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Homepage Funnel: Lead Generation Strategies Without Spend Money

Homepage Funnel Lead Generation Strategies Without Spend Money
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Homepage funnel is a new concept that I learned from Russell Brunson a few days ago. As you know, my goal is help people selling their products or services through the sales funnel.

So, we start creating a landing page, getting an email,…etc.

After that, we’re going to split testing and see which is better. We’re investing extra money for that every day and try to drive traffic into the funnel.

Most of the marketers do the same thing right!

When I read funnel hacker cookbook, I saw Russell Brunson talk about Homepage funnel.

This is crazy cool.

Today, I want to talk about something I’ve been wanting and needing to do for the last 3 years ago – launch a sales funnel and homepage that stick.

I finally just did it a few days ago when I launch my homepage new version I lost insane amounts of money by not doing this sooner, and I don’t want you to lose money as well, so pay close attention…

This is a lead generation strategy without spending expensive money for Ads

The Home Page Funnel: Turn Your Homepage Into An Actual Lead Funnel

Before we go, I would like to talk about that concept I learned from Dotcom Secrets book from Russell Brunson. That is 3 type of traffic.

3 Type Of Traffic

In the “DotComSecrets” book he talks about the three types of traffic: Traffic You Control, Traffic You Don’t Control, and Traffic You Own.

3 types of traffic - dotcom secrets book
This is 3 types of traffic that Russell talk about in Dotcom Secrets book
  • Traffic You Own: Includes your email list, blog, readers, and subscribers. Our goal is to turn all traffic into traffic you own because then you can send it wherever you want for FREE.
  • Traffic You Control: is going to facebook, google, banner ads or solo ads,… and saying, “Hey man, you own all this traffic, can I give you money to send it where I want?”. You’re paying to control where it goes and trying to get people to opt-in so you then own that traffic in the future.
  • Traffic You Don’t Control normally comes from places like referrals, blogging, youtube channel,…This traffic comes as a result of branding and getting your message out to the public. You don’t control it, you don’t know when or how it’s going to come up and you don’t pay for it.

As I said before, our goal is to drive all traffic to traffic you own.

But, how can we do that?

Yes, we use homepage funnel stick with my blog.

Your Blog Is Powerful

I don’t have a bunch of ads on my blog because I want people to actually read the content so I can connect with them, build rapport and keep them coming back.

If you have high-quality content, you can connect with visitors.

After reading your blog, they normally visit your Homepage to see who are you, what did you do and what’s your offer.

Most of the sales funnel inside my homepage.

And now, welcome to homepage funnel.

What Is Homepage Funnel?

The Homepage Funnel has a menu right on top with all the cool things you do, and each link pushes out to a list of the core funnels you’ve created. On each of these pages, you click a button that takes you to the actual funnel.

And that is how you take the traffic you don’t control and convert it into traffic you own.

When you own that traffic, now you control the media, you can sell whatever you want, and everything becomes good

Watch the video introduces Homepage Funnel below!

YouTube video

Funnel Map

This funnel is very simple.

The first page it’s a very traditional style website, we may talk about your business and have links to all the other products and services.

You have someone from here, can click the button and they will get a pop-up.

Then, you put your name and email address in and from there you take them to the Thank you page.

Funnel map - homepage funnel
Homepage funnel have 2 pages

Now, really the goal of this homepage funnel is basically to feature all the different funnels you have. So, they can come here to find out more about you, see you or on the news, articles.

Or other funnels that you have to sell your products or services

This Is What I Do In Homepage

Come back to my story. When people come to my homepage, I can sell whatever I want through the funnel inside this page.

And I call that is funnel catcher

Funnel catcher: My blog is designed to act as a Funnel Catcher. It “catches” people from a variety of places and sifts and sorts them into my various funnels based on their interests.

At the top are 3 links to easily see all of my strategy to improve sales funnel better. It’s about Funnel book mastery, marketing secrets training and sales funnel software.

Funnel catcher - homepage funnel
Funnel Catcher on my homepage. People may want my book, training or sales funnel software

The other cool thing about this concept, especially when we’re talking about the traffic we don’t control, is that it allows people to sort themselves based on their interests.

Some people are readers.

So they’ll be attracted to the book tab, the training or software.

Funnel book mastery - marketing funnel
When people click on book tab, funnel books mastery will appear

For example, if I click “Get the book” on Expert Secrets book. I will visit Expert Secrets sales funnel

expert secrets book homepage
Expert Secrets Book sales funnel

As you can see, in the sales funnel book tab I have 3 sales funnel:

All of them can help me make tons of money.

Cool right?

So, what next?

marketing funnel training - funnel secrets
FREE marketing funnel training when people click marketing secrets training tab

Again, when they click on “Marketing secrets training”, this page will scroll down.

Now, I have 3 funnels:

  • Funnel hack webinar is the case study that teaches you how Russell make over $15,000 per day.
  • Funnel scripts webinar help you get all sales funnel scripts in your business without copywriting experience or hire an expensive copywriter
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training for people who want to become a super affiliate

At the end of the page, I introduce to them my tactic that I’ve learned and used to my business to get more traffic and leads to any sales funnel.

how to drive traffic to website fast
How to get unlimited traffic and leads into any sales funnel

So, as you can see, lots of funnel on the homepage, right?

How To Use Homepage Funnel In Your Business?

Author / speaker/ coach / consultant… I would use this funnel to highlight the story of my business and its birth. Then, I’d choose my most popular products to feature below my company’s story

E-commerce… I would use this funnel to show how my product is made and why it’s made differently. Then I’d put links, with coupons, to my product below the video.

Business-to-Business… I’d use the Homepage Funnel to dive deep into my company’s history and the emotion behind why it was started. Then, I’d put my most popular products below.

Network or Affiliate marketing… I’d build a homepage funnel for myself and for each person in my downline and tell the emotional story of the company with our distributor links at the bottom to buy the products.

Professional services… I’d take time to gather powerful testimonials from my customers on video and then tell the story of my company right afterward. Links below the video would include a coupon if they scheduled an appointment right there.

Retail / Brick & Mortar Business… I’d use this funnel to tell the story of my company and to feature all of our top selling products and services.


Homepage funnel is a cool way to take all this traffic you don’t control, sift and sort them through a homepage funnel and the right people pop out in the right funnels.

Now, you can create your Homepage funnel with Clickfunnels and get the result.

It’s so cool and amazing.

If you pull out the blog and just create the Funnel Catcher portion of this, it’s really simple.

I recommend using either your name or company name as your Funnel Catcher to allow the traffic you don’t control to self-sort into the funnels that most interest them.

Keep reading for another funnel I’m sharing on the top 22 sales funnel template and use that in your business, get an idea, improve your funnel better and better.

Now, the last question is:“Do you have Homepage funnel?”

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