How to get free traffic to websites: Top 10 traffic sources

Traffic is a hot topic of many marketers. Some people ask me “how to get free traffic to website or blog” or “Hey, I have a sales funnel, I have squeeze page (opt-in page) but I don’t know how to get traffic to it”. Today, I am going to show you my top 10 free traffic sources to help you upgrade your business to the next level.

Many people talk about paid traffic sources these days.

But I will argue that you can still make a living online of only using free traffic sources.

No question about it, and if you’re just starting out I would recommend you to use free traffic sources instead of paid advertising.

Because otherwise, you will start losing your money fast if you’re not familiar with internet marketing and paid traffic sources and advertising.

When I say free traffic sources, well it’s not completely free as you will have to put in some time and effort in order to make it work.

So you are basically trading your time for traffic but it is working well anyway.

Let’s dive into it.

Top 10 FREE traffic sources to help you get traffic to your website

1 Instagram

Instagram is very hot, and trendy at the moment. The marketing potential of this platform is huge and the amount of traffic circulating here is just insane.

Instagram - free traffic sources

In order to get traffic create a nice-looking profile with your link in the bio and then follow lots of people every day. And many of those people will follow you back.

Post images every day or two, and try to be authentic.

So that you stand out from the rest.

You can even send direct messages to people that are interested in your niche as well. The good thing about Instagram that I’ve heard is that people have created like maybe 10 different profiles in different niches.

Maybe they did one in the football nation, maybe they did another in the health and fitness niche for example.

So the possibilities with Instagram is endless.

2 Facebook Group

 Join Facebook groups in your niche every day. Don’t join more than six to seven groups each day or your account might get locked.

This happened to me several times.

As an example, I’ve went into the search field and I typed in fitness groups. So you can basically join a number of these groups and when you have a comma member you can make posts there on a daily basis.

group facebook - free traffic 2018

But don’t make it too spamming, try to make good posts.

So that people will get curious about you and click your link that you have included. As always try to provide value and you will get clicks and traffic in return okay.

3 Forums

There are thousands of forums on the Internet. Try to find forums in your niche by just googling your keyword plus forum.

let’s try this.

how to drive traffic to your website for free - forums

You see here we have a number of forums already.

What you do is you become a member in these forums, then try to post on a daily basis by making good posts again and interact with other members.

Include your link as a signature in your posts and after a while, people will start getting curious about you and start clicking your link.

This method is very powerful but requires some work all right.

4 Pinterest

Create a good-looking profile and start to follow people in your niche. I think you can follow a maximum of about 300 people daily.

view website traffic

Start making beautiful and attractive posts on your boards and include your link on the images.

I would recommend you to use this site called, you can make and assign amazing images here.

I use it frequently.

However, when using the Pinterest method, don’t post just your images all the time.

Try to post other people’s images as well.So that they don’t think you’re like too spamming or something like that.

But after a while when you have a lot of followers on your boards you will start noticing that the traffic will start coming back to your website.

5 Quora

So number four is Quora is the place where you can post questions about anything and everything and get answers.

free traffic sources - quora

It’s like a big place for discussion.

Create a profile find a question about your subject your niche and answer that question in a nice way.

Don’t be spamming, write an article and include your link and if your post is good people will be curious and start clicking your link.

6 Twiter

how to get free traffic to website - twitter

Some people argue Twitter is dead. But I can promise you it’s not.

Just create a nice-looking profile and start making posts daily. You can even get a tool that will make a post for you by automation.

Then put your link in your bio and start following hundreds of people daily and many of those will follow you back.

You can get really targeted leads from Twitter as you can search for people by using keywords there from your niche. So go ahead and get started on Twitter.

7 Tumblr

Top 10 free traffic sources - tumblr

Tumblr this is a huge platform with great marketing potential as well.

Make sure you make your profile look really cool and authentic and make posts almost every day include your link from time to time and follow as many people as you can.

Many of those will follow you back in your reach will become massive after a while.

8 Snapchat

how to get free traffic - snapchat

Like Instagram, Snapchat is very hard at the moment. It is a big similar to Instagram as well. I’m not using it myself because I don’t have the time to do it right now.

But many people are using it.

So just check out the website to learn more about it and make sure to profit from it while it’s still hot and has great traffic potential.

9 Reddit

get free traffic - reddit

Reddit is a place where you can post articles about basically anything. It is a huge platform and can be used to get lots of free traffic if used correctly. However, it takes a bit of time and patience to build up a profile.

But after having made a series of posts, try to include a link here to your website and traffic will start coming.

Just don’t be spamming.

10 Youtube

traffic sources - youtube

Alright, we have reached number 10, my top and favorite source for getting free traffic online is YouTube.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world and the amount of traffic you can get from here is just unbelievable.

Create an account and Channel and start making simple and small videos in your niche or about your subject.

You can even make videos with PowerPoint if you don’t want to film yourself. After having made maybe 10 videos or so.

One or two of those will most likely be a hit and people will start checking out your other videos as well.

Don’t give up, keep going and make more videos. You can even create several channels on different topics.

Use keywords that people search for in the video titles and make sure to write the description that includes those keywords as well, then put your link just under the video.

So that people can find it easily.

Keep this up and traffic from YouTube will start coming to your website like never before.

Alright, that’s it for today, my friends.

That was my top 10 free traffic sources. Now if you want to learn how to really make money online and how to monetize all that free traffic out there. You can click here to see my number one strategy.  How to make a full-time income online it’s easier than you think.

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3 thoughts on “How to get free traffic to websites: Top 10 traffic sources”

  1. Hi Key. I’ve read many many marketing articles, but this is the first time I’ve ever responded with a comment! I like how you write. Can you please help me; I have some questions:
    1) how do I research keywords, I don’t fully understand how to do this
    2) how do I test my niche before spending hundreds of hours making content? I’m bipolar and want to make videos and posts that will help people. Then, I can link to affiliate products or funnels for affiliate products. How do I research whether this is a good niche?
    3) Is the bridge page useful to get my followers into an affiliate funnel?

    Thank you Key!

    1. Hi Steve, I don’t know how you got started with affiliate marketing. However, in questions 1 and 2 for me when building a blog, it depends on keyword research.
      In fact, it will be difficult to have a market that is not competitive, and the first thing you should do is find the product.
      There will be 2 cases here
      1. You already have a product: In this case, you have no choice, you have to participate in the market and your job is to find out the sub-markets. I will talk more about it later.
      2. You don’t have a product yet: You need to find a product that has the following:
      _ The product has a good review of many people.
      _ Vendor good at marketing (it will help you a lot in converting)
      _ Good Affiliate program

      Next is keyword research. It’s really hard to explain. However, I’ll try to share with you my checklist.
      The tool requires: Ahref
      1. Go to keyword explore, search for the main keyword.
      2. Depending on the market, it may have up to thousands of keywords. Then you download all.
      3. Remove irrelevant keywords, misspellings, or few searches (If you have too many keywords)
      4. Group keywords into topics.
      5. A topic consists of similar keywords or similar content.
      6. From that topic, write the content or create a video (for example, I write an article about “what is a sales funnel.” The article may include these keywords “what is sales funnel”, “what is a sales funnel”, “sales funnel stages”, …)
      7. Search the keywords that you need to write on google to see how competitors write them (tutorial, checklist, guide, case study, …)
      8. You can use Seosurfer to know which keywords to add to the content, write how many words.
      9. Write content and upload

    2. Question 3: The bridge page like a salesman help you “close” your follower before they go to the sales page. It helps to increase conversion rates.
      Bridge page also where you can put Facebook or Google pixel code, then you can re-targeting them through Facebook and Google Ads. In the other case, if you’re not good at writing or you can’t create a good video, you don’t need the bridge page. You should write the product review article and link it directly to the Affiliate link.

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