Funnel Fridays: How To Make A Sales Funnel Within 30 Minutes

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Marketing Funnel builder is a hot topic these days. If you want to find an easy way to help you learn how to make your own funnel, it is FREE. Funnel Fridays have been designed for you.

Most peoples stress every day about making a funnel and improving the sales process.

Because their business is specific.

It’s different from the online marketing funnel concept that they have learned. And they don’t know how to do that in their business.

It’s like Real Eastern, Network Marketing, E-commerce, and Local Business,…

Not only that, but many people also have problems with technical, ideas, copy, and design,…

If you hire someone to do it for you or buy a course to learn it, it takes a lot of money, right?

This is why I want to introduce to you Funnel Fridays – One of my favorite channels that I learn and improve my marketing funnel skill.

And it is also FREE. Now let’s go deep into it!

What is The Funnel Fridays

Funnel Fridays is a series of live videos created by Russell Brunson and Co-Host Jim Edward.

As the name suggests, the new episode will live stream at @11:30 am Eastern.

In each episode, they will build an entire sales funnel in just 30 minutes. They will try to write the copy, create landing pages, and get it launched.

The Benefit

Now, we go deep into the benefit of Funnel Fridays and how does it worth

1. Save time 

If you’re tried to make your own sales funnel before, it is not easy. It would help if you prepared the script that you need on each landing page inside the funnel.

And from that, you will be starting to build the landing page, including layout, design, images, etc…

I am trying to build the funnel and fix it every single week. So, it takes me at least 4-5 hours.

Yes, 4-5  hours with a basic funnel, and I understand what exactly I need to do.

If I do not have the idea before, I needed 1-2 days to build it (Choice the types of the sales funnel, create the lead magnet, create a plan, draw a funnel map on the whiteboard, then review it,…)

So, Watching Funnel Fridays helped me know exactly the process they do to build a new funnel. Then I use it in my business and save my time.

When I save my time, I realize I’m saving my money and making more than that.

2. Get the idea and use it in your business

The idea is essential when you make a sales funnel.

How many steps are in your funnel? How to share your message or connect with your audience? What is your lead magnet or front-end product?

What kind of color that you use?

It depends on your idea.

Watch all Funnel Fridays episodes, and you will have it.

3. Sales funnel examples

Most marketers already have a good idea; they have a message to share with the audience.

But, the big problem keeping them moving forward is technical, and their business is specific. So many people share on the internet is the first thing you need is to have a lead magnet, create a squeeze page, and built an email list.


What if your business is a supplement, real eastern, e-commerce, local business,…

How do and design your funnel with it?

Funnel Fridays also have examples of funnels from different business models.

For example,

In Episode #1: They create a sales funnel for the supplement. Russell Brunson and Jim Edward built out a sales funnel for promoting Green drink coffee Supplements.

In Episode #26: they created “Survey Funnel” This ONE funnel is so powerful they’re currently using it on the homepage of

As entrepreneurs, most of us are still jamming all of our traffic through ONE all-encompassing message…

Some of your people will care about what you’re saying… And some don’t.

But… What if you could pinpoint who each person in your audience is and what they really want?

If you know that, you can redirect them STRAIGHT to the content or product that they actually want to hear about and buy (…and skip all the stuff that they don’t care about)!

That’s the power of a survey funnel…

This funnel is the EASIEST way to get to know what your people really want, so you can put relevant content and offers in front of them.

Funnel Fridays - sales funnel examples

4. Master the software

To build a sales funnel quickly, you must have the tools to help you do it.

That is Click Funnels and Funnel Scripts.

In Funnel Fridays, Russell and Jim use it to making a funnel.

If you’re already a Clickfunnels member, this video is like a guide to help you own the software.

Also, if you’re not a member, you can watch it and try the tools for your business. Don’t worry about does it work for you. Because you can try it 14 days for FREE


The big benefit is FREE. Yes, you can get all sales to funnel examples and make an idea without paying tons of money for any sales funnel course.

How To Sign-up and Watch it?

Now this time to join funnel Fridays. If you’re lucky, they may pick your product and try to build a funnel live on the show!

Step #1: Click the link below to visit this page and sign-up for FREE. It takes you less than 1 minute!

Funnel Fridays Russell Brunson sign-up for FREE today

Step #2: After sign-up, you can watch all of the past episodes right now! And they also notice to you when they go live through email or Facebook (depend on which platform that you sign-up before)

Funnel Fridays live video
Funnel Fridays live video.
Funnel fridays episodes

Why it’s FREE? There is no catch

I pay tons of money to learn how to make a sales funnel and improve it until my sales funnel making money.

And now, Russell shares it for FREE.


In fact, Funnel Fridays is designed for people who are Clickfunnels members.

And the goal is to help them understand how the funnel work then applies clickfunnels and funnel scripts in their business to get it to move forward and get the best results.

In the other case, they also promote their product and get new members. Through each episode, people will have an idea and see how click funnels help their business, and they will apply it.

That was my thought. What about you?

If you have other answers, leave a comment below and share with us for FREE.

What I liked And didn’t like about Funnel Fridays

What made I like:

  • FREE
  • So many funnel examples out there
  • Give me an idea
  • Teaches me built funnel through Clickfunnel software
  • Great communicate
  • Have fun, interesting and entertaining

What I didn’t like

  • As I said above, they only use click funnels to build it. So if you’re using another platform, you just only get an idea from it or become Clickfunnels members and start trial 14 days for FREE.
  • Many videos are low quality (the reason may be an internet connection or camera,…)
funnel fridays live show - make your own funnel


Russell Brunson and Co-Host Jim Edward have created the Funnel Fridays channel.

For each episode, they will try to create a different funnel and write the copy in just 30 mins. If you are lucky, they may pick your product and make the funnel live on the show!

Click here to sign-up and watch the sales funnel builder live today for FREE.

Suppose you have any questions or recommendations about my blog. Please leave it in the comment below.

Thank you.

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