Sales Funnel Vs Website: The Future Of Websites

Sales funnel vs website, which one is better? What is the future of websites?

5 – 7 Years ago, Many companies always ask “Do I need a website?”. And today, we’re laughing like “If you haven’t a website you are not a business”.

But the game is chance.

A cool thing I want to share with you today is:

“Sales funnel is a future of website”.

I think right now we’re in that kind of same transition point where most companies still don’t know what a funnel actually is.

They know what a website is and they have a website that’s usually not doing anything for them. They don’t have a funnel and they’re trying to figure out what is a funnel.

So it really is the future where things are going because you’re here

  • On the cutting edge of this new science.
  • This is new technology
  • Literally changing people’s lives

To help you understand, I highly recommend you read Dotcom Secrets Book which teaches a lot of the science that funnels is like:

  • How do they work
  • The different types of funnels
  • Front vs back-end funnel

Funnel hacker blackbox expert secrets

The second is Expert Secrets book which is like the art of funnel building. The book teaches you how do you craft your message, headlines, stories, videos and all the things to pull somebody through your funnel.

The last is Funnel Hacker Cookbook that shows you all sorts of different types of funnels and how they’re structured, how they’re laid out. So I’m always putting as much amazing stuff as possible for you to help you to understand how to use funnels inside of your business.

Sales Funnel Vs Website The Future Of Websites

What is the future of websites and The sales funnel actually is?

My question for you is: How many of you have a website right now?

And the second question is: how many guys is that website consistently generating you tons of leads, selling tons of your products, filling up your webinars on your live events?”

Now, if I ask a hundred business owners, I would say maybe a fraction of 1% and say “Yes the website is doing those goals”.

Most websites don’t do anything.

We hire people and they designed a beautiful, amazing website but it didn’t do anything. They weren’t functional, didn’t fulfill a purpose other than.

Now, let me explain it!

Traditional Website vs Sales Funnel


The traditional website like my blog with a logo, slide bar, menu and a lot of links right?

If I if I take my mouse and I try to scroll.

You can see:

  • How many links I have to pass?
  • How many things are blocking me from actually getting somebody to give me money or take you to become a lead?

Whatever my goal was of this website. If I hover over it drops down. There’s always like five other links that take me other different places and site. All these distractions all these blockers can keep people from actually giving you money.

traditional website - website vs funnel

Someone comes to your website and going through this stuff and you want them to do one thing and this is going to keep them doing it. because they’re gonna see all this stuff and they get confused they just leave.

It’s kind of like you guys ever need to buy something and you go to the grocery store and you walk in and there are a million different things.

This grocery store like I got to find the thing and you’re walking around you get lost and you can’t find the aisle with the actual thing you’re looking for. Eventually, you get frustrating and you leave.

This is the death of the website.

Entrepreneurs like us typically have to spend their own money to grow their company, which means that we have to
be smart when it comes to how we do things.

We have to use a system that allows us to put $1 in and pull $2 back out. That’s what funnels allow you to do.

The Funnel

The funnel is different from the traditional website.

Any page in a funnel focuses only one thing.

  • Generate lead
  • Sales Product/service
  • Invite to webinar or live event

sales funnel graphic

The sales funnel like your top salesperson and they can close everyone for you 24/7.

Someone comes to your store, and they greet the person, and while talking to them, they find out who they are and what they are interested in.

Then they take them to the section of the store where they can find the exact product they need, and after that, this salesperson shows the customer all of the other products and services that make sense to them.

That’s what sales funnel does

Learn more about sales funnel strategy here.

The 3 Core Sales Funnel Types

As I said above, the funnel focus on the one thing or one GOAL.

So the question is What is my goal?

In my experience, there 3 main goals that many marketers around the world focus on.

  • Generate Leads (Email, phone number,…)
  • Sell Product/Services
  • Event (Seminar, Webinar,…)

Those are typically the three goals that cover like 99.9% of all businesses. So you gotta think “what’s the goal what I’m trying to do with my funnel.”

Now, let me explain it to you.

The 3 core funnel - funnel mapping

Generate Leads

The first one talk about our leads

Again depending on where you are in your business journey, have to understand like: The lifeblood of a company, a graph, the load of the business is Leads.

It’s your customers.

The big secrets of internet marketing is having an email list (or having subscribers).

More subscriber => more followers => more leads => Sales.

What you are doing is generating leads now.

As you know, we have many ways to build the email list. But there are 2 Lead Funnels I usually use:

  1. Squeeze Page Funnel
  2. Application Funnel

Squeeze Page Funnel

sueeze page funnel - sales processThe first one is Squeeze Page Funnel.

A few years ago, when people come to the website and the pop-up appeared. They give something really cool for FREE, and I say that is a lead magnet.

You just put your email below and click the submit button. Then BOOM…BOOM…BOOM comes down here on the marketer’s database and now that person is on their list.

After that, they will sell their product (that’s how we make money).

This is the traditional way to generate leads. It’s so amazing.

But now, the game is change.

People started creating pop-up blockers and eventually, all the browser’s shut putting the pop-up blockers in there. if most pop-ups are gone off the internet and guess what else disappeared? all these people stopped, disappearing and people like me weren’t able to build lists anymore.

What if we changed this process around? We change the pop-up to the landing page.

We give people free report, checklist, video training,… for FREE and we collect email address. That call squeeze page.  we’re gonna squeeze somebody’s email address in and then we’ll take them over here to the next page.

It’s maybe the Thank You Page, invite to the webinar or selling product and make money.

Application Funnel

The second type of lead funnels we call application funnel.

The application of funnels has a little bit similar, but they’re a little bit different with squeeze paste funnel.


This funnel work for traditional businesses that are gonna get on the phone with this lead and actually sell something on the phone.

With squeeze page funnel, we collect email in the first page and email them a link to a different page to introduce an event or try to sell something.

But application funnel has a little bit different.

We getting a lead that we gonna call on the phone and then sell them either your coaching, consulting, financial planning services or if you’re typically people use an application funnel are selling more expensive things.

In fact, if your business needs an application funnel, you don’t want or really care about 1,000…10,000 or 30,000 email leads. Like me, I only care about 10 really good leads per day for myself people call on the phone.

Similar squeeze page funnel, in the first page, might be videos sharing like a case study or it’s a success story of one of your students when your clients or something that telling their story.

Then you say: “Hey if you want to work with me then you need to apply and then there’s a link down here”

In the application page, you listing the question.

When they complete it, you’ll know who they are and your product or service work with them or not. After that, your sales team will pick up the phone and selling your service.

Depend on your question on the application page, then your sales team easily to CLOSE or not.

Sell Product or Services

Tripwire Funnel

To help you understand the tripwire funnel concept, I’m going to share with you an example about Dotcom Secrets book.DotComSecrets-Book cover - funnel secrets

Read Dotcom Secrets book review here


If you follow Russell Brunson, you might know he pays about $20 for each people get this book.

But Dotcom Secrets book cost you $7,95 in the US or 12,95 international around the world. So he didn’t actually make any money.

In fact, most of the times he loses money.

After you purchase this book, he will offer another stuff that I call OTO (one-time-offer) or Upsell. Now, Russell receives %100 profit for each people who buy the product on the upsell page.

Dotcom secrets funnel

So this is a tripwire funnel.

The first page is our low ticket thing, traditional you’ll see there’s usually a video or something selling it. In this case, Russell spent $20 for Facebook Ads to sell one book. He still loses money right?

But he generates list – list of email subscribers is amazing, list of people who actually buy something. Somebody who’s willing to pull their credit card out of their wallet that’s the best kind of customer.

It was like Amazon people who bought this, they also like…

Amazon frequently bought - funnel strategy

Again, Tripwire Funnel starts with tripwire offer. So you can get somebody to become a buyer. Then it sells more expensive products for you.

This is huge.

Sales Letter or Video Sales Letter Funnel

the next type of funnel is sales letter funnel (or video sales letter funnel).

For example, you sold on TV or the third big media was direct mail and somebody’s member may remember getting these things in the mail. I still get them all the time is a sales letter.

sales letter funnel - conversion funnel


So you get a letter in the mail you open up. There is big huge sale. You read this thing, turn the page and there are another headline, sub-headline and more things…

This is a sales letter. By the end, you got to buy this product right?

If you look at what happened when the internet first came out. People were trying all sorts of ways to kind of figure out how to sell stuff.

What happens here is I drive a Facebook ad to a sales letter that is somebody read it and the end of it they buy the product.

Now, if I want I can have upsell (just like tripwire funnel).

In fact, instead of happens long-form sales letter, we could put ourselves on a video. It actually speaks the sales letter explain the product sell just like something one-on-one. so that’s called a video sales letter funnel

Product Launch Funnel

The Product Launch Funnel starts just like a squeeze page funnel the first page basically asked for somebody’s email. They submit then the second-page looks like a sales letter.

That is one long video it’s broken up where every few days you get the next video.

product launch funnel - sales funnel example

Next video builds up much of anticipation excitement and then the product actually launches on the last video and people buy a whole bunch of it.

This process works really good for products from $500 up to $2000 or $3000.

This is the type of funnel I use a lot of times because it does a really good job building anticipation and excitement and it makes it easier to sell more expensive products.

The Funnel For Event

The last type of funnel is event funnel. It includes:

  • Webinar Funnel
  • Auto Webinar Funnel

Want to learn more about the webinar? Read Perfect Webinar Scripts here

Again all these things come from the history that happens to pass:

  • Squeeze page funnels come from the old-school pop-ups
  • Sales letter funnels come from Direct Mail
  • Tripwire funnels come from low ticket things
  • Product launch funnels are sideways

So like all these things are coming from history right events come from live events. I’m sure the most of you guys have seen.

Remember back in the day they just happen a lot more. But people do these events, you come to you hear the speaker talk about something about 90 minutes. Then they sell you a product or service at the end presentation, right?

They made $1,000…$10,000 or up to $100,000 on this day.

Now if you know Russell Brunson, you might know he made $3,000,000 dollars in sales at 10x growth con in just 90 minutes presentation.

Russell talk at 10x growth con - Russell brunson secrets

Watch Video Million Dollars Presentation Now!

Webinar Funnel

Webinar or web classes basically somebody come to your page. You ask them to register for the webinar, they put in

their email address and then the webinar or web class regular. I call it might be happening later.

Now click funnels doesn’t have webinar software.

So if you’re using a show, you need to use third-party service. I recommend  Zooms and Go to Webinar

webinar funnel map - sales funnel template


We’ll promote this webinar to people into it. They register and then once a week or twice a week we’ll do with the live webinar.

We will teach people something. Then at the end presentation, we sell them product or service and make money.

That’s basically a webinar funnel

Auto Webinar Funnel

Auto webinar funnel is not something that happens live. Before use auto webinar funnel, you must record video and testing on Webinar Funnel first.

When people register to Auto Webinar Funnel,  they have been linked to the next page where the presentation plays. They watch it and the end of the presentation, it pushes them over to the order form.

This one you can do a 100% on Clickfunnels because no other third-party service needed.

To help you understand about Auto Webinar Concept, I will show you an Auto Webinar Funnel example of Kaelin – 2 comma club members

Kaelin 2 comma club winners

Discover How A Flat-Broke Newbie
Built An Online EMPIRE


Now you guys understand the overarching concept the death of a website.

Learn about sales funnel today, it’s pretty cool. So many people use the funnel for their business and successful.

The question is YOU ARE NEXT?

Now if you want to learn more about sales funnel concept, you can read my article on blog. What if you no have time? checkout Funnel builder secrets courses and give it to your team and they will build it to you.

But before you buy it. You need to read Funnel Builder secrets review first.

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