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How To Write A Sales Script In Your Sales Funnel faster

Today, I’m going to share with you guys how to write a sales script in your sales funnel without hire an expensive copywriter.

I normally share sales funnel knowledge on my website.

  • Types of funnel
  • Sales Funnel example
  • Funnel hack
  • One-time-offer

Some of my followers emailed me and they think the information that I share is great. But It’s hard to use because they are don’t know how to write a sales script inside those sales funnel.

Is this like you? You have some ideas of your Funnel. Create a lead magnet, build a landing page and direct visitors into a bridge page,…

Then when you start building it, you realize you’re do not know how to

  • write the copy on the squeeze page
  • Create email sequence
  • Make an awesome video sales letter

So, today I will help you do that.

How To Write A Sales Script In Your Sales Funnel Without Hire Copywriter

How to write a sales script with no copywriting skill or hire an expensive copywriter

This Article Talk And NOT talk about?

I will share with you some scripts that I use in my funnel and how to make it easier. You can use it in your business, on your landing page, in your email,…

All of its designed for people who are entrepreneurs, business owner, online marketer,… The people who do no have copywriting experience, hate writing or never want to learn it.

If you want to have a tip to help you create sales script and use it in your business with a small cost. So this for you.

But if you want to become a professional, freelancer or make money from writing skill. I think you should learn from others. Because of these tips can’t help you do that.

The big Problem

The copywriter is not only writing skill. This is the way to share your message, use your words to attract your customers, and it does not easy at all.

Having a good copy can help your business make a profit. Otherwise, it was terrible.

Copywriting help entrepreneurs successful.

So it was expensive to hire a good copywriter.

how to hire freelancer to writing sale script
Upwork – Hire Copywriter

It’s impossible if you’re a small business, personal or starts making money online (affiliate or network marketing).

So, another choice is learning it for yourself.

It’s hard. But it will save your money and improve your skill.

My secrets to getting all script and sales copy

Now I would like to introduce to you a sales software to help you create all copy, the script you need in your sales funnel faster, and do not require copywriting skills.

Trial To Create Your Headline For FREE

Funnel script will help you create:

  • Sales copy and sales script
  • Advertising Scripts
  • Content Creation Scripts
  • Email Scripts
  • Headline, title, subject line scripts
  • and more

Funnel Scripts has $475 per years (less than $1.5 per day). So if you are do not want to learn the copywriting skill or hire an expensive copywriter (like $37/hr).

So you have 2 choices:

_ First: Do nothing and suffer from bad conversion forever…

_Second: Pull the extra change out of your pocket, for under $500 have all of your copy needs take care of forever.

If you want to get more detail, you can watch funnel script webinar demo here or read the funnel script review


I hope this software may help you change your business and make your sales funnel convert. Copywriting always hard to learn.

We must spend a lot of time to improve it, right?

My recommendation: I highly recommend you get this tool, it really powerful. But if you think it is expensive and you want to learn this skill. So I recommend you need to find people who master in copywriting, buy their course and follow it.

You must also read more and write more. (it’s required)

Buy some of the books about it to help you learn how to write a sales script like:

Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan ‘S Kenedy

Just Sell The Damn Thing – Doberman Dan

How to write copy that sells – Ray Edwards

Breakthrough Copywriting – David Garfinkel

and you also get Dotcom Secrets book to get all sales funnel scripts

Thank you

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