How to get real Instagram followers Fast

Welcome to part 2 of series Instagram for business.Now we focus how to get real Instagram followers. And we’re going to be marketing a fully optimized account to your audience. So we’re not going to jump straight into that. What we want to do first is we want to hyper-target your audience. So we make sure we are marketing to genuine people who are interested in your business and can be potential customers for your business.

So we don’t want to be gaining 10000 random followers. We want them to be suitable for your business. So we can convert them to paying customers and loving loyal fans down the line. I’m going to show you strategies to know how to locate these people on Instagram. And then going to progress and show you strategies to how to contact and promote and market your account to these people in order to get your account in front of them. So they can choose whether they like what you have to offer or not.

And they can follow you if they do or take your call to action or if they’re not relevant or interested in your business which is fine by us. So we really are filtering our customers from our non-customer once again.

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How to get 10k followers on Instagram within 15 minutes/day

Identifying and locating your target audience on Instagram

So now that we have an optimized account. This is the fun stuff this is where we really start to grow our accounts to see new people who haven’t scuppered your business before who don’t know about you.

Coming across your profile and liking what you’re putting out there, liking your products and becoming potential customers of your business.

In this section, we’re going to define our target audience really specific and it’s really important to do that. Because we’re going to have lots of people coming through your Instagram page from the strategies and examples that I give.

But what we want to do right here is we want to make sure all the people coming and discovering you are relevant to your business.

Otherwise, it’s going to waste everybody’s time and it’s not going to be worth. Doing all these strategies and putting it out there if everyone who finds your Instagram page doesn’t even want your business.


how to use instagram for marketing

Define your target audience

  • How old are they?
  • Gender ?
  • What countries do they live in?
  • 3 words best describe your audience?

Make sure that you are writing these down because we’re going to be referring back to these in the upcoming section while we’re finding our target audience on Instagram.

So we’re going to make sure that they’re written down somewhere and it’s very very important that you do that.

Pull up a note and once you’ve got that we’re going to come in and answer the four questions that you can see.

The best way to answer these questions to look at who currently buying your products right now. If you don’t have products or you don’t have services that you’re selling at the moment look at your competitors and see what type of customers they have.

Most likely you’re probably going to be one of your customers if you have a business around things that you like. So we’re going to answer these questions with those things in mind.

I’m going to do this with you as well just to give you an example.

How old are they?

_ They between 25 -30 years old, entrepreneurial people (service/information product) like coach, training, Author,…

 Gender ? 

_ I’m going to put male and female in mind because it doesn’t really matter

What countries do they live in? 

I’m going to put English speaking countries because it doesn’t really matter I run an online business they don’t have to go anywhere. But to show you the example most are going to put US and Singapore

What 3 words best describe your audience?

So this is going to be really cool and really important because we’re going to be verifying that people were targeting your target audience using these words.

So I’m going to put in entrepreneurial, service and lifestyle.

We have a good idea of what they look like.

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Discover where your audience is hanging out…

  • What other products does your audience buy/use?
  • Who does your audience look up to?
  • If you could have 1000 followers from any account on Instagram who would be?

Now we want to know where your target audience is hanging out because that’s where we’re going to be finding them and targeting them from.

So a really good way to do this is what other products do your audience buy or use.

So for me, I’m going to do an example here because I’m not really selling your product right now through my Instagram but I’m going to use travel and car.

If you could have a thousand followers from any account on Instagram who would it be?

Now again a really really important question. Try to make it different to your last answer.Stretch your brain and get some more ideas in here.

I’m going to put Tony Robbins for mine and I’m going to demonstrate that soon.

Bonus hashtags discovery technique…

_What hashtags would be appropriate for your business?

I’m going to show you how we can use that to your benefit not to discover people who like similar stuff to you or like similar stuff to what your business is putting out.

So we went through hashtags already it’s basically just words that your customers would relate to.

For example, if I was doing a protein powder supplement company it could be hashtag protein, muscle, gym, whatever it is put in all those words you can have as many as you want.

But probably keep it simple for now.

Because it is going to demonstrate put 5 or 10 hashtags in there and I’ll show you what we can do with all these answers that you now have written down.

Marketing strategy on Instagram: Sprint Vs Marathon


Short-term strategies for instant and powerful results. ( High maintenance)


Long-term strategies for consistent and long-term results. (Low maintenance)

In this section, I’m going to show you sprint VS marathon tactics. Some going to show you 5 superpowerful tactics to market your well-optimized account to your target audience.

And each of these tactics ranged from really short-term strategies for instant and powerful results. which is known as Sprint tactics and they’re going to be a lot higher maintenance but much better results.

increase instagram followers business

There are Marathon tactics. So long-term strategies for more consistent and long-term results more people following over the period of months compared to the period of literally seconds or minutes.

And these are going to be low maintenance and easy to maintain in the long term.  what I want to stress is you need a balance of both for momentum in the short term and long-term consistency.

And the thing that you come to realize is that organic growth appears in between these two tactics.

So the entire time on the Instagram, you’re going to be getting a lot of organic growth just for being there and existing, and being involved in the community.

This growth is accelerated.

how to increase following on instagram

The more marathon and Sprint strategies that you take part in. So the more we can do these strategies, the quicker your organic growth is and you’ll find that there’s a point in time where you have to do less spurns strategies.

Because the organic growth is covering for that half of it.

And the marathon I still am getting lots of following consistently. So I’m going to be a little bit more specific now.

As you can see in front of you here are the 5 strategies that I’m going to walk you guys through to make your account as big as you wanted to be.

So then the bottom is Sprint and the top is the marathon.

tips to gain followers on instagram

And you can see the corresponding bar next to the word shows you how effective it is over time compared to the width of the bar showing you how powerful the results are.

So I’m going to walk through each of these strategies in detail coming up. I’m going to go through them really quickly.

The Off-Side strategy the advertising Instagram on your Website or in your shop is going to be our long-term marathon strategy which gets consistent growth of a long period of time.

Hashtags are very similar likes.

So liking other people’s photos can get you pretty middle-ground results between instant results and long-term consistent results.

When you start using follows as your method of connecting with people you’re going to be getting my short-term results.

Seem to be a lot of high maintenance to keep up with. And then lastly comments is the most short-term strategy out of all of them.

So let’s dive into each one by one and let me show you exactly how to use strategy.

Promoting your Instagram Account outside of Instagram

Where to promote your Instagram account?

  • On your website
  • When you guest post /blog
  • On your Youtube videos
  • On other Social media accounts
  • In your Physical Store

(Remember to add value)

So the first strategy, I’m going to specifically walk you through is the off-site strategy and this is the most marathon sort of strategy.

The most long-term gains and the least effort over the long term. But it may take a little bit to get it moving and OFF-SIDE is also a really broad category.

I’m not going to dive too deeply into it. Because it really does have an unlimited range of options of the way you can promote your Instagram account to just anywhere that is not Instagram is considered off-site.

However, I will go into a couple of specifics for you and walk through a couple of ideas that may prompt you to think outside what you already thinking and have a few extra avenues to advertise your Instagram account.

You can see that there are 5 dot points.

how to increase instagram following


I’m going to walk you through the first one is on your Website.

So if you currently have a Website for your business it’s really important that you get the Instagram button up on the Website.

So that person who are finding a website organically can also find an Instagram account and be able to follow you and keep up to date with the pitches on your Instagram account.

It also really helps get that follower count up if you’ve got a decent amount of traffic to your web.

They can just simply click on the button and they instantly following you.

Guest post/blog

The second point is if you have a guest post or blog posts for somebody else’s Web site. Always leave your Instagram handle, their Instagram button so that people can go and follow you on Instagram if they like what they’ve read.

It’s really the low friction way of converting someone else’s traffic to an Instagram follow for your business which over the long term will be a customer for your business.

Youtube videos

Number three is if you ever put out any youtube videos of video content on any platform. Make sure you annotated and write in the description where they follow you on Instagram.

A lot of people will actually give the video and at the end, they talk to the screen and they say make sure you guys follow me on Instagram.

They give the call to action at the end of any video content, they put out there and they also leave it in the description and on the annotations just to make sure that people know where to find them on Instagram.

This is a recurring theme. So as you know like guest, blog post, YouTube videos any content that you put out there is a great avenue for advertising your Instagram account.

So Any SlideShare, youtube videos, guest blog posts, media or any content that you put out whatsoever. Make sure you have the Instagram handle on there.

Its a slow build over time but these things stay online. They stay on YouTube, they stay on other people’s blogs and people will constantly be reading your content or watching content and taking the call to action over the long term.

Social media

Number four is any social media account that you have is a great way to cross-promote to Instagram profile of a couple of times in this cause.

But a lot of people do assume that people who follow them on Facebook and follow him on Twitter will follow them on Instagram as well.

It’s not the case.

Quite often people don’t know it exists. So it is really important that you cross-promote between all your social media accounts making sure you have everybody following you everywhere.

So here I am on my Twitter page and the Pin tweet which means the tweet that stays at the top of my news feed advertises my Instagram account so anyone who comes and sees my profile.

This is the first thing they see if they look at my tweets.

And so I leave a link right here so they can click that goes straight to my Instagram profile and then follow me from there.

Offside – Physical Store

So one more idea for advertising your Instagram account.


Offside means of Instagram is inside your physical stall. Any physical outlet that you may have.

Might be a market stand.

Anyway you get foot traffic and potential customer is a great opportunity to try and convert them to follow you on Instagram.

Now its pretty simple to do this.

A lot of people just have a sign next to the register at the checkout or even in a shop window promoting their Instagram accounts.

And what’s important here to note. As you can see in the brackets underneath all five of these dot points I’ve said remember to add value.

Meaning in exchange for someone following you on Instagram.

They need a reason to.

You need to add value first and then people will follow you and give you value second.

_So something like having a button on your Website you’ve already given value by having a really cool Website that people like.

_ People are inclined to follow you same as YouTube videos put out a good video.

_ And People might want to follow you on the social media accounts.

_They already familiar with you but you could say for example in a tweet. Check out all my awesome pictures here.

Meaning if you want to see awesome pictures of me. You’re going to have to go to Instagram. You’re adding value there by having the pictures on Instagram inside a physical store.

You may offer a discount coupon or something just to make sure you convert people from standing and

next to the register to falling on Instagram.

It’s just having the handle of your Instagram account and they’re far more likely going to convert them

if you say Follow us now and get 5 percent off your order.

So that’s it for off-site.

I hope you guys can come up with a few of your own suggestions too just to make sure that the marathon

strategies for your business account are always there and always growing in your account.

While we focus on the short-term strategies which I’ll explain to you now.

Connecting with your target Audience using Hashtags

How to find the most popular hashtags…

  • keep a balance of bigger and smaller tags:
  1. Popular photos (super effective)
  2. Recent photos (effective)

So we’re touching hashtags a couple of times already in this post. But what I’m going to do here is show the advance section that’s really going to help you get more followers on your Instagram account, and also more views to your Instagram account some more people discovering you organically on the Instagram app.

So this is done in two ways.

what is instagram and how to use it

Tags for like

First of all, I’m going to go through tags for likes which is an awesome resource that will show you the best Instagram tags to use for your media.

And the second one is a separate strategy which helps balance you know Instagram tags between really popular ones and recent ones in order to get them on the most eyes.

So to start let us jump into tags for likes and knowing what the most popular hashtags via Instagram media could potentially be.

We are on and it’s a really cool resource that will show you what the most popular tags on Instagram.

And the most popular tags for different categories.

So you can scroll down the page and right here you’ll see over 25 tags which is the limit of the amount of tags that you can put on one piece of media on your account.

get followers on instagram for free - tags for like

So either a photo or video and these are the top 25 tags on Instagram right now.

coming down further, because these probably wouldn’t be relevant to all of your picture.

What you want to do is you want to find the category of your business. So you may run something a business to do with animals.

most followed instagram accounts - tags for like

So you could the animal tags you can come down. You might have a picture of a dog going up. You would use these 25 tags to tag an image in or a variety of tags within these 25.

Because these are the most popular tags. There are when it comes to photos of dogs which means it has the most eyes searching for these Instagram tags.

And the most people who can then organically discover your account this way.

So if you’re in the food, if you’re run a restaurant or if you’re posting a photo of some food that you’re eating come down into food and select these tags in here.

If you’re drinking coffee the same here if you’re in a fashion business as your fashion tags for guys, for girls, for your hair, for a makeup. All sorts of tags and based on what is most popular.

how to increase followers on instagram - tags for like

So it’s really easy to come in here and copy and paste this into your Instagram photos in order to boost their reach.

Popular and recent photo

Now I’m going to show you exactly how using hashtags increases the reach of your account on Instagram and how you can get people to find your account by using these Instagram hashtags.

So once again Instagram hashtags like buckets or categories that you put your photos of media into and this searchable.

So if someone goes to a search page and then search is tagged which is hashtag search is “fun”. Anything that’s been person hashtags fun is going to come up and you’ll be able to find all these people that I don’t know who have tagged their photo Hashtag fun.

I’m just searching through that.

Now, I’m going to see people that I haven’t seen before and discovered new things. So something more relevant to me. Would be I’m in Vancouver right now.

If I search hashtag Vancouver is there something I might be doing because I’m looking for something to do.

I’m looking for some cool sites on hikes around Vancouver.

how to get 10k followers on instagram in 5 minutes

I can see this one right here has this great photo and all of a sudden I’ve come across someone’s profile who I don’t know.

So really useful to use hashtags.

And this is actually an interesting print screen that I’m doing right now. Because by the time I’ve print screen this the Instagram app has actually changed.

It used to be when you use the hashtag. Then you saw it by top hashtags and most recent hashtags.

how to get real followers on instagram

The Instagram app is always changing and you never know what’s going to come back and what’s going to stick. But essentially what I’m showing you is by using hashtags on your profiles.


The thing you want to focus on here is just using hashtags to extend your reach no matter how Instagram make them searchable.

There’s always going to be extra people finding your hashtags if you’re putting them on your photos.

One extra bonus points out is you can either put them in the description of your photos if you’ve forgotten to do that or if you think of extra hashtags you can always come in and comment on your photo and you can put a hashtag in here after the fact that it’s being posted.

So that’s really easy to do.

Once again keep your eyes out for Top hashtags because that’s a great way to get extra promotion for your account.

Promote your Instagram business to your target Audience

Connect with relevant accounts via…

  • Linking and commenting on their relevant pictures
  • following relevant users

So now aren’t the more instantaneous strategy.  These are the strategies and you’ll see basically instant results with these ones. Which is why I’m going to demonstrate these live to you and show the exact results that I get.

tips to increase instagram followers

These are likes commenting and following social promotion.

So it’s connecting with your target audience using these 3 methods. And there is a variety of ways for you to do this. I’m going to show you the best practices.

Before we going I want you to make sure that you’re always within Instagram’s rules and regulations. You’re never spamming or doing anything that you shouldn’t be doing on Instagram.

I really emphasized getting high-quality followers over the quantity followers because this is really important in converting your followers down the line to customers.

So please don’t abuse the tactics that I’m about to show but use them wisely and logically in order to connect with the right people in the right way.

Now, let’s jump straight in and show you how it’s done.

So the first thing, I want to start connecting with our target audience that we’ve defined in these strategies. Which mean they’re going to be getting pretty instantaneous responses from them.

I want to show you what it looks like from their perspective.

So I’m actually going to come over to the search bar and find the other account that we’ve been using in order to demonstrate some things.

You can see that cat posts that were posted on @elissa_shay profile. Simply going to like it, I’m going to comment. It’s just short of a strange comment that so is probably more natural.

get more likes on instagram free

That’s a key.

And then the last thing we’re going to do is click on her profile and follow.

You can see those identifications come through which is great because they have the sudden avocations that other people get when you take action on their account.

So they’re being aware of your profile through those notifications.

So I’m just going to switch accounts now.

Come back profile this all drop down because it says that number three because there have been three actions taken on her account all three notifications right there.

Comment, like and one follower.

Now people love this – on this scam.

I know you’ve probably seen it yourself.

This is what people really enjoyed doing.

They liked people interacting with their profile they like people following them as you would for your business profile. So what they like to do is they see who’s following them who’s commenting and what’s going on.

And I’m not forcing anything on you. I only spent time interacting with them in a genuine way so that then they can come and even click my photo or my name and see my profile which we have optimized.

How to like and comment and follow in a strategic way

Now I’m going to show you how to like and comment and follow in a strategic way to get in front of your target audience on a daily basis.  So I have frequently you want to do this.

So I’m going to come back to the search.

I’m going to go over the tags. And then I’m going to type in quite a general tag I mean type in Entrepreneur.

Now the key here is you don’t want your tags to be too big because there’s a lot of noise and a lot of commotion in those big tags.

You really want to balance big tags and little tags because there’s a lot of great content and you can do more in big tags but it’s not going to be as effective.

So I’m going to get split testing that next.

best people to follow on instagram

But for now, I’m going to start with something a little bit small an entrepreneur which has 25.9 million posts. We’re going to go down to #entrepreneurslife which is 3.8 million posts and click on that.

We are going to get to the most recent and I’m going to find something that is applicable here we go.

Like – comment and follow

Those are the top three sprint strategies for the Instagram account in order to get your optimized account in front of your newly defined target audiences. So they can then come to your profile see what you’re about and potentially take action.

Right now I am going to spend 3 minutes: 1-minute liking, 1 minute commenting and 1 minute following. And what I’m going to do is to make sure that these people in my target audience and relevant to my account.

Instagram Funnel – the secrets to getting Instagram follower

Are you know sales funnel concept before? So now that we’ve been to the specific strategies of how to grow your account both over the long term and short term I want to show you like a step backwards.

instagram funnel - sales funnel strategy

So this is a sales funnel template of exactly what you’re doing by following people, commenting, liking guest plugging putting out YouTube videos and hashtags all the strategy we went over.

These are the results that you get by doing the specific actions. So the pretty funnel.

At the top of the input. So what you put into the funnel which is on the far left comments, likes, follows.

And then the additional hashtags and OFF-SIDE promotion.

They aren’t playing so much of a role in this specific funnel. But they definitely do play a role. What they do is you put them into the funnel at the top.

And when you do these 4 strategies say you like someone’s photo. The person’s photo you like they get a notification and they see your profile has like your photo or whatever your business.

That means is they can click through and see your profile which you can see is step two.

So first of all they see notification.

They know your business exists if you have optimize your business name and photo. They want to see your profile so that everyone will do this.

And they can follow you or not.

They’re not exclusive.

But follow is the real thing you want. Because then you can connect with this person over and over inside their news feed.

So once they see a profile of optimize. They get the choice to either interact follow you or take no action.

A lot of people are going to interactive you. A small amount of people are going to follow you and they are the results you want.

So it’s simply a numbers game.

Most important things to remember:

  • Take time to define your exact audience. It will pay off in the long run
  • Connect with your target audience using Offsite, hashtags, like, follow and comment strategies.
  • Interact genuinely when promoting your account. Don’t spam.
  • Split test to make sure you’re always getting the best results for the amount of time invested.

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