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How To Get More Traffic On Your Site Fast With Facebook Marketing

Whether you think Facebook is sexy or ugly, it’s one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Google and Facebook are flip back and forth between the most popular site on the web. Today, I’m going to share with you how To Get More Traffic On Your Site Fast With Facebook Marketing.

Facebook marketing tips Help you drive traffic to website free

How to drive more traffic using Facebook Groups.

So, if you have your own Facebook Group, it’s really simple.

Anytime people are asking questions, or you have new content, share a link. It’s really that easy.

And the beautiful part about Facebook Groups is the people who you’re communicating with and engaging with if really do help them out and answer whatever questions they have.facebook group - drive traffic to site

When you have something on your website that benefits them, not only will you get more traffic from the Group, but those visitors are much more likely to convert into customers.

Because you’ve built a rapport with them, you’ve built that connection, you’ve helped them out.

With your Facebook Group, you’re building connections with people.

So as you help other people out, and you create more and more engagement, what you’ll notice is the community is there.

They’re gonna support you, and they’re much more likely to go to your website, visit your articles, share it, promote it, and even buy your products or services.

The second thing that you want to do is join other peoples Facebook Groups. So you can do searches on Facebook, you can look for Groups, you can join them.

A lot of them are public, right?

You just click join, you’ll get accepted.

facebook marketing tips - funnel secrets

Once you get accepted, go in there, help other people out. When they have questions related to products or services that you may offer.

Don’t just promote your products

Help them out, and of course, at the same time, you can mention your product or service within there.

So you can do this by joining other Facebook Groups, or create your own, or ideally.

Why not do both?

The key to doing all of this is the Facebook Group has to be related to the industry you’re in.

So if you’re selling dog products and you decide that you want to create Facebook Groups about marketing, or join marketing Facebook Groups, not really gonna help drive more traffic to your dog website.

It doesn’t matter that a lot of people have dogs, it’s just unrelated.

So you wanna make sure you’re joining, and creating, relevant Groups, and that’s how you drive more traffic using Facebook Groups

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3 ways to write content that goes viral

You’re writing content but no one’s sharing your content on the social web. You wanna learn how to write content that generates a ton of social shares.

You know what’s funny?

I hate to say this, but that’s the wrong thinking. Writing content isn’t the problem.content viral on facebook - traffic to website

Sure your content does effect how many social shares you’re getting, but I’ve done some interesting studies.

When I get thousands of likes on Facebook or a lot of reTweets, you know what’s happening?

I’m getting less traffic than how many likes and shares I’m getting on the social media sites. That means people aren’t even reading my content and they’re sharing it ahead of time.

That’s crazy, right?

How to write content that generates more social shares?

Based on what I just told you it’s not really about the content, it’s actually about the headline.

From all the tests I’ve done, I’ve learned that eight out of ten people read your headline, but only two out of ten people will read the rest of your content.

Sure you don’t wanna create crap content.

And you wanna write amazing content. But if you wanna generate more social shares it’s all about the headline.

And the way you wanna write amazing headlines is a few things.

Make sure a headline is around 5-7 words.

When your headlines are too long, for some reason, it’s just overwhelming and people don’t wanna share.

When it’s too short people don’t really know what your contents about and they’re not really gonna share it.

Use adjectives

The next thing you wanna do when you’re writing your headline is use adjectives.

When you’re using words like effortlessly, what will happen is people will be like.

“10 effortlessly ways to double my search traffic”

That’s way better than ten ways to double your search traffic.

Everyone wants the easy route.

Create some mystery

The third tip I have for you is when you’re writing headlines, create some mystery.

For example, “the seven benefits of green tea”, “number six will shock you…”.

What’s number six? I wanna know what’s number six. People are much more likely to share your content, even read it, when they’re like.

Number six must be crazy if they said number six will shock you.

Now if your number six is a plain point, people are gonna be like oh I don’t trust you anymore.

I’m not gonna share his content.

So don’t trick them. Make sure when you’re using this tactic you have amazing tips and techniques.

It’s really that simple.

If you do that with your headlines, you’re gonna generate way more social shares. Generating social traffic isn’t just about your content.

It’s more about your headline.

The Best Time to Post On Facebook | Facebook Marketing Tips!

Should you be posting on Facebook at 5 am, noontime, nighttime or in the morning?

The answer I’m going to give you isn’t what you’re expecting.

What time should you be posting on Facebook?

best time to post facebook - facebook marketing for beginners

The reason the answer is not what you’re expecting is that each and every single person is different.

Your business is different, your personal profile page is different, and ideally, you should have a business page if you don’t, go create a fan page.

The reason it’s different is your followers are going to be different than my followers and what Facebook provides is a tool called Facebook Insights.

It shows you when people are on your fan page.

Facebook Insights shows me when my audience in on Facebook and when I should be posting.

They break it down based on engagement.

Now, that you know to be using Facebook Insights, the answer isn’t as simple as posting in whatever time frame you’re seeing on Facebook Insights.

Because Facebook Insights measures engagement.

It’ll tell you what posts are doing well during what time frame when you post them.

The only real way to know when you should be posting on Facebook is to test it out. And what I recommend is you first start by testing.

You can schedule your post using Facebook.

First start 5am, 8am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, 8pm. Just try those rough windows out.

Once you see what time frames are doing the best. You can then post within an hour of each of those time frames and figure out what’s working the best.

Once you have that down, you’ll know what time you should be posting each and every single day on Facebook.

Keep in mind weekdays are going to be different than weekends.

So you need to test this out each and every single day.

Usually, I found that Monday through Fridays work the same but Saturdays and Sundays work differently than the weekdays.

And for my Facebook personal profile page, I roughly post during the same time Monday through Friday and I post during the same time for Saturdays and Sundays.

Follow these tips and you’ll know what time you should be posting on your Facebook fan page

How to get more Facebook fans without spending a dollar on advertising

So the first thing you need to do is invite all your Facebook friends to join your fan page. The second step that you need to do is go find all the competing fan pages that are out there.

Just type in a search into Facebook, in their search bar, typing keywords related within your space and you’ll see all the competing fan pages.

Then next, what you need to do is go through their fan page and see which posts are doing extremely well

The ones that are getting a ton of likes shares.

Then from there look what that content is going to google do searches find similar related posts and post that content that’s very similar back on your page.

Keep in mind images and videos do the best. So don’t just go posting articles.

The next thing you need to do is go to your fan page insights.

Facebook has insights, from there scroll all the way to the bottom you can add all the competing fan pages.

That will show you the reach on a weekly basis and what you want to do is see what posts are driving most of their engagement.

Again share those posts on your fan page and what you’ll notice is that your fan growth will start skyrocketing.

facebook ads tutorials - funnel secrets

Once you have more fans then what you want to do is start sharing content from your own website doing this will drive your fans back to your website.

So then you can convert some of those visitors into customers.

You can even start offering to promote just for your Facebook fans on your fan page this will help get them more engaged and start buying from your business.

It’s that simple start doing that today and you’ll get more Facebook fans

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