Instagram stories tips help you get more followers

Increase follower and increase traffic to the website with Instagram stories tips. Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars. That’s a lot of money but now, Instagram generates over a million dollars a day in ad revenue. What a great deal. It’s so good that everyone now wants more Instagram followers.

So today, I’m going to teach you how to get more followers fast and how to drive traffic to your website for free with these Instagram stories tips.

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How to use Instagram stories to get followers on Instagram for free

The Reason Why Instagram stories help you increase followers

  • Real-time marketing without cluttering your profile
  • Despite the Instagram algorithm, it will always be at the top of the page
  • Builds trust in the most effective way – constant exposure
  • Enhance your reach with searchable hashtags and geofilters
  • Keep relevance

The Reason Why Instagram stories help you increase followers

Instagram stories help you build a lot of trusts and a more effective way to get people like behind the scenes in your life.

There’s no high-quality level here where there is a high-quality level but there’s nothing like off limits here.

People love the person around the house photos of the cat photos, of their dog, things that you on to day basis.

And they’re like to watch that stuff think about:

Would you like to watch a behind the scenes or day to day in the life or whatever your hero is, or one of business what you like?

  • What does the CEO do on a day today?
  • How are they working on their business?
  • Or how are they trying to give you value through their business?

And I know, I follow a lot of people who I respect and admire in my Instagram. I can honestly say it feels like I know them and I have a personal relationship with them.


  • I know when they’re at the gym.
  • when they are go shopping
  • I know when they’re working really hard.

It’s really a unique and new way to do things and a great way to build trust with your customer.

So they’re not going to rip them off when they buy your product or service

4 Strategies you can use on Instagram stories – Instagram stories tips

  • Post frequently
  • Build trust and give people a behind the scenes view of your life
  • Use location tags and geofilters
  • Use searchable hashtags to get featured on the general public stories

Instagram stories tips and tricks


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