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How To Create A Facebook Sales Funnel That Convert?

facebook sales funnel
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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world today, owning about three billion accounts each month. So, experts soon recognized it as an ideal playground for reaching a potential audience.

That statement has come true because Facebook is becoming the choice trend of many businesses today. The combination of content and Facebook ads will allow you to reach a wide range of custom audiences.

To increase the effectiveness of this activity, you need to have a sales funnel designed specifically for Facebook. In this article, we’ll show you how to build an effective Facebook sales funnel and give you some fixes if yours isn’t working. 

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What Is A Sales Funnel on Facebook?

facebook sales funnel graphic 1

The Facebook sales funnel captures the user’s interest and takes care of them until they make a final decision, be it ready to buy or not. 

Unlike traditional sales channels, it identifies as the ideal and effective business development solution.

In terms of structure, the Facebook sales funnel consists of three components: the funnel beginning, the middle of the channel, and the funnel’s end.

Each channel has its characteristics and functions, creating valuable conversions for your business. Specifically:

  • Top of the funnel

Increasing brand awareness is what you need to do at this stage. It may involve creating ads that briefly showcase your products and promote them in front of every user. You can post your product information as a blog or graphic video to appeal to different audience segments.

  • Mid-funnel

The critical action of this stage is lead generation and nurturing those leads.  Above all, you need to clearly show them your difference in your post content or customer care process. 

Only then will you successfully attract a large number of potential customers. Taking care of post content, perfect image processing, and exceptional customer care are what you need to do during this period.

  • End of the Facebook sales funnel

The focus of this stage is on conversions into purchases and cold audience retention. At this stage, you need the support of Facebook advertising services.

How To Build A Sales Channel On Facebook?

Facebook offers many different types of ready-made ads that you can use for your Facebook sales funnel. Most of all, you’ll need suitable options. Choosing incompatible ads is meaningless with the ability to convert or cost you money.

We would like to introduce how to create a successful and effective Facebook sales funnel. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information!

Define your target audience

facebook sales funnel graphic 2

Start finding your target audience before reaching out and developing your brand. That’s what you need to act on first. Finding your desired leads is an important step to help you go deeper and more efficiently in your sales process.

It would help to base your audience on different anthropometric, psychological, and geographical criteria. Separating customers according to the above aspects helps you partially understand their thoughts and desires to buy to apply the appropriate sales process.

You should create a buyer persona among your target audience and analyze your sales process. By doing so, it will be easier for you to deploy compatible content.

Create high-quality content

facebook sales funnel graphic 3

Content is the cornerstone of much of the performance for any sales or marketing strategy. Of course, the Facebook sales funnel is no exception.

You will need quality content to reach your customers more efficiently. On top of that, you’ll need to work with your marketing team to create deeply segmented content that captures the attention of different audiences.

These can be blog posts, videos, images, or even slideshows. However, whatever the form, it needs to ensure quality and be in line with the buyer’s interests.

You need to be more careful when composing your content. Maybe you will get plagiarism in your blog posts. You should use a plagiarism checker to write unique content for optimization.

To attract customers to your product, the content you put out needs to be authentic and believable. On the other hand, it also needs to connect with the current society closely. Only then will customers pay attention to the products/services from your business.

Leverage Facebook Ads to Expand Your Reach

facebook sales funnel graphic 4

Once you’ve started getting some engagement on your content, you need to leverage a Facebook ad campaign to increase your reach and product-to-product engagement. Video ads are more effective than images, reaching 82% of traffic.

Besides, you need to take care of your budget. Your ad is effective when it converts successfully with the previously set budget, but advertising one product or multiple products simultaneously? Only one product is considered the strength of your business. So why is that?

Interactive content can act as an advertisement. And, of course, it will create a strong attraction with many of your existing customers. However, it would help if you kept in mind that it is not necessary to introduce them to all customers.

Above all, focus on potential customers who want and have already engaged with your business. These are passionate audiences, and you can quickly turn them into loyal customers. But how do you know this?

Those are your Facebook followers and frequent visitors to the site. You can install the Facebook Pixel on your website to accurately monitor these aspects.

This software will help show all the actions taken by people on your website when they visit it from Facebook. Just like that, your advertising campaign will be successful and bring many good results for your business.

Use Remarketing

facebook sales funnel graphic 5

Content remarketing is the ideal solution to warm up a cold audience. It helps increase brand awareness for your potential customers.

Then, of course, it is they who will come back and interact with your posts.

When they have repeated exposure to your brand, they will actively engage with it, and of course, they can become a passionate audience in your sales process. 

It is like you’re marketing to people visiting your site, and you need to treat customers who already interact with your content.

After all, even if remarketing is successful, your content still needs to be complete and authentic. Only in this way can we ensure effective marketing.

Not many businesses successfully take this step of remarketing. Most think this action is unnecessary. To do Facebook remarketing for your brand, you can refer to the following methods:

  • Website visits
  • Interactive events
  • Interact with your videos
  • Custom combinations

Re-engagement is critical to your business processes. The leading factor allows them to become leads and increase conversions.

Advertise to an audience that looks

The good-looking audience feature is the best feature that Facebook has developed to support its ability to reach audiences similar to its existing audience. 

It can help your business expand its best audience without much effort. It’s great that Facebook can automatically create a viewer-like audience when you source the audience for it.

You can even choose a location for your good-looking audience and determine what percentage of the population you intend to reach in that location between 1 – 10%.

So how to do this? You’ll need access to the Facebook ad campaigns manager to create a lookalike audience for your brand.


facebook sales funnel graphic 6

When developing a sales channel on Facebook it is more important to interact with your audience. This aspect is essential to convert successfully.

And always remember, your presence when customers need it will be a positive point for them to view how your business works.

You need to respond to comments and messages and solve all customer problems as quickly as possible to win customers’ trust and increase their credibility in their eyes.

Without the trust of your customers, you will never make them buy from you.

If others see that you are not solving the customer’s problem, they will be less inclined to buy from you and vice versa. To remedy this, it’s a good idea to engage the audience to get it back on track.

However, you can ultimately enable pre-reply messages from Facebook to save operation time. This feature allows you to improve reaching customers for your sales process.

Provide purchase incentives

Once you have many passionate customers, all you need to do is push them to buy. It can be available via a blog post that navigates to your product sales page.

To make the offer even sweeter, you should consider adding discounts and offers to purchase with the blog post. It is the critical element that makes it easier to encourage customers to buy.

You also need to promote this article to people who have been with your brand in the past. It allows for increased customer reach to convert at higher rates.

Consider brainstorming incentives. They need to ensure that you can still achieve the minimum profit. Only then will it bring good results for your business process.

Optimize every stage for mobile

facebook sales funnel graphic 7

Optimizing every purchase stage on mobile is what you will have to do next. It is an effective solution to support customers to make a quick final decision.

Facebook offers some recommendations so you can tailor your content to be more mobile-friendly:

  • Turn static images into slideshow ads
  • Split ads with a duration of about 10-15 seconds
  • Create ads with a 9:16 aspect ratio to fit mobile vertical screen space
  • Text overlay on video so users can see when the sound is on or off
  • Start and end with your brand or business message

Working on Customer Retention

Finally, to complete a Facebook sales funnel, you need to make sure your customers remain loyal to your brand.

To do this, you need to provide exceptional customer service with related incentives to satisfy customers with all the products/services you offer.

Above all, you should strive to resolve all customer problems positively and effectively. Because only then makes them feel that they have been and are being well taken care of.

And they will always support you. That’s inevitable. The core of these actions is to motivate customers to generate more valuable sales for your business.

So how to promote this? They can be available through:

  • Repeat purchase action
  • To sell
  • Referral Programs

For upselling alone, you can attract more customers by running ad campaigns based on the customer’s purchase history.

When customers see products that are similar to what they’ve seen, they’re more likely to make a purchase. For the next time, you absolutely can do so to increase the likelihood of conversion.

You can motivate your customers to refer your brand to their relatives and friends by offering referral programs and their benefits on Facebook.

Don’t hesitate to advertise it to a broad audience if you have the budget.

Troubleshoot Your Sales Funnel: What If It Doesn’t Work

facebook sales funnel graphic 8

Will there be times when your Facebook sales funnel is down? So what to do?

Three main issues plague your funnel, including weaknesses in your system, problems finding your audience, or problems with your ads not moving users through the sales funnel. Here is a specific fix for you.

Find the drop-off point.

What to do when ad campaigns don’t perform well or have a landing page that isn’t performing?

To remedy this situation, you should carefully review all of your ads and review the typical actions you’ve taken with your ads. Let’s go from video views, hits, or conversions. It would help if you saw where the problem is.

You may also find that your Facebook page has problems. It can happen when your ad has many clicks but very few conversions.

The reason given could be that your ad is not suitable for the landing page. Or it could be that the ad failed to impress paying customers.

Check the audience

Double-check the warm audience you identified earlier to see if the ads you put out are appropriate or not. Is the sample size too small to attract customers?

Yes! That can happen. It would help if you refined it based on the information you can investigate to improve the effectiveness of your ad reach.

Additionally, you’ll also need to check for differences in audience targeting from what your ads offer. It will usually be a matter of funneling as long as you keep your primary strategies and messaging throughout the sales process.

Reflect the number of touchpoints

It takes a long time to get users engaged with some typical channels.

Meanwhile, many channels will focus on brand awareness before giving a reason to convert. For example, offer attractive offers, coupons, or referral packages.

If these offers don’t come soon enough, they will most likely turn loyal customers away from you and are not interested in your products/services.

Similarly, if you have a high-cost product/service, complete the steps outlined above to get the customer’s attention.

For example, an English center trying to recruit teaching assistants from its former students might benefit from lead advertising or Facebook messenger ads instead of immediately abandoning users right from the app page.

It will involve several different tests to find the correct number of campaigns in the funnel. Updating and refreshing campaigns can guide you there.


Hopefully, the Facebook sales funnel will help you understand the characteristics and benefits of doing business on Facebook campaigns deeply.

In other words, if you want to turn your Facebook into a sales machine, you need to care about developing and equipping a sales to funnel on Facebook.

This funnel is explicitly for Facebook users; even if you already have a previous sales funnel, you can still create Facebook ads with more sales funnels to reach and convince lookalike audiences to convert.

When used correctly, a sales funnel not only helps to capture customer interest, but it also enables the creation of demand for that product from your audience.

If you have any other related questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below so that we can promptly answer all your questions.

Last but not least, don’t forget to immediately share this article with your friends or colleagues who are also struggling with converting leads from Facebook. 

Each share will be a great motivation for us to continue to create the next quality articles

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