How To Create An Irresistible Offer For Your Sales Funnel

How To Create An Offer For Your Sales Funnel 2019

Funnel building is not hard when the offer is right. Why? and how to create an offer?

A few days ago, I shared with you the reason why your sales funnel not working. Most people have mistakes and fail when building their sales funnel.

Over 95% of sales funnel that not make any money because they have a bad:

  • Hook
  • Story
  • Offer

You learn about how to create successful Hooks and Story here.

Today, I’m going to share with you something really cool about Offer. I’ll help you discover how to create an irresistible offer for your sales funnel.

How To Create An Offer when you building the funnel

In fact, Funnel building is really actually not that hard when the offer is right.

Once you understand Skills and the strategy in the design, funnel building is actually one of the easiest things in the whole world.

The offer controls everything! So don’t skip it!

Why You Should Have An Irresistible Offer

Offer is EVERYTHING. It will make your business so much easier.

Now, if you are an existing business owner right now! You might know a good offer easier to sell than a bad offer right?

Because good marketing and good sales can’t really make up a bad offer. So one of the ways to think about online business in general especially with funnel building is this:

Create marketing vehicles that advertise the offers you “think” will do well, and then SPRINT with the one that ACTUALLY does.

A lot of the best marketers, they don’t ever get attached to the offer. What they love is marketing in the funnel building and get attached to this selling of the offer rather than create an offer.

So as you’re going through this, you’re going to create an offer that you think we’ll do well.

In fact, make the offer like you’re going to make the vehicle, the sales funnel for it.

And it may succeed or not.

What happens is if it doesn’t? So you can switch the offer and try again.

What Is Your Customer Avatar?

You’ve heard it a million times, and that’s because it’s important. You must know

  • The person who you selling to
  • What are their pains and passions?
  • What problems do they want to solve?
  • Understand the financial of them.
  • What do they desire?
  • What questions do they need answering?
  • The keyword that they search for online, what they thinking about?
  • Where do they look for more information?
  • What word and phrases do they search for?.
  • What problem they have and what DRIVES them.
  • Relational status.

Here are some ways to get inside the mind of your most ideal client and customer:

  1. First, target a group, people
  2. Second, target just ONE of those people in that group
  3. Third Understand their Journey.

What happens if you realize there are two groups?

That ultimately means 2 funnels. So pick one to start, and go with it! You can come back to the next group later.

Now. this time to understand about traffic temperature.

traffic temprature - create an offer

In Dotcom Secrets Book, Russell Brunson talked about it very carefully. there are 3  types of traffic:

  • Hot traffic is you aware. They know the problem, the solution, and about you (the person with the keys to the solution). They just haven’t purchased yet
  • Warm traffic is solution aware. They know their problem and they know the solution
  • Cold Traffic is only problem aware. They don’t know anything other than the problem or pain they face.

Now let see this example:

HOT MARKET: Affiliate marketing

SUB HOT MARKET: Sales Funnel.

NICHE: Use sales funnel for affiliate marketing.

  • COLD TRAFFIC: People who want to make money online with affiliate marketing. But they don’t really know how to start.
  • WARM TRAFFIC: They see their problem and sales funnel is an answer. Of course, they don’t know you, or how to do it. But they see your ads in their news feed and some testimonial on social. Then they want to try it.
  • HOT TRAFFIC: They see their problem and they want to start building sales funnel to make money with affiliate marketing.  In fact, They saw your ad for your course and just haven’t purchased yet.

Remember, your funnel should educate before convert.

If you’re thinking about your customer at these three points in time, the front end of your funnel will look different

Creating an Irresistible Offer

It’s time to make the offer as juicy as possible. The best part about this is… If you let your imagination go wild, you can come up with some AMAZING ideas.

So many people try to create the sales funnel after they’ve created the product and then they’re limited in strange. But if you’re doing it this way, there’s nothing constraining you coming up an incredible idea.

Here’show you actually put together an irresistible offer:

  1. Find the one big domino (Learn from Expert Secrets Book)
  2. Identify and sexify the vehicle
  3. Brainstorm and go wild
  4. Deconstruct the actual offer
  5. Determining the value

Every offer has ONE big Domino. This is the thing that your customer needs that solves all the smaller needs.

So, in Expert Secrets, Russell has his great sentence. This is how you can figure out if you have a good offer

If I can make people believe that___#1_______is the key to ___#2_______and is only attainable throught___#3_______,then all other objections will become irrelevant and they have to give me money.

  • #1 is the vehicle
  • #2 is the pain
  • #3 is the offer

The hardest thing is figuring out what number one is that new opportunity in that vehicle.

The problem is we’re often so close to whatever our vehicle, we’re don’t see it as very sexy or cool. Sometimes if you just add the words system after it, all of a sudden sounds like a different and new opportunity.

Once you’ve identified your system (and you know the pain because you’ve done the first worksheet). It’s time to brainstorm create the craziest offer you can.


After you get that out of your system. Now you start to pick out what’s realistic.

Categorize all the pieces like this:

  • Foundational (necessary)
  • Prequel (Would be helpful at the beginning)
  • Bonuses (Would be awesome but not necessary)
  • VIP (Would be for a select few who have $$$)

Finally, determine value.

I like to use starts at this stage (so I don’t get hung up on pricing). Star the items with multiple stars if you think they are the MOST valuable piece. Less stars if more superfluous.

you’ll rank and rate your pieces differently than your customer. So before we finish up this part of the offer, you have to do one last thing.

I want you to look through the list when you’re done and circle and pick out the part of the offer that you think your customer will want MOST.

This is the bait.

The tantalizing piece of awesomeness. Remember, it might not be the main thing or the most valuable thing, that’s okay. Your customer will be seduced by that one thing.

Collecting Your Offer Assets

Collecting your offer assets and presentation of your offer is KEY to staying on track. This is the hard prep work that makes funnel building FLY by.

Want to unlock your Funnel Building skills? Learn more about Funnel Builder Secrets here.

These are the things we have to collect:

  • Names: Without sexy and catchy names, your offer will die in the closet. There’s a reason the word “secrets” is attached to everything Russell Does.
  • Branding: We could spend a whole year on branding, but I want to talk specifically about BRANDING as it relates to your funnel and offer.
    We want to make sure we have LOGOS (for products or a course), a color palette, and standard typography.
    Resource for branding logo: 99 designs, Fiverr, Upwork,…
  • Typography:  My recommendation is to pick Sans-serif or Serif font.
  • Photos: If your product is attached to you in any way ( definitely if you’re an expert-based business), you need photos.
  • Outlines: You’ll be tempted to go build or create your offer (it’s normal). Don’t. You need to focus on building the funnel for the offer, not the offer itself. Once you have money, THEN you build the offer.

This is not slimy. This is just like college. To make yourself feel more prepared, create an outline


I hope this post can help you create a good offer for your sales funnel.

Everything will be easy when you have a good offer. Sometimes, it’s doesn’t work in the first time you launch. But you must keep do it, learn and try again.

Now, this is what should you must to do now:

  • Figure out your HOT MARKET and NICHE
  • Think about your customer avatars
  • What is your customer journey (for Cold, warm and hot traffic)
  • Collecting your offer access.

I recommend you should read Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book. Those books are awesome and help you so much.

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