What Is A Lead Generation Website? 5 Best Examples

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What Is A Lead Generation Website_ 5 Best Examples & Tips

Optimizing a lead generation website is one of the best ways to benefit your business. What is it exactly? And how does it work? We will show you now!

Running businesses in the current innovative digital world requires you to have your own websites, which is considered a core element. This core element comes with different purposes. Some websites are mainly to inform the already-being-a-lead audience, while others serve as lead generation tools.

This article focuses on the latter – the lead generation website, which attracts more customers. What is it exactly? And how does it work? We will let you know with five potential tips for optimization.

What Is A Lead Generation Website?

What is lead generation website

A lead generation website based on the traditional website with its unique features and its primary role of creating leads to underpinning the whole sales funnel.

In other words, it is the first stage for a successful sales process, including “Connect – Qualify – Evaluation – Decision.” The significant point making this type of website stand out from the others is how it attracts new visitors, keeps them staying longer, and gets their contacts.

How does It work?

For ease of understanding, we would like to take a case as an example. 

Mr. A is searching for solutions to a problem. By chance, he finds some useful information on your website where he has visited for the first time. Then, besides things regarding his issue, Mr. A does something else with the website, such as downloading content and clicking on the pop-ups. 

In the process, he may leave his information in the opt-in form so that your business’s customer service can get in touch with him. This permission of contacting shows that Mr. A ultimately becomes a lead, and your website worked well in attracting new visitors and converting them into potential leads for the business.

5 Lead Generation Website Examples

The following is a list of 5 lead generation website examples. Let’s take a look to have new ideas for your business’s homepages.


If you are looking for a dashboard for the key performance indicator (KPI), Databox can do that kind of job well. For those who are running a business, it helps to reflect the true operating data.

In the past, the website only focused on executives of the analysis department in companies. These audiences often show a significant demand for understanding their business performance through data. But in 2016, Databox expanded its audience network as a free model for the free sign-up.

databox- lead-generation-website-examples

Why it’s work?

  • A dynamic question to attract more attention: As a way to say “Hello,” Databox places a big question right at the top of its homepage that: “Do you know how your marketing performed today” and “Do you know how your sales performed today?” Both of them are issues that every business owner always cares about.
  • “Free” everywhere: It is truly an attractive “Call to Action.” Besides the “FREE SIGNUP” button, there is another “GET DATABOX FREE.” 
  • A wide range of customer reviews: When you still have doubts about Databox, here is the thing to read carefully.


RedShelf offers a digital solution of eBooks for both publishers and students. In other words, it brings long-term revenue for the publishers and an economical buying-book option for students.

Choosing RedShelf means that students can buy books at a lower price, reduce their use of paper books, and help protect the environment. Furthermore, since we cannot resell the eBooks to other readers, the publishers can earn more money in the long run.

redshelf- homepage

Why It’s work?

  • An effective main “Call to Action”: When visiting the website, you can see a searching box right on the homepage center. This button lets us know how to search for and then purchase our desired eBooks.  
  • The right messaging: RedShelf has its strategy to target the different demands of multiple audiences. For example, the website navigates eBook buyers with the text line “Up to 80% less expensive than print”.


Like its name, Evernote is a type of digital notepad that allows you to take notes anywhere and anytime you need. Thanks to the tool, you can sync your documents across multiple devices, too.

evernote lead generation website

Why It’s work?

  • Dynamic messages: Right at the top of the homepage, Evernote provides visitors with brief information about its features along with a dynamic message “Evernote helps you capture ideas and find them fast.” It is like a quick explanation, especially for new visitors who have never heard about the tool before. 
  • Ease of signing up: For a time-saving process, Evernote allows its users to sign up with their Google account. Then, you do not need to think about another new email along with a password.


In the form of a digital investment software, Ellevest comes with its most potent message towards women. The website’s founder realizes women’s financial issues in this modern world that many of them cannot earn as much money as men can. As a solution, Ellevest goes live and helps to change the situation.

Ellevest lead generation website homepage

Why it’s Work?

  • A clear message towards women: Ellevest understands its audience, so the content bears a conversational tone instead of the regular stuff one in many other websites for financial investment. 
  • A direct “Call to Action”: There is no need to use fancy words. A “GET STARTED” is powerful enough for encouragement. Plus, Ellevest now offers a promotion with SMALL WINS. Hence, it seems to be so hard to ignore. 
  • Social proof: There are some quotes included in the Ellevest showcase. They are all writeups about female investors as well as the company. 


For years, we have witnessed a remarkable development of Basecamp. At present, the website officially reaches over 3.5 million signed-up accounts.

Basecamp homepage exampels

Why it’s Work?

  • Unique images: Instead of using images that can do nothing for both products and audience, Basecamp takes advantage of its perfect photography. By a perfect visual expression, it gives visitors easy-to-understand examples of managing projects. 
  • A free try: It is an attractive “Call to Action” when signing up for a Basecamp account. Many businesses apply this enticing method for their website to create leads. For the very first experience, there is no need to pay any fee then. 
  • Evident reliability: On the Basecamp homepage, you can easily track the growth in the number of sign-up accounts and customers’ statements. As a reference, they are quite useful for visitors’ consideration.

5 Tips To Optimize The Website For Lead Generation

Undoubtedly, you can apply many ways to optimize your lead generation website. But the simplest and most practical one may be to focus on the following five major categories. They include:

  • Usability
  • Mobile design
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion

So now, let’s learn about them one by one.

1. Usability

A website to generate leads is not the one only for visitors to read articles passively. It also plays as a tool helping users to seek useful information actively. The higher usability of a lead generation website shows, the easier and more effective users can react to it.  

What can make high usability?

Design With The High Responsiveness

Design With The High Responsiveness

The high responsiveness means that the website must bring a great experience no matter what visitors’ devices are. Even on smartphones, tablets, or PCs with different screen sizes, both images and texts of the website should come with a suitable and clear display.

Fast Site-Loading Speed

In terms of the web experience, nothing can let users down as much as the slow site-loading speed. Moreover, Google marks the site-loading speed as one of the essential factors in its searching algorithm. Hence, if your website can only load slowly, it will undoubtedly get a poor SEO results position. 

Now, there are many techniques developed to solve this issue. If your website still gets troubles with the loading speed, they are worth a try.

Comprehensive Image-loading Technique

The image handling has a substantial impact on how high the site-loading speed can be. Factors including the size, resolution of images, the file types, and retrieval processes can decide the loading process’s quality. Just one part of the image handling is off; both SEO results and conversion tend to get impaired.

Use Of The White Space

A messy website layout can kill the conversion. It is the reason why you should use white space for a lead generation website. With this exceptional navigation, you can direct the visitors’ attention to the important content on the website.

Limited Use Of Rotating Carousels

Rotating carousels always work to attract more attention from potential leads. Sometimes, this form of content can be counterproductive so that visitors will have different interactions. 

For instance, the rotating carousel causes visitors to miss some contents. Or, due to the carousel – a complex form, the site-loading speed gets lower. It is like a kind of annoying ad, so do not overuse it.

Intuitive Sitemap

The way pages are in arrangement on the website can improve or ruin the usability. With effective navigation, users visiting the website can easily find out their desired information. As for the website for generating leads, a navigation tool plays an essential part in exploring the whole site.

2. Mobile Design

mobile friendly for lead generation website

Mobile access, thanks to the hi-tech innovation, has been greater than the desktop. And, there is no doubt that the gap between these interfaces gets wider than ever. If a website cannot satisfy its mobile users with a high-quality experience, the conversion will have to suffer a strong impact in both quantity and quality. 

When accessing the Internet, mobile users tend to prefer decision mode to research mode. It is because that the mobile interface is often not suitable for researching, which requires users to open multiple tabs. Hence, to attract more leads, business owners should consider the mobile-friendly design as a top priority. 

Sticky Navigation

For a responsive mobile-friendly website design, the designer had better keep the main navigation “sticky.” But how? It means that the navigation has its fixed position at the top all the time, even when visitors scroll down for more information.

High Responsiveness

In terms of responsiveness, some contents visible on the desktop can disappear in the mobile interface. Selecting information to display for mobile view always makes it difficult to decide for the business owners. Without careful consideration in this step, you can see a bad conversation as a consequence.

3. SEO

The SEO process helps your website get a higher position on the Google searching result system. Among the mass of content on the Internet, SEO makes yours visible for the targeted audience. The essential requirement for this success is to make your website both SEO-friendly and SEO-performing.

4. Copywriting

Not only the website for generating leads, but other normal ones need professional copywriting. If the copywriting cannot attract, inform, and persuade, even a giant traffic funnel will make no sense. 

For the high-performance website as a lead generator, what are the key components of good copywriting? 

Content quality factors

A number of factors are needed to optimize both lead-generating and branding purposes. 

  • Relevance: Content must come with high relevance to the website’s target audience in the subject matter and the style.
  • Persuasiveness: It is exactly a failure of copywriting without persuasiveness. So, content should hit customer psychology. For more details, writers have to base on the customer’s point of view to make the storyteller’s content. Then, copywriting can influence customer’s decision-making.  
  • Authority: Copywriters need to research carefully with fast checking and then use technical terms properly in articles. Besides, the authority also requires perfect editing and proofreading.  
  • Usefulness: How can content attract a user’s attention when it shows a lack of usefulness? Useful content is the one which can help customers to solve their problem. Without focusing on the customer’s point of view, you cannot make helpful content for them.   
  • Shareability: When readers share the website content, especially on social media, it will have a strong positive effect on website traffic growth. But shareability can be an impossible feature for content full of jargon without clear points.


The content substance is not the only one deciding the lead-generating conversion. The content-displaying style also comes with the same importance. There are six essential typographic techniques to keep in mind. 

  • Heading and subheading:  It is just a short line of words but can present the whole paragraph. Hence, both headers and subheaders need to be information. Plus, if the SEO gets involved, they cannot lack keywords. 
  • Bulleted and numbered list: By listing important information, you can make it easier for readers to scan content when busy.   
  • Bold and italics: You can use this typography for key texts to attract more attention from readers. 
  • Short paragraphs: The most optimal length for each paragraph is from 3 to 4 lines. With a passage that is too long, the reader may feel distracted. 
  • Line spacing: It should not be too wide or too narrow. 1.5 may be suitable enough for readers with the desktop view.   
  • Captions for images: Do never ignore to think about the image captions. They are also a key point of persuasiveness and a type of “Call to Action.”


We have mentioned a range of factors to optimize a lead generation website. No matter what they are, the ultimate goal is still toward the conversion. The high and effective conversion always requires applying a lot of techniques so that you can take advantage of every web view for conversion. 

In some cases, although you find no mistake for usability, mobile design, SEO, and copywriting, it is a big failure for conversion. So, how should you prevent this situation from happening? Here are key features to focus on:

“Call To Action” Button for lead generation website

It is incredibly crucial to attract visitors’ attention to what you want them to do or react to on the website. And a fixed “Call to Action” can help for this purpose. But one note to bear in mind is that it must be sticky navigation for desktop and mobile interface. So, you can make sure that the “Call to Action” button is always in the users’ sight. 

To make the “Call to Action” attractive, you should pay much attention to its color and text font. On a website, there could be some “Call to Action” with different contents. And their colors and text fonts need to be consistent and unique for the case of the primary “Call to Action.”

Information Form Design With The High Functionality

For the high functionality, the information form should come with a design that is as short as possible, not to take much time to complete. One common mistake is that most companies want to get too much information from users on this form. But we suggest leaving 1-2 required fields unless users will not bother to fill them out.


Lead generation websites have become an indispensable part of the current world of online marketing. From the lead generation website examples and tips for optimization above, we hope that they will be useful for your operation.

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