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How To Promote Your Landing Page? When it comes to selecting which of the promotional channels that drive traffic to your landing page and maximize your conversions. It’s essential that you choose the channels that tick the most boxes to make an informed decision. And It’s good to know the differences between paid and unpaid channels.

The best way to advertising landing page and A/B testing 

How To Promote Your Landing Page with paid advertising?

Let’s start by taking a look at paid channels first.

One of the most utilized paid channels is Google AdWords, followed by Yahoo and bing network campaigns.

When you go with any of these channels you pay a pay per click or PPC fee to reach the people who are searching online for your business or topics related to your business.

adwords landing page - ads pages
Ads Pages with Google Adwords

A third model is display advertising or third-party display advertising.

These are ads you create and pay to have displayed on other site properties.

The last significant way to promote your page is social media ads.

As you know, the best reason for using social media ads is to connect with potential customers and places they already hang out like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

how to promote your landing page on social media platforms
Social media platforms

Each of these networks advertising platforms allows you to target your audience by demographic, geographic location, interest, behavior, hashtags product preferences and more.

Recent research by marketing land shows that social media ads can be eight to nine times more effective than other types of online ads paid.

Landing page campaigns can seem intimidating when you’re just starting out.

So it’s a good idea to invest some time promoting your landing pages through unpaid channels, while you familiarize yourself with paid ads.

FREE advertising

Moving to the most common unpaid ad methods.

These include targeted emails, guest blogging and engaging with your potential customers on social platforms.

Watch the video below to learn about guest posting – how to get people write for you

Whenever appropriate share your landing page and discussions where you think the page adds value.

However, be careful not to become too spammy.

Generating landing page traffic via unpaid channels may not be as highly targeted as paid channels. But can still serve as a viable way to drive prospects to your landing page.

A hugely effective way to maximize conversions on your landing page is to conduct ongoing A/B testing.

This is a simple way to test changes to your landing page against the main design and determine which variation produces the highest, most positive results.

Testing different presentations of your landing page using the A/B testing tool has in some cases doubled, even tripled conversions.

It is a powerful and proven way to drastically increase your success.

A/B test on your landing page

A/B testing is how you compare two different versions of a landing page to see which one performs better.

Landing page split testing
Landing Page A/B testing

How to conduct an A/B test is simple enough?

All you need to do is choose which elements of the page you’d like to test.

For example, maybe you want to test something subtle like which color is more attractive on a CTA button or more obvious like which of the two headline variants gets more hits.

Next, you send equal traffic to both versions.

When your test reaches a predetermined endpoint, you’ll be able to see which version converted the best.

How to A/B testing on your landing page?

The A/B test is so vital that it ought to be punishable by law if not implemented and this is how you get it right.

How to AB testing on your landing page
How to A/B testing on your landing page?

Step One: Set conversion goals.

Your conversion goal depends on the purpose of your landing page.

This could be anything from reaching the number of ebook downloads to email signups to free consultation requests.

The conversion goals you set determine the success of one variation over the other.

Step Two: Create Variations.

Variations are changes to the original landing page you make to see which change your visitors respond to the most.

Step Three: Start Testing.

When you begin your test, visitors are randomly sent to one of the two, sometimes three or four of the variations you’ve created.

The conversion goal is measured every time a visitor lands on each variation.

Some testing tools, like Clickfunnels, Lead Page or Instapage give you the opportunity to duplicate, pause, transfer or delete any variation, at any time.

Analyze results

Once your test reaches statistical confidence, it’s time to analyze your results.

The essential metrics you’ll want to track are visitors. Meaning the number of unique visitors that have viewed a particular landing page variation.

Conversions, which is the number of visitors who have filled out a form or click a CTA button on a variation.

Conversion Rate, defined by the percentage of visitors that turned into a conversion on a particular page variation.

Improvement, that being the difference between the conversion rate tested against the control version and variation A.

What element do you need to test?

When it comes to what landing page elements you ought to be testing. The answer is all of them just be methodical about it.

What element do you need to test
What element do you need to test?

Test your headline against another then test your headline with a couple of body copy variations.

Maybe make one long and the other short or 1 can be written in a friendly familiar tone while the other is more formal.

The next, test your CTA button, the color, and the copy.

Test the form if you’ve included one by adding or subtracting the number of fields you would like the visitor to fill out.

Whatever elements you decide to test. Make sure that there is a logic to it akin to apples to apple comparison.

Lastly, keep in mind that there is a chance your test could come back with results you’re not at all expecting.

This is a good thing because this data gives you just as much insight as a successful experiment.

For more granular detail about what elements to test on your landing page, consult our guide on A/B testing by following this link.

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