Knowledge Business Blueprint Review (KBB Course): Does It Worth?

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The knowledge business blueprint

The knowledge business blueprint (kbb)

By Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi

My Score

Who need to join this program? No matter who you are, if you want success you must become an expert in your niche, right? Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell are the best in their game. Whether they are your good partners or not?

In my experience, I only recommend this live training for people who are doing business, entrepreneur, marketers and business owner. Although it’s FREE

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is the key to ultimate success.

In 30, April 2019 they will show you the secrets behind $355 million dollar per day industry. In this review, I will split it into two parts. Mastermind live training and Knowledge business blueprint course 

mastermind live training tonny robbins dean graziosi russell brunson

Product details

Mastermind Live Training

  • Price: Free
  • Save your spot:
  • Host: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi
  • Guest: Russell Brunson

Knowledge Business Blue Print (KBB)

  • Price: $1,997 or $597 x 4 (4 pay)
  • Sales page: Click here
  • Training: Membership
    Trainers: Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi
  • Support: Facebook Group Community, Email support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Highly recommend

Mastermind live training event

So many people ask me how I actually make money. Ever wonder that yourself?

In all transparency I feel so fortunate – I pinch myself everyday – that I get to generate income for impacting people’s lives. Heck, I hope by you following me I’ve helped you in one way or another.

It’s so crazy that this is an actual industry – the “information industry”. In fact did you know it’s a $355 Million dollar PER DAY industry and still exploding! According to Forbes, it’s supposed to almost triple in just the next 5 years alone. Crazy right?

In fact how cool would it be if you were able to get paid for a skill, passion or hobby you already have (or get paid for what other people know)?

Heck, you can even get paid for just bringing people together in a community that helps them grow! But the truth is it took me (?) years to figure this out… Lots of trial and error.. And failure after failure after failure…

But if you want the fast track – [The Actual Business Blueprint].

  • If you want to create a new income in your life…
  • If you want to make an impact on people’s lives…
  • If you want to start or scale your business…

Then you have to hear this!

I wish, I wish I wish I had the opportunity you have on Tuesday April 30th (in fact I’m extremely excited to learn myself so I can take my impact and income to the next level)…

Two people I admire the most, two people who have impacted millions of lives; including mine, are going live to show you how to make an impact and get paid to do it…

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are doing a special LIVE webcast training on April 30th @ 5pm PST and I couldn’t be more excited.

Watch the video below to discover how you can use it to leverage your business from Stefan James –

About host: Tony Robbins & dean graziosi

Tony Robbins

You may know the Tony Robbins that has impacted millions and millions of lives. The man who has mentored and coached presidents of the United States, world leaders, industry titans, celebrities and top athletes.

The man who rocks the house with up to 50,000 people in his audience… A multiple New York Times best selling author, #1 documentary on Netflix and the guy who has provided over 500 million meals through feeding America to those in need.

But did you know that:

  • Tony’s mother threw him out of the house at the age of 17 and he slept in his car and in a friend’s laundry room? 
  • Did you know the first event he wanted to attend with Jim Rohn almost didn’t happen because he didn’t have the $40 entrance fee since he only made $35 a week? 
  • Did you know about the man who was rejected multiple times from so many different people and companies?
  • Or the man who when he did his first event was expecting 500 people to attended but only five did?
Before you attend the LIVE training on the 30th go watch this video right now where Tony opens up and exposes secrets from his past that I don’t think another person knows… 

Dean Graziosi

Do you have that ONE person you follow who you just love listening to and learning from?

That ONE person that provides such simple, yet powerful messages that leaves you feeling inspired and full of energy and clarity?

Well that’s how I feel whenever I see any messages from Dean Graziosi

If you don’t know Dean, let me just say this…

  • This is a man who lived in a trailer park, didn’t go past high school and came from nothing who was able to work his way up to:
  • Starting over 13 successful companies, being a multiple NY Times Best Selling author, Investor, and one of the most followed entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

See his book Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity on Amzon

And he is also someone who’s made a massive impact on my life, especially when it comes to improving my marketing, sales, and scaling my business

The topic in mastermind live training

Success Pyramid

Success Pyramid kbb

This is a perfect mastermind formular. Insiders stand to make massive impact and profit from a $129 billion dollar industry..

KBB method

For decades, people (including myself) have been asking them how:

  • They’ve been able to impact and change millions of peoples lives
  • Become celebrities in their fields and establish themselves as the leading experts
  • Generate billions of dollars in revenue
  • Create legacies that will live on far longer than we ever could
  • And do it starting with no college, no money and no experience.

Whether you’re already an established expert, starting from scratch or at complete rock bottom…

Tony, Dean and Russell are finally sharing the KBB method so that anyone can do what they did to get where they are now (when it comes to impact, influence and income.)

What is the KBB Method?

Over the past 100 years this has been one of the most profitable ways to make a massive impact by getting paid for what you already know (or even what someone else knows)… yet no one ever talks about it…

You don’t have to be an expert or even have a specific skill to start. It’s exactly how Tony got started – a little known secret they will share live 🙂

Like I said, this is the first time in the 75+ years of their combined careers that Dean, Tony & Russell are going to be teaching this, which means spots are going to fill up faster then they ever have before.

So if you’re ready for that next level of influence, impact, and income then you can’t afford to miss this LIVE training.

You’re going to learn how to take advantage of the $129 Billion Dollar a year industry the same way they have…

knowledge business blueprint program

In fact, after the live training they will invite you come to KBB course. When you buy this program, here are what you will get:

  • ” Incredibly Designed 4 Module Training Course “The Knowledge Business Blueprint”.
  • Free Year Of The Mindmint Software.
  • The Private KBB Facebook Group.
  • The In-Depth KBB Workbook.

plus these bonuses:

  • Unleash The Power Within – Get a sneak peek into Tony’s most well-known LIVE event! 
  • Live Monthly Training With Dean – Stay on track and get to your next level with monthly LIVE training with Dean. 
  • Funnels To Fill – Get access to a never before seen training with Russell Brunson.
  • Traffic Bundle – Get traffic training from Dean’s personal marketing team.

KBB course layout


Lesson 1: Tony Robbins’ Secrets To Success

  • What Does It Take To Succeed
  • Mindset Secrets To Scale Your Business
  • What To Expect Moving Forward

Lesson 2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client

  • Discovering Your Superpower
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • The Narrow Your Niche Tool

Lesson 3: Story, Teach, Tool

  • The Secret Art Of Storytelling
  • Extracting What To Teach

Lesson 4: Your Toolbox

  • The Clarity Tool
  • The Intro Card
  • Seven Levels Deep
  • I Know I’m Being Successful When
  • Your Not To Do List
  • The Needle Movers
  • The Spotlight Tool
  • The Success Loop
  • The One Thing
  • Negotiation Secrets
  • Ideas Worth Doing
  • The Connection Tool
  • The Wrap Up Too

Lesson 5: Your First Agenda

  • Picking Your Event Name
  • Picking Your Event Type
  • Creating Your First Agenda


Lesson 1: Becoming A Marketing Expert

  • Marketing & Sales Redefined
  • Mastermind Marketing Philosophy
  • Hook, Story, Close

Lesson 2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint

  • Website vs. Funnel
  • Anatomy Of A Landing Page
  • What To Charge For Your Event
  • Creating Your First Landing Page

Lesson 3: The Wagon Wheel

  • The Marketing Wagon Wheel
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • YouTube Starter Pack
  • Social Media Secrets
  • Affiliates Made Easy
  • Email Management

Lesson 4: The Different Pages

  • The Perfect Order Page
  • The Perfect Application Page
  • Creating Your Order/Application Page

Lesson 5: The Launch Secrets

  • Launch & Evergreen


Lesson 1: The Perfect Mastermind Formula

  • Psychology Of Running A Mastermind

Lesson 2: Virtual Event Checklists

  • Running Your Virtual Event


Lesson 3: The Perfect In-Person Event

  • Picking The Location
  • The Attendee Communication
  • Creating Event Assets
  • Finalizing Event Logistics
  • Final Room Prep
  • What To Do Day Of

Lesson 4: Last Steps & Thank You!

  • Entire Process Step-By-Step
  • Thank You From Dean

MODULE 4: Knowledge Broker

Lesson 1: The Knowledge Broker Formula

  • What It Means To Be a Knowledge Broker
  • Getting To The Yes
  • A Winning Business


I hope you like this knowledge business blueprint review. No matter who you are, this program has been created for you even you have no skill.I highly recommend you sign-up mastermind live training as soon as possible. Because you have ZERO risk. ( it’s FREE). If you have any question, leave the comment below.
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Knowledge Business Blueprint
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2 thoughts on “Knowledge Business Blueprint Review (KBB Course): Does It Worth?”

  1. Christopher Moran

    I was on the training last evening and left before purchasing the KBB program as I am starting a new venture and needed some time to figure out how to pay for it with my May budget already set. I figured out a way. Can I get back to purchase the program? Thanks Chris

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