File
  • Examples
  • Script
  • Toolkit
  • Web App
  • Resource List
  • Calendar Plan/Planner
  • Worksheet/Workbook
  • Printable
  • Inspiration File
  • Prompts
  • Calculator
  • Generator
  • Spreadsheet
  • Recipes
  • Gated Content
  • Tutorial
  • eBook
  • Guide
  • Report
  • Infographic
  • Video Training
  • Educate Audio
  • Webinar
  • Event Tickets
  • Free Book + Shipping
  • Sample Chapter
  • Sample Video/Clip
  • Sample Audio Clip
  • Free Coaching Session
  • PDF Version
  • Transcript
  • Audio Version Summary/”Cliff Notes” Version
  • State of the Industry
  • Predictions
  • Mind Map
  • Recording/Replay
  • Audio Book
  • SlideShare
  • Roundup
  • Newsletter
  • Vault/Library
  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • Giveaway
  • Manifesto
  • Comic Strip
  • Quotes
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Free trial
  • Bonus Pack
  • The Workbook
  • The Case Study
  • Free Summit
  • Free workshop
  • Waiting List
  • Free consulting Copon/Discount code
Chapter 3:

What Is The Best Lead Magnet

When it comes to lead magnets, you might ask,

“What should I use: ebook, checklist, video training, or a short quiz?

Which do you think is the best?”

what is the best lead magnet

My Personal Answer: Depend on your plan

What’s happen after people get your lead magnet?

When you’re starting to create a lead magnet, we want to build an email list and relationship for potential customers, right?

To be honest, it’s not your goal!

You can say I want to build a relationship with people. I want to give away massive value to help someone’s life better.

BUT ultimately, what you really want is their MONEY

Face it! 

As an entrepreneur, no matter what your marketing strategy is, you should make profits from them.

When I create a lead magnet, I always asked myself: What’s happen after people get my FREE stuff?

Ex 1: Sell product

I want to sell video training for the home gym. So, I would like to create a lead magnet that relevant in my niche. From lead magnet ideas in chapter 2, I will list the lead magnet that I can create for my audience:

  • An ebook about nutrition then introduce with them our program
  • Give away free first module in our program
  • Coupon 25% OFF for first 100 people
  • 6 Days Workout Split plan

Ex 2: Build brand, email list, and relationship

I’m a brand new coffee shop. I want to build brand awareness. So I can create a contest and give away a month’s drink for FREE for 50 peoples.

I could collect email addresses, increase engagement on social media, and be aware of our brand. After that, I could retarget them on Facebook and send an email to selling in the future.

You can see, depend on your niche and plan, you can easy to choose your type of lead magnet.

That is the reason why lead magnet always come to the sales funnel (or people say that lead funnel)

Bottom line: Your lead magnets like a bridge that helps connect your visitors to your product or service.

Professional Answer: Testing

A word of caution: be careful of the absolute experts. They are people who tell you that something is only one way.

They may say:

  • The ebook is dead
  • Webinar is useless
  • The checklist is a trend
  • or maybe don’t create a lead magnet or sales funnel because all of them are dead and this way is a current trend (their product or training)
  • The list goes on

Don’t misunderstand: They don’t lie to you, or they’re a scam!

The truth is people find patterns that work for them and produce results. They assume the way they did is always to get results.Then they tell others this is an absolute only way to do it.

Let me give you an example.

There was an internet guru who said: “Ebook doesn’t work anymore; you should create videos instead.”

Guest what?

Everybody changes their ebook lead magnet to the video, and what happened?

People don’t have experience in this, so conversion rates went down. It’s not your fault, not because of video bad than ebook; you’re low energy or persuasion.

Sometimes, it does just not work for you for your business industry.

The only way to know what works and suitable for you is to test the different types of lead magnets and see which works best for you, for your audience.

Bottom line: What I say above is just an example. I do not recommend creating an ebook for your lead magnet and ebook better than video or something like that. Don’t misunderstand. The idea behind is you should testing to discover what work and what doesn’t. It is not only for lead magnets but also for creating ads, headlines, landing page design, SEO, etc.

I am a big fan of Digitalmarketer.com; if you read their blog, you can see that they create different lead magnet types for their audience.

digital marketing lead magnets

Again, you need to test what ultimately works best for you and your audience, so you know for sure what gets you the best results.

Chapter 4:

Write and design your lead magnets

Lead magnet design and write

Step 1: Outline Your Content

Here’s where you hold someone’s hand and take them from where they are to where they want to be.

This isn’t as hard as it might sound at first.

All you need to do is note where someone is before they start. Then, outline 4-10 specific steps to help someone reach that outcome.

For some reason, you don’t know what you want to write; you have no ideas, or your brain simply doesn’t want to write.

I usually used Buzzsumo to help me take ideas.

What I need to do is type our topic on the search bar.


Buzzsumo will show you content that many people like, and has a high engagement on social media.

You’ll want to:

  • Read and collect ideas from them.
  • Outline content is now easier than before
  • Add your own tips inside to help your lead magnet outstanding and helpful

Step 2: Tips to write a lead magnet

1. Research and combine the best part from step 1 in one place (make sure to write with your voice and add your personal experience/tips to build the brand)

2. Hire Freelancer

If you don’t want to write, hire a writer! 

You can visit Upwork.com and hire copywriting (also hire people to edit your video if you create videos instead)

I always use Upwork to hire a writer because I can post a job, describe my project, and Upwork will connect me with top talent worldwide or near me.

So I can hire the best match – instantly. 

The easiest way to get started is to write the outline and the table of contents. Then have the writer do the research and write for you.

upwork - best copywriter websites

3. PLR – Private Label Rights

PLR is available in almost every topic you can dream of, but do your due diligence because some of it isn’t very good. Most PLRs are outdated, so make sure to read it carefully, combine useful content, and update current trends.

PLR private label rights

Step 3: Design lead Magnet and Cover Image


I’m using Canva to design because it is so much simpler and more efficient. You could pick an ebook cover, video cover, infographic template, and start design for FREE.


They have a lot of template pre-design for you, which means you can create that ebook cover quickly and easily, even if you have little design skills.


If you think you don’t know how to use Canva, just typing “Canva tutorial” – There are so many video tutorials with helpful tips available on Youtube.

Or you can visit https://designschool.canva.com/tutorials/.


I promise you, the best time you could ever spend to learn some of these advanced tips for making really cool-looking graphical. You will look like a full-blown graphic designer if you get good at this stuff.

Watch the video below to see how Louise Henry create an ebook mockup in Canva


If you don’t want to design, you can hire a designer who does it for you.

design lead magnet through Fiverr-2

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services like upwork.com. I use Fiverr to hire designers instead of Upwork because it’s cheaper, simpler, and faster.

Notes: Fiverr is not much friendly with the custom gig. I rarely hire copywriting, coding, or social media manager in this platform. So, if you want to hire people for custom work, Upwork is better.

Tips: I only choose people who level 2 seller or higher and get over 100 reviews. I also read their review (positive and negative) to make sure it not fake.

Chapter 5:

Promote lead magnet

There are so many ways to promote lead magnet. But, I would like to share with you four effective methods that I have used and got the best result.

I also have not talked about FB Ads or Google Ads here. Because so many people already talk about it, and you may know it too.

Now, let’s deep into four simple ways to promote lead magnet.

promote lead magnet guide

1. Blog

Most people use blogs to generate FREE organic traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Whether you have a budget for paid advertising or not, the traffic coming from your blog is of great value for marketers.

If you can do both, that’s great!

On the contrary, choose to start with a blog.

There are 7 placements you can put your lead magnet in the blog:

  1. Top or bottom bar
  2. A pop-up window in the center of your site.
  3. left or right slide
  4. Full page pop-up
  5. Alert: A small floating button that expands when clicked on.
  6. Slidebar Widget
  7. Mention in blog posts.
promote lead magnet for blog

2. Sales Funnel

A blog is a great place to create value for potential through your free content (article, guide, tutorials, etc.) But, it is not focusing.

Via Dotcom Secrets book, one of the fundamental marketing rules is that ”a confused mind always says no.”

Websites have many buttons, so many calls to action, menus leading to many different pages.

I already compare website vs. funnel, so you can read to get more information.

Besides, people easy to download pop-up blockers in their browser extension. So, what should we do?

You can create a landing page to promote your lead magnet and build an email list instead of a pop-up.

And I call it is a Lead Funnel.

pop-up vs lead funnel

There are 3 main benefits when you create a lead funnel:

  1. Focused
  2. Easy for tracking and fixing
  3. Add a Facebook pixel or Google remarketing tag for retargeting people who visited your landing page.

Now, let go to the next method

3. Email marketing

For people who have an email list, so you can promote your lead magnet for FREE. The goal is to test your hook, story, and the lead magnet that you are giving away before push hard on Ads.

You can get the result within 24 hours.

If you don’t have a huge email list yet, it’s ok! Go to the last method.

4. solo Ads

Many people provide solo ads service, which means they will promote your product to their email list under their name.

Solo Ads is the best traffic for marketers with a bit of a budget or a niche with high competition on search engines.

The cost for Solo Ads around $0.7 – $0.9.

So you can easy to start and testing traffic, seller, and lead magnet.

The easy way to find sellers for solo ads is to visit Udimi.com. Watch the video of Anji Long below to see how Udimi works.

Take note: Udimi has blocked some of the countries. If you have this issue, you have to go to option #2, buy solo Ads inside Solo Ads Testimonials group.


People in the group showed their results from the seller (clicks, CPC, conversion, etc.), which means you can get more information and avoid wasting money for the bad sellers.

Don’t misunderstand that you will have success when you buy from there. It depends on your landing page, your offer, hook, and the traffic that sellers provide.

After driving traffic for test lead magnet, this time to discuss what you should do if your lead magnet is not working.

Chapter 6:

Why Your lead magnet not working

Now, you have done for creating lead magnets. You already promote a few days; this time sees the result. If they’re converting as well, it’s fantastic.


I admit most of my lead magnets didn’t convert well for the first time. If you’re like me or ready to start creating a lead magnet, you should read this carefully.

There are two main reasons why the lead magnet not convert

  1. Wrong Offer
  2. Headline & Bullet on the landing page 

Let’s discuss it!

why your lead magnets not working

#1. Give away the wrong lead magnet for target customers

The first key to having success with a lead magnet is giving away the right offer to the right people that you target in chapter 1.

It sounds simple, but sometimes people skip the first step “identify customer avatar” because it is really boring.

For example, 

  • There are so many methods to help people lose weight. (Vegan, Keto, Green tea, etc) However, you can’t promote the keto diet recipe for people who vegetarian. (Even it fit for all of them)
  • It’s hard to promote the flipping ebook guide (buy properties at a discount price, improve it, and selling it for a profit)  for real estate who buy and hold. (Sometimes you can but it’s not what you should do)

You can follow these steps when creating a lead magnet:

Step #1: Brainstorm as many different ideas that you think could help your target audience and valuable for them.

Step #2: From those ideas, create the lead magnet and make it specific for a specific audience. (ex, 5-Day Smoothie Challenge to Kickstart Weight Loss Goals, 20 vegan recipes for weight loss)

Step #3: Test your lead magnet.

What if my lead magnet fits into more than one of these groups? Many lead magnets can be marketed toward getting a result in more than one of these target audiences. But your marketing message can only focus one.

So you can change the lead magnet name or content on the landing page and promote separately.

If your lead magnet still doesn’t work.

We go to the next way.

#2. The landing page not convert

99% of the time, every broken lead magnets because an entrepreneur forgot to:

  • Successfully get someone’s attention.
  • Make people more curious.
  • Listing feature or solution that people NEED instead of benefiting that they WANT

The vast majority of cases involving landing pages are resolved by changing the headline and bullets

Your headline and bullets should be getting more attention and curious.

Watch the video below to see how Jim Edward use Funnel Scripts to build the headline.

If you don’t have money to invest in the software, so you can get his book Copywriting Secrets to learn the formula (he give away it for free and you just pay a small cost for printing and shipping)


how to create a lead magnet resources

lead magnet examples for some of business

In the bonus section, I am going to share with you lead magnet ideas that I think great for some of the business.

I hope this will be helpful to you. 

Now let get started!

lead magnet guide bonus

Lead Magnet For Real Estate

There are so many lead magnet ideas for real estate out there like the free guide for seller/buyer or free training, etc.

But I will not list it here

In fact, real estate is vigorously competitive. The goal of most companies and sellers is to generate a list of people:

  1. Interested or wish to buy a house
  2. Their phone number

Have an email address was good. We can build and nurture a relationship with them. But, as I said above, real estate has dozens of sharks and the market was bloody.

Give away an ebook/ video guide or house report is a great way to create value for them. However, waiting for people like it and hoping they make a call to you is never the best idea.

Even if people love what you shared, they still go to google and research to get more detail.

  • If you do not appear on page # 1 of Google: You educate potential customers for your competitors.
  • If they see you there: You may have a chance. But remember, people also comparing options with your competitors (price, service, brand, etc)

So the goal is you should have their phone number, make a call, and scheduling appointments as soon as possible.

Idea #1: Free consulting

Instead of creating an ebook to educate potential customers, sellers can give a free 30 minutes consulting for them about the law, what buyers should know before buying a house, problems that they had, or any questions via skype, telephone, or appointments.


Website: https://www.jamesedition.com/

People can ask the seller anything about the house or relate to real estate.
After people opt-in form, then the seller can answer the question through email or contact via the phone number that they give

Idea #2: FREE report & consulting

Century 21 Sweyer & Associates is the best example.

Look at their page, we can see that they target on home-buyer. People fill the application form (type of properties, range price, how many bedrooms, features, etc) to find the house that fit for them.

century 21 lead magnet for real estate

Then, the seller could send a free report or contact them and list a few options based on what people want.

Look at both of examples, you can see they achieve the goal:

  1. Target exactly people who are interested or want to buy a house
  2. Generate leads (name, email, phone number,…)

So they can nurture, build a relationship with them, and close the deal.


This is how to create a lead magnet guide for beginners.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Which ideas or types of lead magnet that you have used in your business? Do I miss something or you have any questions?

Let me know by leaving a comment below! I will try to answer or updated content for you soon.

how to create a lead magnet conclusion

What Is A Lead Magnet: Definitive Guide

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