Sales Funnel Strategy: Fan page funnel – sales funnel examples

Sales Funnel Strategy: Fan page funnel – sales funnel examples
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Today I’ll show you Sales Funnel Strategy. What I’m going to do is walk you through the Fanpage funnel. Now, this is sales funnel examples, this is the exact funnel we use in our business and it absolutely crushes it.

If you do this exactly the way that I’m about to show you, you will succeed online. But there’s a lot of moving parts here and a lot of elements. If you miss just one you could potentially spend more money on advertising than you make.

This is all about being profitable and it’s all about just designing a funnel. That works on autopilot, so you can go out and enjoy your life and not have to just stress out over making a living.

Sales Funnel Strategy: Fan page funnel - sales funnel examples

Sales Funnel Strategy – Fan page funnel Step 1: All start with squeeze page.

So here we go Sales Funnel Strategy. It all starts with your squeeze page. The first part of the funnel is the squeeze page and this typically gets installed, it’s a custom tab that’s installed on your Facebook fan page. So you would drive traffic to the custom tab which is the squeeze page.

Sales Funnel Strategy: Fan page funnel - sales funnel examples

Now on the squeeze page, you could offer some type of bribe, some type of free content. That helps your target audience this could be a video, it could be a PDF, it could be a mind map… Anything that’s going to move them from point A to point B.

Point A being where they are now, point B being where your product will ultimately take them if they follow your advice. So that’s the squeeze page. It all starts with the squeeze page which is basically an opt-in form. And they can type in their name and email address to get the free thing that you’re giving away.

Sales Funnel Strategy – Fan page funnel: Go through all page

So the next part of the funnel is the content page. Now, this is where you deliver the free thing. If it’s a PDF or a video you deliver that on the content page, and you don’t ask them for the sale yet. You just deliver the content. we’ve been testing this lately.

Sales Funnel Strategy: Fan page funnel - sales funnel examples

It’s working great, we give a little bit of content helpful, useful. But incomplete content and then we have them click a button below the video that takes them over to a sales page. And they can learn more about the actual product. So then once they go to the sales page. Then you want to take them to of course your checkout page. And then once they check out you’re going to send them through a series of you’ll notice here it says OTO (One – Time – Offer) what this basically is is an upsell.

So if you’re selling let’s say some type of information. The best type of one-time offers or upsells, we learned this from one of our marketing courses, though that were marketing classes…That we attended it’s basically called speed in automation.

Sales Funnel Strategy: Fan page funnel - sales funnel examples

The product let’s say is an information product. The first upsell could be something to speed up that process. 

  • if they have to go through and consume the information, and then go and do a bunch of stuff.
  • Or if you can anyway speed that process up. That is the perfect thing to offer fo One-time offer.
  • And if you’re doing some type of how-to information on how to go do something and you can offer.

Like an installation service of a piece of software, or like in our case we offer templates where we show you how to in one of the products we offer we show you how to install a custom tab and we give you the code to do it. But then for the upsell we offer a pre-designed beautiful custom tab templates.

It just makes things you know faster. So that’s a great type of upsell. If they purchase that upsell you can send them to another page that makes another offer. It doesn’t have to be like the speed and automation type. But it has to be something related.

Ater that we maybe send them go into the members area. And that is basically all the moving parts of the funnel. You have the squeeze page, the content page, sales page, checkout page and then upsells and then members area.

Sales Funnel Strategy – Fan page funnel: Start Email marketing

Now you’ll notice over here we have these emails right. And then we have this thing down here, called the bucket emails over here. The bucket so here’s. How does this work? Basically all of the leads that come in your funnel and not going to purchase your product.

It’s just the fact of life. They’re not all going to purchase, it’d be awesome if everyone that came through our funnel all 100% of them purchased. But it’s just not the case sometimes. It takes a little more information, a little more time kind of like when you’re first involved in the dating process. 

You don’t just go for the gusto. Sometimes it takes you know a little warming up you know, a little dinner, a little wine. Day one again you just want to send some helpful information. Basically you could just take information from this content that you created and kind of just drip it to them over time.

So if your content page has a 10 minute, video full of great content or even for fifteen minutes, or it’s a really long PDF. You could really chunk that information down, or break that information down and send an email on day one. That just talks about one little piece of that content.

So you’ll notice here it goes from day one and then it goes over to the content page. Just a small little tip from this original piece of content. Day 2 send another one and day 3 send another one, and ultimately what happens is after they go through your autoresponder series.

They end up in what we call the buckets. So they’re done with the autoresponder they’re not going to get any more automated messages. And then now with the bucket it’s basically that’s your broadcast email list, then you can go over here and just email the bucket list and send them more useful content, send them to webinars, send them to launches JV promotions, special offers that you might have.

And then  I’m not sure exactly what we do but I think we email this like once a day, to be honest with you. I think it’s once a day we email one of these types of things to the bucket list. And if it’s content again you’d give some good useful content, and then put a link underneath the video – if it’s video. To go and purchase a different product of yours maybe, or an affiliate product something like that.

But you want to do some type of the content works the best or if you’re going to do webinars that’s great too. We don’t do a ton of webinars. And any one of these is fine and then, of course, you’re going to if you have a new product launch coming, you’d want to launch it to those two the bucket list as well.

And then if we move over here to the checkout page some people do this. I’m not sure if we do this or not anymore. I’d have to check but there’s an order basically this is an opt-in form on the order page. So you could instead of just letting them checkout. You could ask them to opt-in to a list then check out. And if you do that you could do the same kind of thing, you send out an email that says:  hey I noticed you filled out you got through the checkout process almost all the way through the checkout process but you didn’t quite finish you know. Can you let me know what happened did you have a problem? You could start this email series with that ton instead of you know, it’s going to be different.

Of course than if they came through the squeeze page so this is just kind of like a helpful type. Follow-up series, it says hey I noticed you didn’t buy did you have any problems? then maybe the next day if you could send them a survey. And just keep touching base finding out what’s going on and why they’re not making a purchase.

That’s really what you want to do with something like this. And now they’ll eventually after you know day 7 or day 8 or whatever it is they’ll end up in the bucket. So you’ll have 2 separate buckets one for leads, and then one that went through the checkout page. Again all of this is really optional.

This is optimal I should say it’s optional, and yet it’s optimal if you do this you’re going to have great results. But to start you really want to just focus on the squeeze page, content page, sales page checkout page, OTO.

And then, of course your members area that’s the gist of the Fan page funnel or any marketing funnel for that matter. So yeah take a look at this and see where you can if yours how similar you know, yours looks to this set up. But this is our basically our set up and it’s just crushing, it lately it’s working fantastic.

Now you can download full picture about the fanpage funnel here. But we’re going to actually walk you through each one of these sections of the funnel. So you can get this set up in your business. If you really like about Sales Funnel Strategy and want to get more information about that. You can get Dotcomsecrets Book. It’s will show you step by step how to build your funnel, how to start selling everything on the internet. Sales Funnel Strategy, sales funnel examples. That’s all

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